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Online Application Form for Candidates – Process Guide

1. Go to the Website -

Select Careers option present on the top left of the Webpage.

3. Scroll down and you will find 2 Options under the section – “Join the winning team”
a) Job Search and Registration
b) Registered Candidates - Login here
4. Go to Job Search and Registration. In the job search screen, go to the option
‘Keywords’. Here, you need to type the ‘Requisition Id’ which is provided to you in
mail eg : ‘12345678-ext’.
5. After typing the same, select the ‘Start’ Option. The search results will generate the
details of the Job eg: ‘Authoriser-CMS-Noida’, select the Leftmost Box in the row.
6. On selection of the row, the background color for the row will change to Yellow.
Select the ‘Apply’ option given immediately below the row.
7. After selecting this option, the Application Wizard Window will open where you need
to provide the following Mandatory Fields: 1) First Name 2) Last Name 3) Username
4) Password 5) Email Id.
Note: a) The password should have at least 1 Special Character and should be
Minimum of 8 Characters b) Keep a Note of the User Name and Password c) The
User Name will always convert into Capitals, so make a note of this.
8. Check the box 

Yes, I have read the data privacy statement and I accept it.

9. Select the option Register & Apply given in the end to confirm your Registration.
10. After successful Registration you will be directed to the Online Application Form
which needs to be completed by you.
Note: All the fields marked with ‘*’ are Mandatory to be filled with correct details.
After completion of one step, please select the Option ‘Next Step’ to continue.
Similarly in case you need to verify/edit any details of the previous step, use the
option ‘Previous Step’.
11. In the Online Application Form, you will be required to fill the following details, in
no particular order:
 Personal Details – Fill accordingly.
 Educational Qualifications – Ensure all details beginning from 10 th
till Graduation/Post Graduation are entered. Go to ADD option to
complete this step. For every qualification to be added, this option has
to be used.

scroll down and select the option below: Registered Candidates . The screen will show your Data Overview  The candidate’s profile is locked. e) Salary Slips (last 3 months)  Professional Qualifications . b) Additional Information. 16. Login with your Username & Password. Click on Complete. Here you would have received a Mail from HDFC Bank with a Link. Note: After completion of the above.  Cover letter – Mention the source through which you came to know about this vacancy.Complete details in both the tabs a) Medical Declaration. Click on this link and confirm your site again and Select the Careers option. After the submission you will get a messageYour application has been Submitted/Released. go to the link on this same sectionContinue to Questionnaire ‘Additional information & Refree Details’ & complete the details. d) Mark-Sheets of 10th/12th/Graduation/Post Graduation (last semester/ term/year only).hdfcbank. Select the same and click on Next till you reach the last step.Login here 15. You will be directed to a SAP window confirming your mail id.  Prefrences – Select accordingly  Attachments -Upload the following documents– a) Copy of PAN Card. click on ‘Next Step’ where you will get a message in dialogue box. You will be directed back to the Careers page. NCFM. 14.Fill accordingly. CAIIB  Questionnaire . 13. On the Careers page. Note: In case you have closed the Careers page window. b) Copy of Address Proof. Close this message and complete Point 14 given below before proceeding. You are required to log on to your Registered Email Account (your Personal Yahoo/Gmail/Other Mail Id which you gave at the time of registration). Now you cannot edit your profile and the data filled by you has been submitted. Now go to your Application Form Window and select the Option  I want to release my profile. c) Passport Size Photograph. Work Experience . Close this window and any other message that pops up. After filling the details for Medical Declaration. . you would need to visit the www. You can write a small note on why to want to work with us. JAIIB. Go to My Profile where your filled application is drafted. 12.Mention any additiona professional courses/ certifications that you may have obtained eg: CA.

17.  . 18. Thank you for applying with us. Now you can log off from your account.