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Task A
1. Starting at row 3 on a new spreadsheet, enter the data from the Property Listing
sheet provided;
Save the file appropriately starting or ending with your initials or name
In addition to the Property Name, Location and Floor Size, the spreadsheet should
include the following for each property:
Owner Name – (2 columns). The current first and last name of the registered
owner of the property
Type – The design or style of the property. Ie. Apartment, Town-House, Condo,
Duplex or Detached
Ensure that your data is compliant with the following:
 Make sure that you have at least four (4) properties of each type, i.e. at least

four apartments, at least four town-houses, etc.
Each property should be registered under a different owner;

no two

properties should have the same owner
2. After your last column, add two new columns named Price/SqM and Total Price
3. In the Price/SqM column, enter the cost of a square meter of floor-size. Prices
should be either $900, $1000, $1100 or $1200. (You should use each price at least
four times)
4. In the Total Price column, calculate the total price of each property.

5. Add a new column after Total Price to hold a fee to take care of the property.
Choose a suitable name for this column using 1 or 2 words.

This fee will be a

monthly charge. It should be less than 1 tenth of the total price of the property.
Enter different fees for each property


type the phrase No. Create a column chart to show the first 6 last names along with the total price and the monthly caring fee for each property.6. Create a simple 3D or 2D pie chart to show the total price for the first 5 properties on the Listings sheet. Listings. Name the range Export. Charts 12. That is from row 3 to the last property record. (No 3D charts) 13. Under the Property Name column. Add borders to all cells from row 3. For each slice show the Property Name. Name the sheet tab. Bold the column names 10. Copy the Listings sheet to two new sheets in the same file. axis titles and a legend to the left. calculate the average price per property. On each of the 3 sheets. 8. Add an appropriate label to the left of each of the 2 values. Create a named range using only the records of this table. type the sheet name in A1 and format each title appropriately. use a function to display the number of properties in your table. Below the Total Price column calculate the total price of all the properties in the table. 11. use a function to find the average size of the properties (in sq meters). (2 bars per property) The chart should be appropriately labeled with a chart title. Below this answer. Under the column with the owner names. Below the Floor Size column. Select only columns Property Name to _______________. Name the sheet tabs Sorted Listings and Taxes respectively. of listings. 7. 1 row below No. Display the average to 1 decimal place 9. of Listings. Landscape the sheet. Your graph should be 2 dimensional only with a white background and have 1 bar for size and 1 bar for price. the total 2 .

sort this sheet by Type (in ascending order) then by Floor Size (in descending order) 17. 19. Delete all the rows below the last property. bearing in mind that the tax percentage may change from year to year. 3 .price and the percentage the total represents in the group of 5. Add a column named Class to the table and use it to display this information efficiently. Otherwise. In a single action. Each property incurs a government tax of 15% of the total price. Add a column to your sheet to display the tax on each property. it is labeled Standard. Add a suitable title and remove the legend or key. Add a footer to the Sorted Listings sheet. 20. 15. The property is named Atlantic Sunrise and has 280 meters of floor space. A property is considered Premium if the price per square meter is greater than $1000. Insert the following property into the table: A condo owned by Amy David. with the sheet name and your initials in the center. Create an advanced filter to show all rows with Detached properties whose Price/SqM is $1100 or more. Task C (Use the Taxes sheet for the following section) 18. Use a formula to calculate the tax. Each property is classified based on the pricing of the floor space. located at Mountain View. 16. (No fancy charts) Task B (Use the Sorted Listings sheet for the following section) 14.

Do NOT color your tables 4 Tiny print will NOT be . In an appropriate area on the spreadsheet. 21. 22.000. 23. Convert all monetary values to currency. Arial or Calibri font. Print all 3 data sheets and the 2 graphs. Display the sheet so that it shows most of the columns on the 1 st page or on a single page. Format this row to make it stand out. Use font size 11 or 12 for the tables.250.    Use Times New Roman. The new property should neither be placed first nor last on your list. The real estate agency has a sales target of $6. 8 ½ x 11inches) NB.  accepted. Formula sheet fonts should be no smaller than size 10. Print also the formula sheet for the Taxes sheet only Sheets should be formatted for printing on letter sized paper (ie. calculate the difference between the sales target and the combined total price of all the properties for sale.Place this information in the table and complete the record. Label this value. Use plain tables with borders around each cell.