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Eagan Briefing Report - Rental Communities

'This report contains


c3liS from rent31 communities'

Oate Range: 101131201606:00:00 AM - 101171201606:00:00 AM

Total # of events: 45

because apt complex management is not letting him in to persue speaking with residents about political information, adv he was running for state senate and had
for officers about him being able to be let into the complex

RP is running for state senate and is campaigning, hitting up the apt complexes in eagan and b-ville areas. He came to Cinnamon Ridge (Unanounced without appt) and
to management asking for access to apt complexes to campaign. The manager told him that she would need approval from corporate before giving him a key to the
that she did not want to lose herjob and would not provide the key until she had approval.
RP cited a state statute that allows political campaigns access to properties for campaign purposes. Petty misd if violated. I advised RP that he should make phone calls to
management corporate and arrange access to the property, knowing full well that they would allow him the access he is seeking, he would just have to make the phone
to arrange it.


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