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What does the Act require the builder to provide prior to a work contract
being signed?
Answer notice to home owner

2. The Act applies to parties entering into a home building work contract,
being a contract for the performance of home building work or
associated work, where the value of the fixed price contract is
Answer - $7,500 and $500,000
3. Explain who the Home Building contract Act regulates
Answer building commission
4. What is regulated service?
Answer- a

prescribed building service carried out by a registered building

service provider (builders, painters, building surveyors) or an approved
owner-builder; and home building work carried out under a contract or
similar arrangement, whether covered by the Home Building Contracts Act
1991 (HBC Act) or not. This includes residential plumbing work.
5. The matter under HBC act used to resolve disputes incude?
Answer- Section

17 breach of contract, Section 20 payments if a contract

is terminated; and Schedule 1 clause 5 excessive or unjustified cost
increases (variations).
6. Who is the state regulator for WA in which this document can be accessed?
Answer- Department

of Commerce

7. Whos responsibility is it to ensure power is available to the work site?

Answer owner
8. In regarding to kitchen fitting, what is the builder required to provide and install?
Answer. Sink, exhaust fan, gas
9. Five form of information that a contract provides in more detail
Answer. Commencement date, completion date, contract price, building specification, penalties
10. In which class the residential building comes?

Answer- class 1
11. List the type of plans that need to be lodges and at what cale are they to be drawn?
Answer- floor

plan 1:100, section 1:20, detail (as required) elevation 1:100

12. Noise allocated working hours?

Answer- 7am to 7pm


Use the internet to explain the definition of a subcontractor.

Answer- a firm or person that carries out work for a company as part of a larger project.

14. Use the internet to name 5 types of trades people used to build a
home on a residential building site.
2. Electrician
3. Tile layer
4. Equipment operator
5. Render


Who is excluded from the above contract?

Answer- contracts

between trades people/subcontractors and a builder, if the

builder has a contract with the owner for the performance of the work

Is an oral agreement sufficient to comply with the Act?

Answer- no

What are two factor to avoid in selecting the right contract?

Answer- irrelevant information, misunderstanding


Why is it important to select the right contract for the project?

Answer- to eliminate the dispute, to avoid irrelevant and


19. Name the organisation that is the peak boldy for the architectural
profession in australia?
Answer- Australian institute of architect
20. What type of information would be found in a tender document
provided by the client?
Answer- 1. Mailing/Delivery Address as provided in the

accompanying letter and invitation to tender 2. Project Type and

site address and location 3. Description of works 4. All necessary
tender documents i.e.: drawings, specifications etc. 5. Tender
amount 6. Tender period and projected commencement date 7.
Builders details 8. Date of Tender