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Power of the Ancient Deities

Opening Ritual
With eyes closed, imagine a big round ball of white light sitting on top of your head. Will this ball of white
light down into your head and into your body. You'll feel a warm, light-headed good feeling. Will it to
slowly move down your body as you chant an elongated "OM" sound. Visualize it going down thru your
body to your feet and then slowly moving back up and out your head. Then say:
"Thou Powerful Ones of the Inner Planes, I call Thee by the power of the Magical Words ANKAH-YODHAY-VAW to give me the benefits of your power. I pledge to accept the opportunities you present to me. I
command Thee to present me with wealth, power, good health, love, protection, strength, happiness,
success and peace, as you presented to the Ancient Magicians, the Wise Ones! To Thee, O Powerful Deities
of the Inner Planes I call! ARZ-ALE, come to me; NEE-TEE-KAR, come to me! OO-PEE-ALE, come to me!
Thou all Deities, come to my assistance. I hold high the mantle of thy power, Now and Always! So mote it
[Then you move onto the Incantations as needed. One per working]
Incantation to Bring You Money
[Rub some Money Drawing oil on your body and then say:]
"NITIKA1! NITIKA! NITIKA! Thou Spirit of Wealth, I call unto thee by the power of the Holy Names EHHAY-YEH, YEH0-VOE-ELL-OH-HEEM and YEHO-VOE-AVAY-DOSS! Bring me abundance of Money and
the good things money can buy. Bring me [here make any specific monetary desires you may have]. By the
power of SHAH-DYE-ELL-KYE, be the might of AH-DOE-NYE-HA-AH-RETZ, I command Thee to do my
bidding! So mote it be!"
[Now spend some time visualizing yourself surrounded by wealth and prosperity. See yourself in a new
home and feel that you totally deserve to be treated as such. Even visualize that you not only own this new
home but you have to have things in the house fixed occasionally as all homeowners do from time to time.
This gives you real ownership and not just made up mental masturbation!]
Ending Rite
Open your eyes and say the following:
"With respect, O Mystic Deities, I return to the real world. I shall feel happy and content, knowing that Thy
power works for me!"

Pronounced NEE-TEE-KAR

Incantation for Winning Contests, Games of Chance, Competitions, etc.

[Anoint yourself with Lady Luck oil before pronouncing this incantation]
"To Thee, O LABEZERIN2, Thou who turns the wheels of fortune, I call for help! O Thou Mighty Deity,
direct and strengthen me and give me success in this contest/competition/game (delete as appropriate &
mention the name of the game/competition, or whom you're competing against) By the power of the
magical seal SKI-MAAH-MAH-THEE-UH, I command Thee to do, do my bidding. So mote it be!"
To Restore And Ensure Good Health
[Anoint yourself with Healing oil and say:]
"By the power of EMMANUEL, I call Thee, O ZOROEL3! By the might of ELL I call Thee SABRIEL4 to
protect me from all diseases and ailments, mental or physical, banish from me all diseases/my present
disease [delete as appropriate; if currently ill, describe the symptoms of the disease] So mote it be!"
To Give You Secret Knowledge
[Anoint yourself with Kindly Spirit oil before saying:]
"O KADRIEL5, Thou who seeth into the future, I call Thee! O KADRIEL, Thou who knowest the thoughts of
everyone, I call Thee! I command Thee by the power of the Holy Words EE-BAN-HER-EE-ON-AH-DOENYE to show me the future and what it holds in store for me. I also command Thee to give me secret
information which will assist me in life. By dreams, visions, thoughts, Thou KADRIEL, will do my bidding.
So mote it be!"
To Bring You General Success In Life
[Anoint yourself with Crown of Success oil prior to the incantation]
"The Ancients knew and trusted Thee, O ELUBATEL6, Great One! They knew Thy power, Thy love, Thy
might, Thy wisdom, O ELUBATEL! I call Thee, Mighty One, by the power of the words AH-NAH-FAHXEE-TONE, to give me what thou gavest them; success in all my endeavors and protection against all
malevolent influences. So mote it be!"
To Give You Power Over Others
[Anoint yourself with Bend Over oil prior to the incantation]
"Into my eyes, my hands, my mind and body, O Mighty DYNAMIS, I command Thee to bring Power; power
to overcome others be they friend or foe! I pledge that I shall use my power only for good - for MY
personal good and the good of others. By the Holy Names of AH-GAH-LAR-OH-TEE-MEE-TYE, I
command thee to do my bidding! So mote it be!"

Pronounced LAH-BIZ-EAR-EEN
Pronounced ZOE-ROE-ALE
Pronounced SAR-BREE-ALE
Pronounced KAR-DREE-ALE
Pronounced ALE-U-BAT-ALE

To Help You Win A Legal Action

[Anoint yourself with High John the Conqerer oil, then say:]
"I call Thee, O Mighty IELAHIAH7, by the power of the Holy Names NAB-RAT-AGLA-SURE-AH-NAT, To
influence the judge, the jury, the counsel and the witnesses in this impending legal case [insert the details
of the case] to my advantage! Give me victory over my opponents in this case, O IELAHIAH! So mote it
To Stimulate Your Partner's Interest
[Anoint using Flame of Desire oil]
"O PAGIEL8, Thou great Deity of Love, I conjure Thee to turn the heart of [insert name] so that s/he loves,
respects and treasures me more and strives to satisfy my requirements. O Mighty Deity, I command Thee by
the power of the Holy Name VEDGE-EE-DOOR-AH-MEET-EYE. So mote it be!"
To Win Love9
[Anoint your body with Love oil]
"To Thee, ANAEL10, who rules the hearts of men and women I call for help; to Thee, JAZAR11, Mighty
Spirit, I call. Turn the heart of [target's name] so that s/he responds favorably to my love. Implant the fire
of love in his/her heart so that s/he loves me in return. By the power of the Holy Words HOR-TAH-ELLRACK-AH-MAY, I command Thee! So be it!"
To Gain Revenge
[No oil specified]
"To Thee YECHOEL and LEHAHIAH, I ask for vengeance on [victim's name]! Mine enemies are your
enemies, O Mighty Deities! Thou shalt strike them down with Thy swords! Thou shalt protect me from my
enemies and avenge the wrongs done me! By the power of the Magic Word BEEN-AH-HAY, I command
Thee to do my bidding! So mote it be!"

Pronounced EYE-EEL-AH-HEE-AH
Pronounced PAH-GEE-ALE
If you don't know the name of the person, you should simply describe the person or use their job title, position or other means of
identifying the person. If you have no particular person in mind, then say so during the ritual.
Pronounced AH-NAR-ALE
Pronounced JAR-ZAR

To Protect Your Person From Physical Harm

[Oil: Fiery Wall of Protection]
"Mighty MAHASHIAH12 and LELAHEL13, I command Thee to protect me from all forms of physical harm
and danger as I go about my daily affairs. By the Magical Word NET-ZAH-KEY-OUD I command Thee! So
mote it be!"
To Punish An Enemy of the Opposite Sex
[Oil: High John the Conqueror]
"To Thee ANIEL14 and CHAAMIAH15 I command, by the power of the Holy Name GAY-BOO-RAH-VAHV,
to put a deep fear into (victim's name) who is acting against me. By Thy combined power destroy him/her if
s/he attempts further harm to me! So mote it be!"
To Protect You From Evil
[Anoint yourself with Fiery Wall of Protection oil]
"In Thy sight, even other Spirits tremble, O GADIEL16, How much more humans! Surround me with Thy
protective light, Mighty GADIEL! Protect me from my enemies, from accidents, from evil forces and from
all other dangerous elements! By the power of the Holy Name EE-YOTE-EE-YAH-VAW-ARE-ZALL Thou
will obey my command! So mote it be!"
Repel Evil Spirits and Other Negative Entities
[Oil: Exorcism]
"By the power of ADONAI17, I command Thee, Thou evil spirit that assails me, to return your realm
forever! Begone! Evil One, by the power of AGLA18, I command Thee to depart and never return to bother
me again! So mote it be!"
Incantation To Cancel the Power of a Preceding "Punishing" Incantation
[Oil: Kindly Spirit]
"By the power of ADONAI, By the power of the Magical Word NITSAKHE19, I command Thee, O Mighty
(speak the name of the Spirit/Deities whose names were mentioned in the "punishing" incantation] to
release your hold on [victim's name]. I thank Thee! Await my future commands! So mote it be!"


Pronounced MAH-HAH-SHEE-AH
Pronounced LAY-LAH-ALE
Pronounced ANN-EE-ALE
Pronounced KAR-ME-ARE
Pronounced GAR-DEE-ALE
Pronounced AH-DOE-NYE
Pronounced AH-GLAH
Pronounced NEET-SACK-HAY