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Parashah 54: Vzot HaBrachah

Parashah 54: Vzot HaBrachah (This is the Blessing): Deut 33:1-34:12

Haftarah reading: Joshua 1:1-18
B'rit Hadasha suggested reading: Matthew 17:1-9; Mark 9:2-10; Luke
9:28-36. Revelation 22:1-21

Summary & Overview


Deuteronomy 33:1-6| Moses blesses the Israelites, tribe by tribe.

Deuteronomy 34:1-4| Moses ascends mount Nebo.
Deuteronomy 34:5-12| Moses dies on the mountain. Joshua is filled with
the spirit of wisdom.

Moses Blesses the Nation

Deut 33:1 And this is the blessing, with which Moshe the man of
Elohim blessed the children of Yisra'el before his death.
Mosess last words was a blessing over the Nation of Israel, Yshua also ended
his last moments on the earth by blessing his twelve disciples, as it is written in
Luke 24:50-51. This is the Blessing Moses spoke to Israel as a Nation:
YHVH came from Mount Sinai; He rose like the sun over Edom and
shone on His people from Mount Paran. Ten thousand angels were with
Him, a flaming fire at his right hand. 3 YHVH loves His peoples and
protects those who belong to Him. So we bow at his feet and obey His
commands. 4 We obey the Law that Moses gave us, our Nation's most
treasured possession. 5 YHVH became King of His people Israel when
their tribes and leaders were gathered together.

It says that YHVH rose like a sun over Edom, this was where the Edomites
lived, the descendants of Esau. Esau was the son of Isaac, the brother of
Jacob and he was hairy, representing the field, symbolising worldliness and the
physical side of man. Jacob spend more time at home, helping with the
household, representing the spiritual side of man. Then the verse says that
YHVH shone over His people from Mount Paran, the place where the
Ishmaelites lived, the descendants of Ismael, the brother of Isaac.
Q - What does this all mean?
The Rabbis explain it at the hand of a story where they say that YHVH went to
the descendants if Ismael, the brother of Isaac first, and offered them the
Torah, shining the light of the truth over them. They asked; what is in the
Torah? YHVH told them, and they rejected the Torah. Then He went to the
Edomites, the descendants of Esau, and offered them the Torah. They asked
what was in the Torah? YHVH told them, and they rejected the Torah. Then
YHVH went to Israel, the mixed multitude of nations, that came from Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob and offered them the Torah. They did not ask what was, but
said, we will do and then hear the Torah.


Spiritual Application: We learn from this story that if you ask questions
about the Torah, wanting to find out if it will suit and benefit your life, then
the chance exist that you will reject it and become an enemy of YHVH.
When you hear the Word of YHVH and have an attitude of changing your
life to accommodate it, embracing it and learn as you do and obey, then you
will be part of the family and household of YHVH.
The last Book of the Torah is connected to the first Book of the Torah, and the
theme of creation is found in this Torah Portion, and this is found in the name
of Esau. Esau vsi comes from the root word asah hsi that means;
accomplish, advance, bestow, bring forth, do, fashion, feast, labour, maintain,
make, be, pare, bring (come) to pass, perform, prepare, procure, provide, put.
Spiritual Application: The word asah is first found in Scripture in Gen 1:7
where YHVH made (asah) the firmament and divided the waters above from
the waters below. Rebekah conceived and birthed twins into this world, one
separated from the other, one from below (Esau field) and one from above
(Jacob house). Esau represents the physical or fleshly side of man where
Jacob represent the spiritual side of man. Asah is part of the creation
process that must happen in you where YHVH will divide your waters
below (flesh), from your waters above (spirit), and then you can be created
into His Image and Likeness. Asah related to Esau, represents the enemy
or opposing force that is required to divide to enable YHVH to create. In the
same way, are we faced with the enemy or situations that oppose us so that
YHVH can separate our waters and elevate the part that is like Him.

The Fire of YHVH

Deut 33:2 Ten thousand angels were with Him, a
flaming fire at his right hand.
Flaming fire is the Hebrew word eish-da-at td sa with
eish sa means fire and da-at td means knowledge,
the knowledge of YHVH. This phrase can then be
translated as YHVHs fiery Word, also translated, fiery
law.. Wherever you see fire, it represents YHVHs Presence.
Word Picture: The phrase eish da-at td sa starts and ends with the letters
Aleph-Tav ta, that represents Yshua Who is the Living Word of YHVH, and
in the centre the letters shin-dalet, that spells the word shod ds that
means destruction and desolation, related to the result of fire destroying
something. This word picture shows us the that Fiery Law or Word of YHVH
is contained within the Aleph-Tav, (Yshua), and has the potential to burn or
cleanse or judge and destroy. These are all attributes of the Messiah; He is the
Messenger or Word (Truth), and the Judge, Who will bring final judgement to
the world through His destroying fire, judging according to the standard of His
Fiery Law, and the King, Who will rule and establish His Government on the
standard of the Torah.


Last week we discussed the attributes of water as well as

the concept of Fire and Water existing together,
representing YHVHs Presence. In this Torah Portion, we
will elaborate on the aspects and attributes of Fire and
what that represent.
We read in Deut 4:24 and Heb 12:24 that YHVH is a
Consuming Fire and everywhere we read where man and
fire come together, something supernatural happens;
Moses at the burning bush, Elijah was taken up by a
Chariot of Fire, tongues of fire came on the believers on Shavuot. We also
read that you will be baptised with water and with fire, and, we read about
Messiah Yshua having eyes of Fire in Revelation.
Water & Fire mixed means YHVHs presence is on the earth or in our midst.
Fire and Water dwelling in harmony together is a picture of YHVH dwelling with
His people. Now we will look at the attributes of Fire and how that relates to
YHVHs Presence as well as His Fiery Torah:

Fire sustains man though giving warmth when

it is cold YHVHs Word and Presence
provides us with an urge and zeal to follow
Fire is used to prepare food in order to stay
alive You need His Word and His Spirit to be
spiritually fed in order to keep the spirit man
Fire gives light when lighting a candle or a
lamp His Word is a lamp unto my feet and a
light unto my path and shows me where and how to walk.
You have to keep a safe distance from the fire not to be burned there
is a certain protocol when approaching YHVH and we see a good
example when things went wrong with the death of Aarons two sons
when they served in the Tabernacle.
Fire is dangerous and consumes anything in its way. Fire is used to
describe YHVHs final Judgement of the world where He will use His
Word as standard to judge righteously.
You cannot play with fire, and you cannot play with YHVHs Word.

Deut 33:2 states that YHVHs Fiery Word is in His Right Hand. Right means
spiritual and left means physical, and this implies that His Word originated from
the spiritual, that is higher than the physical, and designed to influence and
change the physical. The Word of YHVH has power and dominion over all that
is physical. We live in the physical realm, in a physical world, and need the
spiritual input in order to be made complete and will be judged by Fire or the
fiery Word of YHVH.
1 Cor 3:12-15 Now if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver,
precious stones, wood, hay, straw, 13 each ones work will become clear;
for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire; and the fire
will test each ones work, of what sort it is. 14 If anyones work which he
has built on it endures, he will receive a reward. 15 If anyones work is
burned, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through

Every ones work will be tested and judged by fire,

according to YHVHs Fiery Torah, and anything in you or
what you did that is not of value in relation to the Kingdom,
will be consumed, but the person will be saved, but through
fire. YHVHs final judgement on His people will be a final
cleansing that will burn away anything that is not of Him,
and this will happen right before you enter the Kingdom of
YHVH. This is the baptism of fire that the people of YHVH
will receive prior to entering the Kingdom.
We read in Jer 23:29 that YHVHs Word is like Fire and like a hammer that will
come against His prophets who speak in err and lead His people astray. (Jer
23:29-40). Those who bring the Word and teach others will receive a greater
judgement. (James 3:1).

From Father to King

Deut 33:5 YHVH became King of His people Israel
when their tribes and leaders were gathered together.
Last week we saw in Deut 32:6, the first place in Scripture
where YHVH revealed Himself as the Father to Israel. Here we
see YHVH revealing Himself as a King to Israel.
Most believers today are comfortable addressing YHVH as their Father, but
they do not know or understand Him as their King. In order to do this, we need
to know what a Kingdom is before serving YHVH as our King. There is a
beautiful Hebrew phrase saying Alvino alcheino - Our Father our King and
we need to address Him this way, not only as our Father but as our King.
Q What does His Kingship mean?
Most of us are born and raised in a
Democracy and do not know what it's like to
live under a King. A King is the owner of a
particular territory, and His Will becomes the
Law of that Land. For those living in that
Land, are subject to the authority of the King
and the laws of the Land. The word of a
King can never be retracted and whatever
he speaks over his people, is written down
and stands as a law that cannot be
changed. We as followers of Messiah do not
realise that He is our King, and because of our lack of understanding, we are
not comfortable obeying His Torah because of our liberty, being set free.
Q What are we set free from?
We are set free from Egypt, free from sin a bondage as well as from the death
penalty that was handing over us because of our sinful nature. Yshua taught
His Disciples in Matthew how to pray and uses the language; let your
Kingdom come, and your Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. YHVHs
Kingdom is active in the Spiritual and needs to be established on the earth.
This will happen in the physical when the Kingdom will come down to earth in
the form of the New Jerusalem, after the Second Coming. YHVH will take back

the territory stolen by the Serpent through destroying all the earthly kingdoms
prior to His arrival.
Q Who does the world belongs to now?
Not a lot of people realise it, but the whole earth currently belongs to the
Serpent. Adam lost dominion over the earth through obeying the Serpents lie,
and humanity was kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Since then, everything
was cursed, he ruled the earth ever since. This is confirmed in the Book of
Matthew where Satan tempted Yshua saying that he will give Him all the
Kingdoms of the earth if He bows down and worships him. How can he give
something if he is not the owner?
When Yshua comes back again, He is going to take back what Adam lost and
gave it back to man to rule over, according to the original plan found in
Genesis. The only difference is that He will be the King to oversee His
Kingdom so that man will not lose it again.

The Tribes of Israel and the Body

of Messiah
Moses addressed Israel and blessed every Tribe
individually. Just as Israel is made up of different
Tribes, so is the Body of Messiah made up of various
members. Just as each Tribe had a different symbol,
characteristic and function, so does each member of
the Body of Messiah.
Within every Congregation, you will get different smaller groups of people
getting along, and that is necessarily not a bad thing. Some may perceive it as
clicks, but if we look at Israel, they consist of 12 different clicks within Israel.
They were all different but grouped together
as one Nation as per YHVHs intent.
Imagine if Israel was just one large group
with no diversity, it would have been like an
oversized blob or mob that would not have
functioned effectively.
Every Tribe was placed within a certain
order and location when they travelled or
set up camp; Every Tribe had a different
banner with symbolism that relates to the
prophetic words Jacob had spoken over
each one of his sons before he died.
You will find something interesting when
you look at the top view of the 12 Tribes as
they travelled in their formations and
numbers; you will see a large Cross or tav
(Paleo-Hebrew), that is similar to the
cross found in the Christian faith.
Q How do diverse groups function as One Congregation?


Phil 2:1-3 Your life in Messiah makes you strong, and his love comforts
you. You have fellowship with the Spirit, and you have kindness and
compassion for one another. 2 I urge you, then, to make me completely
happy by having the same thoughts, sharing the same love, and being
one in soul and mind. 3 Don't do anything from selfish ambition or from
a cheap desire to boast, but be humble toward one another, always
considering others better than yourselves.
Paul teaches us the attributes that must exist within every Congregation for it
to be healthy and not clicky:

Same thoughts or like minded
Same love for one another
Echad one in soul and mind
Not selfish ambition
No boasting
Humble toward one another

Remember, we are all different, but we need to function as one. It is only when
we have unity when the fullness of Messiah will manifest in our midst and
where He can work through us to reach the world. Our faith is a selfless faith; it
is not for your benefit only, but it is for the advantage of others to get more
people in the Kingdom.

Walking with YHVH

We get the real meaning of the word tribe from the event where YHVH spoke
to Moses and Moses threw down his staff and became a serpent.
Q How can a staff be related to a serpent and to the Tribes of Israel?
YHVH asked Moses what was in his hand, the Hebrew for asking the question
is, mah hm. Moses answered and said it is a staff mateh, hum (mem-tethey). You will notice that the words are the same except for the tet u (tsound) in the middle. The meaning for tet u in Hebrew is Serpent, casting
down the staff revealed what it was. What is interesting is that the word staff
mateh also means tribe as well as serpent.
Q What can we learn from this?
Spiritual Application: YHVH is telling us that the
12 Tribes (mateh) is like a staff (mateh) in His hand.
When Israel removed themselves out of the hand of
YHVH by rebelling, then these tribes (mateh) turned
into serpents (mateh), doing the work of the Serpent
under the authority of the Serpent. When you are in
the hand of YHVH, you are in His Will, walking with
Him, as symbolised by Him walking with a staff. But
when you rebel, you remove yourself from His hand and become a serpent
that sails away from Him, following and doing the will of the Serpent (Satan).

Blessing the Tribes

We see Moses blessing the 12 Tribes, but back
in Genesis 49, we see Jacob the father of Israel,
blessing his 12 sons. Just like Jacob gave
feedback to each son in the form of a Report
Card so did Moses. Both Moses and Jacob
were on their deathbeds when they spoke these
blessings or prophetic words over the 12 Tribes,
and if we compare them side-by-side to find the
deeper meanings behind these words.
Jacob blessed and prophesied over the 12 tribes in their birth order. Moses, on
the other hand, blessed and prophesied over the 12 Tribes in a different order,
and it seems that it has to do with the order they will overcome the enemies
within their territories.
We will compare these prophetic words over the 12 Tribes in relation to the
Gifts of the Spirit, to see if we find a correlation between Israel and the Body of
Messiah. There are 12 functions or categories the Spirit divide the people into
if you include the five-fold ministry:
1. Apostles & Evangelists
2. Prophets Prophecy
3. Shepherds - Leadership
4. Teachers
5. Tongues and Interpretation Spiritual warfare & Prayer
6. Word of Wisdom & Knowledge
7. Faith, Workers of Miracles and healings
8. Hospitality & Helpers
9. Giving - providing
10. Distinguishing between spirits
11. Mercy, look after sick orphans, widows and poor
12. Exhortation, Encouragement (Prayer & Intersession)
Lets see how these 12 Gifts relate to the 12 Tribes and the prophetic words
spoken over each Tribe by Jacob as well as Moses.

1. Reuben + - +
Reuben is the 1st born of the sons of Jacob, and the number 1
means Completion, Unity and Oneness. Reuben is made up of
two words, ra-ah (to see) and ben (son). Reuben means he
who sees the son or revelation of the son..
Gen 49:3 - Jacob
Positive: Firstborn, given strength (priesthood) and
power (kingship).
Negative: Unstable as water Most disappointing son of all 12 sons
Defiled his Fathers bed - moral weakness.


Deut 33:6 - Moses

Positive: A small tribe that nearly died out This is because of the
consequences of his sin - his offspring almost vanished.

Negative: None
Lessons from Reuben: Many men of God fell into this trap and destroyed
their Ministries due to moral misconduct. Unclean and Religious spirits make
the water (Word) unstable (mixing brings confusion), that is the spiritual form of
sexual immorality, namely idolatry.
Gift of the Spirit: Discernment of Spirits

2. Judah + +
Judah is the 4th born, but Moses blessed him 2nd after Reuben.
Number 4 means the Work of the Messiah and the number 2 means
Restoration of Relationships. Judah means praise.
G 49:8 - Jacob
Positive: Judah will be praised by his brothers, and his hand will be on
enemys neck and kill them. He is like a Lion and his father, and
brothers will bow before Him and Nations bring him tribute. He will hold
the Royal sceptre, and he is the lawgiver that protects the Torah
between his feet until the gathering of the people comes.
Negative: None
Deut 33:7 - Moses
Positive: Listen to their cry of help Judah will go through tough times.
Unite them with the other Tribes Israel, as a whole will be scattered
but reunited at the end. They will be in a constant war, but YHVH will
fight for them and help them against their enemies.
Negative: None
Lessons from Judah: Judah is better known as the Jews today, they are
appointed and anointed by YHVH to guard and protect the Torah until He
comes to gather His people. Judah or the Jews will always triumph over their
enemies and will rule nations. Yshua is from the Tribe of Judah, and many of
the things prophesied over Judah realised through Messiah. He is from Royal
descend and will rule as King over all nations, bringing tribute to him. His
brothers (11 tribes) will bow before Him. He is the protector of the Torah and is
the Living Torah. Yshua came through Judah to do the Work of the Messiah
(4) and to restore the relationship between man and YHVH (2).
Gift of the Spirit: Prophets Prophecy.

3. Levi - +
Levi is the 3rd born and Moses blessed him 3rd after Reuben. Number
3 means Covenant. Levi means, interweaved and they connect the
vertical threads (connection with YHVH) and the horizontal threads
(connection with people), facilitating the re-connection with YHVH,
creating a beautiful tapestry.


Simeon was mentioned with Levi by Jacob but excluded by Moses. Levi and
Simeon did not receive an inheritance, Levi became the Priesthood, and
Simeon was divided in with the tribe of Judah.
Gen 49:5-6 - Jacob
Positive: None
Negative: Levi and Simeon were instruments of cruelty by revenging
their sisters defilement through not controlling their anger that led to
death. They are self-willed and break down walls. They will be divided
and scattered within Israel.
Deut 33:8-11 Moses
Positive: (Levi repented) YHVH will use Levi to reveal His will to the
people, and they will be faithful, loyal servants obeying YHVHs
Commandments and Covenant. They will be the Teachers of the Torah
and facilitate the Sacrifices and Worship unto YHVH. They will please
YHVH with what they do, and YHVH will crush their enemies.
Negative: None
Lessons from Levi: The first prophecy by Jacob was negative with no
positives, but from Moses they only received a positive report showing that
they have repented, obeying His Commandments and keeping His Covenant.
YHVH entrusted them to teach His People, and that is evident today the
Levites (Rabbis within the Jewish nation) are the ones who have the insights
into the Torah. Yshua had an issue with the Rabbinical man made laws that
opposed and replaced His Torah, but YHVH still appointed them to teach His
people, and we can learn from them (filtering out the man-made traditions).

Gift of the Spirit: Teacher.

4. Benyamin + +
Benyamin was born as the 12th son of Jacob and the 4th to be blessed
by Moses. Number 12 is considered the perfect number, it
symbolises YHVH's power and authority as well as the completeness
of a nation. Number 4 means the work of the Messiah Benyamin
means son of my sorrow and son of my right hand.
Gen 49:27 Jacob
Positive: He shall be like a wolf that plugs the flesh from its pray and
divide the spoil. Wolf used in Isa11:6 where the wolf will dwell with the
lamb, talking about how YHVH will set His hand a second time to gather
the remnant of His people (extending grace).
Negative: None
Deut 33:12 - Moses
Positive: Loves and protects and guard them all day long in their midst.
YHVH hovers over him all day long. Temple was built in Benyamins
territory where YHVHs Glory dwelled.
Negative: None
Lessons from Benyamin: Benyamin means Son of My sorrow and Son of
my right hand that links with the meaning of number 4; work of the Messiah.
Benyamin is described as a wolf (Saul the King man of war who devoured

pray). Paul was from the tribe of Benyamin (Shaul - distributed the spoils of
persecuted believers in Messiah vs. Paul who spread the Gospel of Messiah).
The Hebrew for wolf is zev baz is found in a word for Altar mizbeiach,
making the wolf connected to the Altar, representing the presence of YHVH.
Benyamin encourages and leads people into the presence of YHVH. Benyamin
fulfils his purpose to gather, guard and protects the lost sheep until YHVH
sets His right hand for the Second time, referring to the Second Coming of
Gift of the Spirit: Exhortation, Encouragement (Prayer & Intersession)

5. Joseph + +
Joseph is the 11th son of Jacob and was the 5th tribe blessed by Moses.
The number 11 means judgement and the number 5 means grace.
Joseph means increase and addition.
Gen 49:22-26 - Jacob
Positive: He is a fruitful branch whose branches run over the
wall. The archers grieved him, shot at him, and hated him. His
bow is strong, and his arms have been made strong. People slander
and attack him verbally, but YHVH makes his arms (faith) strong. He is
the Shepherd of Israel.
Negative: None
Deut 33:13-17 - Moses
Positive: Blessed with rain in their land, sun-ripened fruit in its season.
Blessed by the goodness of YHVH. He is the leader over his brothers
and has the strength of the bull, and with his horns, he goes to the
nations, to the ends of the earth.
Negative: None.
Lessons from Joseph: Josephs life is the closest prophetic representation of
Yshua and Yshua is the One Who brought Salvation and Grace (Number 5)
and He is coming again as the Judge (number 11). Joseph represents the
Christians who have the Spirit of the Shepherd who received the revelation and
blessing from heaven to fulfil this task. They are the wild branch that grew over
the wall into all nations to gather YHVHs people from the nations, and with the
lost sheep of Israel, will people from the nations be gathered as well. Joseph
has a special anointing and is blessed with all the fruit of the Spirit.

Gift of the Spirit: Shepherd.

6. Zebulon + +
Zebulon was the 10th son of Jacob and was the 6th tribe blessed by
Moses. Number 10 means completion and unity. Number 6 is the
number of man. Zebulon means iniquity that dwells.
Gen 49:13 - Jacob
Positive: He will dwell by the sea and a heaven for ships.
Negative: None



Deut 33:18 - Moses

Positive: He will go out - He will be prosperous and trade by means of
the sea.
Negative: None
Lessons from Zebulon: The sea is a symbol of the nations and Zebulon went
out and is scattered among the nations in order to gather the wealth of the
wicked into the storehouses of YHVHs Kingdom. They are anointed to gather
wealth to fund the work of the Kingdom.
Gift of the Spirit: Giving & Generosity

7. Issachar + +
Issachar was the 9th son of Jacob and was the 7th tribe that was blessed
by Moses. The number 9 means Promise and number 7 means
Perfection and Rest. Issachar means man of hire.
Gen 49:14 - Jacob
Positive: He is a strong ass couching down between two burdens.
Negative: None
Deut 33:19 - Moses
Positive: He will go in - They invite foreigners to their mountain to offer
the right sacrifices. They get their wealth from the sand along the shore.
His wealth increases at his home. (Same blessing as Zebulon)
Negative: None
Lessons from Issachar: Issachar will go in to gather wealth (people) for the
Kingdom as well, but his is from the sand. The sand represents the nations as
promised to Abraham. He is on a mountain (spiritual high place) and invites
foreigners (sinners) and teach them the right sacrifices Issachar does
mission work to fulfil the prophecy given to Abraham that his descendants will
be as the sand of the sea. His is a strong ass crouching down between two
burdens he carries both the physical and spiritual side; physical; gathering
wealth for the Kingdom especially in the mission field, and Spiritually; pray for
the nations and interceding for people who are lost. The ass is a symbol of
carrying the message of Messiah - just like Messiah rode into the City, they
bring the message of Messiah to cities all over the world.
Gift of the Spirit: Mercy, look after sick orphans, widows and poor doing
missionary work.

8. Dan + +
Dan was the 5th son of Jacob and the 9th tribe that was blessed by
Moses. The number 5 means grace and the number 9 means promises
of YHVH. Dan means Judge, and you need grace when you judge.
Gen 49:16 - Jacob
Positive: He shall judge/avenge his people, as one of the tribes of
Israel. He will be a serpent, by the way, an adder in the path that bites
the horses heels so that his rider shall fall backwards. Dan is waiting for
YHVHs salvation (Yshua).
Negative: None


Deut 33:22 - Moses

Positive: He is a young lion that leaps out of Bashan.
Negative: None
Lessons from Dan: Dan is known as one of the three lions, and he increased
in number and had to move to the North of the Jordan and settled both at the
North and the West of the Land and acts as one of the protectors of Israel. Dan
is also called a serpent that makes the riders fall backwards. Dan has the
symbol of a serpent because he was one of the first tribes to introduce Idolatry
into Israel. Dan was also known as the tribe with one of the greatest heros
called Samson. Samson was compared to a serpent because of his cunning
war tactics. These cunning tactics can be seen as wisdom by which you
overcome your enemies. It states that Dan is awaiting YHVHs Salvation or
Yshua that was symbolised as a serpent that was raised in the Wilderness to
save the people who looked upon it.
The serpent is a sign of YHVHs wisdom that sounds like foolishness to the
world; YHVH allowed Satan to kill Yshua, but in the process, all humanity can
receive salvation through his act of destruction.
Gift of the Spirit: Word of Wisdom & Knowledge.

9. Gad + +
Gad was the 7th son of Jacob and the 8th tribe that was blessed by
Moses. The number 7 means Perfection and Rest, and the number 8
means New Beginnings. Gad means troop and invader.
Gen 49:19 - Jacob
Positive: A Troop will overcome him, but he will overcome at last.
Negative: None
Deut 33:20-21 - Moses
Positive: Gad waits like a lion and will tear off the arm or scalp from
their enemies. YHVH will make their territory large, and they received
the best of the Land. Gad was seen as one of the leaders. They obeyed
YHVHs Commandments and Laws.

Negative: None
Lessons from Gad: Gad settled on the East side if the Land and was known
as a lion and as a troop / soldier. Judah was also known as a Lion and settled
in the South. Dan was also known as a lion and settled both at the North and
the West. These are the areas where enemies could invade Israel and YHVH
set up His lions at each of these entry points to protect Israel. Moses was
buried in the area of Gad. Gad is a troop and a warrior that will overcome his
enemies because they obey YHVHs Commandments.
Gift of the Spirit: Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues. Spiritual warfare
Prayer. Goes hand in hand with Judah (prophecy) and Dan (words of wisdom
and knowledge). These three gifts work together as the spirit of the lion that
go out to attack and kill the enemy, in order to protect the Body.



10. Naphtali + +
The 6th son born to Jacob and the 10th tribe blessed by Moses.
Number 6 means man and number 10 means Completion and Unity.
Naphtali means my wrestling.
Gen 49:21 - Jacob
Positive: Naphtali is a hind (deer) let loose: he gives goodly
Negative: None
Deut 33:23 - Moses
Positive: Naphtali is richly blessed by YHVH's good favour and
possesses the south from Lake Galilee.
Negative: None
Lessons from Naphtali: Naphtali is a hind let loose: he gives goodly words.
Hind is found in Ps 18:33 ; made my feet like the feet of a deer as well as in
Isa 52:6-7; how beautiful are the feet of him hat brings the Good News
(Gospel). Yshua came, called His Disciples from the region of Galilee and
they all spoke the beautiful words of Salvation.
Gift of the Spirit: Apostle & Evangelist

11. Asher + +
The 8th son born to Jacob and the 11th tribe blessed by Moses. The
number 8 means new beginnings, and the number 11 means
judgement. Asher mans happy.
Gen 49:20 - Jacob
Positive: His bread shall be fat, and he shall yield royal delicacies.
Negative: None
Deut 33:24-25 Moses
Positive: He is blessed more than the other tribes and the favourite of
all his brothers. His land is rich with olive trees. His towns are protected
with iron gates, and he will always live secure.
Negative: None
Lessons from Asher: After YHVHs judgment (number 11) the new Heaven
and the New Earth (number 8) will be restored. Asher mans happy and
depicts the Kingdom after the Second Coming of Messiah where we will live
with YHVH in the City of Jerusalem. We will be dining as kings in safety with
the King of kings. Asher will serve with bread and royal delicacies, creating an
atmosphere where people can worship YHVH as King.
Gift of the Spirit: Hospitality & Helper



12. Simeon Simeon is the 2nd born of Jacob. Number 2 means Restoration of
Relationships. Simeon means hearing.
Simeon was mentioned with Levi in Gen 49 but not referred to in the
blessings Moses gave to the tribes. This implies that Simeon did not
repent from his rebellion. Levi and Simeon did not receive an inheritance, Levi
became the Priesthood and lived among the tribes and Simeon lived with the
strongest tribe Judah, known as the Jews today.
Gen 49:5-6 - Jacob
Positive: None
Negative: Levi and Simeon were instruments of cruelty by revenging
their sisters defilement through not controlling their anger they killed.
They are self-willed and break down walls. They will be divided and
scattered within Israel.
Lessons from Simeon: Simeon had a rebellious leader called Zimrey and
found in the time of Balaam where they taught to mix with pagan women so
that YHVH can curse them. Phineas killed Zimrey and his mistress to stop the
plague caused by adulatory. Beware of false Messiahs and workers of
miracles, signs and wonders. There will be many who will say, Lord, Lord, we
have done miracles in Your Namebut He will say, depart from Me, you
workers of Lawlessness. (Matt 7:21-23)
Gift of the Spirit: Faith, Miracles, Healings

Most Tribes received only positive blessings; Reuben and Levi received
positive and negative blessings while Simeon only received a negative
blessing from Jacob and none from Moses.
Levi received a negative from Jacob and then a positive from Moses meaning
that He repented and YHVH is using him today.
Reuben received a positive and negative blessing from Jacob and then a
positive blessing from Moses, meaning that he repented as well.
Simeon only received a negative showing that he is still busy with what he did
in the time of Moses and that his tribe is diminishing as a result of that. He
represents the Babylonian system in the Church as well as in the Synagogues
where pagan and man-made traditions are mixed in with the faith, as a result of
the Anti-Messiahs spirit to infiltrate in the last day church. The gift associated
with Simeon is healing, and the working of miracles and that is the gifting that
will be used by the enemy to deceive many. Even in the Book of Revelation, it
reveals the working of signs and wonders that will be performed by the second
beast after it is given life to deceive people in order to be worshipped and
receive the mark. Rev chapter 13.
This is a warning to us not to seek and run after supernatural words (prophecy)
and signs and wonders because this is the carrot at the end of the stick that
will lead people into deception. The Word comes first and the knowledge of
YHVH so that you will be able to discern and not be deceived.