Instructions for a cooler apple. ***Disclaimer*** If this kills your computer I am sorry but I am not responsible.

While this shouldn't do anything bad to your computer, their is always the chance. Some Info This has only been tested on a 15" MBP, but should run on any apple computer with fans and OSX. It makes the fans run at all times, and decreases battery life by 5-10min. This requires some thinking and a choice to make when selecting fan speeds. Steps 1. Go to the folder /system/library/Extensions/ and find Appleblower and

Applefan. 2. On Appleblower of the files right click and select show package contents. Open the contents folder and drag the Info.plist file to the desktop. Make a second copy if this goes horribly wrong and need a back up. Right click it and Select open with textedit the one on the desktop. (If it is not one of your choices select other and find it in your applications and click open). Scroll down till text juts out the furthest and make it look like what you see below. Note: Lets say you don't have dualprocessorblower don't add it. <key>DualProcessorBlower</key> <dict> <key>MaxTempDeltaBeforeIncrease</ key> <integer>1</integer> <key>MinTempDeltaBeforeDecrease</ key> <integer>2</integer> <key>PWMStepResolution</key> <integer>4</integer> <key>PollingFrequencyInSeconds</key> <integer>3</integer> </dict> <key>PCIBlower</key> <dict> <key>MaxTempBeforeIncrease</key> <integer>2</integer> <key>MinTempBeforeDecrease</key> <integer>1</integer>

<key>PWMStepResolution</key> <integer>4</integer> <key>PollingFrequencyInSeconds</key> <integer>3</integer> </dict> <key>UniProcessorBlower</key> <dict> <key>MaxTempDeltaBeforeIncrease</ key> <integer>1</integer> <key>MinTempDeltaBeforeDecrease</ key> <integer>2</integer> <key>PWMStepResolution</key> <integer>4</integer> <key>PollingFrequencyInSeconds</key> <integer>3</integer> </dict> save this file and replace the original. it will ask for a password. 2. Go back to the extensions folder and show contents of Applefan. Open contents and drag the info.plist to the desktop, make a back up of this too. Open the info.plist on the desktop and scroll down till you see a list of numbers. Look at the highest number and replace all the other numbers in the list with that number. You can increase this but this is where you can get in trouble, good way to destroy the fan you love. I increased it safely by 1200 and could have possibly gone further but thats your call. replace the original with the updated one and restart. 3. You should have a an apple you can really call a "lap"top.