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Grandshelt Isles Town of Mitra

Royal Capital Grandshelt

Port City Lodin

Succor for Sore Eyes
A Hello to Arms
Bleeder of the Pack
Secrets Unearthed
Feathers in Your Cap
For My Eyes Only
Pendant Dependent
Return Flight
Caught by Supplies
There's a Scaaar-maaan...
Road to the Colosseum
A Boy and His Slime
Ruin Subduin'
The Unlettered Poet
Ode to Boy
Prowl Movements
For Members Only
Whither Townsman?
A Knight's Duty
Demon Tollbooth
Rime of the Absent Mariner
Fruit...or Death?
Muse of the Anvil
Hello? Sailor?
Bombs Away
Too Cute to Die
Courier Career

Ordol Port
Unlock Ordol Port


Port City Lydira

Pest Control in Hell
Patron of the Arts
Memento of My Sister
The Hungers Game

Village of Kol

Nuts Without My Daughter
Hammer Time
Don't Stop! (Hammer Time)
Constant Devotion
Sand Hassle


Preserving the Peace

Cryst Almighty Lootiful Dreamer Ore Inspiring Missing on the Mountain Hero Mask Task Niche Dish Wish It's a Dog's Death Operation Desert Treasure Ninja Challenge Pillow of Your Dreams Lanzelt Highlands/Exploration The Last Letter Lost Village of Marlo Unlock Lost Village of Marlo The Wolfsfang Terror Outside In My Shameful Naked Wrist The Icemen Overcometh Sins of the Past .

Prerequisite Grandport Clear Lanzelt Ruins/Dungeon Clear "The Unlettered Poet" Clear "Prowl Movements" Reward Hi-Potion Silk Robe Recipe for Bronze Mace Recipe for Blizzard Buckler Recipe for Cure Access to Vault Recipe for Bronze Knuckles Recipe for Water Unicorn Horn Bandana Phoenix Down Jeweled Ring Recipe for Bard's Tunic Harp Recipe for Power Wrist Altair Recipe for Smoke Bomb Recipe for Copper Cuirass 1000 Gil Hi-Potion & Ether Bomb Arm Clear "Fruit.or Death?" Recipe for Great Sword Twist Headband Silver Armlet Clear all quests in Port City Lodin Star Quartz Port City Lydira Tent Recipe for Grenade Recipe for Mage's Habit Clear "Phantom Forest/Dungeon" Star Quartz Clear "Patron of the Arts" Earth Key #4 (War Hammer) Port City Lydira Recipe for Healing Spring Mythril Dagger Access to weapon and armor shop Clear "Hammer Time" Recipe for Great Axe Recipe for Water Blade Recipe for Black Belt Gi Grandport Recipe for Drain Recipe for Rune Staf Completion ...

Paladin Armor Moon Ring Blade Recipe for Hypno Crown Clear "There's a Scaaar-maaan..." Kiku-ichimonji Tiger Mask Coral Sword Vaccine Earth Key #20 (Charm Bangle) Recipe for Ninja Gear Clear Lanzelt Highlands/Dungeon Recipe for Sleep Dagger Elixir Mirage Vest Star Quartz Recipe for Red Cap Recipe for Kazekiri Clear "The Icemen Overcometh" Recipe for Gaia Gear . http://ffbe.pletion Incomplete Complete In Progress Speak to somebody else (from another town) to unl Sources Will keep this list updated based on the wiki page! .

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