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Architects who claimed to be representing the national groups of modern architects

presented their concept og architecture that satisfies the spiritual, intellectual and
material demands of present-day life.
The followings are their declaration:
General Economic System
1. Modern architecture => link between phenomenon of architecture and
general economic system
2. Economic Efficiency dos not always mean to produce with maximum profit,
but could also mean a production with minimum effort as as result of
impoverished state of general economy
3. To achieve economic efficiency, a most efficient method of production that
arises from rationalization and standardization is needed
4. Rationalization and standardization react in a threefold manner:
a. Simplification of working methods on the site and in the factory
b. Reduction in skilled labor force; lead to employment of less specialized
labor working under the direction of highly skilled technician?
c. Consumer revise his demands to readjust to the new conditions of
social life.
5. Machine development leads to reduction of craftsmen. Thankfully, the
architectural conception is still mainly inspired by the work methods of
craftsmen which explains the disorganization of the art of building.
6. It is important for architecture to begin embracing on the industrial
technologies which might lead to products that are different from the past.

Town Planning
1. Town planning as the organization of the functions of collective life cannot be
conditioned by the claims of a preexistent aestheticism, its iessence is a
functional order which includes dwelling producing, and relaxation.
2. Inhabited areas, cultivated areas, and traffic areas are dictated by the
economic and social environments.
3. Abolish chaotic division of land which results from sales, speculations, and
inheritance (but how)?
4. Traffic control is essential in connecting all these areas. Therefore, the
growing present-day technical facilities are important parts of town planning
Architecture and Public Opinion
1. Architects need to have an influence on public opinion. Academic taeaching
has strayed the conception of dwelling. Clients-driven design created
expensively built house which contains unnecessary elements of dwelling
2. The general public needs to be reeducated on the essence of a dwelling
Architecture and it relations with the State
1. The teaching of architecture needs to be separated from academies that
teaches us about the past only.

James Corner
Design intelligence Allow a greater degree of innovation because they encourage
opportunism and risk-taking rather than problem solving.

A resilient system must be both robust and open.

Necessary for survival in an evolving open system.
Life performance is dependent on a highly organized material matrix, a landscape
ecology both robust and adaptable, strategic by virtue of its material cuning in
diversification and survival.
Contemporary urban projects demand a new kind of synthetic imagination
(architecture, landscape, planning, ecology, engineering, social policy, and political
process are both understood and coordinated as an interrelated field.

Architecture has been valued as a symbolic or aesthetic works rather than works
that have meaningful impact on the improvement of humanity. Architecture needs
to separate themselves from the hierarchical societies that demand such type of
works and actively be engaged in urban public life.

Landscape, Ecology, and Propagation

Landscape and Ecology are useful strategic models:
1. They are capable of visually communicating the complexities of sites.
2. Addresses issues of large-scale spatial organization and relational structuring.
3. Deal with time open-endedly, meaning the systems keep growing over time
and do not rely on just one state of completion.

Disposition: Materiality, Form, and Design

Despite being flexible and open-ended, the architecture also relies on material
precision which tends to be specific. Architecture, landscape architecture, and urban
design bring physical shapes to our world. However, the physical media they use to
realize the shape are materials that require exact measurement and calculation.
Therefore, Corners view on new architectural pragmatism brings coordination
between multiple fields. This coordination is a strategy to satisfy the demand for a
new kind of synthetic imagination.

Design intelligence: allow for a greater degree of