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Important facts : ESE Interview –Personality Test
(Exclusive for Engineering Services 2016)

Interview schedule for ESE 2016 : 5th September to 11th November 2016
Branch wise List of ESE interview / personality test panel member
CIVIL ENGINEERING: 5th to 21st October
Mr. BS Bassi , Mr. Arvind saxena, Mr. PK Joshi, Mr. David, Mr. HC gupta

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: 5th to 30th September
Mr. Manbir singh , Smt. Alka Sirohi, Mr. Vinay Mittal, Mr. Chhatar Singh, Mr. David

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING : 24th October to 11th November
Smt. Alka Sirohi, Mr. BS Bassi , Mr. PK Joshi, Mr. Arvind saxena, Mr. David

ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING : 3rd October to 11th November
Smt. Alka Sirohi, Mr. Chhatar Singh , Mr. Vinay Mittal, Mr. BS Bassi , Mr. David

Dear ESE Aspirant,
Kindly follow these instructions while preparing for Engineering Services Interview (Personality
Get ready to face UPSC interview panel (Each panel includes 4 members including chairperson)
Our experts analysis & tips for better performance into ESE personality Test of UPSC.

# SELF ANALYSIS of your DAF information: Develop a question list this will help you to tackle
EARLY questions with good prepared answers in advance. As you are aware with all information
within DAF.
If you have well justified answer of your OWN information’s (Hobbies / Achievements / Work
experience): Get benefits of good start, it creates AMAZING impact among interviewers and you
will stand out from less-prepared candidates.

POSTURE & GESTURE Be attentive.) as your FIRST choice? What new ideas you can implement into that deppt for better working?  WHY ESE job & not other job? . 9990657855 YOU SHOULD:  Answer questions clearly and DO NOT If you don’t have correct answer or justification. Project your confidence POSTURE : Sit up straight yet comfortably GESTURE : Facial expressions provide clues to your feelings.  Display positive body language. speaking clearly.  Show your facial & hands expression. KEEP IN MIND Your response and answer must relate your skills. qualifications with current JOB profile.  Be as enthusiastic as possible. In case you don’t have access then contact us at eiidelhi@gmail. 011-26514888. then DO NOT give any WRONG information or CONFUSING answer. This help you to read their expected answer. COLLECT & PRACTICE Previous Interview Questions of members.Ph. FEW FREQUENTLY ASKED or EXPECTED QUESTIONS.  Avoid talking about any personal problems. smiling frequently and retaining eye contacts with all members. During questionnaire & response: Pay attention to all panel member & DO concentrate their nonverbal communication. as this is a sign of honesty.  Hobbies related  ACHEIVEMENTS ( Projects / Industrial training / Technical Programs)  Prepare & know your NATIVE place (Geographical / Industries/ Why famous / Culture / Issues)  Why you opt ( XYZ deppt.

com 0-9990657855 .Tech Thesis / Subjects? For Candidates working at present ( ONGC. if you are looking job through ESE ? Questions related to M. Tech For candidate with M. Economic.Ph.Tech. Industrial. 011-26514888. NTPC. IOCL. States……etc) : Why you want to quite your current job? What is your current working profile? ( Try to explore the knowledge & skills you learned or developed over working period ) MUST PREPARE : Current affairs of Last one year ( Government Schemes / National Issues( Social .Tech profile : Why you did M.engineersinstitute. 9990657855 For FRESHERS : Most questions will be technical along with Engineering Projects/training followed by DAF details of Hobbies/Achievements & Percentage variation into education 10th / 12th / B. Environmental) & remedies / National & International submits ) Those who have not yet enrol for Mock Interview ( Face to Face or ONLINE through SKYPE) : Register immediately at http://www.