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(Isilah bentuk kata kerja yang benar yang ada di dalam kurung pada setiap kalimat berikut ini)

1. If we had left the house earlier, they.(be; negative) so late getting to the
2. If I finish the assignment before Saturday, I..(submit) it to my lecturer.
3. If I had seen the concert, I..(tell) you about it last night.
4. Had Juki not interfered in his brothers marital problems, there(be)
peace between them.
5. She would give you the money if she(have) it.
6. They would call you immediately if they.(need) help.
7. Had my mother arrived at the sale early, she.(find) a better dress.
8. If you have enough time, please..(clean) your room before you go to
9. They could go for a drive if today(be) Sunday.
10. If I win the prize, it will be because I(write) very well.
11. If your sister.(buy) that chocolate for you, will you be happy?
12. If she..(decide) earlier, she could have left on the morning flight.
13. Had I known his address, I.(write) him a letter.
14. If the roofer doesnt come soon, the rain(leak) inside.
15. My cat always sleeps if it(watch) drama on TV.
16. If you.(see) John tonight, please ask him to call his mother.
17. If I(do) a good job, I would get the raise.
18. My lecturer will not accept my work if I.(submit) it in late.
19. If we had known her, we(talk) to her.
20. They would understand it if you.(explain) it to them more slowly.

21. I..(rich), I would travel around the world.

22. She would have understood her English teacher if she(speak) slowly.
23. If my headache disappeared, I(play) tennis this morning.
24. If today.(be) Sunday, we could go to the beach.
25. We.(go) tonight if we didnt have to study.
26. If the fireman hadnt arrived earlier, they(save; negative) the house.
27. Peter..(pass) the examination if he studied well.
28. Roni could win the competition if he(practice) more.
29. We wouldnt know that our parents came if my teacher..(tell; negative) us.
30. Dont expect too much if you(want) to be happy.
31. Had I known that Desti was a liar, I(tell) my secret.
32. If she(know) there was a test, she would have prepared for it well.
33. We..(do) our work if our computer had not broken down.
34. If he.(be) more confident during the interview, he might have the job he
35. They would have lost their bag if they..(leave) it in the hotel.

Soal Conditional Sentence Type 1 Manual

1. If Risa on time, I will be happy.

a. Come

b. Comes

c. Came

2. If Risa has much time, she will you.

a. Help

b. Helps

c. Helped

3. If you study hard, you will not pass the test.

a. Didnt

b. Doesnt

c. Dont

4. If the game good, I will it.

a. Are play

b. Is plays

c. Is play

5. If I much money, I will a new smartphone.

a. Has buy

b. Have buy

c. Have buys

6. If she . , I wont be angry.

a. Dont come

b. Dont comes

c. Doesnt come

d. Doesnt comes

7. If I can reach the target, my boss will give me reward.

a. Benar

b. Salah

8. My boss will give me reward, if I can reach the target.

a. Benar

b. Salah

9. If I invite you, will you come?

a. Benar

b. Salah

10. What will you do if you miss the plane?

a. Benar

c. Salah

Jawaban dan Pembahasan

No Jawaban
kata kerja yang digunakan adalah verb1, bisa additional infinitive maupun bare
1 B
infinitive. Sedangkan subjek risa menggunakan additional infinitive (akhiran s
pada kata kerjanya).
Kata kerja yang digunakan setelah kata will selalu menggunakan verb1 bare
2 A
infinitive (tanpa tambahan s/es), ini berlaku apapun subjeknya.
ingat, setelah if harus menggunakan simple present, dan subjek you menggunakan
3 C
bare infinitive, jadi menggunakan do, karena negative maka menjadi dont (do +
subjek the game menggunakan is, dan sekali lagi setelah will selalu menggunakan
4 C
verb1 bare infinitive (tanpa tambahan s/es).
5 B
*Cukup jelas.
subjek she menggunakan doesnt (does + not) bukan dont (do + not). Jangan
menggunakan kata kerja dengan tambahan s/es (verb1 additional infinitive) jika
6 C
kalimatnya negative, seperti pada soal diatas maka tetap menggunakan come
walaupun subjeknya she (yang pada umumnya menggunakan comes). Won't =
will + not.
7 A
*Cukup jelas
ini merupakan kebalikan dari soal nomor 7. Boleh saya kalimatnya dibalik, namun
8 B
harus tanpa koma (komanya dihilangkan).
jika dalam bentuk interogatif, letakkan will sebelum subjek, dan kata kerja utama
9 A
yang mengikuti menggunakan verb1 bare infinitive.

anda boleh menambahkan question word, dan letakkan question word tersebut
sebelum will.
Soal Conditional Sentence Type 2 Manual
10 A

1. If you harder, you would the exam.

a. Studied Passed.

b. Study Passed.

c. Studied Pass.

d. Study Pass.

2. If my father me a new car, I would happy.

a. Bought Be.

b. Bought Been.

c. Buy Been.

d. Buys Being.

3. If we good, the coach would us.

a. Was Chose.

b. Were Chosen.

c. Was Choose.

d. Were Choose.

4. I would go and see her if I you.

a. Was.

b. Were.

c. Been.

d. Being.

5. I would buy a yacht if I a lot of money.

a. Have.

b. Has.

c. Had.

6. If he lots of chocolate, he would bad teeth.

a. Eat Had.

b. Ate Had.

c. Ate Have.

d. Eaten Have.

7. My boss would very pleased if I finished the job.

a. Be.

b. Been.

c. Was.

d. Were.

8. If you had a million dollars, what would did you do?

a. Benar.

b. Salah.

9. He could go to the concert if you gave him your ticket.

a. Benar.

b. Salah.

10. If the police had come earlier, they would have arrested the burglar.

a. Benar.

b. Salah.

Jawaban dan Pembahasan

No Jawaban
Rumus yang digunakan untuk membentuk conditional sentence adalah seperti
yang tertera diatas, atau bisa diperinci lagi menjadi If + S + Verb 2, + S + would +
1 C
Verb 1 (bare Infinitive) atau bisa dibalik menjadi S + would + Verb 1 (bare
Infinitive) + If + S + Verb 2. Jadi bagian syaratnya menggunakan verb2,
sedangkan hasil/akibat menggunakan verb1 bare infinitive.
2 A
Cukup jelas. Perhatikan kembali penjelasan soal nomor satu sebelumnya.
Cukup jelas. Hanya saja, perhatikan penggunaan kata kerja yang perubahannya
3 D
tidak beraturan, seperti choose (verb1), chose (verb2), dan chosen (verb3), karena
hal tersebut dapat menyebabkan kebingungan.
Gunakan were untuk semua subjek, termasuk untuk subjek I, he, she, etc. Ini
4 B
karena dalam conditional sentence lebih umum menggunakan were daripada was.
5 C
Cukup jelas. Had merupakan bentuk lampau dari have.
Menggunakan ate karena ate merupakan verb2 dari kata kerja eat, sedangkan eaten
6 C
merupakan verb3 dari eat. Penggunaan have sudah cukup jelas.
Cukup jelas. Ingat, hasil/akibat selalu menggunakan verb1 bare infinitive,
7 A
sehingga menggunakan be.
Conditional sentence di atas adalah salah. Jika ingin membentuk kalimat
interogatif dalam conditional sentence, sebagai contoh anda dapat menyusunnya
8 B
seperti ini If you had a million dollars, what would you do?. Jadi yang membuat
salah adalah keberadaan kata did.
Conditional sentence di atas adalah benar. Anda dapat menggunakan could sebagai
9 A
ganti would untuk menyatakan sebuah permintaan/permohonan/izin.
Salah karena conditional sentence di atas adalah type 3. Jika ingin diubah menjadi
10 B
type 2, maka akan menjadi seperti ini If the police came earlier, they would arrest
the burglar..

Soal Conditional Sentence Type 3 Manual

1. If Budi . me, I . emailed the documents.

a. Has ask Would have

b. Had asked Would have

c. Has asked Would have

2. If our team had the match, they would have up in the league.

a. Won Moved

b. Win Moved

c. Winned Moved

3. If I had . you were coming, I would have prepared a delicious meal.

a. Known

b. Knew

c. Knowed

4. They would have played football if the weather had . nice.

a. Be

b. Being

c. Been

5. If they had taken him to hospital earlier, he ..

a. Would have die

b. Would have died

c. Wouldn't have died

6. The game would have . better if the trainer had . a substitute in during the second half.

a. Become Sent

b. Became Send

c. Became Sended

7. If the boys had . the bus to school, they would have arrived on time.

a. Take

b. Taken

c. Taked

8. If you had . to the meeting yesterday, you would have met Shinta.

a. Came

b. Come

9. Jika polisi datang lebih awal, mereka akan menangkap pencurinya.

a. If the police had come earlier, they would have arrested the burglar.

b. If the police had came earlier, they would have arrested the burglar.

10. Jika cuaca lebih baik akhir pekan lalu, kita akan pergi ke pantai.

a. If the weather had been better last weekend, we would have gone to the beach.

b. If the weather had been better last weekend, we would have went to the beach.

Jawaban dan Pembahasan

No Jawaban
Rumus conditional sentence type 3 adalah If + S + Had + Verb3, + S +
1 B
Would/should/could/might + Have + Verb3, atau bisa dibalik seperti ini: S +
Would/should/could/might + Have + Verb3 + If + S + Had + Verb3.
Hati-hati dengan irregular verb (perubahan kata kerja tak beraturan) verb 3 dari
2 A
win adalah won, bukan wined.
Verb3 dari know adalah known, verb2 adalah knew, ini juga merupakan irregular
3 A
4 C
Been merupakan verb3 (past participle) dari be.
Sebenarnya kamu bisa saja menggunakan jawaban B, tapi kalau dilihat kalimatnya
secara keseluruhan, jawaban B tidak masuk akal, masak ada orang sakit yang
5 C
dibawa kerumah sakit lebih cepat kok malah mati, kan seharusnya tidak. Jadi,
jawaban yang paling tepat adalah C (Wouldn't = would + not).
6 A
Cukup jelas.
7 B
Cukup jelas.
8 B
Cukup jelas.
9 A
Cukup jelas.
10 A
Cukup jelas.

Conditional Sentence Type 1, 2 , 3

Conditional Sentence Type 1, 2 , 3

Pengertian Conditional Sentence Type 1

Conditional sentence type 1 adalah conditional sentence yang digunakan ketika
result / consequence (hasil) dari condition (syarat) memiliki kemungkinan untuk
terwujud di masa depan karena condition-nya realistik untuk dipenuhi.
Rumus Conditional Sentence Type 1
If + Subjek +V.1, S + Will + V.1
Contoh Kalimat Conditional Sentence Type 1
1. If I prepare well for the test I will pass it .
2. If I have free time, I will go swimming.
3. If the bell rings, Ill go home.
4. If you meet Andy, ask him to call me. [Imperative]
5. If you dont finish your homework, your teacher will be angry.
6. If he doesnt come, I wont be angry. / Unless he comes, I wont be angry.
7. If he comes, I wont be angry.
8. If they invite you, will you come?
9. He will not come if you are angry with him.
10. My mother will go to Bali if she has a lot of money.
Fakta:bersifat kemungkinan,probably,may be.
Pengertian Conditional Sentence Type 2
Conditional type 2 ini digunakan sebagai aplikasi kejadian masa sekarang atau
present yang akan terjadi jika kondisi yang ada berbeda.
Rumus Conditional Sentence Type 2
If + Subjek +V.2/Were +S + M2 + V.1
M2 (Modal bentuk 2) : Would,could
Contoh Kalimat Conditional Sentence Type 2


If I prepared well for the test, I should pass.

Fact: I dont pass the test
2. If it rained tomorrow, I would sleep all day.
Fact: but I dont have much hope it will rain
3. If Nisa studied hard, she would pass.
Fact: but Nisa doesnt study hard
4. If I had much money, I would buy a sport car.
Fact: but I dont have much money
5. If I were a millionaire, I would donate my money to charity.
Fact: but Im not a millionaire
6. If Nisa studied hard, she wouldnt fail.
7. If Nisa didnt study hard, she would fail.
8. If I were a millionaire, I wouldnt donate my money to charity
9. If Nisa studied hard, would she pass?
10. If you had much money, would you buy a sport car?
Fakta:berkebalikan dengan pernyataan memakai prediket present
Pengertian Conditional Sentence Type 3
Merukan aplikasi kejadian masa lampau atau simple past tense, kejadian yang harus
sudah dipenuhi di masa lalu. Terkadang, di masa lampau kita mempunyai keinginan
yang tidak dapat kita wujudkan. Lalu kita ingin bercerita kepada teman atau orang
Rumus Conditional Sentence Type 3
If + Subjek + Had + V3 +S+ M.2 + Have + V.3
Contoh Kalimat Conditional Sentence Type 3

If I had prepared well for the test, I should have passed.

Fact: I didnt pass
2. If you had remembered to invite me, I would have attended your party.
Fact: but you didnt remember
3. If I had given the interviewer really good answers, I might have got a higher
position than you
Fact: but I didnt give really good answers

4. If the waitress had been careful, she wouldnt have broken many plates.
Fact: but the waitress wasnt careful
5. If he had asked you for forgiveness, would you have forgiven him?
Fact: but he didnt ask you for forgiveness
6. If I had found her address, I would have sent her an invitation
7. I would have sent her an invitation if I had found her address.
8. If I hadnt studied, I wouldnt have passed my exams.
9. If John had had the money, he would have bought a Ferrari.
10. years ago, I wanted to buy a new home, but I do not have any money.

Fakta:berkebalikan dengan pernyataan prediket di ganti dengan past tense

Demikianlah sedikit penjelasan mengenai pengertian, rumus dan contoh kalimat dari
Conditional Sentence Type 1, 2, 3 di gunakan sebagai kalimat pengandaian.