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The mechanical monstrosity known to the Orks

as the Evil Eye in da Sky is the insane creation
of Big Mek Dakrok. The Evil Eye in da Sky is a
Stompa, with a number of Big Meks Speshuls
added. These include extra and larger rokkits, a
head-mounted supa-gatler, a belly-mounted
deth kannon, and, most unusually, an unlikely
system for transporting and launching its
compliment of Deffkoptas.


Spotters post


Dakrok has become an expert of sorts in using

the Deffkoptas to pinpoint enemy positions so
that the Evil Eyes rokkits can be zeroed in on
the foe with unerring accuracy. It takes a
particularly unhinged Ork to volunteer to pilot
one of Dakrok's Deffkoptas, but for many the
chance to be propelled at breakneck speed
from the Evil Eyes launch ramp is just too
exciting an opportunity to pass up.

Supa-dupa Rokkit


Size Komparison

UNIT: 1 Evil Eye in da Sky


TYPE: Super-heavy walker

2 10




1 1


Effigy: The Evil Eye in da Sky is a roaring, belching personification of the
warrior god Gork (or possibly Mork) that hums with pure Orkiness. All
Ork Mobs within 12" are Fearless.


The Evil Eye in da Sky carries three Deffkoptas. One

can be launched per player turn, at the beginning of the Movement
phase. On the turn it is launched a Deffkopta moves as if using the
Strategic Redeployment strategic asset, but must make a dangerous
terrain test as it does so. Note that no damage can be caused to the
Deffkoptas until they are launched.



Cleared for Launch!:

TRANSPORT: The Evil Eye in da Sky carries 3 Deffkoptas (see special rule).

When the Evil Eye in da Sky is firing at a target within 24 and

line of sight of one of its Deffkoptas, its supa-rokkits and supa-dupa
rokkit may re-roll to hit.


The following weapons can be fired in the Evil Eye in da Skys front arc:
- 5 supa-rokkits
- 1 supa-dupa rokkit
- Deth kannon
- Supa-gatler
- 1 big shoota
It also has a rear-mounted big shoota that can fire in a 180-degree fire arc
to the Evil Eye in da Skys rear.

Supa-dupa Rokkit*

Big shoota
Deth kannon

Unlimited 8
Unlimited 10



Heavy 1, One-shot
Heavy 1, One-shot
Heavy 2D6, Co-Axial,
Assault 3
Ordnance 1, 7" blast
Primary weapon

*A supa-rokkit is a Grot-guided weapon that hits on a result of 2+. It

can only be fired once per game.

Should the Evil Eye in da Sky be destroyed with one or

more Deffkoptas yet to launch, Dakrok may attempt to escape. Roll a
D6. On 4+ Dakrok takes control of the Deffkopta and it immediately
launches as described above. This is counted as a normal Deffkopta, but
while alive it counts as an additional objective scored by the Orks side.
Any remaining undeployed Deffkoptas are destroyed.
Its Gonna Blow!:

**Psycho-Dakka-Blasta! Once fired, the supa-gatler continues to fire until all

of its ammunition is expended - all the gunner can do is sweep it across the
enemy and hope that some of its many, many shots hit home. After firing
the supa-gatler you must nominate another enemy unit within 12" from the
original target unit and fire again. You must then target another enemy unit
within 12" (this may be the previous unit). The supa-gatler keeps firing as
long as it has got ammunition left - if the number of shots rolled for the
second or subsequent burst is a double, the supa-gatler has run out of
ammunition and stops firing immediately and for the rest of the battle (do
not resolve any shots against the final target).


A single Ork is a formidable adversary, muscular and violent
with a resilient physiology and an unquenchable lust for
war. A single Ork is, however, rarely encountered, for when
Orks go to battle they do so in countless thousands. This is
when the Orks are at their most dangerous. When they are
part of a great Waaagh! Uge mobz of Ork Boyz gather, for
every Ork gunned down, three step forward to take its
place. Their numbers are so vast that they resemble a green
ocean. Wave after wave of Ork Boyz comes crashing down
on enemy positions, quite literally a green tide that rises up
and sweeps away all before it.

Any Orks in the vicinity of such a stampede get caught up

in the violent charge. Some have no choice and must join
the rush or else get crushed, but more often than not the
Boyz find themselves tagging along by instinct. Something
about so many Orks charging towards the enemy triggers
something in the Ork psyche after all, wherever theyre
going, so many Boyz cant be wrong! Even Orks that do
run away quickly turn back and are once again swallowed
up by the horde. In this way the ranks of the horde swell as
the charge gathers momentum, overwhelming any
resistance that dares oppose the might of the Greenskins.

Gitstomps Ladz


Warboss Gitstomp


A single unit consisting of a Warboss leading an Uge mob.
An Uge mob is identical to a normal Ork Boyz mob and has
all the same options with the exception that the unit numbers
at least 100 models and may include a mixture of Boyz armed
with sluggas and choppas and Boyz with shootas. There is no
maximum size this unit may reach. The Warboss may not leave
this unit. The entire formation goes to battle on foot and as
such may not ride in any troop transports. The Warboss may
not take a Warbike.

An adjutant directed the Generals gaze to the south, where the Orks
were said to be mustering after planetfall. Adjusting the focus of his
magnoculars, Titus gave a gasp of disbelief. There were the Orks. The
shapes of a dozen Gargants jutted up from the undulating ash
wastes, a swarm of similar vehicles surrounding them. But it was not
this that had given Titus such a shock. For miles in every direction
around the Gargants, the ash desert was green; a sea of Orks so
massive that the mind refused to acknowledge the possibility. Titus
examined his own forces once more, his heart in his throat.
Emperors mercy, he whispered to himself, I pray I have enough
men to face that!

Stampede: Nothing can stand in the way of so many stomping Orks. The formation has the Move Through Cover rule to
represent the momentum the Boyz have barrelling through terrain. In addition the sheer number of Orks whips the Boyz into a
constant state of bloodlust. The formation may call upon the Waaagh! each and every turn. If the rest of the army also calls upon
the Waaagh! then the Green Tide may roll two dice and pick the highest when determining the extra distance moved.
Follow Me Ladz!: Nearby mobs tend to be caught up and swept along when such a large horde of Orks stampedes across the
battlefield. Any Ork Boyz mob that falls back within 48 of the Warboss is removed and immediately placed in the unit led by the
Warboss (or if by some miracle ALL his Boyz have been shot up, they form a unit which he then leads). The models are placed such
that they are in unit coherency and are no closer to the enemy than the Warboss. There is no limit to the size this unit may reach.

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Perhaps one of the strangest of all Mekboy creations is the

gigantic minelaying vehicle that patrols Gogrok Island, the
operational base of the Ork savant known as Orghamek.
Though an Ork minelayer in itself is not unheard of,
Orghameks creation, comprised of over fifty tons of rusted
metal and salvaged scrap, floats through the air in a way
that beggars belief.
Orks are often unsatisfied with the concepts of minefields.
After all, such static defences require the foe to transgress
upon Ork territory to be effective, and few are the enemies
prepared to take the fight to the Orks on their own terms.
Still, there is something undeniably appealing to an Ork
about the bloody spectacle of a crude bomb detonating in
the thick of the enemy ranks.

To reconcile this, Orghamek created the floating minelayer,

a craft held aloft by powerful repulsor fields. Its cavernous
bomb bays contain row upon row of specially-built
explosive mines that themselves contain repulsor fields,
albeit ones of far lesser potency.
The Minelayer uses a winch-and-claw arrangement to place
these mines at the rear of the craft, where their fields are
remotely activated, enabling the mine to stay hovering high
in the air. Should a foe attempt to cross the ground
underneath one of the Minelayers charges, he will collapse
the delicate repulsor field, causing the mine to plummet
down on top of him. Should the impact of such a crude
device not kill the trespasser, the ensuing detonation of a
ton of high explosive invariably will.

The Minepig
Battle of Gogrok Island, M41
Mine Grabber
(also used for
light crane work)

Repulsor prongs
gut plates
Sensor snout
Size Komparison

UNIT: 1 Ork Minelayer


TYPE: Super-heavy vehicle.






- Minelaying winch (see Minelayer, opposite)

- Can be upgraded to have up to 3 big shootas at +5 points
per gun and/or a killkannon at +60 points.

Drifter: An Ork minelayer moves at a sedate pace, occasionally

dropping the odd offering to hang in the sky. The Minelayer is
treated as a Skimmer that moves a maximum of 6 a turn.
Immobilised results will cause it to settle to earth but not to
become a wreck. Due to its deadly cargo, add +3 to the roll if
the Minelayer has to roll on the Catastrophic Damage table.
Minelayer: Unless it has suffered a Gun Crew Shaken or Driver
Stunned result in the previous turn, the Minelayer may lay one
mine per turn at the beginning of the Ork shooting phase.
Mines remain in place once they have been laid. Each Mine
may be detonated if an enemy model passes within 2 of its
base. Remove the mine and replace it with the 10 Blast
template. Every model under the template takes a S8 hit with
an AP of 3.

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One of the peculiar machineries invented by the mad

Mekaniak known only as Orghamek is the Ork Submersible,
first devised for the purposes of surprise assault. Thickhulled and crude, these improbable machines are heavy
duty enough to negotiate storm-wracked seas and
poisonous oceans alike. Their cavernous holds are large
enough to transport an entire warband of Orks, and they
invariably mount massive cannons and torpedos with which
to open fire upon the enemy once they have manoeuvred
into position.
The Ork Boyz who ride within the bellies of these great
metal beasts see them as aquatic battlewagons, and
embrace this new form of attack with the gung-ho attitude
typical of Greenskins across the galaxy. When a Submersible
beaches, usually behind enemy lines, its great metal doors

will grind open and whole mobs of Orks will pour forth,
hooting and hollering as they splash through the shallows
to engage the enemy from an unexpected quarter.
Submersibles were first used in the Third War for
Armageddon. Cannibalised and cobbled together from
disused Imperial tankers, a flotilla of Submersibles was built
in the region known as the Fire Wastes, judged tactically
worthless by Imperial Strategos because of its remote
location. Ghazghkull and Orghamek demonstrated the folly
of this assumption when the Submersibles crossed the
ocean between the Fire Wastes and Armaggedon Prime.
They revealed themselves from the waters around Hive
Tempestora in a battlefield coup of such violence and
cunning that it wrested the fiercely contested Hive from
Imperial hands within the space of a few hours.

Submersibles observed at the Battle for Tempestora:

O.S.S. Snaggletoof
Da Drilljaw
Peekin tubes
Da Big Ugly Surprise
Da Orka

Ork Freebooters often tell of the Submersible Orkilus,

which beached to the west of Tempestora a few days after
the main attack hit home. Its hull was crushed and buckled
in several places, and the thick metallic paint on its surface
had been ground away in great strings of circular scars. Not
one Ork survived the disaster, which the Freebooters ascribe
to a beast known only as Da Big Tentacley Fing.

Stabilising fins

Prow (lowered position)

Thrust Generators
Size Komparison

UNIT: 1 Ork Submersible

TYPE: Super-heavy Vehicle
An Ork Submersible has a Transport Capacity of 60
models, has one access point (the prow/jaw) and no fire

Options: A Submersible can be upgraded to have:
- a Seacannon at +120pts, using the profile below:





7 Blast

- Up to three big shootas at +5 points per weapon. These

can have the anti-aircraft special rule at a further cost of
+5 points per weapon (use normal BS when firing at






Aquatic Deployment: A Submersible may only enter play at an
area that has been designated as water (or equivalent!). This area
must be large enough to contain the Submersible model. The
Submersible must touch an area of land for its passengers to
disembark. Submersibles may never enter play on the first turn.
Roll a dice on the second and subsequent turns to see if the
Submersible enters play. Once it has entered play the Submersible
may not move, but its passengers may disembark and assault as
if it were an open-topped vehicle.

Submersible enters on:

Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3

Turn 4

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A Pulsa Rokkit is far more than a mere incendiary device. It

contains a large and unstable force field generator that
teeters on the brink of contradictory physics; should its lowgrade force field be disrupted, it will collapse with
unpredictable but usually devastating results. The Orks like
to encourage such a potentially lethal disruption by wiring
the force field into a missile and firing the whole
contraption at the enemy.
The resultant impact drives the potent force field inside into
a state of collapse, sending out great waves of suppressing

force that can grind an enemy face first into the dirt. The
force-pulses emitted by the largest Pulsa Rokkits can crush
an enemy as effectively as if the Ork Gods themselves have
squashed the foe flat with their hoary green feet.
As with all Ork inventions, the Pulsa Rokkit varies greatly in
design and implementation. Some are little more than field
generator spheres with wings and rokkits strapped to them,
others are building-sized labours of love. Whatever their
size, they all force the enemy to the ground, giving the
Boyz all the time they need to reach the enemy lines.

Pulsa Rokkit Foot of Gork,

Asgrax Devastation, M.41

Guiding grindrails

Pulsa Rokkit

When the Pulsa Rokkit

known as Da Big Red Fist
was launched at the
Imperial forces invading
Gogrok Island, the pulses it
emitted forced an entire
company of Ultramarines
into the dirt of the
archipelagos airstrip. The
island eventually fell apart
under the terrible forces
acting upon it, sending the
Ultramarines into the
polluted depths.
Size Komparison.

UNIT: 1 Ork Pulsa Rokkit

TYPE: Static Super-heavy




- The Pulsa Rokkit can be upgraded to a Big Pulsa Rokkit at
a cost of +50 points. Big Pulsa Rokkits add +1 to their rolls
on the Pulsa Rokkit chart and have an additional Structure
- The Pulsa Rokkit can have a Grot pilot at +30 points. A
Grot pilot enables you to re-roll the scatter dice to
determine where the Pulsa Rokkit lands.
- The Pulsa Rokkit can be upgraded to have a Stable Force
Field at the cost of +75 points. A Pulsa Rokkit with this
upgrade has the same effect as a Force Field Generator
Strategic Asset until it is launched.

Unknown Quantity: When firing the Pulsa Rokkit, choose a
target within 120 of the launch pad. The Rokkit is treated as
Ordnance that deviates 4D6. Place the Rokkit itself as near as
possible to the point of impact, otherwise use a marker. When it
has landed, and again at the beginning of each Ork turn, roll on
the following table:
D6 roll Result
Fzzzcrack - The Pulsa Rokkit sends out a short sharp pulse of
force. All units within 2D6 must take a Pinning test.
Thrrrummm The ground itself trembles and shakes. All units
with a model within 3D6 of the Pulsa Rokkit must take a
Pinning test and have their WS and BS reduced to 1 until the
beginning of the next Ork turn.
Wohhhm - The Pulsa Rokkit thrums and shakes, sending out
waves of surpressive energy. All units within 4D6 are Pinned
and take 3D6 S4 hits. Vehicles instead take D3 glancing hits.

One-shot wonder: Pulsa Rokkits can be fired once per battle.

They ignore all damage results except Destroyed.

Games Workshop Limited 2007. Games Workshop, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Apocalypse are , TM and/or Games Workshop Limited 2007. All rights reserved.


The shokk attack gun is a miracle of Ork technology that
few Meks ever manage to build. When bands of insane
Meks mob together brandishing these fearsome - if
unpredictable - weapons, it results in a myriad of
devastating effects. Infantry regiments are overwhelmed,
drowned by a continuous tide of deranged, terrified
Snotlings. Battle-tanks are destroyed and even mighty
Titans buckle, as the collosal forces of crossing warp beams
are unleashed. The destructive potential of a Shokk Attack
Battery is not something that should be underestimated, by
friend or foe!
The sheer number of Snotlings required to keep a Shokk
Attack Battery fully loaded is staggering. Normally the

Meks resent time spent rounding up Snots to fire from their
shokk attack guns, time that could be better used making
something more zappy! To get around this and to ensure
that a constant stream of Snotlings is herded towards the
Meks, the assistance of several Runtherds is required. Each
Runtherd is usually given a brand new grot-prod or an extra
grabby stick for his troubles, which is only fair seeing as he
probably wont get any of his Snots back. The Meks, not
needing to worry about the bothersome process of
loading the Snotlings themselves anymore, can
concentrate on more exciting things like shooting.
Occasionally they even explore the concept of aiming.







Gitbags Herd



Ghargameks Shokk Mob

Gehenna Prime
Siege of Kravaster

3+ Big Meks with shokk attack guns.

Snotling Herd: Consisting of 5-20 Snotling Swarms at 8

points per base and 1-4 Runtherds. One Runtherd must be
chosen for every 5 Snotling Swarms (or part thereof).

1+ Snotling Herd.
One Big Mek must be designated as a Boss Mek (his profile is






Special Rules: Swarm

Strike Force: All Big Meks and Snotling Herds must be deployed within 6 of the Boss Mek, or, if coming on from reserve, they
must enter the table within 6 of the point entered by the Boss Mek.
Firing a Shokk Attack Battery: Instead of firing separately a Shokk Attack Battery may fire using the Apocalyptic Barrage
template, with a number of dice equal to the number of shokk attack guns in the battery. Roll 2D6 to determine the Strength of
the whole battery. If a double (or an 11) is rolled consult the chart on page 35 of Codex: Orks and immediately apply that result to
all shokk attack guns in the battery.
We Needs More Zoggin Snotlings!: If both a Runtherd and a Snotling Swarm are within 6 of a shokk attack gun you may
sacrifice D3 Snotling bases and roll three dice instead of two when determining the Strength of the Shokk Attack Battery, discarding
the lowest dice roll. If a triple is rolled, the combined warp-beams manage to rip a gaping hole in the fabric of reality. Resolve the
attack exactly as if a Vortex Grenade had landed on the central hole of the Apocalyptic Barrage template. In the unfortunate result
of a triple 1 something goes disastrously wrong as warp containment fields overload and collapse. No shot is fired. Remove all Big
Meks in the Shokk Attack Battery and resolve the shot as if a Vortex Grenade has landed where the Boss Mek was standing.
Games Workshop Limited 2007. Games Workshop, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Apocalypse are , TM and/or Games Workshop Limited 2007. All rights reserved.


In any large-scale Ork invasion there will always be a hard
core of speed-obsessed nutcases determined to get to the
front line first. Even when they are not at war the Orks love
violent, white-knuckle rides, and will take any excuse to
zoom around their encampments in souped-up vehicles.
The race to the battlefront, known to many as Da Deffrace, is an experience of near-religious ecstasy surpassed
only by the high-speed killing that ensues. To be recognised
as Da Winna is an extremely high accolade, especially if
the driver in question manages to survive the battle.
Though he would never admit it, each Ork driver has his
favoured opponents in this lethal race those of his peer
group who he constantly tries to outdo with more and
more outlandish modifications to his beloved machine.

Trukk drivers also try to stick close to one another, the
better to see who actually wins the race (though this is
usually subject to rather a lot of discussion after the battle
is won). As a result it is common to see all the Trukks of a
Speed Freek warband careen into battle together in a great
flotilla of ramshackle vehicles, accidentally swinging their
wreckin balls at each other, attacking from boarding planks
and trying to ram each other off the road. The raucous
camaraderie and sheer mayhem of the Deff-race can
actually work to the Speed Freeks advantage, however, for
the enemies of the Orks find it almost impossible to draw a
bead on the skidding, careening vehicles as they shove and
jostle for pole position.


Da Roadstas

Other Trukk-mounted
units of the Flaming
Wheels tribe:
Da Meen Machine Ladz
Da Red Deff Boyz
Da Speedstas
Krugs Blitz Boyz
Da Burnin Rubber Boyz

Da Killkart Krew



Fundas Bolts

3+ Ork Trukks. One Trukk must be designated as the Command Vehicle.

Strike Force: All units in a Trukk Konvoy must be deployed
within 6 of the Command Vehicle or must enter play within
6 of the point entered by the Command Vehicle.
Roadsters: The Ork Trukk Konvoy benefits from a Strategic
Redeployment stratagem. If the Trukks travel only on roads in
any given turn their maximum move is 48 instead of 24.
Oops, da wheels slipped: Once per turn, instead of
shooting, any Trukk in the Konvoy can inflict a S6 hit on
another Trukk in base contact in order to immediately move

an extra +2D6 forward. This represents the Ork krew

ramming into a rival Trukk before making good their escape!

Oi! Stop runnin away, yer snivellin

humies, we got a race on here!
Skabgutz, Ork Trukk Boy

Games Workshop Limited 2007. Games Workshop, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Apocalypse are , TM and/or Games Workshop Limited 2007. All rights reserved.