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Statesman Journal mini-questionnaire

Statesman Journal mini-questionnaire for 2016 General Election
Thank you for responding to this questionnaire.
For those of you who filled out our Primary Election questionnaire this year, this one is
similar although some questions have changed. We ask that you fill this out completely,
instead of referring to the previous questionnaire, or your resume, etc., because we will be
posting this questionnaire online.
Why this matters: The Statesman Journal Editorial Board will use this questionnaire in
deciding whether and whom to endorse for the Nov. 8 General Election. Reporters, who
operate separately from the Editorial Board, may use your answers in writing stories.
Please return the finished questionnaire to the Editorial Board as an email or an attached
Word document to (Handwritten, pdf, WordPerfect or fax
responses dont work.)
Important: Please return the questionnaire by the end of the day Monday, Sept. 12.
Questions? Contact Editorial Page Editor Dick Hughes, 503-399-6727,, or Editorial Assistant Nancy Harrington, 503-399-6864,
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Your name as listed on the ballot: Ellen Rosenblum
Age: 65
(If your age will change before Nov. 8, please indicate your birthday. We want to ensure we
use accurate ages in pre- and post-election editorials and news coverage.)
City/town of residence: Portland, Oregon
Political party, if this is a partisan office: Democrat. I am also the nominee for the Working
Families and Independent Parties.
Position you are seeking (name of position, district number, etc.): Oregon Attorney General
Are you currently a full-time resident within the boundaries of the specific area (district,
county, etc.) that you seek to represent? Yes
Number of current, consecutive years living within the district you seek to represent: 30
Family (name of spouse/partner; number and ages of children if at home, or number of
grown children): Spouse: Richard Meeker; Children: 2, grown

2! Statesman Journal mini-questionnaire

Your education (high school, trade, college, post-baccalaureate; indicate degrees you
University of Oregon, B.S. (1971) and J.D. (1975)
If employed, current occupation, employer and job duties:
Oregon Attorney General
Previous employers and when:
Oregon Attorney General (2012present); Oregon Court of Appeals Judge (20052011);
Multnomah County District and Circuit Court Judge (19892005); Assistant United States
Attorney, District of Oregon (1980-1988); Hammons, Philips and Jensen Partner and
Associate (1975-1980)
Military service and when:
Volunteer/civic/religious service and when:
Co-founder, Oregon Women Lawyers; Founder and Advisory Board Member, Oregon Girl
Scouts Beyond Bars (present); Member and Chair, Governor's Task Force on Corrections
Population Forecasting (19952005)
Please list all public offices to which youve been elected, and when:
Oregon Attorney General (2012present); Oregon Court of Appeals (2005-2011);
Multnomah County District Court; Multnomah County Circuit Court
Please list any unsuccessful candidacies for public office, and when:
Other prior political and government experience:
Assistant United States Attorney (19801988)
How the public can reach your campaign (remember that this information will be made
Mail address: PO Box 42307, Portland, OR 97242
E-mail address:
Web site URL:
Phone: (503) 512-9586
Facebook and other social media:

3! Statesman Journal mini-questionnaire

Please limit your response to each of the following questions to about 75 words.
1. To an outsider, how would you describe the region you wish to represent -- geographically,
economically, politically and socially?
I represent the entire state. Oregon is an amazing state that I am proud to serve,
boasting beautiful coastlines, a diverse landscape of forests, farmlands, and high
mountains. Oregons population is made up of hard-working people who care about their
neighbors, children, elderly, and communities. Our economy is strong and growing, with
low unemployment, an increase in personal income, and job growth. Oregonians know
that we must continue improving our quality of life in a way that conserves our
remarkably beautiful state and served our most vulnerable.
2. Describe the positives and negatives of this region (ward, district, county or state) that
you wish to represent:
At the heart of my campaign is the belief that we can do better to serve Oregonians.
Although Oregonians have a wonderful state to be proud of, we must continue to look
out for the most vulnerable Oregonians by understanding the diversity of the issues
facing our communities.
3. What specific skills or experiences do you have that would make you effective in this
Prior to serving as Oregons Attorney General, I was a judge for twenty-two years so I
value, above all else, being fair to everyone. Thats why I have made looking out for our
states most vulnerable my priority every day as the Peoples Attorney General. I was also
a federal prosecutor focusing on consumer protection, "white collar crime." Now I have
served as Oregon Attorney General for four years.
4. What separates you from your opponent(s)? Be specific.
I am proud of my work the past four years serving our state and my ability to lead the
Department of Justice. Oregon needs an Attorney General who fully understands the role
and responsibility that the office holds, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the
Attorney Generals many functions. As an example: Because of the Attorney Generals
role on drafting ballot titles in a way that fairly explains the effects of proposed ballot
measures to voters in a neutral manner and defending them in courts if challenged it
would be unfair to Oregon voters for me to take public positions on issues that have
ballot implications. My opponent has published several remarks on social media that,
among other things, call me AWOL for not taking a public position on a pending ballot
measure, and advocate for partiality in the ballot-titling process.
5. How much will your General Election campaign cost? Be specific.

4! Statesman Journal mini-questionnaire

My budget is $775,000. I expect to raise close to $400,000, which will pay for staff,
media and one ad.
6. Have you ever been convicted of a crime, been disciplined by a professional licensing
board/organization or had an ethics violation filed against you? If so, please give the details.
No, I have had some bar complaints filed with the Oregon State Bar in my capacity as the
Attorney General but I believe then have not been substantiated and have been
7. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy, been delinquent on your taxes or other major
accounts, or been sued personally or professionally? If so, please give the details.
Only in my role as a judge and Attorney General, the state lawyers have represented me
and all have been dismissed to my knowledge.
8. Is there anything (such as health issues, etc.) that would affect your ability to serve your
full term? Are any relevant changes in your life situation expected or contemplated before
the election or before you would take office?
9. What are the three most important issues you would address if elected, and how? (75
words for each issue)
A. I will continue protecting the most vulnerable Oregonians. I will continue to champion
laws that protect our children, which includes prosecuting child pornographers and
sexual predators. I initiated OSIPA, which prevents childrens information provided
during the school day from being misused by corporations and protects families from
identify theft. Under my leadership, the Department of Justice child support program
secures $1 million per day for Oregon families.
B. I will continue standing up for crime victims. Under my leadership, we protect and
help thousands of victims and survivors every year. I led the successful fight for a new
law protecting victims of sexual assault on campus. I have also helped pass laws banning
so-called revenge porn and extending the statute of limitations for rape cases.
C. I will continue looking out for Oregon consumers. This involves ensuring a level
playing field by taking on corporations that engage in unlawful trade practices. I know
that older Oregonians are especially vulnerable to fraud, which is why I fought for
funding for an elder abuse unit to prevent identity theft and scams. My priority is to
continue representing the state government by providing the gold standard of legal
services on behalf of all Oregonians.
10. What do you see as other important issues?
Bringing a large corporation to account for failing to deliver a working health insurance
exchange for Oregonians, going after big medical corporations for selling toxic implants

5! Statesman Journal mini-questionnaire

to Oregonians, continuing to secure money for Oregonians who are defrauded by
companies like Volkswagen, and pursuing public corruption cases.
11. There is a strong anti-government sentiment in much of the nation and Oregon. How
would you deal with that?
From the moment I announced four years ago my intention to run for Attorney General, I
made it clear that I wanted my contribution to the state to go far beyond the traditional
roles of the office and to be the Peoples Attorney General. That has meant looking out
for the most vulnerable communities in our state from the very young to the very old
and those in-between, including Oregons working-class families. As a former federal
prosecutor and trial and appellate court judge, I pride myself on being a true public
servant who works for Oregonians not politicians or special interests.
12. How would you evaluate the work of the Attorney General's Public Records Reform Task
Force. Are the proposed changes adequate, inadequate or just right?
Government transparency is something that has been important to me throughout my
career. Im proud of the work that we are doing to make public records more accessible
to Oregonians in a way that is realistic and achievable for the agencies and governments
responding to such requests by engaging a broad base of task force members and holding
a number of public hearings. We have made some positive recommendations, including
new deadlines for governments and agencies to respond to requests. We have made a lot
of progress on this issue, and I look forward to continuing this important work during the
2017 legislative session.
13. Any skeletons in your closet or other potentially embarrassing information that you
should disclose before it comes up in the campaign?
14. As a political candidate, your views on national politics are relevant to voters. Whom do
you support for U.S. president in the General Election?
Secretary Hillary Clinton
15. As a political candidate, your views on state ballot measures are relevant to voters.
Please indicate whether you favor (YES) or oppose (NO) each of these measures:
* Note:
Before responding to any questions specifically, I would like to explain something about
the role of the Attorney General that makes it difficult for me to answer all questions
regarding state ballot measures as directly and fully as you might hope, and which may
help you to interpret some of my responses. That is because it is my offices job to draft
ballot titles and to defend them in the courts, if challenged. I have to do this in a neutral
and fair manner to ensure public trust and confidence in the process. I do not have a
vote on these issues, but I do have this role, as well as the role of representing state

6! Statesman Journal mini-questionnaire

government agencies that are often involved in processes that touch on some of these
issues (such as permitting for projects that affect the environment). Therefore, I do my
best not to take public positions on matters that have existing, pending or likely ballot
implications or where my office is representing a government agency involved in the
process and I wanted you to understand why that is.
That being said, please keep in mind that although I can indicate support for an issue,
this does not necessarily mean that I will be able to publicly champion or advocate for it.
Measure 94, Amends Constitution: Eliminates judges mandatory retirement age. YES NO
* Please see my note above.
Measure 95, Amends Constitution: Allows investments in equities by public universities. YES
* Please see my note above.
Measure 96, Amends Constitution: Dedicates 1.5% of state lottery net proceeds to services
for Oregon veterans. YES NO
* Please see my note above.
Measure 97, statutory: Increases corporate minimum tax when sales exceed $25 million. YES
* Please see my note above.
Measure 98, statutory: Requires state funding for dropout prevention, career and college
readiness programs in high schools. YES NO
* Please see my note above.
Measure 99, statutory: Creates Outdoor School Education Fund funded through Lottery to
provide outdoor school programs statewide. YES NO
* Please see my note above.
Measure 100, statutory: Bans purchase or sale of parts/products from certain wildlife
species. YES NO
* Please see my note above.
Thank you. Please return this questionnaire to the Editorial Board as an attached Word
document to by Sept. 12, 2016.