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The total market for noodles will grow with a CAGR of about 22% for next five
years and India will fall under the top 5 Instant Noodle Consuming Countries. The
Indian Instant Noodles categorys strong growth, and ever widening consumer
acceptance, makes it a lucrative option for various players.
The following are the Identified growth drivers which are contributing to the
massive growth of the instant noodle market
Maggis MSG controversy has led to an overall decrease in instant Noodle
consumption as peoples trust in the Noodle Sector has gone down
To grab this opportunity by changing the notion of people of people we plan to
Launch Minimie on April 7th(World Health Day) and will import the Noodle
Manufactured by our Nigeria Plant, till our plant in Sri City starts Manufacturing.
Maggi having the First mover advantage, has been the segment owner for more
than two decades
Players like Top Ramen, Wai Wai, Yippee, Foodles entered into this lucrative
market with differentiated product offerings and have eaten into Maggis market
share which shows that market is still open for any new entry with a smart
Market leadership of the brands present is however region-specific,Wai WAi in
East n stuff
We Target the cup noodles market as Cup noodles will prove to be a trendy friend
of young multitasking generation in the coming years.
After the research of the existing Instant Noodle market it can establish that the
factors influencing the purchasing behaviour of the customer are predominantly
driven by Nutritious Value, Taste ingredients, Flavour, Price, Brand.
According to the market, as of now there is only one nutritious instant noodles
Horlicks Foodles but due to the less availability and awareness the product has
not been able to capture the market
Today, people are on the move, there are more nuclear families. They are more
conscious about their health and wellbeing.
Even though instant noodles right now have their centre of gravity in taste, we
can afford to offer one with nutrition


What we intend to offer:
We will have a type of noodles with all the health benefits which can be eaten
raw straight out of the pack, soup it on a chilly night or lunch it with lots of
For the Packet Noodles Market (use the penetration pricing strategy)
For the Cup Noodles Market (launch it as a premium Player)
Also, target the small-scale street side stores attracting the lower-income groups
come up with low quantity, low price var iants for single consumption call it
We setup the manufacturing Plant & warehouse in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh
We plan to enter the Market via a JV agreement with Kellogg's
Target the entire family, esp. College Students, Working Adults, Working Women
Market as Healthy On-The-Go Family Food
Place the product next to the currently popular instant food in stores shelves to
capture customers attention

The Quantitative data to support the research and findings done are
elaborately discussed in the following slides

1. Favourable demographics and rise in income level to boost the

instant noodle market
2. Total Consumption expenditure set to increase
3. As 70% Indians are non-vegetarians, focus on chicken and egg flavored
taste-makers and Targeting Muslims which is second largest religion in India
with 14.2% of the countrys population with our Halal Chicken Variant
Opportunities in Indian noodle market
Huge Rural market:
Even after so many players in the market there is a gap which is needed to be
filled Capture the Market by
1.Leveraging the modern Trade Channel and Ecommerce
2.Maximising the Metro Opportunity and slowly build up to hit rural Markets
Enter into partnership with Kellogg and leverage this partnership that to
increase the reach to market
Use of organic flour, oats and whole-wheat variants and organic vegetables to
place it in a healthy segment as it is essential that the consumer tries
the product first. And if the product delivers quality then the
consumer is hooked forever.
As 70% Indians are non-vegetarians, focus on chicken and egg flavored tastemakers and

Target Muslims which is second largest religion in India with 14.2% of the
countrys population with our Halal Chicken Variant
More than two-third sales revenue of instant noodles comes from traditional formats
(kirana stores) whereas retail is growing fast and online sales are still at a nascent
stage but catching up fast.

When Tolaram launched its own noodle it focused on market share/ growth
than profit ( I am focusing on a similar strategy in India as the Competition
is Fierce but the good thing is Market is still available and it will grow in
coming years

In its journey of 28 years, the instant noodles market has

undergone several changes, viz. the entry of several new players,
innovations in products and value-addition in packaging, the
emergence of modern formats, a shift in consumption towards
convenience foods, etc. Going forward, this market will continue
to register a double digit growth and will witness higher
competitive intensity. The strength of the distribution networks
and media campaigns of the new entrants has the potential to be
a game-changer