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To whom it may concern,

My name is Zakia Ayu Maulani, attending this second year on majoring Industrial Engineering
University of Diponegoro, having such big intense about going abroad and being a participant to
do this exchange. This feeling started since I was having really big motivation to go abroad, to
see every perspective on life wider, to explore the world because I ever had this attempt about
joining exchange-student selection four years ago and I perceived that I as college student
which is having this obligation to rule this country more, to contribute, to be even more openminded thought this is the right time yet great opportunity to make this dream do come true for
Four years ago, I ever joined any other exchange student selection when I was on Senior High
School. There was 642 people who have been on the same seat with me to go to the upcoming
selection ahead and they had written test and essay which is contained about general knowledge
and it didnt relate to something like math nor science. As the time passed by, I could be the one
from 642 people to the last selection until there was only 21 people left with me. Feeling so
excited yet I knew the feeling to go abroad is going to be stronger. But unfortunately when the
announcement was out, I couldnt make it.
I postponed this dream when I was on high school due to focusing on another dream competition
of MPR-RI 4 pillar for at least two years into this. I do still remember when I left this-toomuch-expecting-feeling on that exchange student selection but sooner Allah guide me His light
to open another way that finally I could pass this competition with my friend right from the step
to go from the district, then going to the province until we represent our province of Daerah
Istimewa Yogyakarta to national so we could meet 34 teams from all over this country. It was
changing me a lot, giving me some perspective to be a nothing-to-lose person, keep up this
good-work, hold these desires to be not really ambitious but we have to be more realistic yet
optimistic, and the most crucial thing ever is based on Surah Al-Insyirah (94:5-6) (because Im
moslem so I put this too in this letter) So verily, with the hardship, there is relief. Verily, with
the hardship, there is relief.

That is how the words from anonymous about failure is the key of success keep rolling over
my head so I decided to try everything for real about my desire going abroad. Until right now,
here I am standing.