INSTRUCTIONS for Competency and Incompetence 1.

Put your full upper and lower case (living soul) name where Jack Rabbit Patriot is on the page. 2. Put your STRAWMAN name where JACK R. PATRIOT © is located on the page. 3. Put the date at the bottom when you sign it in front of two witnesses. 4. Get the Witnesses to then sign in the two appropriate spots. 5. The Seal is your thumb print or if you wish not to use your prints, simply use your Initials i.e. JRP 6. If you choose to record this document into the county record, simply put you a notary notice on another sheet and title it Competency and Incompetence for Notary verification of your signature or autograph on that page. Then take to a notary and have it notarized and recorded into the county record. The notary is not necessary some people will want to do this, especially in a foreclosure case. The reason for this document - you and I have been declared dead and incompetent to handle any of your affairs without the representation of 3rd parties. This declares you alive and a Sovereign and Competent to handle all of your affairs. The firing of all third parties allows you to manage and handle all of your affairs as you so choose. The third parties are then declared Incompetent and will be committing a commercial crime of practicing law without a license if they proceed. This document, along with your Power of Attorney for representing your STRAWMAN and your Copyright of your STRAWMAN name, are the most important documents in your quest for freedom and Sovereignty. You are now a King or Queen as you were created to be. Any offer/document received from this day forward, simply write diagonally across "I have received your offer and I accept it as true. I am returning your offer for discharge and closure in this matter. You are ordered to return all papers regarding this matter to me within the 3 day period. Sign it by ______________________ and date it. Attach your Power of Attorney and Copyright and you Competency and incompetence document to their offer and return it to them. Make a copy always for the Sheriff, Governor, and if about Taxes the Comptroller.

Page 1 6-4-03 Notice for Competency and Incompetence, Revocation of Power of Attorney and Firing all Persons below and Demand to cease and desist.

Jack Rabbit Patriot 7777 Briar Patch Road Irving, Republic of Texas To all Agents, Administrators, acting as third party titled persons.

Equality under the Law is PARAMOUNT, and Mandatory by law. I am competent to handle my own affairs. A sovereign cannot be tried in his/her court.
I am accepting all documented matters as recorded by the below listed, present or future with the person named JACK R PATRIOTO or any other derivative and everything in them as true. I am returning all documented recorded past, present and future matters to you for discharge and closure. To all BAR members and 3rd party agents acting in/and for the following; 1.THE CROWN OF ENGLAND et. al. 2. THE UNITED NATIONS et. al. 3. THE UNITED STATES et. al and/or the united States of America. 4. THE TREASURY OF THE UNITED STATES et. al. 5. THE FEDERAL RESERVE et. al. 6. THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE et. al. 7. THE BUREAU OF ALCOHOL AND FIREARMS et. al. 8. THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION et. al. 9. THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE et. al. 10. THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS et. al. 11. THE FIFTH U.S. ARMY et. al. 12. THE STATE OF TEXAS et. al. 13. THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO et. al. 14. THE STATE OF COLORADO et. al. 15. THE STATE OF WYOMING et. al. 16. THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA et. al. 17. THE STATE OF KANSAS et. al. I, Jack Rabbit Patriot, now and forever, declare all the 3rd party Agents for the above so named as incompetent and I presently and permanently revoke their power of attorney for representing or making any legal determinations for me in any of my affairs. You are now Fired. Return the voucher to me immediately. It is hereby Demanded and ordered by the Sovereign, Jack Rabbit Patriot, that all parties Cease and Desist all future actions and those trespassing on the Land of Texas without specific permission from the people's Certified Republic Government are demanded to leave this Land or be subject to the Sovereign Texian people's courts. This the _____ day of ____________________ 2003 by me __________________________ owner, principal surety __________seal:

Witness ____________________________________ Witness _______________________________________

Page 2 CERTIFIED MAIL 7003 3333 0005 7777 8888 TO: Attest: ROY ROGERS, DISTRICT CLERK SMITH COUNTY TEXAS May 10, 2003

SUSAN TULIP, DEPUTY CLERK SOUND COUNTY, TEXAS JACK SNIED CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY SMITH COUNTY, TEXAS 100 NORTH BROADWAY TYLER, TEXAS 75702 SUSAN TULIP, I, Jack Rabbit Patriot, owner, principal, surety with Power of Attorney for representing JACK R PATRIOT© or Jack R. Patriot© P.O. Box 888 SOUND, TX 75888-8726 do hereby declare the following: I received your correspondence concerning SUIT NO. 444-4 on May 28, 2003 and everything regarding SUIT NO 20,344-8 and I am accepting SUIT NO. 444-4 and the dishonor of my bond sent by registered mail for KAY M COYOTE-ASSESSOR and TAX COLLECTOR as TRUE. I am returning your correspondence SUIT NO. 444-4 on May 10, 2003 for DISCHARGE and CLOSURE of SUIT NO. 444-4. The following persons JACK SNIED.-CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY, SOUND COUNTY, TEXAS; ROY ROGERS, DISTRICT CLERK, SOUND COUNTY, TEXAS; SUSAN TULIP, DEPUTY CLERK, SOUND COUNTY, TEXAS; J.B. COYOTE, SHERIFF, SOUND COUNTY, TEXAS; KAY M COYOTE TAX ASSESSOR COLLECTOR, SOUND COUNTY, TEXAS are declared incompetent and are fired from making any legal determination in the affairs for JACK R PATRIOT© or Jack R Patriot© or any derivative thereof. You are ordered to DISCHARGE SUIT NO. 444-4 immediately and return the voucher and all papers related to this SUIT NO. 444-4 to me within 3 days from receipt of CERTIFIED MAIL 7003 3333 0005 7777 8888. Equality of the law is PARAMOUNT and MANDATORY under the law. 1, Jack Rabbit Patriot am competent for handling all of my affairs. (See Notice for Competency and incompetence attached) A Sovereign cannot be sued in her court. ____________________________________________ Jack Rabbit Patriot, owner, principal, surety Dated May 10, 2003 ____________________________________ Witness _______________Seal

_______________________________________ Witness Page 3