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Vijit Pillai is a well recognised international artist and a pioneer of
Neo-Mughal art within the mixed-media style in art. An exadvertising professional turned artist, he has conducted several
successful solo and group exhibitions in the Indian cities of
Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi. Over 500 of his artworks have
been bought by customers from the USA, UK, Australia, New
Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the Middle East and Hong
The artist uses his own photographs and other references which
take new form through the use of textures, filters, patterns and

he went on to win the All India Award for the Best Painting from Nehru Yuva Kendra and the Best Artist prize at school. As a student of Rathin Mitra. Of the 3 artworks displayed all were sold at more than twice the bidding price. Vijit Pillai began painting at a very early age. The artist has also licensed his prints to the upcoming Sheraton Hotel in Bangalore.His artwork was successfully bid for and sold. ART AUCTIONS All India Auction of Modern and Contemporary Artists.  DECEMBER 2015 -Spandana Charity Auction . Over 350 artworks by the artist are part of the decor at the new Radisson Blu Plaza. He was encouraged by his mother who gave him canvas and paints when he was just three years old. Sai Ying Pun . His artworks have been displayed along with masters like MF Hussain and F N Souza at The All India Auction of Modern and Contemporary Artists at Windsor Manor. his art teacher at the Doon School. Bangalore in August 2013. Bangalore. Hyderabad. All 3 were bid for and sold at over twice the listed price.sophisticated digital techniques with acrylic paint on canvas within Mixed Media art both in exclusive or limited editions.  AUGUST 2012 .3 Artworks were selected. ITC Windsor Manor.  AUGUST 2013 . which featured M F Hussain and F N Souza amongst other eminent artists. Hong Kong .

MARCH 2012. Blu Nirvana. New Delhi. Hyderabad. Hyderabad. His artwork was selected as the main showpiece. Bangalore. Vivanta by Taj-Gurgaon. Bangalore. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel. Heal a child Charity Foundation. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel. NCR. Auto Art La Galleria.IV' Gallerie Nvya. Blues of Buddha. 'Within Reach . MAY 2013. New Delhi. Hyderabad. JUNE 2013. Blues of Buddha. Hyderabad. AUGUST 2013. MARCH 2013. Bangalore . SEPTEMBER 2012. Deccan and the City. Sublime Galleria. Participated with 5 select artists from south India. Taj Krishna. Reprieve. IGI Airport. Gallerie Nvya.ART EXHIBITIONS SEPTEMBER 2011. Lombok by Moonlight. Hyderabad. New Delhi. JULY 2012.Art and Jewellery Fusion in collaboration with Pallavi Foley. His artwork was selected as the image of 'Art Bengaluru 2012'. a tribute to Deccan Chronicle on its 75th Anniversary at Kalakriti. AUGUST 2013. U B City. Sublime Galleria. Exclusive Art exhibition on the occasion of the opening of the 100th property of the Taj Group of Hotels. FEBRUARY 2012. Hyderabad. Terminal 1D. MAY 2013. Taj Westend. Neo-Moghul Art series. Reserve Lounge. Artist of the week. award winning Jewellery designer from Bangalore. New Delhi. Westin Mindspace Hotel. APRIL 2013. Blues for Buddha. Westin Mindspace. UB City. exclusive art exhibition at Taj Palace. . AUGUST 2012.

OCTOBER 2015 – Artworks exhibited at the Quill & Canvas Gallery. New Delhi . Sublime Galleria.(Is It Ever) Black & White . Singapore APRIL 2016 – Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort.SEPTEMBER 2013. United Arab Emirates . Taj Palace. New Delhi DECEMBER 2015 – The Artling. UB City. FEBRUARY 2015. JANUARY 2015. Bangalore. Artworks exhibited at Gallery Navya. Saket . JANUARY 2014. Whitefield Bangalore . Indira Gandhi International Airport. project for in-room artworks for entire 335 rooms.Group Art Exhibition – Art Centrix. Hyderabad. MARCH 2014. And All That Jazz Art Gallery. JUNE 2015 – Artworks exhibited at the Radisson Blu. Artworks exhibited at Religare Art Gallery . New Delhi MAY – DECEMBER 2014. Bangalore. Sheraton Hotel and Convention Centre . Reserve Lounge. Fujairah. Gurgaon OCTOBER 2015 .