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Success through sustainability

• Remain a trusted and valuable supply-chain partner. • Accelerate your rate-of-return on corporate sustainability. • Reduce costs through efficiency gains. • Put some distance between you and your competition.
Jeffrey Swartz, CEO Timberland

”You watch – this will be the most powerful, popular uprising that corporate America ever saw.”

• Attract and retain the best & brightest employees.
• Increase the value of intangible assets like brand image and collaborative networks.

A SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MINDSET can have a dramatic net-positive impact on your organization’s performance.

”Sustainability continues to make Walmart a better company; by reducing waste, lowering costs, driving innovation, Increasing productivity and helping us fulfill our mission of saving our customers money so they can live better lives.”
Mike Duke, CEO Walmart

Success through sustainability

What is PROBE for Sustainable Business?
• PSB is a corporate sustainability self-assessment tool designed to run in less than a month – start to finish. •The Natural Step is a co-developer of PSB. Since 1989, their simple approach to organizational sustainability has informed Walmart, IKEA, Nike and many other corporate leaders. • PROBE for Sustainable Business (PSB) allows organizations like yours to harness sustainability, drive profitability, and accelerate rate-of-return and product development cycles. PROBE for Sustainable Business was developed in collaboration between these two organizations. Development partners include these organizations.

• PSB is the 7th tool in the PROBE suite. Since January 2010, fifty PSB facilitations have been run in 7 countries. Many thousands of mid-sized organizations across forty-one countries have run PROBE’s other assessments since 1995.
•PSB is the key to accelerating your rate-of-return on corporate sustainability.

“PROBE” is an acronym for “Promoting Business Excellence”
PROBE is a trademark of Comparison International

PROBE for Sustainable Business: Our 4-Step Process
Week 1
A cross-functional team of five to eight individuals are selected within your organization.

Week 2
A Team Leader is selected to compile quantitative data regarding procurement & waste.
Just the facts: square footage, employee count, kWh consumption, etc...

Week 3
We facilitate a halfday Q&A with your Team to produce an initial scorecard using both quantitative and qualitative data.

Team learns basics of corporate sustainability & receives qualitative assessment forms to complete.

You’ll invite staff from Accounting, Design, Sales, and Operations to join the team.

Week 4

Senior Mgmt forms also distributed.

Within 10 days we produce a clear, concise, actionable Executive Report for review with senior management.

Here’s how a southern California business used a series of small wins to boost their profitability:
1. First they implemented an energy efficiency program, saving $3,500 per year.

Businesses with a sustainability mindset consistently out-perform their more conventional competition… …Middle-market pressure for sustainable business best practices is rapidly accelerating... …Sustainability is the next corporate mega-trend.

2. They invested the savings into an employee-wellness program. Fewer sick days and reduced insurance premium resulted. 3. The combined savings were re-invested in a switch from singleuse bottled water to filtered tap water. 4. Now, they’re saving four ways: energy, sick days, insurance premium, and drinking water. They’re also reducing plastic bottle use which creates an authentic, marketable business green story. A Sustainable Business Mindset regularly produces double- and triple-wins like this one.

How did they get started?
By running a sustainability self-assessment.

Whether you’re just getting starting, or are already getting better…

…Don’t get left behind.

Success through sustainability

• Provides you with a rational basis for strategic prioritization around sustainability. • Connects your people and their knowledge with the sole intent of improving your performance. • Identifies risks & exposures, and shine a light on blind spots in your operations. • Clarifies the return-on-investment in your own sustainable business best practices. • Propels your business into the 21st century.
“We really appreciated the structured and rigorous assessment that PROBE provided. It helped us ‘hold up a mirror' to our own performance and progress and deepened our awareness of the complex interplay between the economic, social and environmental effects of our business.”
John Twigg, Group Planning Director Manchester Airports Group (UK)

Ready to get going?
We’ll run a your self-assessment, using

PROBE for Sustainable Business

“The opportunity, experience, and team building were absolutely priceless. The [PROBE] assessment was right on target about where our strengths and weaknesses are at this point in time.”

Janet S. Griffey, President/CEO RLCB

Success through sustainability

To evaluate PROBE for Sustainable Business and our other business tools for yourself, call Jeff Hayes at 323.549.9787
After you’ve run the assessment, then what?... After running your first PROBE for Sustainable Business assessment, you’re primed to maximize both the rate and size of your returns. Maintain your momentum with The Vector Group’s: • Workshops & Continuing Education. • Gap Analysis & Strategic Planning. • CONDUCTOR - our proprietary execution model.

“The Vector Group shows their clients how to convert the waste and risk associated with old-school business practices into leading edge competitive advantage. These guys are business performance experts AND sustainability experts - in today’s increasingly competitive business environment, performance and sustainability are joined at the hip. If you want sustainability to be the best investment your company ever makes, don’t wait and wonder - call them and get started today.” -Jeff Kleid, President, Elite Risk Services

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