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Forms of violence against women

Violence against women in the family setting :

Physical , psychological and sexual violence that occurs in the family
Domestic violence
Dowry related violence
Son preference
Early marriages
Female genital mutilation
Violence against women in community :
Physical , psychological and sexual violence that occurs in community
Sexual harassment
Sexual assault within marriage
Intimidation at work and educational institutions
Prostitution and trafficking
Mistreatment of women migrant workers
Domestic violence means a person in a relationship hurts
another person physically and emotionally. Domestic violence is
also called intimate partner violence. For women aged 15 to 44
years , violence is a cause of death and disability. Studies
showed that between one quarter or one half of the woman of all
over the world have been abused by their intimate partners.
Worldwide, 40 to 70 % woman killed by their intimate partners.
In many countries, women fall victim to traditional practices that
violate their human rights. These violations include female
genital mutilation or cutting (FGM), dowry murder, so-called
honour killings, and early marriages. The custom of dowry is
very common in Asia especially in India is the trigger of many
forms of violence against women . Bride burning is a form of
violence against women in which bride is killed by their husband
or husbands family members due to the dissatisfaction over the
dowry provided by the family . Early marriages is another form of
violence against women . Early marriage involves the forced
marriage of young girls which is the main cause of sexual
violence . Early or forced marriages affect the womens
physically , emotionally and spiritually .According to the World

Health Organization, 85 million to 115 million girls and women in

the population have undergone some form of female genital
mutilation and suffer from its adverse health effects. Son
preference is the consistent favoring of male children, affects
women in many countries, particularly in Asia. In China and India,
some women choose to terminate their pregnancies when
expecting daughters but carry their pregnancies to term when
expecting sons. Rape can occur anywhere, even in the family,
where it can take the form of marital rape or incest. It occurs in
the community, where a woman can fall prey to any abuser. It
also occurs in situations of armed conflict and in refugee camps.
Sexual assault within marriage is included under this category
because it is the community attitudes prevalent in many areas
attitudes held by law enforcement, local leaders, neighbors, and
even church leadershipwhich allow this type of violence to go
unpunished. Sexual harassment in the workplace is a growing
concern for women. Employers abuse their authority to seek
sexual favours from their female co-workers or subordinates,
sometimes promising promotions or other forms of career
advancement. Many women are forced into prostitution either
by their parents, husbands or boyfriendsor as a result of the
difficult economic and social conditions in which they find
themselves . The migrant workers themselves fare badly, and
sometimes tragically. Many become virtual slaves, subject to
abuse and rape by their employers. In the Middle East and
Persian Gulf region, there are an estimated 1.2 million women,
mainly Asians, who are employed as domestic servants.