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Autumn Fashion 2016: Best Trends and Outfit

Don't thnk too much about t now - just read on and see our lst of the
latest outfit ideas for Autumn fashon ths 2016.

1. Ruffles
A lot of women are not fond of wearng an outft nspraton that nvolves
ruffles. Frst, t takes up a lot of personal space when worn and t s almost
synonymous to a dance costume. However, fashon desgners such as Jll
Stuart, takes ths latest fashon trend & tp on to the next level. Wth the
rght cut and structure, ruffled tops exts the descrpton of beng an overthe-top pece. t can spell fun and wear-ablty n fashon and all you have to
do s choose the peces that are a perfect ft for your body shape.

2. Pumpkn Outft nspraton

No, you don't have to dress lke t s Halloween, but you should absolutely
consder wearng tems bearng the pumpkn color! n Autumn fashon Orange s the new Black. Orange probably got ts tme to shne ths season
because t resembles the color of autumn leaves. The most-loved orange
peces are ponchos and scarves that can lghten up your aura as you strut
the streets wth ths latest fashon trend and tp.

3. Try Anmal Prnts

Anmal prnt outft nspraton s for the more lberated and wld woman.
You can choose from the most popular n the lst lke the attenton-gettng
leopard and zebra prnts; when worn, t presents your more confdent sde
and gves an mpresson of sophstcaton. The best part s that you can go

prnts on prnts. You can also opt to wear a leopard prnt jumpsut or
maybe slp on a zebra prnted coat over a dark polo dress. Ths s defntely
a fashon trend and style nspraton that you should try ths season!

4. Have fun wth mn skrts

Who sad mn-skrts are out? Ths Autumn, such outft nspraton s
defntely a must wear! Ths fashon trend and style nspraton ganed
glorfed attenton back n the '90s durng the era where female lead move
stars n teen flcks are seen wearng mns. Fashon desgners such as Kors
and Burch have launched a lne of mn-skrt fashon wear that they pared
wth hoodes and color-contrastng tops and peces.

5. Go Navy, Look Savvy

Ths knd of outft nspraton s lke a renventon or ascenson of the army
camouflage fashon, whch has also been a ht n the past seasons. f you are
one of those who prefer the formal-lookng type of latest fashon trends and
style nspraton, then ths mght be the one you're lookng for ths Autumn.
t's got the classc navy blue hue and mltary cuts and peces that could
surely keep you lookng classy and comfy at the same tme.