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Widarno,Antonius, 2012, A Study Of The Problems In Students

motivation In Learning English Through Communicative Approach At
The Fifth Grade Students At Santa Angela Bajarmasin In School Year
2010 / 201.
Skripsi,English Education Department Sekolah Tinggi Keguruan dan
Ilmu Pendidikan ( STKIP PGRI ) Banjarmasin, Advisor ( 1 ) Dra. M.F. Sri
Ekonomi, M.Pd., ( 2 ) Fathulzannah S.Pd.
Key wods: Problems, Students Motivation, Communicative Approach
Communicative Approach is one alternative method of teaching
learning process that is oriented to communicative skills and
stressed to the language concept for communication.
The issue of the study is on what problems that are faced by the
students in holding Communicative Approach at the fifth grade
students of elementary school of Santa Angela Banjarmasi n.
The study is descriptive qualitative. The data sources are
obtained from the students and the teacher of elementary school of
Santa Angela Banjarmasin. Technique of collecting data is
observation,questionaire,and interview. Observation and questionaire
are used to get data from the students while interiew is used to
get supplementary data from the teacher. The research subject is
the students and the English teacher of the fifth grade students of
elementary school of Santa Angela Banjarmasin which consists of 30
persons and one English teacher. The process of data analysis is
done in four steps: editing, coding, interpreting, generalization,and
ended with a conclusion.
The results showed that the students faced problems in holding
Communicative Approach. The problems were : the students native
language had particular role in Communicative Approach, the
students were confined in the grammatical accuracy, the students
were passive, the students were difficult to focus on the lesson
material given.
Based on the result it can be concluded that Communicative
Approach has not been applied well and completely successfull and
as a result the approach could not be fulfilled completely by the
Finally it is recommended to conduct a similar research in other


Thanks God for everything that has been given to the writer from the beginning
until the completion of this thesis entitled A Study of the Problems in Students
Motivation in Learning English through Communicative Approach at the Fifth Grade
Students at the Elementary School of Santa Angela Banjarmasin in School Year 2010
/ 2011.
This thesis has finally completed after long and hard work with the help and
guidance of some people. So in this opportunity the writer would like to express the
sincere gratitude especially to :

Drs. Abidinsyah, as the Head of STKIP - PGRI Banjarmasin

Dra. M. F. Sri Ekonomi,M.Pd. as the first advisor.
Fathul Zannah, the second advisor
Drs.H. Muliyadi M.Pd as the Head of English Education Department.
All the lecturers of English Education Department.

The writer is greatly indebted to the above mentioned people. Special thanks also
to be given to my family that I love very much,all people and friends for all of
their endless support
Finally the writer realizes that this piece of writing is far from perfect and still
hopes that someday this thesis will give a little contribution for those who are
interested in teaching and learning English at University, especially about the problem
in students motivation in learning English through Communicative Approach.
Banjarmasin,......... 2011
Best wishes

The writer