Letter to include with an Acceptance for Value

Certified Mail # 7000 5522 0044 3791 8230 VALOR TELECOM P 0 Box 9084 Espanola, NM 87532-1366 Rick Perry-Governor-Certified Mail # 7000 5522 0044 3791 8216 STATE OF TEXAS P.O. BOX 12428 AUSTIN, TX 78711 Regarding: Reference: VALOR Telecom Statement dated May 29, 2001 addressed to JACK R PATRIOT, 7777 FREEDOM AVE, LIBERTY TX 77777 Account Number 1122334455 July 12, 2001

I am in receipt of the statement detailed in the above "Regarding". In looking through the documents VALOR TELECOM sent Me, I did not find VALOR TELECOM's check or money order enclosed. This correspondence for VALOR TELECOM, through Power of Attorney in Fact (see attached) is a good faith attempt on My part in which I seek My Remedy. Please note My Acceptance for Value for VALOR TELECOM's unsolicited offer/presentment, and also note that I am Exempt from Levy. VALOR TELECOM, by virtue through its position, is a Constitutor (1) of government, and as such VALOR TELECOM is the Holder of the Principal Obligation by Public Policy. In other words, VALOR TELECOM holds My Remedy. Under Public Policy, no contract can be made requiring Me to PAY in anything or form. (See attached HJR 192, June 5, 1933) By virtue of VALOR TELECOM holding Me, or attempting by holding Me, substance, is VALOR TELECOM requiring Me, by Court Order, threat, force of arms, or forced incarceration for entering into a contract? By violating Public Policy, is VALOR TELECOM attempting by inducing or coercing Me into accepting by transfer, the Primary Obligation by forcing Me for "PAYING" either with Federal Reserve Notes, foreclosure, incarceration, probation, community service, or a combination of any or all the above? I am taking this opportunity by making Myself perfectly clear with full disclosure and no mis-understanding, clean hands and good faith. I will not accept the transfer of the Principal Obligation from VALOR TELECOM for Me. Please take My Acceptance for Value of VALOR TELECOM's presentment and adjust My account. If you choose not to do so, please remit the above stated amount on VALOR TELECOM's check or money order for My endorsement and I will adjust the account for VALOR TELECOM. If you have any further questions, please contact me in writing to make sure We have no mis-understandings and all ledgering is handled appropriately. Thank you very much. I look forward to VALOR TELECOM's response by Public Policy Truth in Lending within three (3) days from VALOR TELECOM's receipt by Certified Mail. Should VALOR TELECOM choose to respond or not respond , in three (3) days, by Power of Attorney in Fact, there is no longer permission by consent or assent for any demand of payment being ordered or levied against Me. Until then I remain, Very truly yours, JACK R PATRIOT, GRANTOR ________________________________________________ SECURED PARTY SIGNATURE Jack Rabbit Patriot, Agent Power of Attorney in Fact, With the Autograph Attachments: HJR-192, UCC 3419, Power of Attorney- in Fact, Acceptance for Value for the Above Regarding

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