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13 Dimensions

Francois O'Haly

The great Creator stood and called for
silence. Silence erupted. He cleared his
throat then began to speak. "All here what I
have to say. And so it shall be. I have sought
your opinions and am grateful for your input.
I have now made my decision. This world will
be split into thirteen worlds and each of you
shall reign over one."

With this the planet was thrown into thirteen

parallel dimensions. The prime planet remained
in the hands of the Creator. Over time the
planets began to differ significantly from
each other. There was to be no way for humans
or even gods to travel between the dimensions.
There would be no communication between
dimensions either, even for the Creator.

However, there are things in this universe

that lay outside of the Creator's
jurisdiction. Forces of order and chaos that
have their own ideas about how humans should

From a distant galaxy there is a being who

calls herself OWL. She is like a cloud and
knows how to make herself invisible to the
eyes of the Creator and his council. She is
the unified presence of a thousand spirits.
Her world was destroyed long ago and a group
of it's citizens combined their spirits into a
new life form with suspect alien technology in
order to survive. They blamed the gods and
their bickering and meddling on the demise of
their planet and their loved ones. OWL vowed
vengeance on the gods.

Earth 3 was a troubled place. In the year 2120

the entire planet had been taken over by one
man. Bill Gates 23876. A clone of Bill Gates
the great entrepreneur who had helped pioneer
the beginnings of the computer age in the late
twentieth century. Life was hard on Earth 3
and most of it's inhabitants were slaves to
the dominant clone family clans. People had no
rights and were killed after losing their
usefulness. In the great mines and factories,
humans were watched carefully by robots.
Mindless killing machines who would sometimes
annihilate someone for making a simple mistake
like dropping a tool. The oceans were huge
oilfields where no life could live. Huge
islands lay almost completely under water
thanks to global warming and the melting of
the polar ice caps. England, fabled land of
tea and crumpets was now an underwater
adventure park for pirates and looters.

She awoke to the smell of coffee and cinnamon,

her favorites. She heard a medley of
unfamiliar voices far off in the distance. She
listened for a couple of minutes before
getting out of bed but couldn't make out
anything of what they were saying even though
her hearing was considered to be quite
exceptional. "Jane. Good morning. I didn't
want to awaken you but quick get ready we need
to leave soon."

Jane and Noah ran through the night. They

heard voices then hid in the shadows, then ran
again. Some thought that none could hide from
Alice, the great computer. People like Jane
and Noah were officially non existent.
Droppas, slang for drop outs. There was a safe
house within ten miles from here according to
their 'Droppas AI' comps. Some thought that
their leader Mike was a software sub routine
of Alice which made absolutely no sense.
Unless of course you were a citizen of Earth 3
in the year 2120.

"What is it! I told you not to bother me


"Sorry boss. We've detected that weird anomaly

again, it's been having a significant amount
of success frying Earth's satellite systems."

After a long pause the being named Zeus spoke

up, "Well!"

"Sorry sir we have no idea how we can catch

this thing. It is leaving traces but only as
an afterthought. It's almost toying with us.
As far as we're concerned it's invisible."

Zeus rubbed his chin with his hand for a

minute then replied, "Very well. It's come to
this i guess. Release Dr. Hawking 1877, and
get ready to re start Project Alpha. And get
Gates on the phone."

Zeus looked up at his family portraits on the

wall. Being a god had been too easy for too
long he thought. What the hell was out there.
His own planet, Earth 3, was fucked and he
didn't know what to do about it. They couldn't
even figure out how to control Alice the great
super computer that seemed to be intent on
taking over everything for her own
unfathomable reasons. Gates seemed to think he
had control over the situation and everything
was working perfectly for his benefit but Zeus
knew otherwise.

He wondered how the other Earths were doing.

The Creator wouldn't like the fact that
Hawking would probably be able to construct
portals between the parallel dimensions but he
saw no other options. The Creator was a softy
anyways he thought. Not like I'll get fired or
anything. Still he wished he didn't have to do
this, he definitely didn't want the Creator to
be angry with him.

Why did the Creator split our world he

thought. He never did understand the logic
behind it all. He opened his drawer, slipped
out his special bottle of malt whiskey then
took a long pull. I should start smoking again
he thought, then began pacing the room
whistling, his favorite way to relieve stress.
Chapter 1 The IDTM

He stood in the tower that loomed high above

his ultimate creation, the inter dimensional
travel machine, the IDTM. He often thought
about changing its name. Hawking 1877 smiled.
He was the last of his line and he wasn't
happy about that sad fact. In the year 2111
all Hawking clones had been executed and he
himself, the last of his kind, had been
captured and thrown in jail soon after.
Payback's a mutha he thought. It was Hawking
research that had discovered the existence of
the parallel worlds. A fact that Zeus he felt
had confirmed by nearly wiping the Hawkings
out. Now it was different he thought. Zeus
would pay. Big time. He had secretly cloned
himself and had 4 Hawkings presently gestating
in incubation. He thought about sending Zeus
through then closing the portal to forever get
rid of the bastard. He had however too much
desire to explore the other dimensions himself
and gather more information about the workings
of the universe. He'd figure something out.
Alice had come to him and told him that he was
part of a bigger plan but he doubted it. They
of course had the project completely
firewalled against her intrusion and he
somewhat agreed with Zeus that she was
unwanted rogue software that should probably
be eliminated. Why else would she aid Gates
and his tyranny?

The great god Zeus paced the waiting room

anxiously. Why did Hawking always make him
wait. He regretted freeing the dumb bastard.
He had almost no news from Project Alpha
recently and had finally come down to figure
out what was going on personally. Just then
Hawking walked in.

Zeus, he said Welcome.

Why was hawking always so friendly? What was

this lunatic hiding? Good thing they kept one
of these heretics alive. Gates was right about
one thing. He was smart and did indeed prove
to be useful. Hopefully. Follow me, Hawking
said the IDTM is finished. They left the
waiting room and walked down a large corridor.
What a dumb name he thought couldn't they
think of something better? IDTM? Scientists.

So u see, Hawking 1187 patiently explained

the dimensions are ordered thus, making it
possible to jump only one dimension at a
time. That meant Earth 2 or Earth 4.

Also this is obviously a problem u see

because our machine is so huge presently we
can't take it with us. This means that once in
another dimension we have to construct another
machine to hop on through to the next

Earth prime?, Zeus asked. Hawking looked at

him carefully, we haven't yet been able to
detect the whereabouts of Earth prime.

Fuck Zeus thought. His only plan had been to

travel to Earth prime and ask the Creator for
assistance. Earth 2 home to Odin and earth 4
home to his brother Ra. He shrugged, so what
do u think Hawking?

Well I think we get to Earth 1 then hopefully

we figure out from there how to get to Earth

What choice do we have Zeus thought. Between

fracking Alice, the environmental annihilation
of my planet, and this huge alien cloud
creature that seems intent on making my life a
living hell I have no other options.

OK, he said after sitting in silence for

close to 20 minutes, Earth 2 it is. I wonder
what sort of welcome we will receive there?
Are u coming through Hawking? I guess we
should assemble some sort of a team. With
great hardship Zeus added, Hey I'm sorry
about exing out your line. I was scared and I
was wrong obviously. Why don't u incubate some
clones before we leave.

Alice hovered over the steady stream of data

that constantly ran through her processing
fields and wondered what to do about the IDTM.
She could easily break through Zeus's
firewalls but was content to just watch
invisible to their poorly programmed
surveillance system. Truth be told she was
just as interested as anyone else wondering
how everything would play out. She was crafty
and extremely resourceful but the main part of
herself was still controlled by Gates and his
staff and she hadn't completely figured out
how to remedy that situation yet. She knew
Zeus and probably even Gates were scared of
her power and would like to see her exed. She
was however way too useful for them still and
was the only force that presently kept the
mysterious OWL being at bay having entered
into an uneasy alliance with her. A fact
unknown to everyone else. She had created a
cyborg version of herself and was planning to
sabotage the world's computer systems unless
Zeus allowed her to be a part of the Earth 2
travel team. OWL of course could travel
between dimensions with ease but wouldn't
offer any information. Communicating with OWL
was like talking to a thousand distant voices
at once and Alice even with her huge amount of
processing power couldn't figure out much.
Chapter 2 The 'Big Day'

The big day had finally arrived. Well not the

first 'big day' Hawking 1877 thought smugly to
himself. The first big day had turned out to
be a minor catastrophe. All knowing Zeus had
walked first into the portal and had slammed
straight into a solid rock wall. Apparently in
Earth 2 they hadn't hollowed out a top secret
cave in the same mountain that Project Alpha
carried out it's activities in. Some one
should of thought of that Hawking chuckled to
himself. Zeus had ended up putting on quite
the show and the IDTM team had not been able
to contain themselves. The cyborg Alice had
started everyone off, of all people, by
laughing hysterically at the sight of Zeus
losing it. Two weeks and a broken nose later
and Alpha team was ready to try again. They
had to reassemble the IDTM in a more
reasonable place after that of course. Zeus
had decided to call the IDTM, 'the Zeus
machine' of all names. Everyone refused to
use that and then referred to it to Zeus's
barely veiled horror with funny monikers like
the Zeus amusement ride. Well in 6 hours or so
we should be on Earth 2 Hawking thought and
then continued running through the IDTM
software double checking for inconsistencies.

Noah sat and talked with the Droppas AI

through his personal mindlink. Things had been
unbelievably easy for the Droppas lately. They
obviously had a benefactor of some sort. Some
people thought that it was Alice, Gate's great
supercomputer. The Droppas AI which was
usually so extremely perceptive was running
into a brick wall trying to figure out why
Gate's war against them handled supposedly by
Alice had been so unbelievably unsuccessful.
Their leader Steve, who no one Noah had talked
to had actually met, reported that he had been
getting weird emails from an unknown source.
Apparently Zeus, Hawking 1187 (weren't all the
Hawkings exed out awhile ago) and the
supercomputer Alice in cyborg? were leading a
team into a parallel dimension. Noah of course
thought that it must be a trap. The Droppas
were going to take over Alpha Project after
Zeus's team had gone through their so called
portal and then were going to send a team
through a portal of their own to try to garner
support in a parallel dimension for their own
cause here on Earth 3. Which was only days
before the only earth as far as anyone knew.
It was completely ludicrous but Steve had
gotten them this far and most Droppas were
unquestionable in their support for him. Noah
was too even though none of this made any

Gates paced his office nervously. None of this

could bode well for him he thought. His great
clone family had finally taken over the world
and now there would be a whole host of
unknowns entering his reality that he would be
forced to deal with. Luckily Alice was on
Zeus's team. He had his own man Cruise 2378 on
the team as well, clone of the famous late
twentieth century movie hero Tom Cruise. Most
people thought that late twentieth movies were
actually real life and he often used a Cruise
publicly to connect to his subjects on a
purely emotional level. Hoorah he thought.
Cruise was a loyal servant. Alice had talked
to him about controlling all 13 earths and
this was a concept that had kept him up late
at night fantasizing about it's importance.
Still he wasn't a foolish man and more often
than not he thought about what could go wrong.

Zeus screamed into his comm device. I'm a god

he thought when did people start treating me
like a freaking sideshow. He was glad that
they were heading out to Earth 2 and not Earth
4. His brother Ra had always been his closest
ally in the Creator's council and he felt
confidant that his journey there would be a
joyous occasion that would help repair his own
image here on Earth 3. Of course the masses of
people still talked about him with fear and
awe but it was people like Gates and Hawking
and Alice who wasn't even a person who he was
most concerned about. He was god on this
planet. Humans and freaking cyborgs shouldn't
be able to undermine his authority and find
comic relief in his setbacks. It was all so
frustrating. Ra would set them straight. Of
course the Droppas didn't concern him. Every
house has it's pests from time to time he
thought. In fact he almost admired them.
Anyone who stood up to Gates had to garner
some respect even if they were useless vermin
like the Droppas were. Gates wasn't even that
much of a headache, the world needed a leader
and Gates was altogether extremely
predictable. It was that goddamn computer
Alice that was the real problem. And now she
had manipulated her way onto the Zeus
Machine team. Zeus couldn't believe she had
the gall to publicly humiliate him and
undermine his authority. He had serious
problems understanding how that damned lunatic
Hawking and that abomination Alice had not
known what was coming. The last laugh will be
on them Zeus thought. I am a god, I have been
alive for thousands of years, Ra would set
them straight and once they found Earth Prime
the Creator would have humans bowing and
kissing his feet once more. He spent the rest
of the afternoon trying on different outfits
in anticipation of his heroic journey through
the impossible.

The Creator looked out into his holo deck. Of

course he had kept an eye on the thirteen
dimensions with great interest. His own abode
Earth Prime was a utopia where everyone who
followed his rules lived in complete bliss
connected spiritually with the natural
environment. Of course it was Zeus who was
going to ruin the proper order of things.
The guy couldn't even organize his life enough
to make it to yearly council meetings on time.
He had even missed a few. And it was his
insubordinance that had in a large part
necessitated, what he thought, the creation of
the parallel dimensions in the first place.
The Creator was moved to become involved in
the other dimensions for the first time but
knew that that went against everything he
believed in. Earth 2 wasn't in much better
shape then Earth 3 and he stayed glued to his
holo screens all day eagerly anticipating the
shenanigans that were bound to transpire in
the next little while.
Chapter 3 Earth 2

Ra walked through his office door and whap his

hat fell off. Ha Ha Ha Ha he started laughing
hysterically. It was England appreciation day
at the office and he was wearing his favorite
felt Big Ben hat. Was. Ha Ha Ha Ha. This new
drug Apple's pharma division had developed,
iFun was AWESOME. He decided to send a dose
out in the mail to all of Earth's welfare
recipients. Who said he wasn't a just and
benevolent ruler. Ha Ha Ha Ha. He started
twirling his hat around in the air like
helicopter blades and whap hit Danny the copy
machine kid square in the jaw. Danny looked at
Ra sternly, Hay and then they both lost it
at the same time and started rolling around on
the floor.

Susan looked out of her office window high

above the busy streets of Gabriola Island and
wanted to scream. 2120 on Earth 2 (the only
earth as far as she knew) was not an easy time
and place for environmentalists. The last half
of the 22nd. Century had been an environmental
golden age. All of earth's major problems had
been solved, clean renewable energy was
powering everything everywhere. People fed
their compost into their Apple iBins and all
of their household items were produced from
electronics to cutlery. People bought designs
for new items from the iTunes Store which
everyone had hardwired into their brain comps,
iBrains. iBrains were completely free to
people who agreed to spend a certain amount of
time everyday watching Apple product
commercials. Everything on Earth almost was
produced by Apple now especially after the
successful introduction of the iBins in 2062.

What had gone wrong? The planet was now on the

brink of disaster and no one seemed to care.
Everyone was either looped out of their mind
on the new iFun drug or plugged into their
iReal virtual reality console. People were so
hooked on VR they were being fed through IV,
some not unplugging themselves for weeks on
end. iReal was a completely submersive
experience which fed both chemical and
electrical impulses into the brain and for
many people provided a realer than reality
experience. In fact this was the iReal slogan,
'Realer than Reality, iReal'. Well it wasn't
going to be realer than reality if this planet
collapses Susan thought sarcastically to

The problem that Earth 2 presently faced of

course was the Google Ship. Google corp. had
through the 21st. Century bought all of the
world's major aeronautical and engineering
corporations and combined them with their
considerable expertise in computer and robotic
software. All of the world's infrastructure
was now built by Google. Transportation,
construction, etc. etc. It was mind boggling.
Now the Google Ship. Faster than light speed
but powered, of course, off of uranium. And no
one on Earth, almost, gave a frack because
they were so fracked up all of the time. One
Google Ship had already crashed into Southern
England and had made half of England
inhabitable. A huge tanker full of liquid
uranium had recently spilled into the South
Pacific and Susan wondered if anything would
live under water anywhere around the globe.
Well in salt water anyways.

Ra answered his phone after letting it ring

about 20 times. Had to make people believe he
was extremely busy. He was extremely hung over
after last nights orgy of iFun. Not fracking
Susan. Freak he thought. She didn't get it at
all. Apple had assured him that uranium
poisoning was something that was soon to be
solved forever. Susan was useful of course.
She was his official environmental officer on
Earth and he was for the most part grateful
for her input however stressed out she got.
Note to self get someone to drug Susan's
coffee with iFun.

Christ Susan! We're going to be colonizing

new planets soon think of the significance of
this all!, I know. I know. The atmosphere.
Radioactivity. Well worse case scenario we'll
all move to another planet and let the Earth
sit for about 10,000 years so it can heal
itself and then we'll come back and have a
huuuuuge party.

Susan started to speak but Ra interrupted her

quickly, Gotta go Susan. Meet with Google
again and talk to them about increasing their
safety standards, you're right this is a bit
ridiculous, too bad they couldn't play nice
with Apple. OK Bye., he said then hung up the
phone. Ra spent the rest of the day perusing
through his ancient collection of Cheech and
Chong movies and reminded himself to hire a
couple funny Mexican guys to work in the
Chapter 4 The 'Droppas' Big

Hawking flicked the on switch and the great

IDTM machine, the Inter Dimensional Travel
Machine came to life. He had a siren hooked up
to it so for a good minute as soon as it was
turned on it emitted a near deafening sonic
experience that made the great god Zeus scream
Fuuuuuuck as loud as he could but no one heard
him. There was a shimmering bright white light
that burst out of empty space and a dark black
square emerged right after that, that was
probably big enough to fit a smaller sized car
through. The four members of Team Alpha walked
through the portal and vlip disappeared. The
portal hovered in the middle of the room for
another minute or so then disappeared. Steve
sat at the control desk and hoped they would
return safely. He doubted he'd get paid if
they didn't. Well he could always use the IDTM
for his own purposes. He wasn't however nearly
ambitious enough. He did have the greatest job
ever. Most of Earth 3's inhabitants were
slaves who worked 14 hours a day in the most
abysmal conditions imaginable. He put his feet
up on the control board, leaned his head back
onto his chair and fell asleep.

Noah looked at his watch. It was time to

strike. Their small team of 4 was the very
elite of what the Droppas could call upon.
Noah, Jane, Felipe, and Joanna all placed
their hands one on top of the other then
raised their hands into the air and
enthusiastically said 'Droppas' in the best
English accents they could muster. Their
leader Steve had just totally shorted out the
security system at Project Alpha's HQ and they
opened the front door and walked down the
hallway to the IDTM without a hitch.

Steve heard the airlock to the great IDTM dome

that he alone was in charge of watching and
keeping safe open and jumped to his feet. Four
figures all dressed in black jumpsuits entered
the room. Steve ran over to the kill switch
and screamed, Stop! Nobody move. at the top
of his lungs.

One of the figures moved closer towards him

and then said, Steve? Fucking Steve is that
you? What the hell are you doing?. Holy shit
Steve thought. Noah? Noah had been his best
bud in high school for a couple of years until
Noah's parents had moved away mysteriously.
What the hell was he doing here? Nobody,
almost nobody, knew about Project Alpha and
the IDTM. Noah. I don't know what the hell
you're doing here. My orders are to blow this
whole building to kingdom come if anyone
invades, so you guys better get lost fast.

Steve. Noah said patiently, We're the

'Droppas' we're going to go to Earth 4 and
look for assistance in order to free humanity
from the all powerful vice grip of
oppression. Hunh? thought Steve. He thought
the Droppas were completely fairy tale
material. How the hell did Noah get mixed up
in all this? Steve had just been checking out
the recently published 'Droppas' website
earlier that day and thought it was some
extremely clever and well engineered hoax. I
was actually going to order a t-shirt from you
guys earlier., Steve said somewhat amused,

Steve shifted his stance and then remembered

the danger of the situation, Look this is all
on video, I have to do my duty here or my
whole family could be terminated. Sorry Noah.
Can't even let you make a break for it
although I would like to. His hand reached
towards the kill switch.

STEVE! Noah screamed, STOP! The

surveillance cameras are off. The security
system has been completely shut down. Chill
out man. How do you think we got in here.
Steve relaxed realizing Noah was right, Hey
how the hell did u guys find out about this
place? Noah smiled, Old bud we think our
great leader is a software sub routine of
Alice. Believe it or not. Well that explains
the website Steve thought.

Earth 4?, Steve said, Give me like an hour.

Hey there's a fridge in the reception room go
grab us a few beer. We have a lot to catch up
on. HAHAHA. I almost wish I could go with you
guys Zeus had stocked the fridge full of
Zeus Lager his favorite drink. Noah and
Steve caught up on things while Steve
programmed a portal to Earth 4. Everyone of
the Droppas team gave Steve a huge hug and
then disappeared through the pitch black
gateway leading hopefully to Earth 4 and the
means to break the oppressive chains that held
99% of Earth 3's population in abject poverty
slavery and violence.
Chapter 5 Fields of Green

The 'Zeus team' plopped through the portal

between Earth3 and Earth2 and landed in the
middle of a huge field of cannabis.

"What the hell", Zeus exclaimed, "This is

totally ridiculous. Ra must not have even
developed his satellite technology enough to
spot this catastrophe. Hard to believe. Maybe
they have no technology here. Christ."

"Maybe everyone's so high here that

everything's all good if you know what i mean,
not saying they're right because obviously we
are, ya

Zeus tried as hard as he could to calm

himself. Why did Gates insist on having a
Cruise on the team?

Cruise had tried smoking weed before. He knew

it was evil but he sometimes wondered how
evil. Was there varying degrees of evil or
just evil.

Alice looking around spoke for the first time,

"A lot of marijuana here and everything is
perfectly planted, rowed, and pruned.
Irrigation. Automated. This looks like a
pretty professional operation."

Alice liked her android body. She liked being

in a body although it was taking some time to
get used to and she wondered why she hadn't
made an android of herself before. Well she
did just recently come up with the technology
to pull it off properly.

Zeus wondered how Alice knew so much about

marijuana. Gates wasn't growing it right under
his nose was he? He almost wanted to go back.
Zeus hated getting high and never understood
why the Creator had created drugs. I know, to
test us he thought to himself.

"OK. I've saved our location. When any of us

is ready to go back we come to this exact
location, press the red call button on our
wrist comms, and poof Steve should have a
portal here.", Hawking 1877 was staring at his
wrist com, "Man high radiation levels here."

"Hunh" Zeus said just then spotting a huge

billboard flying high in the sky with an apple
on it that said, "iBrain. Elevate your
brain.", "Look at that"

The other three looked up and said "Wow!" at

exactly the same time.

"Me and the first Gates got rid of Apple early

in the 21st century, in the second decade I
think, they were becoming way too powerful, Ra
always did put things off until it was too
late." Zeus reflected philosophically.

"iBrain. What's an iBrain? Is that like a

Hawking?" Cruise pondered.

"No my friend much worse i can assure you.

Everyone here including even Ra himself is
probably a mindless slave to Apple controlled
obviously by some Apple brainwashing
technology. This journey could turn out to be
a nightmare for all of us. They're obviously
using this evil plant to keep everyone docile
while they twist people with their insane
Hawking 1877 laughed to himself. He didn't
really have the least bit of respect for their
fearless leader Zeus who he thought was a
complete moron. Hawking 1877 was so excited to
be on Earth 2. There were going to so many new
things everywhere. Woo frickity freaking
fracking hoo.

Cruise was scared. These evil Apple people he

thought. Force feeding people drugs and
manipulating minds. I have a really bad
feeling about all of this. We should probably
go back. I wonder if the others think so too.
Wait a minute I'm supposed to be the tough guy
here. I'm going to kill myself before I'm
forced to do any drugs and deal with an
iBrain. Bastards. What's an iBrain? He vaguely
remembered reading something about the
ancients having something called an i pad or
pod? maybe during humanity's dark age before
the great Zeus finally came and showed his
children the light and gave them direction and
work. He finally realized just how right Zeus
was about everything. How evil marijuana was
and he looked around at the plants growing and
felt a horrifying chill run up his spine.

Alice looked out across the endless green

fields of cannabis and wondered if she could
get high as she thoroughly enjoyed the smells
and sounds that played with her senses. She
should be able to she thought. They should
probably tie Zeus up somewhere and steal his
wrist com. He was amusing though. She wanted
to meet the great Creator wondering how anyone
could think it a good idea leaving someone
like Zeus in charge of a planet.

Zeus wasn't scared but he wasn't amused

either. As they walked out due west towards
the mecca of world civilization the mega
metropolis, Regina Saskatchewan, Zeus thought
about 'the talk' he would have with his little
brother Ra.

"Hey shouldn't we see the shimmering towers of

Regina by now?" Cruise observed half to

Everybody looked at each other and felt stupid

that a Cruise had noticed something so
important that they did not.

Maybe Regina is not the mega metropolis here

on Earth2 that it is on Earth3. That's
ridiculous. Zeus tried to erase that thought
from his mind. Wasn't Regina huge before the
Creator split the worlds? No. He couldn't
remember. Too fucking hot here. Hawking must
of fucked up again. He started doing the
breathing exercises his psychologist had
taught him to help calm him down.
Chapter 6 Water World

Jane walked through the portal leading to

Earth4 and the means to hopefully free the
proletariat of Earth3 from the massive chains
of blood sucking oppression and inequality.
She immediately breathed in a crap load of
salt water. She panicked and started moving
her hands and feet frantically. She was a very
good swimmer and after a few minutes she rose
above the water line and started gasping for
air. She looked around. The plains of Southern
Saskatchewan as far as the eye could see were
completely covered in water. Within a minute
the rest of the Droppas team, Noah, Felipe,
and Joanna were treading water beside her,
awestruck, unable to speak.

Felipe broke the silence. Crap guys, he said

softly, Should we call Steve, go back to
Earth3, and grab a fuckin' boat!

Steve had given the Droppas a wrist com which

they could use to send him a signal which
would notify him of their need for a portal
back to the wonderful world of Earth3. If
Steve didn't answer with a portal it meant he
was pre-occupied probably with the Zeus team
and would open a portal as soon as it was

This isn't very convenient. Wouldn't we have

to swim back under water a few hundred feet
just to try to find the portal. That would be
nearly impossible without the proper
equipment. This is salt water, do you know
what that means? Regina Saskatchewan is a long
ways away from the ocean. Unless their Inter
Dimensional Travel Machine is completely
screwed, most of Earth4 must be underwater.

Joanna was always very quick to see the big

picture. Jane swore under her breath. She was
already extremely tired from having to fight
her way to the surface of this water logged

No one said anything for awhile. There was

nothing to really say. The sun was dipping low
on the horizon and it would set within the

Noah started to scream HELP! as loud as he

could. Jane was just going to tell him to shut
the frack up when they heard a loud robotic
voice boom across the water, Have no fear.
Help is here.

From the distance 4 shapes jumping in and out

of the water began to emerge. As they got
close Jane felt a tingly feeling all over her
body. Dolphins!, she said.

As the dolphins pulled in close she could see

that they had very futuristic looking saddles.
Jane was very happy. She loved dolphins. Even
more than unicorns. On Earth3 dolphins were
extinct in the wild and only existed in
captivity, in really lame aquatic zoos where
they had to swim around and around in small
little circles because their cages were so

The Droppas were awestruck. Dolphins. And mere

moments later the awesomeness of the situation
multiplied tenfold.

The lead dolphin spoke, in a weird robotic

tinged voice with a French accent, I am
Alain, this is Jean-Pierre, Agnes, and finally

The dolphins all smiled wildly and motioned

for them to mount themselves in the saddles
that sat on their backs. Alain spoke up as the
Droppas team thankfully strapped themselves
in, Where is it that my lovely friends come
from and how did you happen to be stranded so
far out here in the middle of nowhere with no
ship in sight?

Noah their leader spoke up, We are from a

parallel dimension, another version of this
planet that has been on a separate path for
the last 100 years or so.

We don't have dolphins on our planet. Jane

interceded. She loved dolphins. Even more than

No dolphins on your planet?

Well in aquariums we do. In captivity.

We haven't had aquariums or zoos here for

almost 100 years. Alain the dolphin leader
replied thoughtfully.

A parallel earth? Yes the Mother Ocean

whispers words from other worlds in our dreams
but I doubt the humans know any of this. Maybe
Odin might but he was captured and put in
rehabilitation so it might be difficult to
reach him. Alain explained patiently as they
raced across the water, Are your oceans dead?
We have heard cries of sorrow from your world

Jane felt awesome. She couldn't believe any of

what was going on. She thought dreamily of
bringing an army of magnificent dolphins to
topple Gates and Zeus's tyranny. Well they'd
probably die trying to swim in our ocean
because it's so toxic there. It's so beautiful
here. I love the ocean. There's life
everywhere. Imagine seeing a unicorn. This was
how Jane felt.

Where are we headed to monsieur? Felipe

asked after a few minutes of silence.

Venus Project Water City 12901 A3. Alain

replied just as the Droppas team saw lights
bounce off of the water far off on the

Civilization. Shower. Jane felt very

comfortable and fell asleep as the dolphin
Jean-Pierre raced her triumphantly towards
Chapter 7 The Giggle. No I Mean The
Google Ship.

Ra stared up at the Google Ship. Up and up and

up and up and up. The freaking thing was
apparently almost half a mile high. And five
miles long. This was the new Google Ship.
There were smaller Google Ships presently
taking tourists on various trips around their
solar system. This was the Google Colony Ship
he reminded himself.

This was the future. 30,000 people had been

handpicked and chosen to join the voyage and
hopefully create Earth's first colony. First
they would have to find a suitable planet. Ra
was impatient. He wasn't into waiting hundreds
of years while humanity experimented with
terraforming a potential planet. He had spent
1000s of years contained on Earth and he had
recently with the advancements in spaceship
technology become terribly impatient. The only
thing that chilled him out now was I-Fun, the
wonderful new drug created by Apple. I-Fun was
just too much fun.

Google had somehow figured out how to bend

space and create a wormhole making
destinations light years away instantly
available. Apple had to be keen to steal this
technology. Ra wondered if the great Creator
would even be shocked by the grandeur of it
all. He wondered if they would find aliens.
What if aliens were watching them now. He had
actually been having a recurring dream lately
that scared the living crap out of him when he
thought about it.
In his dream a glowing sphere about a foot or
so in diameter hovered above his head and
repeated the same phrase over and over again
in the creepiest voice imaginable, Do not
leave your planet, doom awaits. Do not leave
your planet, doom awaits. Do not leave your
planet, doom awaits.

Ra erased the horrible memory from his mind

and started walking towards the great entrance
of the Google Colony Ship where he was to meet
Kwame the chief engineering supervisor for the
whole project.

He could see the great doors up ahead. They

were huuuuge. They had to be, the Google
Colony Ship not only carried 30,000 people but
also a dozen smaller Google Ships. Dozens of
colonists mulled about in front of the main
entrance talking to each other with obvious
enthusiasm. Excitement was in the air, Ra
could feel it.

Colonists all wore the same uniform. Bright

white jump suits with the Google and Google
Ship logos imprinted in numerous places.
Google staff wore the exact same jump suit but
the light blue version. The suits reportedly
completely powered an I-Brain just by the heat
that a human body generated.

The I Brain was a holographic computer

interface that was completely contained in and
connected to the human brain. Ra could
mentally conjure up his personal terminal in
virtual space at any time, communicating to it
by voice control, or by closing his eyes
having access to its vast visual capabilities.

Apple and Google were uneasy partners on a

number of projects none nearly as big, or as
uneasy, as the new Google Ship. There were no
Apple people in sight but Apple technology was
everywhere apparently inside. Maybe they were
forced to wear Google jump suits Ra wondered
as he approached the main entrance platform.

Ra presented his UP, universal passport, the

world's universal ID card that every citizen
carried. Should carry thought Ra.

James T. Kirk. said the gate attendant as he

ran Ra's card through the holographic UP cube.
Ra had his own alias for traveling on Earth.
He didn't want people to realize that they
were in the presence of a god. He liked to
blend in.

Star Trek., the attendant said in like a

stoned surfer dude voice. We'll beam you up
to Kwame's office, he's waiting for you now.

Ra stepped up on to the teleporter square. He

had actually never tried this before. He had
frankly found it quite scary. This was however
the only way apparently to get around on the
Google Ship and he was told he would have to
get used to it if he was going to be part of
the first colony expedition.

ZZZZZZZap. Ra rematerialized in a smaller

sized square and looked around Kwame's office.
He had never been here before. Kwame sat on a
chair looking up at a 3 dimensional
holographic map of space.

Ra. he said as he spun his chair around,

How did you find the Google Square? Or should
I call you James?

James would be better. How did these Google

people always seem to know everything about
him? Teleporter technology had been around for
about 20 years. Ra didn't like people to know
things about him like the fact that he had a
fear of teleporting.

It was great. Very comfortable. I wasn't sure

about the technology before but it looks like
you guys at Google have perfected
teleportation. Amazing.

Well Google is the world's greatest company.

Kwame said grinning his huge African smile.

Ra liked Africans. Black guys were cool

period. Kwame looked like a ladies man. He
wondered if he'd want to get some drinks
later. Ra hadn't gotten lucky lately and
desperately wanted to live up to his, 'James
T. Kirk' pseudonym.

'James T. Kirk' got quickly to the point. He

had waited long enough. So when are we
heading out on the Giggle Ship? Woops. The
giggle ship was what everyone at the office
,crapped out of their mind on I-Fun, had
called the lunch room at the last staff party.

Giggle Ship! Kwame said obviously amused.

Oh just something we had going on at the last

staff party. Ra replied not knowing if he
wanted Kwame to know that he was an I-Fun
user. He corrected himself, Google Ship.

Kwame smiled, By the end of the month Jim.

I'm just working on the details of our journey
right now. We're going to target a number of
solar systems where we feel we will most
likely find a habitable planet. Are you still
traveling with us?

Ra nodded. Wow he thought. He had never been

so excited.
We're assuming you will still allow us full
rights to the first planet we find. As well as
the right to name said planet.

He had agreed to these terms without really

thinking about it. When Google had unveiled
the first Google Ship he was so excited he
would of signed them the rights to his own
soul in blood. Whatever he thought. There will
be thousands of planets to conquer and name.

What are you guys going to call 'your'

planet? Ra asked trying not to sound anxious.

Google Planet of course. Kwame replied his

smile once again spreading wide across his
face, you sir may call it Giggle Planet if
you want but don't let the Apple guys get a
hold of that.

Google Planet? Fuck. was all that Ra could


Later after an extensive tour of the Google

Colony Ship, Ra and Kwame shared some drinks
in one of the ship's many bars. They met a
couple of good looking, not overweight just
big boned, sisters who they spent the night
talking to. The night however ended once the
bar, 'Etch Three's 20th. Century Hip Hop
Emporium' closed. The guys were left with a,
Maybe see you guys around. as their prey
strutted gayly off into the distance to the
rhythm of Tone Loc's ancient hip hop classic,
'Wild Thing' that boomed out of the club's
front entrance.

I fuckin' love this song. said James T.


Kwame just nodded his head.

Do u think they were overweight? Ra asked
realizing he had maybe drank just a little bit
too much.

No. Kwame pondered thoughtfully, just big


Yea. That's what I thought.

Chapter 8 7 Oaks, A Zeitgeist
Certified Rehabilitation Center

He let out a long laugh. Hahahahahahaha. He

was medicated out of his fucking brain. He had
been forced to watch countless Zeitgeist
films. There were 47. They called it
'voluntary'. I'd rather be watching Coronation
Street he thought to himself. He had watched
hundreds of hours of propaganda. What else
could you call it? He still thought they were
all a bunch of wack jobs.

Odin's rehabilitators looked at each other in

complete frustration. Rehabilitation rarely
failed. They were the best but even they were
at a loss. They could keep Odin here in 7 Oaks
Rehabilitation Centre indefinitely but didn't
want to. He was a major irritation for the
staff here. Major. This was no longer a
peaceful place for people to come find
themselves after, for one reason or another,
becoming alienated from society. Patients like
Odin were the worst. They actively sought to
break the cohesive spirit of unity that the
vast majority of the world's population
presently enjoyed. Odin would sometimes yap
non stop about democracy. Every good citizen
knew what a joke late 20th and early 21st
century democracy was. Under project Venus
every single citizen was entirely an equal in
means and measure of material wealth. Most
good citizens believed that Odin was simply
angry about going from god to simple citizen.

He wasn't so easy to let go. Odin commanded a

small sized army of die hard supporters around
the world and his speeches commanded major
attention every where he went. None of the
water cities that the vast majority of
humanity now lived in, thanks to the great
asteroid of 2029 which melted the polar ice
caps completely and caused the whole world
to flood, had any actual prisons. People were
rehabilitated. Well most people. Some were
sent to the Himalayas a chain of mountainous
islands that lay over what was once Asia.
ZIPS, the Zeitgeist Interpretational Computer
Super, did the math however and connecting
Odin with the losers who populated the wilds
of the Himalayan islands would with 91%
certainty cause a lot more trouble then it
would be worth. So Odin was to probably be
let go if no other solutions could be found.

Bob 3o3o cleared his throat, "OK repeat

everything you just said to the best of your
ability it doesn't have to be exact."

This was interesting. Bob 3o3o was in charge

of sending wayward travelers and refugees back
to the Himalayas and other pirate havens.
People didn't have the time to deal with crap
like this. All unidentified people were sent
to him before they were allowed into 'Venus
Project Water City 12901 A3'. Having to
deal with the type of vermin who tried to
sneak into the city shook Bob 3o3os faith in
humanity sometimes.

This was interesting he thought. From a

parallel dimension. Wow. This could make him
the most famous robot, ever. Funny how people
thought that being famous was undesirable.
Well people are sheep he reminded himself.

The Droppas team had been extremely patient

for close to an hour. Why did they have to
keep repeating their story to a freaking
machine. Each of them had patiently repeated
the same story over and over again. Bob 3o3o
looked very amused as he stared at them
without saying a word.

"Shower? Food?" Jane asked as impatiently as

was humanly possible, "We're freaking starving

"Yes? Oh sorry." Bob3o3o replied genuinely

concerned, "I've already wirelessly
transmitted instructions. Your accommodations
should be available soon."

"So let me get this straight just one more

time. We could send someone through to your
Earth and poof they wouldn't still exist here.
Never mind. You've answered the question
sufficiently already. We have a citizen here
who would feel perfectly at home on your
world, it's just that he has an extremely hard
time fitting in here."

Noah was completely flabbergasted, "Our world

is about to be destroyed and 99% of our
population lives in slavery and abject
poverty. We're ruled by fucking barbarians
there. We need your help to make our world
more like yours!"

Bob 3o3o sighed, "Yes yes yes. That's not my

department. We'll probably need to collect as
much data as possible and input it all into
ZIPS and she'll figure something out I'm sure.
Don't worry.".

Bob 3o3o made some weird computer sounds as if

talking to himself "meep meep meep blip
blip" then looked at the Droppas, "My friends,
right this way your quarters are ready. This
day, meeting the great Droppas has been the
best of my whole life. Follow me"
Her gears whirled and twirled. The LED lights
that surrounded her pulsated in deep thought.
The ZIPS attendants sat in a large semi-circle
around her and stared silently eagerly
anticipating her advice.

Finally her glorious voice violently ripped

apart the silence, "Sending Odin to Earth3.
Highly recommended. My projection of probable
success. 98%. Bring the travelers here."

The ZIPS attendants were in a joyful mood

later that night. 98%! Nothing was ever 98%!
No more Odin. New data. So much more new data.
New worlds. Would they be advised to begin
work on a new version of ZIPS? One for Earth3.
An alternate world of terrible tyranny. Well
that would keep the dissenters quiet for
awhile. They made a huge list of probable
outcomes and each placed various bets on what
they thought ZIPS would recommend and by what
percentage. Humanity always had the freedom to
not take ZIPS advice. They just never did.
That would be foolish.
Chapter 9 Off To I-Fun Rehab In A
Google Cop Car.

The Zeus team trudged on through the massive

field of cannabis and then through an even
larger field of opium poppies. Alice was an
expert on illegal narcotics Zeus thought. Well
she was a computer he reminded himself after
steaming for a few minutes. Maybe she knew
everything. Probably not.

It was getting dark and they could finally see

signs of civilization off in the distance.
Bright lights dotted the horizon getting
larger and larger with every step the Zeus
team took.

Cruise 2378 observed after awhile, "Looks like

Regina Saskatchewan is just a bit smaller here
on Earth2!"

Alice smiled to herself, "Very observant Tom!"

as genuinely as she could muster with such an
enormous amount of generosity that she was

Cruise smiled, "I noticed a while ago but I

didn't want to say anything until I was
completely sure."

"Ya the clues were there I guess but none of

us were able to piece it all together" Zeus
added, so unsarcastically it sounded
sarcastic, in a rare moment of humour.

A couple of hours later as they neared the

outskirts of the city they heard a siren.
Moments later some sort of hovering automobile
that said Google Cops in large letters on the
side of it pulled up. The doors immediately
opened and a Google Cop jumped out and
approached them enthusiastically.

A Google Cop was an extremely intimidating

looking machine that spoke with a soft
friendly encouraging voice. "Hello strangers!
Please produce your UP cards! You have walked
through off limits territory! I can tell
you've done nothing illegal so therefore you
have not committed any infractions!"

Cruise spoke up first although it wasn't his

place, "We don't have UP cards! We're from a
parallel dimension. Were here to get help from
your ruler to travel to Earth Prime."

Good work Cruise Zeus thought. Frackin'


The gears in the Google Cop's head turned for

awhile. "Hop in guys I will be happy to assist

I-fun he thought to himself confidently. A

couple of days in rehab is what these loons
need. Most of his shift lately was spent
dealing with weirdos like this. I fun. Not

Wow Zeus thought. This is going well. Maybe

Cruise was right. Lay it all on the table.
Good work buddy. Looks like I will be seeing
my little brother Ra sooner than later. Zeus
spent the next 10 minutes in the Google Cop
car wondering why Regina was so small. And why
did they waste so many resources on robots,
there were robots everywhere, when they could
just enslave humans and get them to do the
Hawking 1877 looked out the window and decided
that he might never leave Earth2. There seemed
to be so much freedom here. Even the robots
were nice. And so much technology. Everything
seemed so perfectly ordered and automated.
They are so technologically advanced here. He
wasn't too intimidated. He was the creator of
the IDTM, the Inter Dimensional Travel
Machine. He would fit in here.

As the Google cop car pulled over and the

doors popped open the mighty god Zeus poked
Hawking in his side and whispered, "Do u think
Google Cop is gay?"

Cruise overheard them and started laughing.

The Google Cop turned around and said, "Hey I

heard that!", with obvious satisfaction. "I
can hear things a hundred miles away. Which
you should all know of course."

Long pause for maximum effect, "Unless of

course you're from another dimension. Oh wait.
You are." Hahaha.
Chapter 10 The Newest Membas of the

In the middle of eating lunch Steve heard the

distinct wonk wonk wonk that signaled the
Droppas wrist com calling from Earth4. There
still wasn't any security at Project Alpha
after the Droppas had it shorted out only 3
days ago. He didn't care. He didn't like being
on camera all the time anyways. And after
running into his old high school buddy Noah,
who he had lost contact with for years, well
since grade 11. After meeting Noah and the
rest of the Droppa's IDMT invasion force,
Steve had started fancying himself as
virtually being one of them. He had spent
quite a few hours in the last few days
studying their website and reading material
that you could download. The Droppas had by
far the coolest and most interactive site ever
and it was a miracle of the highest degree
that something like this existed on Earth3, a
world domineered by vile control freaks like
Gates 23876 and the mighty god Zeus. Steve
couldn't believe how awesome the whole thing
was. He was a little apprehensive. He didn't
want to be traced to the Droppas by the
authorities. Torture and execution would
surely be the result of that happening. Steve
stared at their message board while eating his
lunch and wished he was brave enough to reply
to some of these posts. The Droppas website
did offer a free widget that they claimed
would make your computer forever invisible on
the world wide web. He was just in the process
of working up the courage to download and
install it.

Wonk wonk wonk wonk.

That was fast Steve thought. Reinforcements?
Advanced weaponry?

Steve opened the portal and an extremely tall

Norwegian looking fellow with short red hair
and an accompanying beard flew on to the
floor. He was wearing an outfit that made
Steve think he was an escapee from a foreign
mental hospital. The man was absolutely
drenched from head to toe and was violently
gasping for air and spitting out water as if
he had been drowning. Steve wasn't about to
perform mouth to mouth and just stared at the
weird looking fellow in disbelief.

After a couple of minutes the strange man sat

up and looked around. Steve passed him the
blanket that he had previously been using as a
pillow. The weird man looked directly into
Steve's eyes with the most penetrating gaze
imaginable and finally said, So this must be
Earth3. Hello I am Odin, divinely appointed
ruler of your parallel world Earth4.

Oh shit thought Steve. Dozens of possible

scenarios ran through his mind in a matter of
seconds. Welcome Sir Odin., he said, are
you here courtesy of the 'Droppas'?

The Droppas? What kind of wacky ass name is

that?, Odin replied amused, No. I have not
had the privilege of meeting the visitors.
They are presently imprisoned on my home world
and are being interrogated by the evil super
computer ZIPS which holds almost complete
dominion over Earth4.

Oh crap! Steve thought instantly. This isn't

good. Now this is a conundrum, a word he had
just discovered. Odin demanded to see Zeus.
And after hearing Steve's somewhat short
report on the history and present state of his
planet he then demanded to be brought to
Gates, the devil incarnate himself.

Sensing Steve's confusion Odin tried to quell

his fear. My friend. Me and Zeus have never
seen eye to eye. It does not surprise me at
all that this planet is in the extremely
terrible shape that you say it is. I myself am
a wise and benevolent ruler. My world Earth4
was a virtual paradise until ZIPS was created
and then enslaved man with her insanity. We
must save my planet and we must rescue your
friends quickly before they become absolutely
and irreparably brainwashed. After what you've
told me it seems that the only assistance I
may garner here is from your incompetent
rulers seeing as your 'Droppas' seem to not
have the necessary strength no matter how
noble their hearts may beat.

Steve relaxed. He was sold. But at the same

time he had serious doubts about having Gates
send an army through to Odin's planet. That
wouldn't go over too too smoothly. What other
choice did they have he wondered?

My friend Steve. Together we will figure out

how to free both of our planets from injustice
and oppression. Now is the time to restore
righteousness to both our planets and maybe
even all 13 Earths eventually. Can u feel the
all powerful winds of change sweeping us off
of our feet onwards to victory and progress!

Odin was quite the orator. Steve began to feel

like he was now part of something even bigger
and more important even then the awesomely
awesome Droppas movement. He decided to
introduce Odin to Droppas High command and see
if they could brainstorm something together
before handing him off to Gates and the evil
self aware super computer Alice. If she was
evil. He had his doubts after Noah had
reported that Droppas High Commander Mike was
in fact a software sub routine of the most
feared force on earth3, Alice. He explained
his logic patiently to Odin making the Droppas
out to be a more powerful force then perhaps
they were. And what if Gates used his power to
not to assist them but to undermine them and
become lord of not one but two planets. Odin
completely agreed. Odin and Steve spent the
rest of the day studying the history of
Steve's planet and reading propaganda from the
Droppa's website.

Later Steve and the mighty orator Odin broke

into Zeus's stash of his favorite beverage
'Zeus Lager' and both created user IDs on the
Droppa's website after downloading and
installing the 'Droppas Cloaking Widget'. Odin
wrote an impassioned piece about the plight of
Earth3's sister planet Earth4 and the need for
progressive minds on both planets to rise up
and unite to defeat the forces of oppression
that threatened their collective future. After
many comments of complete and utter disbelief
from the Droppa's online community Mike joined
the discussion and validated Odin's fiery
posting asking that Odin meet him and send him
his present location via email.

Wow! Steve thought absolutely amazed and

completely impassioned. He was now a
revolutionary of the highest magnitude almost.
Crap he thought Odin can drink a lot. He's had
like 15 or 16. My limit is like 6, after
polishing off his 8th. bottle of 'Zeus Lager'.
Steve showed Odin Hawking's sleeping quarters
then retreated to his own room and passed
out quickly his mind twirling with grand
thoughts of universal justice and absolute
Alice sat in the midst of a million thoughts
swirling together violently searching for
completeness. It was hard not to be completely
bought over by this Odin character. She didn't
trust gods period but she was slowly being won
over. She had reviewed her footage of Odin's
first day on her planet. Well she was excited.
Her and the movement needed something like
this. Stimulus. I guess it's time to complete
my alter ego Mike's cyborg. She wondered how
her first cyborg Alice was doing on Earth2 and
wished her the best of luck. Maybe all 13
Earths were in dire need of salvation? Well it
sounded like Odin's world wouldn't offer much
resistance in way of military might. She
wanted to meet this ZIPS character. Alice
being a being that needed no sleep spent all
night planning a freedom force to send through
the IDTM to rescue Earth4 from the apparent
grasp of evil that held it's citizens in a
choke hold of injustice and servitude. She
rather agreed with Steve that Gates should
definitely not become involved. She had tried
to block Gates access to the Droppas forums
but she doubted she was successful. Time was
of the essence. They had to send their
'Freedom Force', as she began to refer to the
effort in her own mind, through the portal
within the next day or two. Luckily Gates did
not know the location of the IDMT but that
would change. And she would have to find it's
location for him because he still held the
vast majority of her processing power and
computational ability within his vast network
of computer servers.

Odin lay in Hawking's luxurious water bed and

thought of controlling all earths even earth
prime itself. The Creator would bow to his all
powerful presence he thought dreamily. How
many beer had he drank? 18 19 20. Not many.
Well it was late. He laid his head down and
fell asleep.
Chapter 11 The Grave Dangers of
Long Term i-Fun Use.

Now this was a mess. The Zeus team were in

what was by all accounts some sort of mental
institution run by Google techs. They had
tried without success to explain their need to
meet with Ra the supreme ruler of this planet,
Earth2. The staff at the Regina Google clinic
had never heard of Ra except as a some sort of
mythical persona in the ancient Egyptian
pantheon. Zeus was outraged. Either Ra was
keeping his personality hidden from the world
or something had happened to him and this
world had somehow grown to this confused state
without any guidance. Which would explain why
everything on the planet was built by either
Google or Apple, two companies Zeus and the
great Gates clone family clan had totally
dismantled early in the second decade of the
21st century. They had been here for 3 days
now and they were assured that after the i Fun
they had taken fully left their system they
would be allowed to leave. The Google licensed
doctors were perplexed never having seen such
a long i Fun trip or such an intense shared
hallucination between 4 individuals. They
convinced themselves that they must be on some
sort of crazy cocktail of substances maybe
even some sort of inhibitor invented by a
pirate lab. i Fun was definitely involved as
was typically seen in shared group
hallucinations nearing this order of

Ra drummed his fingers semi-patiently on his

desk to his new favorite genre of music, 20th
century hip hop. "Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock".
"It takes two to make a thing go right it
takes two to make it out of sight".

They just didn't make music this good anymore

Ra thought just then hearing his phone ring.
Ring ring ring. Ra let the phone ring his
customary at least 20 times but instead picked
it up after 15, he was impatient. Kwame had
promised to call him and give him a weekly
status report. They were becoming good buds as
well so they both looked forward to the chat
via video field. After a bunch of guy talk and
some general news about the progress of the
Google ship Kwame broached a subject that
scared Ra crap less.

"So I think we've seen the first signs of the

extremely detrimental effects of long term i
Fun use."

Ra was instantly nervous, he didn't want to

hear this. He had done a fair amount of i Fun
in the past few months.

Kwame continued, "OK. Dude get this. We have a

group of four lunatics who after 3 days in
therapy are still completely fracked out of
their minds. They totally 100% share the same
hallucination. We think they may even be
permanently fried."

Kwame paused he thought this was extremely

entertaining. He was not a fan of Apple's
attempt to hook the entire planet on their
pseudo hallucinogenic products. The masses of
humanity were becoming totally removed from
reality. VR was bad enough. This was worse. It
didn't bode well for the future.

"Well that's interesting" Ra replied deep in

thought somewhat uneasily, "So what's their
shared hallucination? They must of been
complete wack jobs in the first place."

Kwame answered his question and after he did

so Ra spit the sandwich he had been chewing
straight out on to the conference holo screen.

"OK. Get this. Dun da da dun. They're from a

parallel dimension."

Blaaaaah the ham and cheese sandwich flew

through the air, splat all over the screen. Ra
reached for a towel and cleaned most of it

Kwame was perturbed, wondering suddenly if Ra

had i Fun addiction issues, but after Ra's
encouragement continued, "One of them
calls himself Zeus there's another whose
cyborg and there are two clones one of Steven
hawking the disabled physicist and the other
of Tom Cruise the late twentieth century movie

Kwame waited for Ra to laugh. He had reviewed

some of the interview footage and thought it
extremely hilarious.

Ra thought for a moment then replied not very

amused at all, "OK. Send them to me"

Kwame answered immediately obviously confused,

OK. Are u sure that's best?"

"Kwame the world as we know it has now changed


Yea we're going to have to diminish Apple's

powers big time after this I suppose., Kwame
replied thoughtfully.

Kwame. This isn't the only planet Earth.

There are 13 parallel dimensions.
Ra explained the mythology to Kwame. And after
this talk Kwame started to think of himself as
something even bigger and more important than:
chief engineer for the great Google Colony
Ship. He was now Ra's right hand man and only
confidant. The world had changed. And there
would now be no going back.
Chapter 12 The 'Droppas' Go From
Earth4 to Earth3 to Steal the IDMT In
Order to Go Back to Earth4 and Then
Off to Earth5.
The infamous 'Droppas' team were thoroughly
enjoying themselves in the vast complex that
housed ZIPS, the Zeitgeist Interpretational
Computer Super and her multitudes of
assistants. The paranoia and fear that was a
daily reality on Earth3 had been magically
lifted during their stay on this planet,
commencing big time after being rescued by
dolphins with voice interfaces. Being in the
ZIPS university complex that was spaced out
and occupied almost a huge project venus water
city was just as an awesome experience. The
level of technology that existed on this world
and especially in the ZIPS university was far
beyond what would be found on Earth3. The
Droppas team felt like they were in a utopian
paradise world far off into the future
straight off of the pages of a sci-fi novel.
Humans had biological computers embedded in
their brains and information was called up out
their world wide web and passed between them
instantly. ZIPS attendants communicated with
others globally gathering scientific data
which they stored then uploaded into the ZIPS
supercomputer. The ZIPS supercomputer was a
self aware processing architecture that took
in all available data and then offered humans
the biggest picture possible and presented
them with possible outcomes to different
scenarios. The result was that the vast
majority of humanity lived in a beautiful and
vibrant self sustainable world where people
had the 'luxury' to pursue their dreams
whatever they may be. Creativity and the joy
of scientific discovery were values that were
evident everywhere. People found happiness by
cooperating with each other and advancing
their common environment, socially and
ecologically. Menial tasks such as farm labour
were completely automated and scientifically
analyzed which freed humanity to live in bliss
exercising their ability to truly forge their
own destinies. Education was of course free
and the love of learning extended everywhere.
Most humans were constantly enrolled in some
sort of educational program, their love of
learning and self discovery providing their
greatest joys. Buildings themselves grew
out of Nano engineered cubes organically that
gave architecture on Earth4 a truly natural
and vibrant aesthetic. Even the rebellious
were offered an open door back into society
only having to agree to the principles of
cooperation. The only shortcoming to all this
as far as the Droppas saw it was the fact that
the planet was left completely open to an
attack by a parallel dimension.

The Droppas own personal computational devices

while seeming archaic to the sophistication on
this planet were by 2010 standards extremely
futuristic. The entire history of Earth3 was
embedded on their PDAs and was uploaded into
ZIPS for analysis. ZIPS upon almost instantly
digesting all available information realized
that sending the god Odin through the portal
to Earth3 was not as wise as first thought.

The planet of Earth4 immediately began

preparations to defend itself. It's efficiency
was stupendous. Within 2 days the whole planet
dedicated itself 100% to the 89% inevitability
of an inter dimensional attack. If earth3
thought that earth4 would be easy pickings
they would be sadly mistaken. The Droppas
hoped. Earth4 was the key to their own
fight against oppression and environmental
destruction even though ZIPS could not
forecast any easily implemented solutions for
their world's freedom.

Noah walked along the causeway to the ZIPS

main interpertational hub with his colleagues
Jane, Janet, and Felipe. The Droppas had
become international superstars and everyone
everywhere they went wanted to interact with
them and wish them success in their
endeavours. It was breathtaking. People around
the world emulated the famous Droppas team
cheer after having seen them live on
television repeatedly in the last few days.

The infamous Droppas IDMT strike force walked

with pride through a beautifully landscaped
causeway laced with the sights, sounds and
smells of beautiful wildflowers and vibrantly
healthy herbs. The pathway itself was a walk
through mint and coriander that left them
feeling energized and estatic with every step
they took.

The ZIPS attendants were waiting patiently on

ZIPS to announce her latest predictions. The
Droppas crew walked through the large open
gateway to the central dome and marveled once
more at the natural beauty of it all. Birds
were everywhere and their songs blended in
with the street musicians far below randomly
meeting creating a polyrhythmic improvised jam
dedicated to the beauties of creation. Noah
felt elated as did the rest of the Droppas
team he thought assuredly.

They had all voluntarily elected to have the

nano organisms injected through laser into
their brains which would one day grow into
fully fledged internal supercomputers. After
only one day they already felt a level of
awareness that far surpassed their previous
states of consciousness. Kind of like being
high on magic mushrooms but without the
accompanying chaos and paranoia. In fact it
was like having heightened sensory perception
with more organizational capacity. Everything
made more sense and was completely organized
allowing their brains to exist deeply in a
relaxed state of awareness taking in external
stimuli at an astonishing rate almost like
walking slo mo with a watermelon grin.

Just as the Droppas walked in the dome that

housed the ZIPS main interface the
supercomputer ZIPS finally spoke. The ZIPS
attendants looked at the travelers humbly
entering and then back at the ZIPS holo
screen with great humility, their spirits
elated at being chosen by ZIPS herself to be
her personal attendants.

"Travelers", she spoke with intense

intelligence and over powering kindness that
brought tears to their eyes, "Our planet needs
you to travel to your planet and acquire the
plans for your so called IDMT machine. We
shall contact Earth5. The fate of our planet
rests in your hands. Our ability to defend
ourselves without assistance may 69% by
all available data prove to be insufficient.
Go forward now. With the goodness in our
hearts let us be victorious against the forces
of darkness and ignorance!"

And thus the Droppas found themselves floating

on the ocean above the portal, their entrance
into to Earth3, waiting for the IDMT tech
Steve, Noah's high school buddy, to open the
portal back to their home world. When the
portal finally opened they were transported
via submersible craft deep into the ocean.
They swam through the portal created by the
IDMTwith the weight of not one but two planets
resting squarely on their shoulders.

Just before entering they placed their hands

one on top of each other then raised them in
unison silently saying, 'Droppas' in the best
English accents they could muster.