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Ⅰ.Types & Name
Ⅱ. Main using & Performance Features
Ⅲ. Principle of Work
Ⅳ. Major Structure
Ⅴ. Adjustment
Ⅵ. Working Process
Ⅶ. Operation & points for attention
Ⅷ. Package & Transportation
Ⅸ. Common faults & Elimination
Ⅹ. Product Services
Ⅺ. Appendix

filling.Ⅰ. LCS—LX—W/Y1/2—口 A Packing Machine Modified number:such as A、B、C etc. 2. This function 1 . long service life and higher performance-price ratio. double hopper Feeding-in code:Screw Indicate form:Digital The structure of transfer:Resistance strain chip Category:Hopper scale Ⅱ. It has features as follow: (1) It has functions as weighting. transportation and packaging. Main Using & Performance Features 1. Y. low-energy and easy-operation. Construction form code:W. Types & Name The machine is named with Semi-Auto-packing Machine (LCS-LX). single hopper. The structure is compact and reasonable and the appearance is novel and perfect. Each suit is composited with a fixed scale. reliable performance. feed. 2. e. It also has the features as low-noise. (3) Technologies as digital filter、analogue filter、 eliminate mechanical vibration and impacting materials to improve the speed and precision. which can improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity to improve working environment. (2) High-speed weighing data-sampling、auto-compensation and steady-zero、net-measure etc. Performance Characteristics It is mechanical and electric integration controlled by program. (4) It can feed automatically and track the changes about the flow of materials. chemical and food industry etc. according to the HB0001-00. Maximum weighting:such as 10Kg、15Kg、25Kg etc. 1. flour fish meal. without hopper.g. Main Using It is suitable for quantitative packing of the powdery material in the grain. MB0001-00. transportation. with hopper. It is high measurement precision. bag-sewing machine.

control instrumentation signals sent song bag. put on bags. when the material reached the weight of the amount of set value in advance. slow feed When the weight of materials to achieve fast feed settings. starting the work. material falling into the packaging bag for weighing. (7) We can do the special designs according to the user requirements. the next material level). medium. instrument stability compared sentenced to complete the weighing process When the deposit material on the silo to the feed-bit digital signal detected after (on the material level. resetting . stop the feed to carry out (or keep) Slow feed expected. control instrumentation to bagging the signal is in place. fault monitoring. slow feed. stop feeding quickly to carry out (or keep) in feed. automatically peeled. so on ad infinitum run. Ⅲ. until the next station. packing bag automatic whereabouts of the bags carried by the conveyor conveyor sewing bag. There are many ways to the feed body composition: Driven by inverter motor control using a screw auger and feed bodies achieve the fast frequency tunable. 2 . clearing following situation of material in time to ensure precision reliable. Principle of Work After packing machine was into the auto-run (start) state. medium. (5) Feeding and compensation automatically. control system opens the feed device to feed. When the material reaches the feed weight settings. stop slow feeding. the completion of weighing.ensures the precision exactly. automatic diagnosis technique and several data communication interfaces ( joined by computer or printer ) to make site management and centralized control management easy. (6) Multifunctional display. feeding until the end of control instruments to compare sentenced steady. feeder institutions began to work (single-auger and feed conversion) When the feed weight to achieve pre-set fast.

electrical components. sewing bag conveyor. intercept feeding device. its fast. which includes storage silos. pneumatic system. thereby ensuring uniform feed and stable. electric control devices. and orderly work. control cabinets. slow feed. etc. dust removal system. frame. role in the control system. (4) Folder folder bag bag device mainly consists of institutions. load-bearing brackets and weighing sensors to complete the weight to shift and transfer signals to a control unit. Level Field Feeding status of devices can be adjusted according to the installation location to ensure its sensitivity. in the course of weighing agencies should not have additional presence of additional external forces. (middle). scale body. gates. (5) Electric control device consists of weighing display controller. clip bag devices. Main Structure Quantitative packing machine from the weighing unit. in storage silos equipped with a device to measure the material level the adequacy of materials. (2) According to the different selection of materials of different feeding device. ensure that there are more than twice the weight of packaging material is stored in order to feed feeding mechanism to work. so that the entire system according to a pre-set procedures. Which affect the packaging speed and accuracy are key components weighing unit. (Due to a high degree of customer on-site installation is different from a bucket packing machine is not equipped with storage silos). role is to clamp bag (without hopper scale packaging bags and folders bags together weighing devices). (middle). composition. slow feeding of material flow can be adjusted individually in order to ensure quantitative packing machine requirements to meet the measurement accuracy and speed requirements.. (1) Storage silos for the buffer-type hopper for material reserves and to provide a nearly uniform material flow. etc. (3) Scale body mainly by weighing bodies (non-hopper scales folder bag institutions and weighing sensor connected to the body). pneumatic components.Ⅳ. allowing completion of weighing all the material falling into the bag. in the weighing process to provide fast. 3 . (6) Auxiliaries is composed of conveyor and bag-sewing machine. so as not to seriously affect the accuracy of measurement.

Preparation: In this instructions. otherwise. Quantitative packing machine parameters to be set higher. Packing auger machine access to three-phase power should check the motor and auger and steering are correct. auger clockwise rotation. place bag to the bag clipper.6Mpa; (2) Turn on the electrical power. and recheck the dosing unit weight of the bag by weighing scale to adjust and control the error as per weighing precision.4-0. dividing the value of 10g. whether feeding valve closes accurately and clamping part opens rightly or not. make sure that the electrical power is AC220V+10%~15%. Check manually: Whether every manual operation inlet and outlet are normal or not. Verify the weighing system: Please check and fix the weighing system according to the operating manual of weighing control and display part. quantitative values of 50 (40) kg and accuracy of the grades to meet the X (0. the largest weighing 100kg. Adjustment 1. followed by elastic belt should also check whether it is appropriate when the size of the twist space operation Long stuck there blocking phenomena or abnormal noise 3. relax the bag.2) are described below as an example of the technical requirements: (1) Turn on the air power. mid-speed and ordinary speed. Thus. After feeding.Ⅴ. adjusting the pressure reducing valve switch. the specific provisions are: look at the direction of the face of pulley. the following key parameters 4 . (3) Check and ensure that every part has been in right installed. There hopper scales required testing whether it is normal discharge door switch. Commissioning: Press the start button to run this machine. Operate every operating buttons to ensure that they are all OK. 2. the whole debugging is finished. instrument voltage is 220V±10% and DC is 24V±1V. signal of material level is ready ( If no signal. reducing the air pressure to 0. please press the “clean material” button on the main board to get a signal manually ) to feed material by fast speed. this machine would be damaged.

(slow-speed feeding). stop feeding. the case for several packages. Press the start button to run this machine. After weighing the weight of 50.7kg stop feeding. then the amount set in advance is not correct.commonly used as an example described below: Weighing display controller quantitative value can be set for quantitative target. to 37kg when transferred directly into the slow-feeding to 39. is set to complete before continuing to play even a few packages. When the weight > (setting) . Ⅵ. After weighing if the display shows weight of 39. stop quickly feeding. Operator places bag to the bag clipper. fast charging of quantitative packing scale to 30kg when transferred directly to the feeding. Working Process (1) Start up power supply and open the air resource switch. When the weight >(setting) . etc.2kg. 5 . If the meter gets the material level single.15kg.95kg. stop middle-speed feeding. or else it waits.20kg + (39. Example 2: A material target for the 40kg. such as 50kg. and Canada amounted to 10kg. slowly increase the amount of 3kg.10kg if the display shows the case for several packages. fail to meet the circumstances and then adjust. you can modify the lead and 0. then presses the switch and the bag clipper hastens the bag. is set to complete before continuing to play even a few packs of meet packaging accuracy without adjustment.3kg. you can modify the lead and 0.30kg + (50. middle-speed feeding、slow-speed feeding、advance feeding. ahead of quantity 0. into slow-speed feeding.95-40) = 0. into middle-speed feeding. Example 1: A target material for the 50kg.(middle-speed feeding). ahead of quantity 0. then the amount set in advance is not correct.(slow-speed feeding). When the weight > (setting) . and Canada amounted to 15kg. Then: first. (2) Feeder system starts to feed and the process is fast speed. to turn slowly when feeding 45kg to 49. slowly increase the amount of 5kg. Then: first.10-50) = 0.8kg stop feeding. mid-speed and ordinary speed. fast charging of quantitative packing scale to 35kg into the feeding time.40kg. meet the accuracy requirements without packing adjustment. it feeds. fail to meet the circumstances and then adjust.

Normal operation: (1) Preparation before operating:Check whether the material in hopper is at the right level or not. (2) Press the start button to make this machine run automatically. please press the stop button and the machine will shut down. power supply or the machinery. cleaned and maintained regularly. As well as the soft connection between filling part and packing 6 . Finally. You should make sure the feeding part and the bearing are in good condition. then operator places bag to bag clipper and the system works smoothly. in cycles. Ⅶ. (4) This packing machine must be examined. The worker puts the pocket mouth into the machine. Please clear the remaining particles attached to the inner surface of hopper and check the sensitivity of the material level. whether the oil in oil cup of the oil-water separator is proper. then in another cycle. You should often check whether there is any gas leakage or pipe broken between the gas path joints. Therefore. ensure that air pressure and electrical power is OK. or the water in the water cup has been eliminated. 2. then bag falls to the conveyor. (4) Conveyor transports the bag to bag-sewing machine. (3) When stop working. please stop the machine immediately and set the instrument to be manual model.(3) Weighing system does measuring and weighing automatically until finishing. You should often check the gas pipe which connects to the bag clipper is free. And add grease to the nipple on the bearing chock regularly. treading the foot switch. Attention: (1) Do not strike or collide the weighing part to guarantee the weighing precision and protect the weighing sensor. suturing and breaking the line. It is a working cycle. (2) If something is wrong with the air source. (5) Operator places another bag to the bag clipper. Do not restart this machine until problems are solved;if discharge or fired,you must cut off the electricity immediately and ask electrician to examine and repair it. the operator sews bags. Operation & points for attention 1. The bag clipper would open after bag clapping and making solid.

and do not tear down if unnecessary. Please fasten the bolt of sensor closely. By the way. Specially. If you find the material getting stiffened after long time using. (6) If stop operation for a long period. the weighing sensor is high precise component. it’s banned to do welding or others on the equipment. so please do not overload or strike it. you should ensure that the stressed part is consistent with the marked arrow. please let out all the remaining materials in the machine. (5) When installing the sensor. please often examine and ensure the ground wire is fixed reliably. reducer and motor every year. clean them and cover the electrical control box with plastic film to avoid humidity. Notice:please operate your optional weighing control display according to the attached specific the work manual. And. And often clean the remaining material of the sewing machine. you must change lubricant for the bearing. please wash it regularly by water. You should add oil twice to the every operating screw of sewing machine. After installation. And.machine shell. cut off the air source and electrical source. 7 . please make sure that the numbered and colored wires are connected rightly with the connector on the back main board of the control instrument.

Electrical components during damage. displayer do not 2. 8 . 5. process. please increase the anti-interference measures of the equipment. Check if control circuit is disconnection or connection badly. contactors.Ⅷ. process. Don’t stack arbitrarily and inversion. 2. 1. 1. beginning after indicator. light or weighing 1. motors of circuitry damaged. Check the connect situation between the displayer display 3. Do not crash and damage the machine structure and paint surface in the transport process. The equipment is placed in the wooden cases by damp-proof treatment. Displayer connects badly. 3. Check if the fuse is all right. Work single failure. Over proof is too large or interrupts during too much leavings in production hopper. Check and exclude the failure according to the failure single. Check the source of strong electromagnetic interference and exclude it. Trouble of weighing and electric control box. Solve above problems then reboot the machine. Stack the box according to the packing tagging during the transportation. misoperation 3. Executive 1. production 4. boot-strapping. Common faults & Elimination Failure Category Failure Reason Checking and Treatments 1. 4. 3. 4. 3. Package & Transportation 1. Mechanical failure. Check the whole working program. If not. Process program 2. 2. 3. Check situation of the weighing control displayer. 3. Ⅸ. modify it. mechanism 2. Check if feeding system is jammed and the closed interval of hopper door. 4. Check if relays. 4. 2. travel switches. Power supply fault. ensuring hoisting at the mobile marker when hoisted by wire rope. Display failure single. Hoist at the lift device site of setting evenly and slowly. Do not hoist at other site to avoid accident. Check if jammed or connection is loosened or broken off. Power supply or air no-action or supply deficiency. misconnection etc. If the program is failure. 5. Strong electromagnetic interference. 1. 2. Check if electrical components reach to normal press or air leakage. Check if the power incoming line is connecting all Pilot lamp do not right. Solve above problems then reboot the machine.

the machine can not enjoy the after-sale service. replacing if damaged. 3. Setting the time of fast speed feeding and ordinary speed feeding operation again. 1. transportation etc lead to unable to use. Grounding device is unreliable. the 1. the machine can enjoy the after-sale service. 5. 9 . Check and adjust feeding system and material discharge system. 5. Weighing sensor and weighing displayer are damaged or connecting lead has something wrong. Setting valve of material falling before down to ground again. 2. it can not enjoy the after-sale service. Setting working parameters again. 2. (2) Because of customer did not operate exactly according to the Work Manual or damaged by non-normal use. Check connection of all parts and assembling again. (3) The equipments which produced by other companies and bought by us according to customer’s demand. 2. Check weighing sensor and weighing displayer again and connect them again. 4. 6. Improve the working environment. Install weighing sensor again. Setting of valve of material falling before down to ground is wrong. 3. 3. Setting of working parameters is wrong. 3. packing. 1. Installation of weighing sensor is not firmly or connecting lead is getting loosen. 1. Working environment of weighing displayer is inconsistent with regulations. Weighing precision exceeds permissible error. Product Service 1. 4. Service Scope: (1) Because of the reasons as quality.Data of weighing displayer is unstable or change of data is more than the permissible error of machine. Feeding system or material discharge system has something wrong. Ⅹ. 6. Time setting of fast speed feeding and ordinary speed feeding operations are wrong. Connection between machine hopper and machine shelf is unnormal. Check grounding device and install it again to make it reliable. 2.

knock them into the ground by 1. and make sure that the earth 10 . if you have any questions. it should be built in exclusive ground wire. we suggest that you read the Work Manual carefully before running the machine. To make better use of our product and get the functions of our machine to the utmost. Appendix 1.5 meters long. 2. UPS will be hard to satisfy it. then it needs another AC voltage stabilizer of 500VA. please directly contact us and we will do our utmost to fulfill your needs. 50×50×5 or 63×63×5 standard.8 meters deep on the four square edge angles. customer should pay for the cost. And. Construction ways ( for reference ) : Dig a hole of 1×1×1 meter outside. free spare parts if our product can not work that caused by the machine’s quality.2. Exclusive ground wire To improve the anti-jamming ability and protect the operators. it should be equipped one UPS ( Uninterruptible Power Supply ) with AC 500W with the function of voltage stability. If customer needs our engineer to come to the factory. During this guarantee period. select four pieces of galvanization angle iron with 2. Power supply The weighing displaying controller and upper managing department should use single-phase AC220V,50Hz. For users whose power are single-phase voltage and often exceed 250V. And the required earth resistance≤ 4Ω. and the power ≤500W. Period of After-Sale Free Service The machine should be guaranteed by the seller for a period of one year from the date you buy it on condition that you use and maintain it according to the Work Manual. the seller will supply free maintenance guide. instrument and computer. 3. Ⅺ. And the wire position is as better as near to the instrument and computer. But it has to keep at least 3 meters distance from other grounded device. weld the four pieces angle iron to be a whole project with galvanization flat iron of 30×5 or 40×5. Other Service We will provide free service of training the operators for you in our factory. For users who are in the places with steady voltage. Afterwards.

List of spare parts for maintenance Button Rotory Switch Duplex Fitting Solid State Relay Miniature Circuit Breaker AC Contactor Oil-water Separator Limit Switch Bearing Y090-11 Y090-11XB APE8 SAP4840D Indicator Light Miniature Circuit Breaker Air Pipe (PU Pipe) Power Switch Y090-D-220V DZ47-60-1P/C5 US98A8055 S-50-24 DZ108-20/111-3P Electromagnetic Valve 4V210-08 CJX1-9/22-36V BFC-3000 YBLX-ME/9101 NSK UCFU206、205 Treading Timing Throttle Check Valve Oil Seal Joints( 90°) EN(YDT1-11) ASL8-02B NQK 40×60×8 APL8-02 11 . please add grounding terminal. Adopt BVR—500—4. packing machine and the warehouse’s main ground wire should be reliably linked as a whole system by copper wire to form a equipotential body so as to anti-jamming. Also. then connect to the middle plug of the three cores’ electrical source of AC voltage stabilizer. Special attention: instrument surface. Finally.0 standard cable and link to the control room. If not meet the standard.resistance≤ 4Ω. then infill the holes. link the surface of AC voltage stabilizer. instrument main ground wire. upper managing computer and weighing control display to the exclusive ground wire. 3. weld it with galvanization flat iron of 30×5 and link it out. instrument box surface.

12 .