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Friday October 21 2016

SINCE 2006


October 21, 2016

Sitiveni Rabuka Testifies To The Power Of


SODELPA leader and a former Prime

Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, says he is
certain that the water sourced from
Natadradave contains healing properties.
This is after he applied the water on a
skin infection and visited the healing
water site with his wife, Sulueti, on
Pictures of Mr Rabuka, stripped to his
waist, and waiting in line for his turn to
bathe, were circulated on social media.
He is the first known top political party
leader to visit the site in Dawasamu,
He joins thousands from here and
abroad who have visited the site.
Last weekend Mr Rabuka said he had
poured what is now commonly called
miracle water on a skin infection. He
said he witnessed how the sore opened
up and later healed.
Thats why I decided to go there on
Monday, Mr Rabuka said. Personally

I felt a big change in my body. I saw

women being carried up, but were
walking back.
There will be skeptics, but you have
to believe in it. If you dont then it
wont work for you.
While there is no scientific evidence
as to what types of minerals are in
the Natadradave water, Mr Rabuka is
positive that it contains a mixture of
pure minerals.
It is understood that there are plans to
activate the QVS Old Boys network to
help out in Natadrave. It is one of the
two healing water sites. The second
site is Delakado Village. The Lautoka
and Suva branches will visit the village
during the Diwali long weekend to cut
grass in the village and plant cassava.
This is because most of the Natadradave
men are tied up with helping members
of the public who are flocking to the
water site. They spend more time there

than attending to their daily chores like

farming and cleaning the village.
The healing water is free. There is no

financial return for the villagers. But

some people have donated food to the

Healing Water Cured My Mum, Woman Claims

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Friday October 21 2016

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Fiji News

A literate Fiji Is Our Asset:

Veena Bhatnagar

Assistant Minister for Women,

Children and Poverty Alleviation
Veena Bhatnagar said it was important
for people to be educated.
Though not listed as one of the
three basic human needs, education
is equally important for the progress
of a nation and for the enrichment of
society in general, Ms Bhatnagar said.
A countrys literate population is its
Ms Bhatnagar was speaking to about
1000 people on Thursday night during
the Indian Cultural Night at the Miss
Seaqaqa Carnival at the Seaqaqa
Primary School in Macuata.
Ms Bhatnagar said she was encouraged to see
five primary school students who were vying
for the Miss Seaqaqa Charity queen title.
As a Parliamentary leader of Fiji, my
most valued take on education is that
it lays the foundation of a stronger
nation, Ms Bhatnagar said.
We in Fiji are lucky that the Fijian
Government treats education as an

outmost priority alongside its other

development goals.
Which has led to the development of
many Government aided educational
programmes and Government grants to
schools and colleges.
The motive behind this is fostering
education in society.
Seaqaqa Carnival committee president
Lakhan Kumar said the purpose
of the carnival was to raise funds
about $50,000 to build a preschool
accommodating 60 students.
This year we began with a preschool
education having a student roll of 33
studying under a temporary shelter,
Mr Kumar said.
To complement the Ministry of
Educations funding, we decided to
have this carnival so that we can have
the preschool ready before 2017.
The major sponsors are Seaqaqa
Shopping Centre Limited, Auto
Hardware Limited, Anaya Construction
and Jotiram and Sons

Friday October 21 2016

Thief Forces Tourist To

Delay Departure
A British tourist was left stranded in the
country on the eve of his departure after
a knapsack containing his passport and
essential documents was stolen.
The knapsack was stolen from a
holiday resort reception area.
The resort staff has recovered footage
of a man casually walking away with
the knapsack.
The footage has gone viral on social
media after staff from the Bamboo
Travellers Beach Resort in Wailoaloa
Beach in Nadi spent the night scouring
CCTV to locate the images.
Edward William arrived from Britain
to spend his vacation in Fiji, but his last
day turned out to be a disappointing
one. He was staying in Bamboo
Travellers Beach Resort.
Resort duty manager Holeva Kean
said the incident was one that could
tarnish the reputation of Fiji amongst
visitors, adding that there were other

visitors that became edgy about their

belongings after the incident.
This was the first time the incident has
happened in our resort.
The management and the staff of
the resort are very disappointed. We
are very sorry and we would like to
apologise to our guest, she said.
We are concerned about what the
tourists might think about people of Fiji.
They come to spend their vacation in Fiji
and when such incidents happen with
them, its a bad image of Fiji for them.
The resort has upped its security
following the incident.
Mr William departed the country after
getting an emergency passport from
the British High Commission in Suva.
Police investigations are continuing
and members of the public have been
urged to inform the nearest Police
station if they have any information on
the theft or thief.

PM Gives Reasons Why Investors Should Establish

Business In Fiji

Despite the impact of Tropical Cyclone

Winston, the Fijian economy is still on
track to grow by up to three per cent
this year, says Prime Minister Voreqe
He made the statement while
addressing the Australia-Fiji Business
Council in Sydney.
Our economic prospects in Fiji have had

unprecedented buoyancy. I am sure that

many of you know by now that we are
enjoying the seventh consecutive year of
growth the longest in Fijian history.
He outlined reasons why investors
should consider doing business in Fiji.
There are a number of reasons for this
but first and foremost is our sound
management of the economy and

the implementation of effective and

forward-looking policies which have
been recognised by global financial
institutions such as the World Bank, the
IMF and the Asian Development Bank.
Coupled with the political and social
stability that my Government has
forged in Fiji over the past decade and
that has been sorely lacking in previous
eras in Fiji.
We are also open for business, with
a range of investment incentives and
some of the lowest corporate and
personal tax rates in the region.
We are eager to explain all of this to
those of you who have any questions
at all about the investment climate.
And, of course, there are a unique set
of circumstances about Fiji that make
us such an attractive investment option
for Australian companies and those of

other nations.
These include our position at the
hub of the Pacific, with easy access to
other regional markets; our educated,
English-speaking workforce; our
investment in new infrastructure
such as new roads and airports and
dramatically more efficient ports; our
general connectivity that includes
world class telecommunications; plus
a Government that is pro-business and
regards the private sector as a vital
partner in development, couple with
our zero tolerance for corruption and is
committed to adhering to international
standards and best practices.
All these things make Fiji a compelling
investment destination. I want to thank
all of you who are already doing
business with Fiji for your continuing

Friday October 21 2016

Fiji News

Bainimarama Hails
Australia4 For Support

In yet another example of the warming

relationships between Suva and
Canberra, Prime Minister Voreqe
Bainimarama used the Fiji Day in
Australia to thank Australia.
Mr Bainimarama praised the swift and
generous Australian help after Cyclone
Speaking during the celebrations held
in Sydney, Mr Bainimarama also
shared an anecdote about conquering
his nervousness of flying in helicopters
by putting his fate in the hands of
Australian pilots.
In an event which was attended by
Australian Minister for International
Development and the Pacific, Concetta
Fierravanti-Wells, her husband John
Wells, Mayor of Liverpool, Wendy
Waller and thousands of the Fijian
diaspora, Mr Bainimarama said
the Australia-Fiji family has now
He made special mention of the
Australian Navy who sprang into
action post TC Winston.
Friends, Australias reputation and
standing in Fiji has never been higher
than in the wake of Cyclone Winston.
And to a large extent, thats because of
the wonderful assistance that so many
Australians provided on the ground
in Fiji the more than one thousand

$10,000 Boost For PM'S

Disaster Fund

A FIJIAN-owned company operating "It is our moral obligation and we have

out of Australia, Mesh and Bar Pty been inspired by the resilience of our
Limited, has boosted the Prime people back home, and we can only
Minister's National Disaster Relief and assist them in building back stronger.
Rehabilitation Fund with a donation of This contribution is not only on behalf
of the company but on behalf of all the
The company's managing director, staff who are employed here," Mr Patel
4 Daksesh Patel, handed the cheque said.
to the Prime Minister, Voreqe Mr Bainimarama acknowledged the
Bainimarama, at the company's main contribution and thanked the company
4 office in Glendenning, New South for its assistance in helping Fijians
Wales in Australia.
rebuild their lives.
In a Government statement, Mr Patel Mesh and Bar Ltd employs over 300
said it was the company's duty to assist staff of which one third are Pacific
servicemen and women who rushed to fellow countrymen and women.
the affected areas either on H.M.A.S
Canberra or the aircraft that were also
sent to help us.
Mr Bainimarama said: I especially
want to thank the Australian
Government, the Australian people and
all of you for your wonderful response
to the plight of those Fijians who lost
so much in Cyclone Winston back in
I know that some of you who are here
today will either have lost loved ones
or friends and you will certainly know
people who lost their homes.
And it was wonderful how all of you
and Fijians around the world banded
together to assist the relief effort.
To raise money or donate goods or
services to help your fellow Fijians
back on their feet.
Mesh and Bar Pty Limited managing director Daksesh Patel hands over a
I come today on behalf of the entire
cheque for $10,000 to Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama for the Prime
Fijian nation to say vinaka vakalevu.
Minister's National Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Fund.
Vinaka vakalevu for caring. Vinaka
vakalevu for the hours you put into
rallying around our people back home.
We will be forever grateful for the
way in which Fijians in Australia and
elsewhere sprang to our assistance.
Just as you did for Cyclone Evan at the
Pleass Global Limited has received apply to the SPSE to quote the
end of 2012.
its additional shares. A subsequent market
And as you have done so many other unanimous
shareholders for a private placement of announcement will be made in due course.
times in the past.
its shares to a new strategic investor.
Interim dividends
This came about as a resolution from a Meanwhile, the company has declared
special general meeting held yesterday an interim dividend of two cents per
Count two: misleading or deceptive which was specifically for the share to its shareholders for the current
consideration of the private placement. year 2016.
Count three: false or misleading Pleass Global issued 600,000 shares This is the result of the companys
representation and other misleading or at the price of $2 per share for a total continued growth and improved year
consideration of $1.2 million. The to date profit, it said.
offensive conduct in relation to land
Count four: accepting payment without total shares issued after the private This is a reflection of the dividend
placement was 6.6 million.
policy and the Boards desire to provide
being able to supply as ordered
improved returns to its shareholders.
File 17
Count one: refusing or failing to furnish
Count two: misleading or deceptive
Count three: false or misleading
representation and other misleading or ANZ Fiji unveiled Diwali-themed
offensive conduct in relation to land
ATMs at various locations across Fiji
File 18 and File 19
in celebration of the festival of lights.
Count one: misleading or deceptive ANZ Diwali ATMs have been installed
in Tavua, Ba, Lautoka, Nadi, Lami,
Count two: false or misleading Suva, Nausori and Labasa.
representation and other misleading or This follows on from the bank unveiling
offensive conduct in relation to land
a gold ATM after our 7s Rugby teams
Count three: accepting payment gold win at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
without being able to supply as ordered

Pleass Global Shareholders

Approve Private Placement

Bail Denied For Mukesh Naidu

Mukesh Naidu (who has several

charges against him, which have
been filed by the Fiji Commerce
Commission) has been denied bail
when he appeared before Magistrate
Shageeth Somaratne.
Naidu has 19 files against him. He has
more than one charge per file.
Magistrate Somaratne said: In this case,
the applicant was granted bail by this court
on 31/03/2014 and he started absconding
from 03/02/2015, until he was arrested
and produced to the court on 07/10/2016.
With the history of the applicant I
am not satisfied even with strict bail
conditions he would appear again if
enlarged on bail.
The case has been adjourned to
November 1 for mention.
File 1 File 16
Count one: refusing or failing to furnish

ANZ Unveils Diwali ATMs

Across Fiji

Fiji News

Timely Donation For St

Giles Hospital

A new set of donation made by the

Vinod Patel and Company Limited
will contribute towards improving
the services provided at the St Giles
Hospital in Suva.
The equipment valued over $2500
includes a 42 inch flat screen television
set and a twin tub washing machine. It
was officially presented to the St Giles
Hospital in the presence of the Minister
for Health and Medical Services, Rosy
The officials from Vinod Patel and
Company Limited were acknowledged
for making this worthwhile donation.
Ms Akbar commended Vinod Patel for
its partnership.
She also emphasised on the need for a
multi-sectoral approach to improve the
health care services.
On behalf of the Ministry of Health,
I would like to sincerely thank Vinod
Patel for this timely donation.
These equipment will go a long way in
ensuring that the work of this hospital
continues, thank you for this generous
My message is that while, we are here

to provide the services, it is also the

responsibilities of the families to care
for their family members who currently
are looked after at St Giles Hospital.
Hospitals are not residential homes
and we need families to work
collaboratively with us. At the same
time we will see how best we can
improve the services here by regrouping
and strategising to overcome the
challenges faced, Ms Akbar said.
St Giles Hospital Board of Visitors
chairperson, Elizabeth Dass also
shared the same sentiments.
We are grateful to Madam Minister,
Honourable Rosy Akbar for accepting
our invitation at such a short notice,
her presence here, shows her
commitment as a leader to support
such partnerships, Ms Dass said.
We are thankful to Vinod Patel for
providing these donations, it will help the
patients with rehabilitation programme.
Meanwhile, the patients at the St Giles
hospital were also treated to an early
Diwali lunch. Currently there are 55
patients looked after at Fijis only
Psychiatric Hospital

Fiji Airways, Fiji Link Put

Total Ban On Samsung
Galaxy Note 7

All Fiji Airways and Fiji Link guests

have been informed that Samsung
Galaxy Note 7 devices are prohibited
from being brought on all their flights.
This includes whether on person, in
carry-on baggage, checked-in baggage
or as freight items. The ban is with
immediate effect.
Fiji Airways and Fiji Link place safety
of guests and crew as our top priority.
The ban has also been enforced by
various civil aviation authorities, the
airline said in a statement.
In the USA
The Federal Aviation Administration
in the USA has announced it is now a
federal crime to bring a Galaxy Note 7
onto an airplane.

Offenders are subject to civil penalties

of up to US$179,933 for each violation,
The Verge reports.
Restriction/Prohibition Order No.
FAA-2016- 9288 last Friday, which
states that as of noon on October 15,
fliers are prohibited from bringing the
device onto an aircraft.
The order restricts passengers from
carrying the phone on their person, in
carry-on baggage, in checked baggage,
or as cargo, and says anyone who
inadvertently brings one on a plane
must power it down immediately.
Carriers are also required to deny
boarding to a passenger in possession
of the phone.

Friday October 21 2016

USA Marines Exercise In


The United States of Americas naval

vessel USNS Pililaau left Suva Port
after the USA Marines had an exercise
with the Republic of Military Forces
(RFMF) Land Force Unit
This was confirmed by the RFMF chief
of staff, Colonel Litea Seruiratu.
This three day exercise she said
involved a platoon from the 3FIR and
the USA Marines.
The training she said was carried out at
the RFMF in Nabua.
She said the USA naval boat has left
the country.
According to the details of the USNS
Pililaau is it one of 19 and is part of the
16 ships in Military Sealift Commands
Sealift Program Office. It is currently
owned by the government, but run
under a contract by a private company.
The ship is kept in operational ready
status (ROS-4) at all times. The ship is
designed to be a multifunctional part of

any fleet. It is capable of general cargo

transportation, and also as a means
to load and unload ships without the
benefit of deep draft-capable, fixed
port facilities. The ship was used
throughout the Iraq and Afghanistan
wars to transfer equipment to friendly
ports in Europe to be brought into the
combat theater.
The ship carries no fixed guns but may
support a detachment of security forces
for defense.
Pacific Agencies Shipping Limited
spokesman Mr Nicholas Chandra the
naval vessel was under them.
He says the USNS Pililaau (T-AKR
304) is the fifth Bob Hope class
vehicle cargo ship built by the Avondale
Shipyards of New Orleans, Louisiana
for the United States Navy.
The USNS Pililaau is named after
Private first class Herbert K.Pililaau, a
Medal of Honor recipient.



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Friday October 21 2016

Fiji News

Reddy Commends Fiji Muslim League For Assistance

Rehabilitation After TC Winston

The Minister for Education Dr

Mahendra Reddy has commended
the Fiji Muslim League for their
contribution to the nation especially
for assisting in the rehabilitation of
schools around Fiji after Tropical
Cyclone Winston.
While speaking at the 90th Anniversary
Celebration at Suva Muslim Primary
School, Dr Reddy says classes would not
have started again after Winston without
the help of the Fiji Muslim League and
other faith based organisations.
Dr Reddy says the strong foundation
of the Fiji Muslim League has seen
a better coordination of different
branches as they responded to the
severe destruction of the cyclone.
He urged them to continue their good
work in portraying unity around the

Meanwhile President of the Fiji
Muslim League Hafizud Dean Khan
says Muslim settlement in Fiji derives
from the indenture system which
between 1879 and 1916 brought
60,536 labourers from India, of
whom Muslims constituted 14.3%.
Muslims numbered 5,098 males and 6
2,537 females; almost 90% were aged
between 11 and 30 years.
Khan says they came under girmit, a 6
five year contract which deprived them
of their human rights and brutalized
them for the profits of their employer.
Khan believes their forefathers vision
has been a success now as they focused
on building more schools as their first
priority to provide education for the
future generation.

Scorched Home Propels Naicker To Pursue Firefighing


It was just before Diwali two years ago

when Kaven Naicker lost his home in

Tabudola in Labasa in a fire.

Mr Naicker was one of the new recruits

for the National Fire Authority.

Bouncing back from the tragedy, Mr
Naicker now 20, was one of the 34 new
firefighters in a passing out parade in
Togalevu Naval Base outside Suva.
Ive waited for a long time for this
moment and today Im part of the
disciplined forces and achieved my
dream, he said.
The Labasa man said the 10-week intensive
training was challenging and tough but he
was happy that he pulled through.
Mr Naicker was fortunate that no
member of his family including his
father, mother, and his two siblings lost
their lives during the fire.
The family is still rebuilding their
home and recovering from the tragedy.
Father, Jitendra, who travelled from

Labasa, savoured every moment of the

passing out parade.
He said his son once wanted to follow
in the footsteps of his great-grandfather
who was in the army.
However, fate had other plans for him
and he was proud of his decision. He
added that the turning point for his son
was the tragedy in 2014 when they lost
their home, and he decided he wanted
to become a firefighter.
The younger Mr Naicker encouraged
young people still trying to choose a
career path to consider a fire-fighting
Go forth to serve your country to save
homes and save lives, he said.
He dedicated his achievement to his
family especially to his father.

No Breach Of Act In Sugar Meeting, Says Director Of

Public Prosecutions

The Director of Public Prosecutions,

Christopher Pryde, (DPP) has decided
there is insufficient evidence to charge
those persons arrested and detained for
a suspected breach of section 8 of the
Public Order Act.
The DPP has also decided that there is
insufficient evidence to charge anyone
in relation to a possible charge of
incitement contrary to section 48 of the
Crimes Decree.
Jone Dakuvula, Sitiveni Rabuka,
Mahendra Chaudhry, Biman Prasad,
Tupeni Baba, and Attar Singh were
arrested and detained on the 10th and
11th September 2016 on suspicion
of having breached the Public Order
Act 1969 (as amended) by attending a
public meeting on September 5, 2016
when no permit had been issued by the
Divisional Police Commander.
Mr Pryde said: Following a careful
review of the evidence, I am satisfied

that there is insufficient evidence to

sustain a charge for a breach of the
Public Order Act in so far as there
was no intention on the part of these
persons to attend the meeting in breach
of the Act.
In other words, other than the event
organiser, Jone Dakuvula, they did
not attend the meeting knowing that
no permit had been issued by the
Divisional Police Commander.
Mr Dakuvula was responsible for
obtaining a permit and appeared to
believe that because the meeting was
to be held in a church, no permit was
required. This is incorrect.
Members of the public need to be
aware of the restrictions surrounding
public meetings under the Public Order
Act and its amendments, which include
meetings at places to where the public
are given access notwithstanding the
meeting may take place in a church.

Mr Dakuvula, however, will not be

charged since neither the Public Order
Act, nor its amendments, provide an
offence for failing to apply for a permit.
It also needs to be understood that the
Police have powers to stop and disperse
any public meeting if they suspect on
reasonable grounds that there has been
a breach of the Act or that they believe
a breach of public order may occur.
In relation to their arrest and detention
Mr Pryde said: I also conclude that
the arrest and detention of the persons
suspected of having committed an
offence was lawfully justified by the
Police under the Public Order Act
and its amendments. However, whilst
the arrest and detention was legally
justified under the Act, I have concerns
that it took the Police five days after
the meeting to act when they must
have been aware that the Divisional
Police Commander had not granted

the permit. It would also appear that

the Police were selective in who they
arrested, given that a large number
of people had taken part in the public

The Director of Public Prosecutions,

Christopher Pryde

Friday October 21 2016

World Bank labels Government Efforts To Rebuild

Better Exemplary
Our Governments efforts of rebuilding
better and stronger after the devastation
by Cyclone Winston has been noted by
the World Bank as exemplary for the
World Bank Group Vice President for
East Asia and Pacific, Victoria Kwakwa,
yesterday following a meeting with
the Government officials. She was
speaking during a press conference
with the Minister for Economy, Aiyaz
Ms Kwakwa said during her one day
here, she had the chance to understand
Governments efforts to rebuild.
How the government is rebuilding
better, I think provides lessons for
the other countries in the Pacific who
are vulnerable and go through similar
I think the big lesson is of using
the negative event as positive going
Mr Kwakwa also applauded Government
involving the private sector as part of
the rebuilding solution as opposed to
just using the public sector.
That is also an interesting lesson for
other countries because it does create

jobs and also builds the capacity, she

This is Ms Kwakwas first visit to
the Pacific and she was delighted to
have started with Fiji. She hopes to
understand the countries in the region
better with the challenges they are
facing and having discussions with the
key counterparts to help strengthen the
It will also help me understand how
we can be more effective in helping
the Pacific Island countries fully
seize the opportunities they have and
better address the challenges to their
development, she said.
Fijian concerns
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum confirmed Fiji has
raised a number of issues in respect
of how Fiji things the World Bank
can look at a number of issues in the
manner in which they did with their
member countries.
He said the discussions were not
specifically just for Fiji though.
We had discussions about small states
access to concessional fundings, Mr
Sayed-Khaiyum said.
We also spoke about the number of
regional initiatives that perhaps we can

ANZ will deliver its flagship financial

literacy programme, MoneyMinded, to
Fiji National Provident Fund staff and
members across the country.
This week 19 FNPF staff became
accredited MoneyMinded trainers
following a week-long workshop held
at ANZ House in Suva.
ANZ Fiji acting chief executive, Saud
Minam, welcomed the partnership.
He said ANZ was committed to
increasing financial literacy and
consequently building a savings culture
across Fiji.
Were committed to shifting the dial in
our efforts to drive financial inclusion
in Fiji, Mr Minam said.
Were grateful for the support of key
partners, such as FNPF, and believe that
having them on board will significantly
help in these efforts.
FNPF chief operating officer, Jaoji

Koroi, said he believed MoneyMinded

provided a pathway for FNPF staff to
become role-models for responsible
financial management.
In turn, it provides members with
practical life tools to save and spend
their money wisely. Were excited
about taking MoneyMinded to our staff
and members.
We look forward to the benefits that
strong financial management, planning
for the future and savings can provide
to all participants of the programme.
The programme
MoneyMinded has been successfully
delivered to some 10,000 people across
the Pacific by accredited ANZ trainers
since it was introduced in 2010.
MoneyMinded has also been delivered
to about 355,000 people across
Australia, New Zealand and Asia
Pacific since 2003.

ANZ And FNPF Partner To

Drive Savings Culture In Fiji

collaborate with the World Bank with

not just for Fiji but for the rest of the
Pacific Island countries.
New engagement
Ms Kwakwa highlighted that the
World Bank didnt do much with Fiji
for quite some time. However, the
reengagement began in 2015 and they
currently are working with Fiji on
transport infrastructure investments
alongside ADB.
We have discussed other possible
areas we can work in to really help

optimise Fijis location and potential

role as a regional hub, she said.
And how that vision can come into
not only benefitting Fiji but more
countries in the region. So we have had
very substantive discussions.
We are beginning preparations of
what we call systematic country
diagnostics which form the basis on
our next strategy document. And so
in that context, it will firm up some
of our future engagements under the

Institute of Valuation and Estate

Management of Fiji has adopted the
International Valuation Standard (IVS).
This is to create a national standard of
property valuation which is in line with
international practices.
Sandeep Narayan, a council member
for Institute of Valuation and
Estate Management of Fiji, said the
implementation of the international
standards was very important in Fiji.
He made these comments during a
training workshop organised by the
institute at the Holiday Inn Suva.
IVS is basically like an ethics or
standard valuation guide for valuers
worldwide and this training workshop
is organised for our valuers to
become competent with IVS and its
approaches, Mr Narayan said.
He added the workshop would help
valuers, lending officers, credit
analysists, and the investment

managers to enhance their skills.

This is the first time this has been
introduced in Fiji and will provide a
checklist or criteria to benchmark our
performance against, Mr Narayan
What used to happen in Fiji is we
used to have the Valuation Registration
Board and the registered valuers
and Fiji Institute of Valuation would
organise continuous professional
development trainings.
To assess valuers, there was no
benchmark and there was no standard
to measure their performance.
The two day workshop is to raise
awareness on the importance of prudent
valuation techniques and accountable
use of valuations within the financial
and public sector.
The workshop is sponsored by HFC
Bank with more than 51 people

International Valuation
Standard Adopted Here

Friday October 21 2016

Fiji News

Enjoy New Fiji, PM Urges Australia


A Fijian can go anywhere in the world

but still retain those positive elements
about being Fijian, says Prime Minister
Voreqe Bainimarama.
Speaking during the Fiji Day gala
dinner event in Australia last Saturday
night Mr Bainimarama said: Theres
that wonderful saying You can take
the boy or the girl out of Fiji but you
cant take Fiji out of the boy or the
girl. It used to sometimes be said as
people living overseas rolled their
eyes about someone behaving in an
unsophisticated way.
But I think its actually a wonderful
compliment. Because it means that a
Fijian can go anywhere in the world
but still retain those positive elements
about being Fijian. Of being naturally
friendly to others.
Wanting to make them feel
comfortable, to feel at home themselves.
To be sensitive to the feelings and needs
of other people. To care for them.
As I said today the yalo loloma or
the baadha dil the big hearts that we

all pride ourselves on having.

He said that Fiji was not small and
We have big hearts and we have big
ambitions. To go out into the world and
make something of ourselves and our
nation, he said.
He urged every Fijian to consider 8
themselves as citizens of the world,
capable of making a difference.
It can be coming to a place like 8
Australia and getting involved in the
local community or in business and
bringing Fijian values to all of your
personal and professional dealings,
the PM said.
It can be going out into the world and
doing what you can to sell or promote
the Fijian-Made brand of increasingly neighbours.
high quality goods and services.
He said everywhere a Fijian went was
It can be serving on our UN where we had the opportunity to share
peacekeeping missions or with the the Fijian spirit.
armed forces of our allies such as Of service, consideration and care
Australia, New Zealand and Britain. for our fellow citizens of the world.
It can be being a Fijian volunteer So I celebrate the success of Fijians
nurse or teacher in one of our Pacific in Australia and urge you all to do
everything you can to make Australia
a better place. And to also help us
back in Fiji with our effort to give our
nation the place in the world we know
it deserves, he said.
Mr Bainimarama also spoke of the
new Fiji where all are Fijian and equal.
He said: So to those who have the

The Ministry of Health and Medical

Services will enhance the health
services in major hospitals around the
country by pooling more doctors to
assist during the peak operating hours.
This arrangement is already underway
with the Nadi Hospital and the Ministry
plans to broaden this strategy across
the Nausori Hospital and Colonial War
Memorial hospital, the Minister of
Health, Rosy Akbar, said in a statement.
Pooling of locum doctors is a way to
reduce patient waiting hours in hospitals.
We will be bringing in more locum
doctors to ease the long queues in the
hospitals and at the moment we have
started to get the locum doctors at Nadi.
Currently we are in discussions with
the Fiji College of General Practitioners
and they are positive in assisting us.
So basically with these are the doctors
coming in to assist our doctors during
their shifts.
We are also looking at having more
personnel to assist our pharmacists so

those plans are in progress.

When we visited Nadi Hospital, we
had discussions with the staff, from
next Monday we will have 3 more
locum doctors and we will also address
space shortage at the Nadi Hospital.
Ms Akbar said that in the next phase,
the locum doctor arrangement would
expand to other hospitals.
These general practitioners will come
and work within the slots we give them
so we have the numbers and all we need
to do is to organise how and when they
will join our hospitals, Ms Akbar said.
So the next phase is to trail the locum
doctors at Nausori Hospital before moving
to CWM Hospital and other hospitals.
Its a temporary solution as we try to
recruit more doctors to assist.
We got to understand that as much as
we want to push in more doctors, we also
need to expand other services like the
pharmacies so if we decrease the patient
waiting time, then we need to have more
personnel in other areas as well.

More Locum Doctors To

Help In Major Hospitals

means but havent already done so:

Come home and build a house or start
a business. Ride the wave of prosperity
that has seen us rack up a record seven
successive years of economic success.
You can come and go as you please.
You can be a dual national and there
is no longer any reason to choose
between one or the other.
But above all, I want to you to be
global citizens with Fijian hearts. To
promote our values and help us make
Fiji a nation that commands even more
respect in the world because we lead
by example. Because we perform noble
deeds, not utter empty words.

Friday October 21 2016



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Fiji News

More Fish Needed, Report


Given the current population growth

projections, 60 per cent more fish will
be needed to feed the local population
by the year 2030.
These were the findings in a report
titled Reviving Melanesians Ocean
Economy: The Case for Action.
The report was launched at the Fiji
Museum in Suva.
The report, by World Wide Fund for
Nature, is a step towards providing
Governments and stakeholders the
necessary information on Melanesias
marine resources.
The report calls on leaders to make
stronger commitments towards raising
awareness on the importance of
Melanesias marine resources.

It also says the health status of the

Pacific Ocean is vital.
The report also highlights the direct
economic and societal value of the
ocean assets in Melanesia by allowing
Pacific Island states in Melanesia to
deliver their commitments derived
from Sustainable Development Goal
14 on Oceans in the 2030 Agenda for
sustainable development.
Attorney-General and Minister for
Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum was
also present at the launch.
WWF International Communication
Manager, Paul Gamblin said one of
the challenges faced during their report
was gathering data across the region in
regards to accessibility.

Dad's Cry For Justice

"MY son could not recognise me."

These were the words of Jeremiah
Soko, the father of Vilikesa Soko a
man who passed away in August, 2014,
allegedly from injuries caused by rape
and assault after he was apprehended
by authorities.
Mr Soko was the first to take the
witness stand for the State as the trial
into his son's death started at the High
Court in Lautoka.
He said he visited his son at the
Intensive Care Unit at the Lautoka
Hospital on August 19, 2014, after
being informed of his condition.
The emotional father said he found his
son on life support.
Manasa Talala, Seruvi Caqusau, Kelevi
Sewatu, Penaia Drauna, Filise Vere,
Viliame Vereivalu, Jona Davonu, Pita
Matairavula and Senitiki Natakasavu
have been charged in relation to Soko's
The accused appeared before Justice
Aruna Aluthge and pleaded not guilty
to charges of rape, sexual assault and

defeating the course of justice.

Mr Soko relayed to the court, including
the four assessors, that he was not
informed of his son's condition by
He said the extent of injuries on his
son prompted him to lodge a complaint
with police.
The State, represented by Lee Burney
and Juleen Fatiaki, then informed the
court that the trial was a culmination
of Mr Soko's complaint, which was
thoroughly investigated by the police
force's Internal Affairs Department.
Also taking the stand was Inspector
Epeli Senitiri, who interviewed Mr
Caqusau and Mr Vere following the
Copies of both interviews were then
read out in court by Insp Senitiri.
Defence counsel Iqbal Khan argued
that the procedure used to interview the
two accused persons was not "correct"
and that it was in breach of the police
force standing orders.
The trial continues.

Friday October 21 2016

Westpac Staff, Families

Light Up For Diwali

More than 300 staff, families and

friends of Westpac Fiji celebrated the
festival of light in style.
Many dressed up for Diwali during
their pre-Diwali celebrations at the
Vodafone Arena in Suva.
Westpac Fiji general manager Brent
Hookers wife, Rachelle Hooker said:
This is a celebration to bring the
Westpac families together and enjoy
the festival.
I hope this years Diwali will bring
joy and prosperity in everyones life,

she said.
Mr Hooker at an earlier Diwali
celebration in the West said, this
festival of light was the metaphor
of knowledge, where decorated
homes with lights symbolise
destruction, of negative forces and
true knowledge.
Fiji is truly an example of how
through knowledge and understanding,
ignorance can be dispelled and multiple
communities can come together and
live together, he said.

Tempus Two Wine Looks

Promising For Fijian Market

The Tempus Two wine is being seen

as a promising brand for the Fijian
tourism industry.
Tempus Two Oenologist Andrew
Duff made this statement during the
Tempus Two Wine Dinner at the
InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort and
Spa at Natadola on Monday night.
Special guests were invited to enjoy
the culinary delights the team from the
resort prepared where each course was
paired, with a premium wine selected
by their local partner/distributor, Yees
Cold Storage Seafood Limited.
The Fijian marketing looks very
promising with tourism culture and for
the love of food, he said.
Mr Duff said this event gives them a
chance to interact with guests, local
consumers and wine buyers.
As for wine, we say what is better
but at the end of the day, it is up to the
person tasting it as to which is best,
he added.
Yees Cold Storage Seafood Limited
has been distributing McGuigans

Wines and Tempus Two for the past

five years.
Sales manager Laite Cavalevu said
the wine culture in Fiji has grown
tremendously over the years.
Seven to 10 years ago, wine was just
an alcohol like an afterthought, she
Now people are more aware of their
wines, they are choosing their wines,
they know what they look for and want
in a wine, which is great.
This is from the tourism industry
growing and with more expats coming
in and with wine events such as this.
Year after year they come with new
wine blends, new ideas and new
lines that we introduce in these wine
Ms Cavalevu further said these wines
are from the Hunter and Barossa
valleys which are the best wine regions
in Australia.
Ms Cavalevu added wine makers have
been coming to Fiji to conduct training
and educating staff on the wines.

Friday October 21 2016

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Fiji News

Friday October 21 2016

Executives Raise $2000 Within Minutes For Sofitels

Cure Kids Fiji Initiative

The Accor Groups Cure Kids Fiji

initiative got a boost from a $2000
donation made by executives attending
the 2016 Top Executives (TOPEX)
The two-day event concluded on
Saturday evening at the Sofitel Fiji
Resort and Spa and the delegates raised
$2000 within minutes.
TOPEX is a major event of the Fiji
Commerce and Employers Federation.
The money was handed over the resort
general manager, Alan Burrows, who
was very humbled by the kind gesture
shown by the business community.
Mr Burrows said every donation helps
and goes towards for the better health
of children in Fiji.
We work on rheumatic heart disease
which is a preventable disease in
children if you catch it early and this
money goes towards that effort, he

This goes towards mobile clinic,
education programmes and just having
medical professionals on the ground
doing testing.
The Accor Group got involved with
Cure Kids Fiji initiative 10 years ago.
Mr Burrows confirmed they have
managed to raise over $2.5 million
over this past 10 years.
Its been a big effort but we are happy
with the support we have been receiving
for this worthy cause, he said.
I do encourage more corporates to
come forward and help because it is
going for childrens health. We need
them for our future.
Every two years, the Accor Group
staff members from Australia and
New Zealand participate in Raise to
Survive for a week.

Healing Water Cured My

Mum, Woman Claims

Keresi Naureure still could not believe

that her 76-year-old mother, Asena
Naureure, has been healed after
suffering knee problems, swollen
ankles and complications with her eyes
for over 10 years.
Ms Naureure said her mothers ankles
are now all healed thanks to the socalled healing waters of Dawasamu.
They say the experience was
overwhelming and hail it as a miracle.
We went to Delakado village last
Tuesday for the first time and used the
taps in the village to bathe and drink,
said an excited Ms Naureure.
Now we dont have to go for dressing
in the health centres anymore which
weve been doing for years now. Im
just lost for words, she said.
For 24-year-old Jyotika Kumar of
Nausori, years of boils and pain on her

scalp and leg were healed on Sunday

when she bathed in the Okanasei creek
in Natadradave village for the first
I washed my hair and all the particles
from the boil on my scalp came out,
said the astonished mother of one.
Ms Kumar had the boils in her scalps
since high school and she believes the
Dawasamu water is indeed miracle
water as she read so many testimonies
about it on social media.
Viliame Morisio, 37, of Lautoka had his
right knee injured during a car accident
earlier this year, visited Natadradave
last Saturday with his family.
I bathed in the water and when I
went back home on Sunday, my wife
noticed that I could finally sit with my
knees bend to my surprise, said Mr

Mr Burrows explained these staff have

to raise a certain amount of money
and then they come to Fiji and they do
community work as well as have a bit

of fun, running, swimming, kayaking.

This year, the event is scheduled to
start on October 23 and so Mr Burrows
said this was very timely.

FSC Chief Executive

Officer Resigns

FIJI Sugar Corporation CEO Abdul

Khan has resigned.
Speaking to the media, he said he was
stepping down from the helm of the
corporation because of health issues.
"I have to get myself sorted and then I
will look at what is next in store for me
in terms of career," Mr Khan said.
Mr Khan said after five years as head
of the miller, he believed he had put the
corporation and the industry in good
"Others may think otherwise, but I
have put the FSC in a good position to
handle whatever challenges ahead.
"I still believe the FSC and the industry
in general has a lot of potential and I do
hope that whoever takes over has the
foresight to carry on with the platform
we have prepared and takes the industry
to where it should be."

Mr Khan added that after addressing

personal health issues, he would focus
on his company, AJYNK Ltd.
"It has been a wonderful, challenging
and long journey and I hope that the
industry will remember all the good
things I have done.
"It isn't easy to be at the top but I do
hope people take the positives and
move with it."
Despite his optimism, growers
expressed disappointment with the lack
of consultation on issues concerning
them including two bills, the Sugar
Industry Amendment Act and Sugar
Cane Growers Fund Amendment Bill.
Growers had also raised serious
concerns about the lack of assistance
by the industry in the wake of Severe
TC Winston.

NEW Zealand is a very important

market for Fiji.
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama
highlighted this in his speech at the Fiji
Trade and Investment Symposium in
Auckland, New Zealand.
"Two way trade in goods and services on
average is worth almost 700-million Fijian
dollars a year," Mr Bainimarama said.
"And in terms of our tourism industry
and Fiji's biggest revenue earner, New
Zealand is our second largest source

market. With more than 120-thousand

Kiwi visitors each year contributing
more than 200-million dollars to the
Fijian economy," he said.
He said New Zealand visitor arrivals
into Fiji were increasingly buoyant.
"In fact, over the past two years, we've seen
the largest increase from New Zealand of
any of our markets," Mr Bainimarama said.
He said more New Zealanders were
visiting Fiji, with all that it entailed for
the prosperity of our tourism sector.

New Zealand, Fiji's Second

Largest Source Market

Fiji News

Friday October 21 2016


Health, Crime, Infrastructure Top Namosi Talks On

Day One

A number of pressing issues affecting

the people of Namosi were heard as the
Namosi Provincial Council meeting
These include health, crime and the
needed infrastructure developments in
the province of Nausori.
More than 50 people including chiefs and
district leaders were present. The meeting
was opened yesterday by Minister
for Women, Children and Poverty
Alleviation, Mereseini Vuniwaqa.
At the meeting the leaders of Namosi were
proposed to highlight the importance
of maintaining traditional customs and
respect that were in place in villages.
The proposal was put forward during
the meeting at the Nakavika Primary
School, Namosi, in response to the high
crime rate recorded in the province.
Crime rate was one of the many issues
discussed among the leaders.
The delegates heard that two districts
in Namosi were crime free while the
other three have recorded a number
of cases, as per the Fiji Police Force

These cases involved juveniles,
traffic cases like dangerous driving
causing death, and family cases like
maintenance, divorce, etc.
Teenage pregnancy and women and
child abuse was also highlighted at the
Also at the meeting the Navua
Court staff members made some
recommendations that would help
decrease the crime rate in the province.
This includes putting a judicial staff
base at the Dada Station near Nakavika
Village to provide the required services.
This would also resolve transport issues
where the Namosi villagers would have
to travel to Navua. They also suggested
continuing their partnership with
stakeholders in conducting awareness
on judicial matters.
The Roko Tui Namosi, Ratu
Waisake Tuisese, talked about road
infrastructure in the province.
He said roads in the province were in

serious need of upgrading.

They have had problems with
transportation, he said and this would
cost at least $2 million to upgrade.
The Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) is
looking into the matter, he said.
The Ministry of Health has requested
that they take ownership of the
Naqarawai Health Centre.

For the past years, the District of

Naqarawai had an agreement with
Government that they take ownership
of the health centre while Government
provided them the necessities like
nurses and medication.
Mr Tuisese said the province would
look into that matter.
After the discussions Mr Tuisese said
he was pleased with the turnout.

Fiji PM Frank Bainimarama Uses NZ Visit To

Downplay Past Tensions Between Countries

Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama

is presented with a salu salu by Maraia
Kauyaki at Bula Kindergarten in
Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama
has used his first official visit to New
Zealand to downplay past tensions
between the countries.
But he didn't hold back in criticising
New Zealand's media during a speech
in Auckland, labelling its reporting as
unrelenting, negative and unbalanced.
Bainimarama said reports of his
criticism of John Key during the New
Zealand Prime Minister's visit to Fiji in
June were a media beat-up.
He said he got on "famously" with Key
despite the Kiwi PM failing to see his
"vision for Fiji".
"It's true that I've had a couple of issues
with him saying that I'd shot my mouth
off about the Pacific Islands Forum,
that he hoped we weren't going to be
silly about enforcing the provisions
of our public order, but it hasn't
unduly affected the warmth of our
relationship," he said.
Key had warned the Fiji government
not to do anything "silly" following
the arrest of six prominent Fijians last
month. He also said Bainimarama had
mouthed off about the forum.
"He knows that I'm Frank by name
and frank by nature. And I know that
he's a similarly plain-speaking Kiwi,"
Bainimarama said.
Bainimarama also expressed his
gratitude to New Zealand for the
assistance his country received after the
damage caused by Cyclone Winston.

"Helping Fijians get back on their feet

is something that we will never forget."
Key said the relationship between the
two countries was "good, strong and
He said he welcomed the Fijian PM's visit
and was ready for "positive engagement"
and "constructive conversation".
Labour foreign affairs spokesman
David Shearer wants the Government
to keep pushing Fijian officials for a
better democracy.

Bainimarama's visit coincides with the

Bledisloe Cup match this weekend.
He attended the Fiji Trade and
Investment Symposium at Auckland's
Stamford Plaza Hotel.
Bainimarama smiled and appeared at ease

as he met children at a Fijian kindergarten,

Bula Kindergarten, in Mangere.
He then visited Moana Pacific Fisheries
in Mt Wellington accompanied by
Shane Jones, ambassador for Pacific
Economic Development.


Fiji News

Friday October 21 2016

Fiji Prime Minister Set To Get

Red-Carpet Treatment In NZ

Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama

arrived in New Zealand, the first
official visit of the former military
dictator since democratic election in
Fiji in 2014.
Bainimarama was once on the list of
people banned from New Zealand,
after leading a coup in 2006.
Relations reached crisis point in 2008
when New Zealand expelled the Fiji
High Commissioner in response to
Bainimarama expelling New Zealand
and Australian diplomats.
But the thaw in diplomatic relations has
been rapid since Fiji's 2014 elections.
Foreign Minister Murray McCully has
been a regular visitor to Fiji and Prime
Minister John Key made an official
visit to the island nation in June.
Key will host Bainimarama at the
Bledisloe Cup game on Saturday at
Eden Park.
New Zealand and the United States
have tried to maintain a reasonable
relationship with Fiji, not least to offset
its growing friendships with China and
Fisheries and other trade will be a
key focus of Bainimarama's activities

in Auckland as he seeks to drum up

greater investment in Fiji.
Pacific Ambassador for Economic
Development, will host him for much
of the day.
The pair will be speaking at an
investment symposium in Auckland.
The Pacific trade and development
deal Pacer Plus is also likely to be the
agenda of talks with McCully and Key.
There has been some disquiet over the
detention last month of five opposition
figures who took part in a forum to discuss
the country's constitution, although they
were released without charge.
Jones, however, said: "Let's deal with the
man as the elected representative of Fiji
and the reality is that two-way business
continued over the last 10 to 12 years.
"Anything that creates [fisheries]
industry jobs in that part of the Pacific
deserves our support. There is unfinished
business in relation to Pacer Plus."
Bainimarama will have meetings with
the Fiji community in Auckland. He
will be formally welcomed to New
Zealand on Saturday and hold formal
talks with Key before the rugby.

Fiji Has Potential To Grow

Organic Produce, Says Powell

FIJI has the potential to grow organic

produce to meet local and export
markets if there is a concerted move by
all the stakeholders involved to work
together to achieve this.
This is the view of Shangri-La's Fijian
Resort & Spa general manager Craig
"There is a lot of genetically modified
food on the global market and Fiji as a
brand has the opportunity to market fruit
and vegetables to the world if it is grown
without the use of chemicals," he said.
"We have a unique opportunity with so
much arable land that is under-utilised
to grow organically grown fruit and
vegetables to meet our local needs and
also to grace the tables in homes and
restaurants abroad."
Mr Powell said any plans to expand
the growth or fruit and vegetable farms
had to done in consultation with the
relevant stakeholders.
"There needs to be a meeting of the

minds. We need to bring together all

the stakeholders, the full supply chain
and do a proper analysis of how things
need to be done.
"Unless that takes place, we could be
disjointed and not on the same page
and understand what the challenges
are and identify what we need to do to
make these things happen."
Mr Powell said another lucrative market
for growers was resorts and hotels with
a lot of properties preferring to use local
produce as much as possible, however,
inconsistent supply remained an issue.
"Visiting guests want Fijian flavours.
They want something unique or
something they are not accustomed
to and something they would not
ordinarily get back home.
"For us at Shangri-La's Fijian Resort &
Spa, about 30 per cent of our food is
sourced locally.
"We'd obviously like it to be a lot more,
but supply is really a challenge.

Friday October 21 2016




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World News

Friday October 21 2016

CMHC To Issue 1St 'Red' Warning On Canadian

Housing Market

CMHC sees 'spillover effects' from hot

Vancouver and Toronto markets
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.
says the spread of affordability issues to
real estate markets beyond Vancouver and
Toronto will lead it to issue its first "red"
warning for the national housing market.
"CMHC has recently observed spillover
effects from Vancouver and Toronto
into nearby markets," the federal Crown
corporation's president and CEO Evan
Siddall said in a column published in
the Globe and Mail. "These factors
will be reflected in our forthcoming
Housing Market Assessment on Oct.
26. They will cause us to issue our first

"red" warning for the Canadian housing

market as a whole."
Housing market correction or 'a whole
lot of nothing'? Uncertainty as new
mortgage rules come into effect
"High levels of indebtedness coupled
with elevated house prices are often
followed by economic contractions,"
Siddall said Monday in his article.
"The conditions we now observe in
Canada concern us."
New federal changes that went into
effect on Monday have been brought in
to tighten mortgage rules with the aim
of cooling off the country's overheated
housing markets.

Siddall said the new mortgage rules

will both reduce the ability of home
buyers to borrow and will increase
lenders' funding costs. He added that
mortgage rates are expected to rise
"modestly in response."
First-time homebuyers take hit with
new mortgage rules
In a quarterly market assessment
released in July, CMHC said evidence
of problematic conditions in the
Canadian housing market went from
weak in April to moderate in July.
CMHC raised its assessment of the
Vancouver market from moderate to
strong for strong signs of problems,

joining Toronto, Calgary, Saskatoon

and Regina.
In the July report, CMHC also added
Hamilton to Vancouver, Toronto,
Saskatoon and Quebec City on its list
of markets it considered to be strongly
However, not every market in that
report was deemed to be at moderate
or high risk of problems. CMHC said
it saw "weak evidence of problematic
conditions" in Victoria, Ottawa,
Moncton, Halifax and St. John's. In
fact, the overall assessment for Ottawa
eased from moderate to weak, the only
market to see that change.

Half-Headed Man Charged With Attempted Murder In


A Miami man who lost half of his head

in a car accident has been arrested
for attempted murder after setting his
mattress on fire.
Carlos Rodriguez - 'Halfy' to his
friends - was arrested on Monday after
allegedly setting his mattress on fire
outside his house at 266 NW 61 Ave.
The 31-year-old was charged with
attempted murder because of the
impromptu bonfire's proximity to his
neighbours' home, NBC Miami reported.
According to his arrest report, the
blaze posed "an immediate threat to
the lives and safety of the occupants"
of the nearby duplex.
It's not yet clear why he set the mattress
Rodriguez was also charged with firstdegree arson along with the felony
attempted-murder charges.

He had appeared in court Tuesday but

the judge ordered the trial reset for
Wednesday, concerned that Rodriguez
had "mental issues".
Rodriguez shot to infamy in 2010,
when he was arrested for soliciting a
prostitute, and his mugshots - similar
to those seen above - circulated online.
Two years later he appeared in a
YouTube video explaining how he lost
a significant portion of his skull and
"I was barred out on drugs," he said,
"and I was driving and I hit a pole and
flew out the front window and landed
on my head".
Showing his head to camera he added:
"And this is how the old boy has come
out. That is why it's no good drinking
and driving or drug-drug- drugness
(sic) and driving. No good, kids."

He then lifted up the joint that he had

been smoking throughout the video.
According to the German tabloid Bild

he had the accident aged 14.

Rodriguez is currently being held on
$20,000 bail.

Saga Over $40 Million Powerball Win Heads To Court

A man claims he was shut out of a
$40 million Powerball jackpot by a
The lawyer for a man who claims he was
shut-out of a $40 million Powerball jackpot
has told a court the winning syndicate was
operating "business as usual" and it was
"unfair" and "unjust" for him to be blocked
from the massive windfall.
A production manager at the Prysmian
Group in southwest Sydney, Brendan
King, has taken legal action against coworker Robert Adams, claiming he had
been shut-out of the syndicate and was
entitled to a 15th of the winnings from
Lachlan Gyles SC said the court had
an opportunity to "right a wrong" for
Mr King to join the "lucky 14" who
had won money "beyond their wildest
The syndicate members had been
contributing money for many years
and were considered "hard core" loyal
members, Mr Gyles told the Supreme

Court in Sydney on Monday morning.

In his opening statement to Justice John
Sackar, Mr Gyles said the syndicate
members had been waiting patiently
"for their ship to come in".
He told the court it was assumed unless
the members said they were leaving
the syndicate they were considered
to be included, and if members were
behind on their payments would still
be entitled to any winnings.
If the ticket wasn't successful, they
would still be expected to pay.
There was no significant difference
between the draw on May 4 that won
the $40 million prize and other draws
the workers had contributed to, Mr
Gyles said.
"It was business as usual."
However, Mr Adams believed he had
formed a one-off syndicate of the core
group - minus Mr King - to buy more
tickets into the draw, the court heard.
He claimed he did not have the chance
to contact Mr King to include him in

the winning entry.

My Gyles said the winners had tried to
put a "ring fence" around the syndicate,
claiming members needed to pay
upfront in order to protect their own
share of the windfall.
This is something they had never had
to do before.
Mr Gyles said syndicates were
common place in businesses around
Australia where workers were united
by a common hope for financial
rewards. The reason they stayed in the
syndicate each week was to avoid the
"nightmare" of stopping contributing
and then the jackpot being struck.
He said the exclusion of Mr King was a
breach of the "basic obligations" other
syndicate members had towards him.
The court has previously heard the
winning ticket was purchased by a
syndicate separate to Mr King and the
particular syndicate Mr King was part
of had been dissolved.
The barrister for Mr Adams, Michael

Lee SC, asked about a conversation the

two men had in January and what he
understood it meant.
"Immediately following this conversation
on January 11 ... What was described as
the core syndicate was finished?"
Mr King said that was correct, and
confirmed that was, at that time, the
only syndicate in place.
The reason Mr Adams gave for the
winding up of the syndicate was due
to the difficulty in getting money from
members, Mr King said.
Under cross-examination by Mr Lee,
Mr King insisted he had told Mr Adams
he wanted to be part of the Mother's
Day draw. He denied a suggestion by
the lawyer there were occasional oneoff syndicates for big draws.
The hearing is expected to last three
The Powerball winnings have already
been paid to the 14 winners, less
$2.69 million which has been set aside
pending the outcome of the hearing.

World News

Friday October 21 2016


Australian Couple Faked Death Threats To Score Free


A married Adelaide couple has been

accused of faking death threats to their
own toddler daughter including one
that read: "We're going to slice her
from ear to ear", a court has heard.
Tabitha Lean, 40 and Simon Peisley, 37
both worked for the South Australian
health department and are accused of
faking death threats as a ploy to score
time off work and a compensation
They are each charged with 47 counts
of deception and one of attempted
deception over an alleged scam that
involved dozens of threatening letters
and parcels mailed to their home.
The lead detective in the case,
Alexandra Banfield, took the witness
stand in the SA District Court on
Monday and confirmed that many of
the violent letters contained threats to
the couple's children.
"We're waiting for that baby of yours.
We're going to slice her from ear to
ear," Ms Banfield read from one of the
"You can't keep her safe forever."
She said Lean and Peisley also reported
a break-in at their home with the
message "F*** off" written on a wall
in tomato sauce and other swear words
written on the windows in black paint.

But the jury earlier heard that all the

threats were a scam, allegedly carried
out by the parents themselves for their
own gain.
They mailed crude letters and
bloodstained parcels to their home
and office so they could receive paid
time off work and interstate trips at
their employer's expense, prosecutors
"They even went so far as to send their
children items at school," prosecutor
Chris Edge said in his opening address
last week.
Other threats claimed the couple were
unsafe at their office and demanded
Lean step down from her management
position in Aboriginal health services
at SA Health.
Because of the link to work, the couple
were allowed to take indefinite time off
with almost full pay and were given
funded family holidays to Melbourne
and the Gold Coast.
They also made compensation claims
and the state government had agreed
to pay them a $580,000 settlement but
this was never finalised because the
couple were arrested.
The arrest came about after police
began to suspect Lean and Peisley
were behind the threats and devised

Tabitha Lean and her husband were caught after invisible ink was marked on
their envelope
their own plot to catch them out.
The letters, DNA evidence and
Police secretly broke into the couple's handwriting analysis are being
apartment, and marked a stack of presented to the jury as the month-long
envelopes and paper with "invisible ink". trial continues.
The next threat the couple received was Lean and Peisley have denied the
tested with a UV light, revealing the allegations.
invisible markings the officers had made. The trial continues.

Assault Conviction For Christchurch Man Who Uses

Dead Chicken As A Weapon

A dead chicken is not the first thing that

comes to mind as a handy weapon to
have on hand.
But a man has been charged in the
Christchurch District Court for assault,
using a chicken as a weapon.
Christchurch Court News reported the
charge followed an incident on July 28
after an enraged chicken owner was
said to have taken to the owner of the
dog that had attacked his flock.
Sean Brian Unwin, a 49-year-old solo
dad, from the Christchurch suburb of
Richmond had, in his fury over the loss
of his chickens, taken to the dog owner
with one of the carcasses.

His defence counsel, Kiran Paima described

the crime scene as a "blood bath".
Christchurch Court News reported the
solo dad had taken great pride in the
flock of chickens that lived in his yard.
On July 28, a number of the flock was
killed, after a dog, which belonged to a
builder working at a next door property
escaped and got into the chicken yard.
Unwin then arrived to the scene of
what's been described as carnage and
a blood-bath, reported Christchurch
Court News.
Paima said Unwin's family, including
his grand-daughter were upset at the
bloody scene.

Christchurch Court News reported

Unwin, was initially charged with
assault using a chicken as a weapon,
and then using some very robust
offensive language.
However, a few days after the incident
the dog owner wrote a letter saying
he didn't want the chicken owner
prosecuted and that he was sorry about
the loss of the chickens.
The dog owner accepted he didn't have
his dog effectively controlled.
Meanwhile, Christchurch Court News
reported Unwin pleaded not guilty and
was remanded for a case review hearing.
When the case was up to be reviewed

police prosecutor Sergeant Jeff Kay

agreed there was some wriggle room
available on charges, the publication
He told Judge O'Driscoll that police
could take the poultry pummelling
out of the assault charge and drop the
offensive language charge.
He also said police didn't think a
penalty was warranted.
Unwin had also plead guilty to the
amended assault charge.
The Judge, upon considering all facts
of the case convicted Unwin and
ordered him to come up for sentence in
six months if called upon.

Man Admits Choking Woman Over Alleged Stolen Wallet

An early-morning meeting that began
with consensual sex between Chancey
Brent Heiser and a female sex worker
in Saskatoon ended in violence,
causing the woman to run into a snowy
field south of Saskatoon to hide.
According to the Crown, Heiser picked
up the woman on March 25, 2008 and
agreed to pay her $60 for sex. He was
unable to complete the act and instead
of taking her home, he drove her
outside the city, demanded his money
back and choked her with his arms
when she refused.
Heiser pleaded guilty to charges of

overcoming resistance by choking,

assault, uttering threats and unlawful
confinement. However, he disputed
some of the facts the Crown
presented at Tuesdays sentencing
Heiser said he choked the woman
because she stole his wallet. He said
the only threat he made was to take her
to Regina unless she returned it.
The woman testified she told Heiser
she wanted to stop having sex because
he was putting all his weight on her
and the act was taking too long. She
said she took the money from the dash

and Heiser agreed to drive her home

when he suddenly took off like a
madman and said they were going to
Regina because she had ripped him
He said, Youre going to die tonight,
bh,' the woman said Tuesday in
Saskatoon provincial court.
Once outside the city, Heiser put the
woman in a headlock and choked her
with his arms until she couldnt see or
breath. The woman testified she was
very close to losing consciousness.
Court heard she escaped by slipping out
of her jacket. The woman said she ran

into a field when she saw Heiser turn

around; she thought he was coming
back for her.
Heiser denied trying to hunt the woman
down. He said he found his wallet in
her jacket pocket and left for Regina.
On cross-examination, the victim said
Heiser was lying about the wallet. She
was only concerned about the money
on the dash, which she threw at Heiser
as she left the vehicle, the woman
I earned it for what he put me through,
she said through tears. He was going
to kill me over 60 bucks.


World News

Friday October 21 2016

Police Officer Who Stuck His Middle Finger Up At A

Mayfair Cocktail Bar Bouncer Before Calling Him A
'P***' Is Sacked From The Force
A London police officer who used
racist and abusive language towards a
Mayfair cocktail bar bouncer - sticking
his middle finger up and calling him a
'P***' - has been dismissed from the
Pc Emilio Sabatino 'let himself and
his colleagues down' through his
behaviour while off duty, according to
a senior officer from the Metropolitan
Police professional standards unit.
Sabatino brandished his warrant
card and mocked Gurmeet Singh's
SIA (Security Industry Authority)
accreditation when he was asked to
leave the Dirty Martini bar.
Mr Singh told a Metropolitan Police
misconduct hearing he approached
Sabatino and a friend in the lavatory on
August 29, 2015.
He explained that door staff checked
the toilets every 20 minutes to check
there was 'no alcohol or broken glass
on the floor.'
Mr Singh said: 'He said he was a police
officer and showed me his badge.
'He said 'Can I vouch for my friend?',
then he showed his ID card to me.
'I said 'I don't know what you are
showing me your badge for.'
'He didn't say anything so I called my
'He was asked to come out of the
premises and make his way upstairs. As

we came outside, he asked if he could

come back inside. Then he questioned
why I had my SIA badge on.
'He said 'I can show my [police] badge
to whoever I want to. I said 'I haven't
committed a crime.'
Mr Singh continued: 'He was a little bit
aggressive because he wanted to get
back downstairs.
'He stuck his middle finger up and
said 'P***' and I said I would make a
He added: 'I was quite shocked. You
wouldn't expect that from anyone. I
think it's bullying.'
Mr Singh told the hearing he found
Sabatino in the lavatory standing three
feet away from a friend and urinating
at each other.
Pc Sabatino said he and his friend Tim
Blunn - the fianc of his girlfriend's
sister - had joked about 'crossing
streams' as they relieved themselves.
He told the hearing he had been
drinking for five hours before the
incident occurred, although he said he
was only 'seven' out of ten.
Pc Sabatino said: 'I wasn't drunk as in
staggering, I knew what was going on
around me, but I was in good spirits.
'I was at the urinal. Tim has then come
in behind me. I don't know for what
reason, but he thought it would be
funny to start urinating in my urinal.

'As Tim finished, he turns towards Mr

Singh. Mr Singh then got quite close to
him and said 'you can't be doing that.
Why are you urinating on the floor?'
'I stupidly said 'I'm a police officer'. I
wanted to calm Mr Singh down.
'Obviously, bouncers have to act in a
certain way because they are dealing
with people who are intoxicated.
'I showed him my warrant card, because
anyone can say they're a police officer.
'From the moment I showed him my
warrant card, he seemed to take offence.
'He took it as a threat. He said 'are you
trying to threaten me?' He wouldn't let
me explain.'
He added: 'I don't usually drink
cocktails. I told Mr Singh to 'f*** off'
as I was leaving. It wasn't directed in
a threatening way towards him. It was
more like 'f*** off, I'm done with this
'I put my middle finger up at him, but it
wasn't even towards his face height, it
was just a swing of the arm.
'I don't know why it even came out of
my mouth. I never swear at all really..
I have never sworn at members of the
public. I truly, truly regret it.'
Sabatino had also told the hearing he
wouldn't use racist language towards
Mr Singh as he has an Italian father and
colleagues from 'all different faiths'.
He said: 'I don't know where he's got

this word 'P*** from. I told him to f***

off, which I truly regret, but I didn't say
the word 'P***'.
'I didn't say anything racial, especially
not after giving my name and being on
The misconduct panel found that
Sabatino had used his status as an
officer to excuse his own behaviour,
that he was escorted from the premises,
produced his warrant card a second
time, verbally swore at staff, and used
the term 'P***', all if which amounted
to gross misconduct.
A charge of urinating on the floor was
found not proved.
Chief Superintendant Matt Gardner,
from the directorate of professional
standards said: 'Mr Sabatino has let
himself and his colleagues down as a
result of off duty behaviour.
'He has been found to use racist and
abusive behaviour to a member of
the public who was simply doing his
job, a scenario similar to what police
officers do 24/7 in their role to protect
'We do not want officers with these
behaviours in the Metropolitan police
and he has been rightly dismissed with
immediate effect.'
Sabatino, based at Brent Operational
Command Unit, was dismissed without

Father Abandons Daughter Person Sick With Listeria

Linked To Richmond
At Utah College Campus
Grocery Store Has Died

This is the shocking moment a Utah

father dumped his five-year-old
daughter on a college campus and
left her to fend for herself - with
nothing but a blanket in 3-degree
CCTV footage from the grounds of
Ogden-Weber Applied Technology
College, north of Salt Lake City, early
Thursday morning shows the heartless
father dropping his little girl outside
one of the university buildings around
5am with a blanket. He then left and
did not return.
According to the child's mother: "(He)
told her to shut up, and lay down and
go to sleep."
It wasn't until 7.30am that morning that
the girl was found by campus security.
The girl's mother, identified only as
Gena to protect the identity of the child,
said her daughter was staying with her
ex-husband and his family at the time
of the incident.
Gena said the little girl has been left
traumatised by what happened.
"She said she got scared," she told Fox
13 Salt Lake City.

"She was yelling, 'Daddy!' but no one

was there. She said she just kind of had
her blanket and waited until daylight."
Fred Frazier, the security manager for
the college, said the girl did what she
was told and stayed in the one spot.
The girl's mother said her daughter
ran towards the security officer crying
upon seeing him in the morning, but
fell and grazed her knee while running.
"It was heartbreaking for (the security
guard)," Frazier said.
"To see a little girl running alone
by herself. That's when he got very
concerned, and she was shivering and
Temperatures in the area dropped to 3
degrees on the night of the incident.
Ogden police are now waiting to
interview the father and determine why
he abandoned his child. Police say it
may have been drug-related.
He is facing child abandonment or
abuse charges, or both.
The girl's mother said she had tried
to file a protective against her ex on
behalf of her daughter, however it was
denied by the courts.

Cause of death has not yet been

determined, says Vancouver Coastal
One of the people who contracted
Listeria linked to Foody World, a
Richmond grocery store, has died
according to Vancouver Coastal Health.
The cause of death is not known, and
the person had underlying serious
health issues, the health authority said
As of last Friday, at least six people had
been hospitalized due to Listeria linked
to Foody World, at 3000 Sexsmith
Road in Richmond, B.C.
Vancouver Coastal Health warned
customers not to consume any produce
or ready-to-eat foods made in-house at
the store.
All ready-to-eat meat products such as
BBQ pork and marinated meats.
Baked goods.

If you have any of these items, or raw

food items, purchased at Foody World
since July 2016, "please dispose of
them immediately," the health authority
wrote in a statement.
Public health inspectors have closed
the store and kitchen. The store will
reopen once it meets safety standards,
according to the statement.
Symptoms of Listeriosis
Listeriosis is a serious infection usually
caused by eating food contaminated
with Listeria monocytogenes.
It's particularly dangerous in pregnant
women, newborns, older adults, and
those with weakened immune systems.
In pregnant women, it may lead to
miscarriage or stillbirth.
Symptoms can take weeks to appear,
and may include fever, headache,
diarrhea, vomiting and muscle aches.
If you think you have Listeriosis,
seek medical attention and the health
authority will follow up with any
patients whose lab results are positive
for Listeria.

World News

Friday October 21 2016


Millionaire US Businessman 'Strangled His British

Girlfriend In A Hotel Room Before Hanging A 'Do Not
Disturb Sign'

A millionaire New York businessman

strangled his British girlfriend in a
hotel room after meeting her on a
Muslim dating site, a court heard.
Nadine Aburas, 28, was found on New
Years Eve by hotel staff - and hours
later it is alleged her killer fled in
her car to drive to London Heathrow
Airport to evade justice.
Sammy Almahri, 44, had hung a Do
Not Disturb sign on the door of Room

203 of the Future Inns in Cardiff before

fleeing abroad, the court was told.
Roger Thomas, prosecuting, told
Cardiff Crown Court: This was the
killing of a defenseless woman by a
jealous and dangerous man.
The court heard Miss Aburas, who
lived alone in her own flat in Cardiff
Bay, met Almahari on an internet
dating site called
Mr Thomas said: They became

friendly and contacted each other

regularly by telephone, text and Skype.
The friendship developed. Its clear
Almahri visited Nadine two or three
times in 2013 and she travelled to New
York to see him in the summer of 2014.
The court heard Almahri was besotted
by Miss Aburas - showering her with
money and expensive presents.
Mr Thomas said: There can be no
doubt their friendship developed into
an intimate relationship.
But the court heard Miss Aburas described as a slim, petite, Muslim
lady of 5ft 3in had suffered violence
during the last meeting.
She returned home with an injured lip.
The court heard the student then began
seeing other men in her hometown of
Miss Aburas called police to say she
had been raped by Almahri in New York
- and claimed he had also attempted to
strangle her.
The court heard Almahari became
increasingly jealous then bombarded
her with abusive messages. The court
heard he warned her: You will be in hell.
Mr Thomas said she was concerned
that Almahri would show topless
pictures to her family.
Almahari travelled from the US to see
Miss Aburas - and booked into the

Hawke's Bay Police are hunting two

women after two brazen assaults in
Napier on Saturday.
The attacks were apparently carried out
by the pair, while a young child waited
for them in a getaway vehicle.
At about 10.30am, a woman in her mid60s was walking along Avondale Road
near Neeve Road, Taradale, when she
was approached by two women.
One of the women attempted to grab
the victim's handbag but she held on to
it while shouting for assistance.
Members of the public came to assist
her while the two offenders left in a
maroon-coloured four-door sedan,
possibly a Mitsubishi Diamante.
Approximately half an hour later, a

female tourist was walking on the

footpath of Marine Parade, Napier.
As she walked past a parked car,
another woman who had been standing
by the car grabbed the tourist's handbag
and tried to take it from her.
The victim resisted and the offender
attempted to punch her.
The offender then left in the vehicle,
having taken the bag from the victim.
Again, members of the public came to
the victim's aid.
The vehicle the offender got into was
described by witnesses as a marooncoloured four-door sedan.
The victim's handbag was later located
in an alleyway between McLaren
Crescent and Riverbend Road, Napier.

Police believe the two incidents are

The first female offender is described
as approximately 30 years old, Maori
or Pacific Islander, approximately
170cm tall, with long black hair, bare
feet and wearing a black t-shirt and
grey trousers.
The second offender is described as
16-18 years old, with long black hair,
Maori, wearing a fawn-coloured jersey,
light blue three-quarter length jeans,
and also had bare feet.
The vehicle connected to the offenders
was being driven by a male Maori or
Pacific Islander.
There was also a child aged
approximately 6 years old in the vehicle.

Future Inns hotel near her home on

December 30, 2014, the court heard.
But shortly after 3am on December 31,
Almahri allegedly left the hotel and
travelled in her car to Heathrow and
booked a flight at 10.35am to Doha.
Miss Aburass body was found at around
12.20pm on New Years Eve by the duty
manager - and police were called in.
The court heard Almahri as eventually
located in Tanzania and arrested on an
Interpol arrest warrant on January 19
before being returned to Britain.
The court heard he pleaded guilty to
manslaughter but denies murder.
Almahri claims he was suffering from
abnormality of mental function. He
claims he was in a psychiatric state of
hearing the voice of God telling him
to kill Miss Aburas.
The court heard Almahri claims he
is not guilty of murder because his
responsibility is diminished.
Mr Thomas said: we submit quite
simply this was the killing of a
defenseless woman by a jealous and
dangerous man.
The court heard Almahari claimed he
worked and travelled on behalf of the
FBI, but Mr Thomas said: That seems
to be fictitious.
The trial continues and is expected to
last four weeks.

Police Investigate Two Bag-Snatching Assaults As Child

Waits In Getaway Car

Detective Sergeant Craig Vining of

Hawkes Bay CIB says the description
of the Marine Parade offender is
very similar to that of the first female
offender in Taradale.
"We are wanting to speak to anyone
who may have witnessed either
incident or has information that may
assist in identifying the two offenders
or the car they were in.
"Although both victims have recovered
well and displayed immense bravery
during their attacks, there is the very
real risk of incurring serious injury
when an offender tries to snatch
handbags, and we would ask anyone
approached in this way, to let go of the
item and call Police immediately."

Man Who Lead Methamphetamine Ring

A man who arranged the importation of

methamphetamine from his Rimutaka
Prison cell has been sentenced to 13
years and two months' jail.
Justice David Collins sentenced
Egyptian national Mohamed Soliman
Hussain Atta in the Wellington High
Court, after the 42-year-old admitted
seven representative charges of
importing methamphetamine and

one charge of conspiracy to supply

Atta's offending occurred from within
his cell at Rimutaka Prison over three
months in 2014, using a number of cell
phones, including one supplied by former
Corrections' officer Alofainu'u Tuisamoa.
Detective Sergeant James Withington,
of the National Organised Crime
Group, said Atta used his international

contacts to run the drug ring.

His offending was exposed by the
joint police, Corrections and Customs
investigation, Operation Gandolf.
Eleven people involved with the drug
dealing have been sentenced. Three more
are awaiting sentence, Withington said.
"Those convicted of importing
methamphetamine were either patched
gang members, or had strong gang

associations, which demonstrates gang

involvement in this trade.
"The co-operative approach between
police, Customs, and Corrections has
enabled us to identify and put a stop to
their offending."
He encouraged anyone affected by
methamphetamine to ask for help.
"With support, you can get free of this


Friday October 21 2016

Bollywood & Indian Celebs Who Fought Cancer: Some

Survived & Some Succumbed

Cancer doesnt discriminate between

the rich & the poor, between the
celebrities and the common man, it
strikes them all. The latest Bollywood
celebrity to have succumbed to the
disease is noted Bollywood composer
Aadesh Shrivastava.
Here we take a look at Bollywood &
Indian celebrities who battled cancer,
some were fortunate to survive, but
some werent.
Aadesh had composed songs for
films like Chalte Chalte, Baabul,
Baghban, Kabhie Khushi Kabhie
Gham and Rajneeti among others
(he would compose only one or two
songs in most movies), and also sang
a number of songs including Sona
sona, Shava shava, Gustakhiyaan
and Gur nalon ishq mitha.
Aadesh was diagnosed with Cancer 5
years back, after prolonged medication
his condition did improve, but
unfortunately for him, the disease
relapsed and caused his death.
Burdened with heavy medical bills,
Aadesh apparently had to sell his
hummer in order to get his finances
back in shape. The composer was very
close to Big B, who used to regularly
check on his health.

Manisha Koirala
The beautiful Manisha Koirala was
diagnosed with ovarian cancer when
she was 42 years old. Despite being an
actress, she boldly posted her pictures
during chemotherapy (despite her hair
loss), from the New York hospital
where she was battling the disease.
Manisha is determined to use her
experience & celebrity status to inspire
people fighting against cancer.

Yuvraj Singh
Once of the most dashing Indian
batsman of all time, Yuvraj successfully
battled serinoma (rare type of killer
cancer), which had caused tumor
growth between his heart and lung.
Yuvraj recovered from the deadly
disease, and after receiving the Arjuna
Award, he even made a comeback to
cricket by playing Twenty20 match
against New Zealand. In his book titled
The Test of My Life, Yuvraj Singh
has shared his experience dealing
with cancer and has provided hope to
thousands whore battling the disease.

Anurag Basu
Anurag Basu, director of Barfi
literally came back from the death bed.
In the year 2004, doctors gave him two
months to live when he was diagnosed
with acute promyelocytic Leukemia
(a type of blood cancer). However, it
hardly ruffled Anurag, who carried on
with his work, from his hospital bed. He
also wrote scripts for Life in a Metro
and Gangster during this ordeal. Now
that is really inspiring!

Feroz Khan
Feroz Khan, who was last seen in
Welcome, and would probably have
been cast in Welcome Back as well
had he been alive, died at the age of 69
after a long fight with cancer.
The Bollywood actor (and filmmaker)
was once dubbed the Clint Eastwood

of the East because of his maverick

roles and manly swagger.
As a producer and director, he made
Dharmatma (known for its exotic
filming locations and melodious
songs), the first Hindi-language movie
made on location in Afghanistan.

Lisa Ray
Bollywood Actor Lisa Ray, who
was diagnosed with Cancer is now the
Face of Insight Vacations. Lisa Ray
was also the host of Top Chef Canada.
Lisa Ray was diagnosed with multiple
Myeloma in 2009, but since then, has
successfully managed to win her battle
against cancer. In 2010, Lisa bravely
announced to the world that she was free
of cancer after the successful treatment
involving stem cell transplant.
Lisa Ray, who has acted in a several

Bollywood films & TV shows will be

the new face of Insight Vacations. The
Bollywood actress and philanthropist
will be the new Global Brand
Ambassador and will become the face
of the companys Exotics and Gold
Lisa ray is of course happy. Im
pleased to be Insight Vacations first
ever Global Brand Ambassador since
Ive been an avid traveler and nomad
for most of my life having lived in
several continents yet, my recent
experiences with Insight have given
me a unique perspective on travel,
said Ms Ray.
Insight Vacations Exotics and Gold
Collections offers a selection of luxury
itineraries in India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan,
Nepal, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan,
Israel and Morocco. The company
takes care of all the hassles of modern
travel and is the best way to truly
experience a new country.

Is Ranveer Insecure Of

Friday October 21 2016

More than other sign, you will feel the
intensity of the Sun for the next four
weeks. (It actually begins on Saturday
the 22nd.) Not only will you feel more
passionate about every issue you deal
with and every conversation you have,
your focus will shift quite dramatically.
Expect to be involved in details regarding
shared property, inheritances, insurance
issues, taxes and debt. Basically, your
focus on your partner's income or the
wealth and resources of others will
be unavoidable. On the upside, this
increased passion will definitely include
physical intimacy. Ah yes, familiarity
breeds attempt; and chaste makes waste.
This week the Sun will move into
Scorpio, which is 180 degrees opposite
from Taurus. (This only happens once a
year.) In your chart, this means the Sun
is now as far away from you as it gets all
year. Meanwhile, the Sun is your source
of energy. This means that for the next
five weeks, you will need more rest,
more sleep because you will feel tired
and overworked. Definitely, respect
your need for more rest. Nevertheless,
Mars makes you want to travel - ah yes.
And Venus will make relationships with
others very affectionate and seductive.
Ironically, when the Sun is opposite
your sign, it gives you the best chance
all year to scrutinize your relationships
and learn more about your style of
relating to others.
As the Sun moves into Scorpio, it
means you are entering a four-week
period where you want to be as
efficient, productive and effective as
possible. You will set high standards
for yourself, which is a good thing
because it makes you shift gears. (It's
true when they say," If you want a
job done - give it to a busy person.")
You will find that the harder you work
to be better at everything - the more
you will accomplish. This desire to
improve will embrace many areas
of your life, including your health.
Suddenly, you're on get well kick. This
is great! Venus opposite your sign will
improve all your relationships, which
is timely because Jupiter will continue
to encourage vacations, romance and

good times.
You have a playful month ahead because
the Sun now ushers in opportunities
for you to express your creativity and
explore fun, social times. (A little
warning: Be patient with friends and
partners while Mars is opposite your
sign.) Nevertheless, accept invitations to
sports events, parties and get-togethers
with others because you will love to
schmooze and enjoy the company of
everyone. The next four weeks are also
a great time to enjoy playful activities
with children. Look for opportunities
in the hospitality industry and the
entertainment world. Meanwhile, many
of you will get a raise or praise at work
in the next few weeks.
Every year at this time the Sun changes
signs and creates a four-week window
when your focus on home, family
and your private life becomes strong.
Family issues might make increasing
demands on your time. However, in
addition, you will choose to cocoon at
home more than usual. Certain issues
might provoke you to think about your
youth and your past. (Memory is so
malleable: It's never too late to have a
great childhood!) Nevertheless, Venus
will continue to attract invitations to
party and socialize, while Mars will
continue to drive you to work hard.
Therefore, grab every bit of peace and
quiet at home that you can.
The pace of your days will accelerate
in the next four to five weeks. Don't
fight this because it is an inevitable
occurrence. Just go with the flow. Get
out and hustle. Do whatever you can to
keep up to an increased daily schedule
full of short trips, errands, conversations
with everyone plus increased reading,
writing and studying. Many of you
are redecorating at home now as well
as entertaining. You might also grab
a chance to express your own artistic
talents. Or perhaps you will use this
increased desire for self-expression
in sports? All of these things will
contribute to your ability to boost your
earnings at this time.
You think about money a lot but you

don't talk about it too much because

it's a bit crass. Plus financial issues are
private. (Oh yes, people are much more
private about their finances than they are
about their sex lives.) However, there is
another subtle influence at play, which
makes you wonder about your values
and what really matters in life. In the
month ahead, you will truly appreciate
the beauty in your surroundings. You will
also see how much love there is in your
world. These are things we often take for
granted and give little thought to - but in
the next few weeks, you will notice them.
Look for ways to make money from your
words because this is an opportunity for
you for the next month.
This is the only time all year when the
Sun is in your sign. It will be there for
the next four weeks specifically Oct. 20
to until Nov. 21. During this time, you
will have an opportunity to regenerate
and re-energize yourself. In fact, it is
your turn to recharge your batteries
for the rest of the year. Not only that,
during this one month of the year when
the Sun is in your sign, you attract
people to you as well as favourable
circumstances. Therefore, make the
most of this! Venus will encourage you
to spend money on beautiful things for
yourself and loved ones; while Mars
will make you forthright in all your
communications. Oh yeah! Look out
The planets are sending you
contradictory messages at this time
of year. In one way, you want to be
alone so that you can enjoy some peace
and quiet; and at the same time, give
serious thought to what you want to for
your new year ahead. Your new year is
from birthday to birthday. Meanwhile,
with Venus in your sign for the next
four weeks, you are super diplomatic
and charming, which means others
will be attracted to you. Everyone will
want you to be on their team. Financial
issues will be a big focus because Mars
will increase your cash flow - money
in and money out. And of course, your
ruler Jupiter will continue to increase
your popularity now and for the next

At the end of the week, when the Sun

changes signs, it ushers in a popular
time for you. It will be a four-week
window when you will enjoy the
company of others, in addition to
which you will be more involved with
clubs, groups and associations. In
fact, many of you will be elected to a
leadership position in a club or group.
The focus of the Sun at this time also
encourages you want to make goals for
the future. (Always a good thing.) You
will have no trouble keeping up to this
pace because Mars is in your sign now
boosting your energy and making you
right and proactive. Small wonder that
you make such a great impression on
bosses, VIPs and parents at this time!
(And you do.)
Starting this week, the Sun will start
to move across the top of your chart
for the next month. This is the only
time all year this happens. When the
Sun is this high in your chart, it acts
like a spotlight on you, which means
others notice you more than usual.
(Especially bosses, parents and VIPs.)
In addition, the light is flattering, which
means people think you're talented
and capable. (Do not do anything to
dissuade them of this notion.) Since
this is the case, it is obviously the time
for you to press your own agenda. In
other words, demand the advantage!
Ask for what you want because people
in power will favour you now.
Beginning this week, your desire to
broaden your horizons and get a change
of scenery will be strong. You want
adventure and stimulation. You also
want a chance to learn something new.
This is good because this will motivate
you to act and do whatever you can to
explore your world. Obviously, travel
is an ideal choice. However, you can
also expand your mind through study,
courses and talking to people from
other cultures and different countries.
People in authority think well of you
now because Venus is at the top of your
chart. In fact, some of you might have
a flirtation with your boss. Mars will
continue to energize your relations with
friends, even competitively. Gifts and
goodies continue to come your way.

Is Ranveer Insecure Of Shahid

Rumour mill has it, ever since Shahid

Kapoor has been roped in to play an
integral part of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's
'Padmavati', Ranveer Singh has been
insecure about the same. The actor has
been meeting Sanjay Leela Bhansali
and advising him against not having
Shahid Kapoor on the poster and
reducing his role in the film.
This was proved once again when the
producers announced the movie's final
star cast. The production house that is
making the film, tweeted, `@Viacom18

#BhansaliProductions come together

deepikapadukone @shahidkapoor.` Which
brings us to the question, why is Shahid's
name mentioned last? The talented actor
Shahid Kapoor has nothing to prove his
class and has given number of hits.
In almost all the films the credits are
always given according to seniority, so
shouldn't his name be mentioned first? Or
at least Deepika's name should come first,
no? After all, she is playing title role!




Friday October 21 2016

Worst Foods For Your Heart

Did you know that heart disease is
the leading cause of death in the
US? Scary, we know! Kick out these
ticker-harming foods from your diet to
improve your health for years to come.
The heart: It's our most vital organ,
but if you ask someone how to best
care for yours, they'll likely tell you
to find a nice guy who won't break it
into a million pieces. (Thanks, mom!)
Even M.D.s aren't the best source of
heart advice: The average primary care
office visit lasts just 10 minutes. So,
even if your ticker is in danger, most
docs will just tell you to watch what
you eat and send you on our way, no
other details provided.
That's not the very prescription to put
into practice, and that's why we're here
to help. Read on to discover some
foods that sabotage your heart health
and that need to be booted out of your
diet ASAP.
Many people know that eating too much
salt can raise their blood pressure. But
not everyone realizes that uncontrolled
high BP can cause their arteries to
harden and narrow, increasing the
risk of heart disease. That's not all:
New research has also linked obesity
to high sodium intake while another
study found that overweight men with
the highest salt intakes were 61 percent
more likely to die of heart disease than
those who consume less of the mineral.
You already know foods like chips
and pretzels pack a lot of salt, but here
we reveal 10 less-obvious sources of
sodium that are making your blood
pressure soar. Commit them to memory
and keep them far away from your
1. Canned Vegetables
Veggies may be a cornerstone of a
lood-pressure-friendly diet, but not
the ones that come out of a can. The
preservatives and sauces that keep
the vitamin-filled veggies company
inside the container are packed with
sodium. Look for "no salt added" or
"low sodium" options and be sure to
rinse your veggies thoroughly before
digging in. Can't find an unsalted
option? Consider switching to frozen
veggies; there are plenty of unsalted
2. Restaurant Soup
Get this: P.F. Chang's Hot&Sour Soup
Bowl, packs an artery-shivering 7,980
mg of sodium. That's more than four
days' worth or the equivalent of nearly
45yes, 45individual bags of Cool
Ranch Doritos. Not all restaurant's
bowls of broth are quite that salt-filled,
but even chains like Ruby Tuesday and
Applebee's don't ladle out anything
with less than half a day's sodium per
bowl. Our advice: If you're looking
to enjoy something warming and
delicious, make soup at home.
3. Cold Cuts
According to a recent survey, 48
percent of Americans are looking to cut
back on sodium, however according to
a Journal of the Academy of Nutrition

and Dietetics study, nearly half of

Americans consume a sandwich every
dayone of the top source of salt in
the American diet. Coincidental? We
think not. The bread and condiments
certainly don't help the salt situation,
but cold cuts and cheese are the
primary culprits, contributing about
250 milligrams of sodium per slice.
And let's be real: we all use at least
three or four slices of the stuff, which
equates to 1,000 milligrams of salt in
a single sitting. Looking for delicious
flat-belly lunches to eat instead of your
tired turkey and mayo?
4. Tomato Sauce
Want some pasta with that salt!? A half
cup of Hunter's Tomato sauce packs a
whopping 830 milligrams of sodium
which is more than you'd find in 97
Cheez-It crackers! To keep your blood
pressure from spiking, look for jars
of tomato sauce with fewer than 350
milligrams per half-cup serving.
5. Frozen Meals
Frozen dinners may be quick and easy
options when you're time strapped,
but they're also loaded with sodium.
Yes, even the healthy-sounding
options. Two prime examples: Lean
Cuisine's Roasted Chicken and Garden
Vegetables packs 620 milligrams
of sodium and Special K's Sausage,
Egg&Cheese Flatbread Breakfast
Sandwich carries 700 milligramsor
just under half a day's worth. When
you're in the freezer aisle, look for
meals with less than 500 milligrams
per serving.
6. Vegetable Juice
Prefer to sip your greens rather than
chew 'em? Stick with the freshly
made varieties from a local juice
shop (or your kitchen). The bottled
versions are filled to the bring with
salt. Just 8-ounces of V8 Vegetable
Juice Essential Antioxidants has 480
milligrams of sodium. If you have to
sip the bottled variety go for V8's lowsodium blend. It will save you 340
milligrams of sodium, which over the
course of a month can really make
a difference in your blood pressure
7. Capers&Ketchup
When it comes to your blood pressure
and heart health, condiments matter.
Those capers you top your Chicken
Piccata with? They carry over 200
milligrams of salt per tablespoon. And
the ketchup you dip your fries into has
167 milligrams in the same serving
size. Scale back on the condiments to
maintain your flat belly and keep your
ticker in tip-top condition.
8. Cottage Cheese
Even though this breakfast staple
doesn't taste salty, a one-cup serving
can carry almost 700 milligrams of the
mineralmore than a third of what
you're supposed to have in an entire
day. If you're going to keep the stuff
in your breakfast lineup, swap to a nosalt-added variety. Or, better yet, eat a
container of Greek yogurt instead. It's
a low-salt, high-protein cottage cheese

substitute we're big fans of.

9. Beef Jerky
Jerky is super trendy right now, thanks
in part to the ever-growing Paleo
trend. Sure, it's free of refined grains
and packed with protein, but it's also
notoriously high in saltnot good
news if you have high blood pressure
or want to keep your heart healthy. A
small, 1-ounce serving can have an
upwards of 700 milligrams of salt,
which is more than four times what
you'd find in the same serving of chips.
When you have more cholesterol in
your blood than what's considered to
be healthy, it can clog your arteries
with plaques that increase the risk heart
disease. What causes the backup? A
diet high in certain types of cholesterol,
saturated and trans fats. Read on to
meet the most dangerous fat- and
cholesterol-laden eats on the planet.
10. Coffee Creamer
Traditional coffee creamers are prime
sources of trans-fats, often hiding
under the guise of its lesser-known
name: hydrogenated oil. Trans fats
have been shown to raise cholesterol
levels and diminish memory in adults
under 45 years oldscary stuff!
Our advice: Switch to milk or use
one of Coffee Mate's Natural Bliss
creamersthey come in great flavors
and are totally free of scary ingredients
and heart-harming fats. Alternatively,
switch to tea! One Dutch study found
that people who drank three daily cups
of antioxidant-filled tea had half the
risk of heart attack of those who didn't
sip the brew at all.
11. Frozen Pies
We know that baking a pie isn't easy
but tread carefully in the land of frozen
lattices and crumble tops. Frozen
desserts one of the most potent sources
of trans-fat in the supermarket. In fact,
an Apple Pie packs 3 grams of the stuff
per slicethat's more than you should
eat in an entire day. One 14 year study
of 80,000 women found a positive
correlation between heart disease and
the consumption of foods containing
trans fatty acids so stay away at all
costsyour ticker and waistline will
thank you!
12. Ice Cream
A healthy adult should consume no
more than 300 mg of cholesterol a day.
A cup of Ben and Jerry's has more than a
third of the day's intake (130 grams!)
and so do plenty of other creamy, cool
treats. To indulge in something icy
without freezing out your heart, make
a batch of banana ice cream. Here's
how: Slice two bananas and place
them in a bag and freeze overnight.
The next day, blend them up on high
with some milk and almond butter until
the mixture reaches a consistency that
resembles ice cream. Shavings of dark
chocolate make for a tasty topping, as
do raspberriesa potent heart-healthy
food. High fiber foods like raspberries
have been shown to reduce levels of

bad cholesterol in the blood, according

to the Mayo Clinic.
13. Fried Chicken
Grilled chicken breast is one of the
best, but when you keep the skin on and
dunk it into a deep fryer, the nutritional
reality of your meal changesand
fast. In fact, one 4-ounce serving of
fried chicken with the skin on it has
as much cholesterol as 11 strips of
sizzling bacon! Do your heart a favor
and opt for a more heart-healthy piece
of poultry.
14. Margarine
Butter alternatives like margarine are
often made with partially-hydrogenated
oils, one of the most common sources
of trans-fats. You may have heard that
this type of fat is linked to heart disease,
but what most people don't know is
that it may also accelerate the skin's
aging process by making the skin more
vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation.
Eek! Hello, wrinkles! Skip this highcholesterol food and stick with hearthealthy olive oil or small amounts of
grass-fed butter instead.
15. Biscuits
Bad news, Southern food lovers:
Packaged biscuitsthe fluffy pillows
of goodness that make weekend
brunch and fried chicken dinners extra
deliciousare chock full of trans fats
that can hurt your heart. In fact, each
of Mary B's Buttermilk Biscuits carries
three grams a pop, which is more than
a day's worth. And though the nutrition
label on Pillsbury Grands! Buttermilk
Biscuits reads "0 grams" in the trans fat
column, it's made with hydrogenated
soybean oila dead giveaway that
there are traces of the dangerous fat
in the biscuits. Opt for a whole grain
English muffin at breakfast or a whole
grain roll at dinner (we like Alexia's
Whole Grain Hearty Rolls) to keep
your arteries clean and clear.
It's a little-known fact that impaired
glucose tolerance and diabetes
increases your risk for heart disease.
That said, a major part of keeping
your heart healthy involves keeping
your blood sugar levels in check. And
according to the Mayo Clinic, if you
already have diabetes, tight blood
sugar control can help reduce the risk
of cardiovascular disease. Sure, candy
and soda can wreak havoc on your
system but there a number of other
things you may not realize can mess
with your sugar levels, too.
16. White Rice
While whole grains can reduce your
risk of dying of heart disease by nearly
20 percent but nutrient-stripped refined
grains have the opposite effect on your
health. In fact, in one study of more
than 350,000 people, those who ate the
most white rice were at greatest risk
for type 2 diabetescan't say we're
too shocked. Bottom line: Stick with
whole grains to ward off the disease.

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Friday October 21 2016


Worst Foods For Your Heart

Continued From Page 22
17. Blended Coffees
Warning: Blended coffees laced with
syrup, sugar, whipped cream, and other
toppings can have as many calories and
fat grams as a milkshake. Not only can
the sugar overload send blood glucose
soaring, but the caffeine can also
increase your blood pressure levelsa
combination that's less than ideal if
you're trying to ward off diabetes and
heart disease. To stay healthy, stick with
plain java with milk and cinnamon, a
spice that's been shown to decrease the
risk of heart damage as a result of high
blood sugar.
18. Chinese Take-Out
Thanks to their sugary sauces and
deep-fried breading, Chinese restaurant
favorites like sesame chicken and
sweet and sour pork are packed with
calories, fat, sodium and carbs. Experts
say this combination of dietary demons
can spike blood sugar dramatically and
keep it elevated for a substantial chunk
of timenot what you want! To keep
your glucose levels in check without
giving up the flavors you love order
steamed veggies and your protein of
choice and ask for your favorite sauce
on the side. If you only spoon on a
tablespoon or two, you'll improve the
healthfulness of your dish ten-fold. Oh,
and, ask your server to hold the rice or
see if they have the brown kind.
19. Cinnamon Rolls
All pastries are sugar and carb
landmines, but cinnamon rolls may be
the very worst of the lot. Consider this:
A Classic Roll from Cinnabon has 880
calories, 127 grams of carbs and 58
grams of sugarwhich is about what
you'd find in 10 Chips Ahoy! Chewy
cookies. There are so many better ways
to kick off your morning.
20. Bacon&Sausage
The bacon and sausage you enjoy for

breakfast, and the deli meats you use

to make your lunch may be putting
your life at risk. How? Many of these
meats contain nitrates, a preservative
that interferes with the body's natural
ability to process sugar, which
increases the risk for diabetes. If that
wasn't bad enough, most processed
meats are also loaded with sodium, a
known contributor to hypertension that
can make you bloat and set you up to
develop heart disease.
Obesity and belly fat has long been
linked to cardiovascular disease. That's
because the more fat that's stored in
your midsection, the higher your blood
pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
levels are bound to be. Discover some
of the top belly-wideners below.
21. Bouillon Cubes
Made with a homemade stock or lowsodium broth, soup is a healthy, soothing
meal. Make the stuff with a bouillon
cube, however, and you've got yourself
an entirely different bowl of nutrition
one that's overflowing with monosodium
glutamate. MSG is a flavoring agent that
increases appetite and tells the body
to pump out insulin, the fat-storage
hormone. Needless to say, eating the
stuff regularly can cause those extra
pounds to creep onto your frame.
22. Potato Chips
According to Harvard researchers,
chips are one of the worst foods for
your belly. Not only are they saturated
with saturated fat, which causes your
gut to expand and puts your heart in the
danger zone, they're also crusted with
saltyet another nutrient linked to
cardiovascular disease when eaten in
excess. In the Harvard study, daily chip
consumption alone was responsible
for adding nearly two pounds of flab
to study participants' frame every
four years. That means if you cut out

chips, you would lose more than half a

pound of belly fat, even if you changed
nothing else about your diet.
23. Diet Soda
Did you hear? Recent studies have found
an association between sipping diet
soda and a wider waist circumference.
It may seem counterintuitive since
your go-to Diet Cherry Pepsi has zero
calories, but researchers think diet soda
drinkers may overestimate how many
calories they're "saving," and then
overeat. Here's our advice: If you're
sipping diet cola on the reg, trade
in your daily can for water flavored
with some fresh citrus fruit (it's more
flavorful than the plain stuff). Why
water? According to Sponge Loma
Linda University researchers, drinking
five or more cups of H20 daily can
slash heart disease risk by up to 60
percent! Sounds like a great reason to
ditch the bubbly to us.
24. Cheese
Fun fact: Cheese is the single biggest
contributor of saturated fat to the
American diet. And unlike other fats,
the saturated variety is the most likely
to be stored in the stomach and wreak
havoc on your cardiovascular wellbeing. Scale back of the mozzarella
and cheddar to shrink your love
handles and keep your ticker pumping
25. Pizza
A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the
hips? How about this: A night at the Hut,
a lifetime in the gut. In fact, pizza is the
second biggest contributor of saturated
fat to the American diet, and most
slices serve up half a day's worth of the
artery clogger. To keep your health and
waistline in check, stick to one slice and
pair it with a house salad. This is far
better than going back for rounds two
and three of the doughy stuff.
26. French Fries
Consider Fresh fries a triple threat to

your heart health. Not only are they

filled with simple sources of carbs that
can spike your blood sugar, but they're
also filled with fat and salt, too. In fact,
one 20-year Harvard study found that
people who regularly ate fries gained
more than three pounds of body weight
every four years. And over the course
of the study, the French fry eaters
gained 15 pounds of belly flab from
fries alone! Exactly how bad are your
favorite fries?
27. Steak
Studies show that eating the right cuts
of beef can help whittle your middle,
but pick the wrong cut and your dinner
could have the opposite effect on your
figure. Ribeye, T-bone, and New York
Strip, are three fattiest cuts known to
man or cow and can lead to abdominal
obesity and larger waist circumference
if eaten on the reg. Stick to grass-fed
top sirloin or London broil to maintain
your flat abs and keep your heart in top
28. Fruit Juice
It's natural! It's packed with Vitamin C!
It comes from Florida! What could be
wrong? Well, while 100 percent fruit
juice is a better pick than sugary drinks
like Sunny D, even the all-natural stuff
still packs up to 36 grams of sugar per
cupor about what you'd get from
popping 4 Krispy Kreme glazed donuts
into a blender and hitting frappe. What's
more, most of the sweetness in juice
comes from fructose, a type of sugar
associated with the development of
belly fat. Trick your belly into shrinking
itself by filling your glass with some
refreshing spa water. Just add fresh
berries to plain ol' H20 and chill. Why
berries? Blueberries, raspberries, and
strawberries are both potent sources of
salicylic acidthe same heart-disease
fighter found in aspirinmaking them
some of our favorite water additions
for heart health.

Types Of Exercise For Diabetics

When you have type 2 diabetes,
exercise or physical activity is an
important component of your treatment
plan. Exercise has so many benefits,
but the biggest one is that it makes it
easier to control your blood glucose
(blood sugar) level. Exercise can also
help people with type 2 diabetes avoid
long-term complications, especially
heart problems.
Two types of physical activity are
most important for managing diabetes:
aerobic exercise and strength training.
1. Aerobic exercise
Aiming for 30 minutes of moderate-tovigorous intensity aerobic exercise at
least 5 days a week or a total of 150
minutes per week. Spread your activity
out over at least 3 days during the week
and try not to go more than 2 days in a
row without exercising.
If you haven't been very active recently,
you can start out with 5 or 10 minutes

a day.
Then, increase your activity sessions
by a few minutes each week. Over
time, you'll see your fitness improve,
and you'll find that you're able to do
Some examples of aerobic exercise
* Brisk walking (outside or inside on a
* Bicycling/Stationary cycling indoors
* Dancing
* Swimming
* Playing tennis
* Stair climbing
* Jogging/Running
2. Strength Training
Strength training (also called resistance
training) makes your body more
sensitive to insulin and can lower
blood glucose. It helps to maintain
and build strong muscles and bones,
reducing your risk for osteoporosis and

bone fractures.
Preventing muscle loss by strength
training is also the key to maintaining
an independent lifestyle as you age.
We recommend: doing some type of
strength training at least 2 times per
week in addition to aerobic activity.
Below are examples of strength
training activities:
* Weight machines or free weights at
the gym
* Using resistance bands
* Lifting light weights or objects like
canned goods or water bottles at home
* Exercises that use your own body

weight to work your muscles (examples

are pushups, sit ups, squats, lunges,
wall-sits and planks)
Make a commitment to exercise; make
it a priority. Your long-term health
depends on it, so as tough as it may be
to find time or to motivate yourself to
exercise, keep at it. It will help you lose
weight (if you need to do that), and it
will make your body more efficient at
using its insulin and glucose.
Questions to ask your doctor
* My work schedule gives me
limited time to exercise. What is your



Friday October 21 2016


1 litre milk
2 cups water
1 cup rice
2 cardamon seeds (crushed)
pinch of ground nutmeg
1 tblspn. raisins
3/4 cup sugar
1 tblspn. ghee
6 chopped almonds chopped

500 grams milk powder
1tsp elachi powder
1/2 tsp Jaifar powder (nutmeg)
1/2 cup Ghee
1/2 cup Liquid milk
1/1/2 cup water
3 cups sugar
In a bowl pour powdered milk, elachi,
jaifar and ghee and mix well with
Sprinkle liquid milk little by little and
mix lightly. Repeat this process. No

lumpss should be formed. If lumps

form, you will need to sieve it.
Mix water and sugar in a pot and boil
till syrup is sticky.
Pour the syrup in the powdered milk
mixture and mix well and spread this
on a tray.
Make the square marks to cut it into
pieces when it is still soft because it
will be hard to cut when it is hard.
You can also sprinkle pieces of
cadmon on top of the burfi when it is
still soft.

Besan Ladoo

Channa Besan or Pea Besan (Gram
Food Color (Red and Green)
Oil/Ghee to fry
Powdered Milk
Pour the flour in a basin and add water
to make a thick batter.
Add a few drops of food colour to to

mixture and mix well.

Heat oil or ghee and pour the batter in
drops using a perforated spoon.
Deep fry till light brown.
Break the bigger chunks into smaller
Pour sugar in a pot and add water, boil
this for approximately 15 minutes to
make syrup.
When the syrup is luck warm
temperature, add powdered milk,
powdered elachee and powdered jaifar.
Pour this syrup mixture over the fried
besan and make balls.

a) Cook rice in water, until most of the

is absorbed and rice is mushy.
b) Add milk, cook further, stirring frequently.
c) Add almonds, raisins and sugar.
The kheer should be of custard
If too thick, add more milk.
d) Add crushed cardamon, ghee and
ground nutmeg. Mix well.
Kheer is ready.

1 and a 1/2 cup self raising flour
1 cup plain yoghurt
1 tblspn. vanilla essence
1 tspn. food colouring
3 cardamon pods - crushed
water for batter
2 cups ghee for frying
2 cups water
2 cups sugar
a) Mix together flour, yoghurt and
cardamon in a dish.
b) Add enough water to make a batter.

c) Cover and set aside for 4 hours.

d) Add vanilla and food colouring to
the batter, mix well.
e) Make a syrup by boiling water and
f) Warm up ghee.
g) Take a piping bag or a kitchen funnel
and fill mixture in. Keep finger over
funnel/bag end to prevent dripping.
h) Release over hot ghee in spirals.
i) Cook both sides on medium heat.
j) Remove from ghee and transfer to
warm syrup.
k) Let jalebies soak for a couple of
minutes, remove and serve.

Friday October 21 2016

Messi Scores Hat-Trick To Punish Manchester City

After a 1-1 league draw vs Everton

last Saturday in the EPL, MCFC were
winless in their last three matches in all
Guardiola instead resorted to a
formation he used often at Barcelona,
playing without a clear striker and
instead aligning Kevin De Bruyne up
front as a "false 9" with wingers Manuel
"Nolito" Agudo and Raheem Sterling.
John Stones and Nicolas Otamendi
were selected as the starting center-back
duo whileIlkay Gundogan started in
midfield. Good opportunities from Ivan
Rakitic, Nolito, Ilkay Gundagon and
Luis Suarez but one goal it remained.
Barca almost made it two after the half
hour mark with Rakitic's header, but
City dominated the late proceedings,
and had great opportunities to equalise.
Luis Enrique was forced to make two
substitutions at half-time after being
injured Jordi Alba (10 "Lucas Digne)
and Gerard Pique (39" Jeremy Mathieu).
Bravo, who Guardiola pushed City to
sign from Barcelona at the start of the
season, was sent off in the 53rd minute
after back-to-back errors. The Chilean
needlessly tried saving Luis Suarez's
shot after being caught in no-mans-

OfficialSGoater) October 19, 2016Star
man - Lionel MessiThe first time Messi
has scored hat-tricks in consecutive
UEFA matches????
Want your voice heard?
Highlight of the matchDisappointment
for Bravo as City are reduced to ten
Messi's second strike was reminiscent
of a goal he scored against Guardiola's
Bayern Munich in the 2015 semi-finals
and Suarez's generosity allowed the
Argentine to knock in the third with
Messi, who had already scored one in a
breathless Champions League Group
C clash at the Nou Camp, took further
advantage with two more and Neymar,
after missing a penalty, added a late fourth.
Barcelona extended its unbeaten run at
home in European competition to 18
Barcelona and City will meet again in
Manchester on November 1.
On paper it looked a great match at
the Nou Camp, with former manager
Guardiola returning with his new
English side.

Barcelona were the better side on

Wednesday, and it showed after 90+
minutes. Fernandinho slipped in
possession inside his own box to gift
Barcelona the opener.
"We have seen Messi's capacity to
finish off goals". This was not the
expected Manchester City and it needs
to be fixed going forward before the
wheels continue to fall off.
He said: "We created enough chances

to score goals, and after that [Bravo's

sending off] the game was over". A
lot of the time, City had to settle for a
corner or a long-range effort. Borussia
Moenchengladbach have three points
while Celtic are bottom with one. City
will host Barcelona on November 1st
on Matchday #4 at the Etihad in their
next European encounter.
"I asked my players to play with
responsibility and we did it".

FIJI has the potential to host the

2019 Pacific Games, says FASANOC
president Joseph Rodan.
However, Rodan said there must be an
approval from Government who has to
give the green light for hosting of the
"We have not heard anything official
from Tonga and from Pacific Games
Council so we cannot comment on it
unless we hear from the PGC," he said.
"We need to get the approval from the
Government and once then we can start
thinking about organising it.
"We have all the facilities here. It will
involve a lot of funds in organising it.
"Before we commit to it we need the
approval from the Government.
"If it is approved then we have to work
in partnership with the Government. I

cannot say we can do it although we

have all the facilities in Fiji."
The Tongan Prime Minister Akilisi
Pohiva told Radio Tonga that the
country cannot host the Games because
Tonga's organising committee and
sports bodies are not efficient in their
managing of sports because there are
more losses than wins.
He also said he thought Fiji and Samoa
should be given the chance to host
since they could afford it.
Rodan said there would be a lot of
benefit for Fiji if it hosted the games.
"We have all the logistics and we have
organised a lot of Oceania Games
including weight-lifting, volleyball,
swimming, tennis and futsal. We have
the potential to run and we also have
the knowledge to run the event as we

have done it in the past.

"It would be a major investment and it
would be good for the country. It would
bring a lot to the country and we will
benefit from it. We have expert people
who are used to organising big event.
We have an improved national stadium
though we might need some funds to
upgrade some facilities."
The Pacific Games Council president
Vidhya Lakhan said they would not
look at the alternative venue since they
had a contract with Tonga.
"It is not for any prime minister to
say where the Games to be held and
if Tonga cannot host the Games then
they have to write to the Pacific Games
Council rather than talking to the
media. We have a contract with Tonga
since they bid for the Games and it was

awarded to them by the Pacific Games

general assembly," he said.
"If they want to opt out of the contract
then they urgently need to write to
Pacific Games Council giving their
reasons wanting to opt out of the
contract. Once they say that they cannot
host then the council will decide where
to host the Games.
"We have been in contact with
the Tongan Olympic Committee,
organising committee and number
parliamentarians and they had all said
they could and want to host the games.
Ministry of Finance for Tonga said
they had money and had set aside for
the organisation of the Games."
Fiji last hosted the Pacific Games in
2003 in Suva.

The Hong Kong mini-rugby clubs

gathered at Kings Park last Sunday to
donate rugby kits to Fiji.
These rugby kits were received by
former Vodafone Fijian 7s head coach
Ben Ryan who acknowledged the mini
teams for their kind contribution.
Thanks for all of the HK Mini teams
@HongKongRugby donating kit to
Fiji. #veilomani #rugbylove, Ryan
tweeted. The Hong Kong Mini Rugby
Football Union (HKMRFU) was
established in the 1980s and has since

grown to include 20 active clubs with

over 4600 children under the age of
12. Starting at the age of four, girls and
boys can join one of the mini rugby
clubs where they will be introduced to
the sport in a safe, fun and structured
Fiji Rugby Union chief executive
officer John OConnor is still out of the
country and when contacted said that
he was unaware of the donation.
Once I get back to Fiji then I will be
able to comment, OConnor said.

'Fiji Can Host PG'

Hong Kong Mini Clubs Donate Rugby Kits