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Assignment of HRPD from Unit-1 to Unit-3

Q1. Define Manpower Planning. What are the activities involved in manpower planning?
Explain the importance of macro level manpower planning in India.
Q2. Discuss the various methods & techniques of forecasting the demand & supply
of manpower.
Q3. Discuss the importance of HRP. Explain emerging trends in HRP.
Q4. What do you understand by LMA? What are its objectives?
Q5. Explain the importance and objectives of stock taking.
Q6. What is Human Resource accounting? What are its objective and importance?
Q7. Explain any two methods of Human Resource Accounting?
Q8. What action can an organisation take to overcome skill shortages?
Q9. How can HR planning help an organisation achieve its EEO and AA goals?
Q10. What is succession planning? What are its benefits? What are the characteristics of
effective succession planning?
Q11. What can organisations do to better utilise older, unskilled workers?
Q12. What are the differences between the quantitative and the qualitative approaches to
HR planning?
Q13. Discuss the pros & cons of using different potential raters to appraise a persons
Q14. Explain life & career development? Describe the role of Human resource staff in
designing & implementing career development programs.
Q15. What forces are causing growing members of organization to strive for improved
employee relation & QWL?