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I, ______________, hereby declare that the Project Report titled TO PREPARE THE RAYON
THREADS is an authentic work done by me.

TO PREPARE THE RAYON THREADS Introduction to Project Report

Natural fibres are chief raw materials for the preparation of rayon. Term rayon includes all synthetic fibres
obtained from cellulose and are used commercially in fibre manufacturing cellulose can be converted into cupra
silk acetate rayon and viscose rayon depending upon the mode of treatment it undergoes while preparing
rayon. Among these viscose rayon is the most common.
Cellulose is an insoluble material which is first converted into a soluble derivative called viscose. Rayon also
called artificial silk is used for manufacturing of Fabrics like stocking, shirts, sarees etc.
Aim of Project Report :
To prepare rayon threads from filter paper using cuprammonium.
Requirements for Experiment :

Beakers, Conical flask, filtration flask, glass rod 50% ammonia solution dil, NaoH solution, dil H 2So4 filter paper.
Procedure :
(i) To prepare cuprammonium hydroxide solution :
Weigh about 20 g. of crystalline. copper sulphate in a clean watch glass dissolve it in 100 ml of water taken in
beaker. Add dil NaoH solution to this solution. Filter the precipitate and wash them with water and test the
filtrate with Bacl2 solution to indicate presence of sulphate ions. Now add 50 ml. ammonia solution into
precipitate. This is solvent for dissolving cellulose.
(ii) Dissolving the cellulose matter :
Add I gm of ordinary filter paper to the cuprammonium solution taken in conical flask close the flask with rubber
stopper and allow it to stand for 3-4 days. In this time, filter paper completely dissolved leaving a viscous

solution called viscose.

(iii) Formation of rayon filaments :
The viscose solution is taken in a syringe. Then the nozzle of the syringe is dipped in 5 m. H 2SO4 solution.
Squeeze out the viscose into the acid and at the same time keep on moving the nozzle in the acid solution long
filaments of rayon will be formed in the Beaker the acid bath is left undisturbed for 24 hours until the blue colour
of rayon filament change to white then rayon thread removed from acid bath and washed with water and dried
up the threads.