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Program # 6

Word Counter Using a Binary Search Tree

CS2 Fall 2010

In this assignment, you are to write a program that analyzes a selection of text, counting
the number of times each word appears in the text. Your word counts must ignore
capitalization, so the, The, THE, and tHe all increase the count for the word the by
one. For purposes of this assignment, a word is any consecutive string of letters and the
apostrophe character, so dont counts as a single word, and best-selling counts as two
words: best and selling. Notice that a blank space will not necessarily occur between
two words. Numbers such as 27 and 2/3 will NOT be counted as words.
You must store the words and the counts of the words in a single binary search tree. Each
word occurring in the text can only be stored once in the tree. Call the structure for the
nodes of the tree WordNode, and call the pointers in this structure left and right. Use
C++ strings to store words in the tree. Call the class implementing the binary search tree
WordTree. It must contain the following public functions:
Destructor and default constructor
Add: adds the given word to the tree if it is not already in the tree OR
increments the appropriate counter if it is already there. It returns nothing.
CountNodes: returns the number of words currently stored in the tree.
Output operator << : prints the words of the tree in alphabetical order, and
next to each word, prints the number of times each word occurs in the text.
The destructor, output operator, and public member functions Add and CountNodes must
each be implemented in terms of a recursive private member function. Three of these
operations (all but Add) must visit every node in the tree. One of these must use preorder
traversal, one must use inorder traversal, and one must use postorder traversal. You must
decide which method to use for each function, but use comments to document the type of
traversal used. Also, use const wherever it is appropriate.
Write the definition for the constructor for WordNode inside the structure definition in the
header file, and do the same for the constructor for WordTree. Use initialization lists in
these constructors. (Examples will be shown in class).
The WordTree class may have only one member variable, root, and it must be private. It
contains the address of the root node of the tree.
The header file should be called wordtree.h, and the definitions for member functions
must be in file wordtree.cpp. You must use the main function posted on my drive in the
lab in a file called words.cpp . You must finish writing this file and create the other two
files yourself.
I strongly suggest that you read in the data character by character using get. I will post
some text files to test your program with. I will also post the sample runs using these text
files. The text files are tobe.txt, doi.txt (Declaration of Independence), and odyssey.txt
(Book 1 of The Odyssey).