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Fuzzy Logic Based Decision Support System

Jagannath Wadgaonkar
Department of Instrumentation and Control
College of Engineering Pune
Maharashtra India 411005
Abstract—Anaesthesia practice might involve instances proving to be life threatening. Hence one has to be cautious and
at the same time be able to avert any danger if any of such
situation prevails But humans can make some errors based on
their decision which may lead to loss of life. Hence there is a
need to introduce an decision support system (DSS), which would
take correct decisions based on the inputs. This paper presents
the design and implementation of fuzzy logic based decision
support system. Fuzzy logic mimics the human decisions as per
the inputs. So the chances of propofol being infused wrongly
are minimized. Also various parameters like heart rate, oxygen
saturation, blood pressure is continuously monitored. Based upon
these inputs to the fuzzy decision support system and Lab-view
Graphical user interface (GUI) will give appropriate decision as
the depth of anesthesia. Hence the risk to life is attenuated to
great extent. This type of decision support system can be used
in hospitals and health-care facilities and will prove useful not
only to professionals but also to the newcomers in the field of
anesthesia. Another advantage of this system is cost effective and
viable for human society.
Experts based decision support system is designed and implemented using Lab-view. Developed GUI is validated from
experts for 270 different conditions. Out of 270 experts 3 decisions
accepting given by DSS.
Keywords—Propofol, Labview, fuzzy-logic, SpO2, Heart rate,
Depth of Anesthesia.



First time the term fuzzy logic is used in the engineering by
a professor Lotfi Zadeh at the Berkley California university,
and publish his research work in the journal, ”Proceedings
of the IRE,” [11].Based upon the various inputs, provided to
fuzzy logic system it gives a definite conclusion based output
and that information is provided by experts. Fuzzy logic helps
to appear at a distinct conclusion, depending on the input feeler
information that is the experience knowledge of experts.
Simple, easy understanding language IF X AND Y THEN
Z rules are used to put across the chosen system response
in terms of linguistic variables relatively than arithmetical
formulas. This come close to set supposition was not functional
to control systems until the 70’s due to inadequate smallcomputer ability prior to that moment. The scientist Professor
Lotfi Zadeh logical that people do not have need of particular,
mathematical information key in input, and yet they are skilled
of extremely adaptive control. There are many controllers in
that If feedback controllers are only controllers we can used
and that could be automatic to accept piercing, inexact input,

Kalyani Bhole
Department of Instrumentation and Control
College of Engineering Pune
Maharashtra India 411005
and that also they would be effective and less effective to
implement perhaps easier to execute.
There are various number rules are used, rules of these
numbers are are used in this system and they are depend on
various inputs and outputs of system and most important is
on the designer’s manage reaction goals. This will provide
following many advantages like tailor and minimize the overall
amount of anesthetics required for individuals [5]. It can significantly decrease the workload of the anesthetist also reduce
the time looked-for induction (achieving the preferred depth of
anesthesia) and revival of the patient; to Maintain a consistent
and adequate level of anesthetic depth during surgery. Main
essential thing is it can permit the anesthesiologist to center
of attention on more critical safety tasks.
For the formalization of human capability fuzzy logic technique is used due to its inexact reasoning or precise reasoning.
There are different techniques to represent the human ability
like reasoning & its judge under uncertainty. All truths are halfdone or fairly accurate in fuzzy logic. Therefore interpretation
is also used termed as interpolative reasoning, so the method
in between the binary extremes of true and false is articulated
by the ability of fuzzy logic to review half-done truth.
Prof hemmerling and his team [1] explained the decision
support system and the emergency medicine supply care
system. In this, the system itself takes decision during the
anesthesia, where it means system can decide the flow of drug
infusion at a same time if any medicinal condition occurs then
also the supply of drug is decided by the decision making
But in this paper we can support the doctors to taking
various decisions on drug rate by considering the various
parameters like Spo2, blood pressure, heart rate etc.
David Bracco and Thomas Hemmerling [2] explains the
closed loop system to control the propofol induction by using
Bispectral index(BIS), also with manual control anesthesia. For
this purpose they took the expert database, which is used in the
closed loop system then after they checked the performance of
the system in the terms of excellent, good, poor or inadequate.
For this anesthesia, 50 patients are undergone the surgery, they
divided patients in equal group, First they applied the manual
syringe pump anesthesia at rate of induction (1.5 mg/kg), then
after they used the closed loop system at a target BIS.
In this system, we used the expert database along with
patient database, and all this results are showing on the
Graphical user interface(GUI) screen.

In this system the specialist is the final controller. according to that they gives the output to the fuzzifier. By using defuzzifier we can convert back to the appropriate output. analgesia (relief from or prevention of pain). also it can give the emergency alarms in the risk. Main components of Fuzzy system which is main important is fuzzifier. Expert information is saved in the form rule base system. In this paper when the critical situation occurs the color of tab is changed as per the situation. Section IV shows the implementation of this system using lab view. Defuzzifier converts the conclusions of the inference mechanism into actual inputs for the process. amnesia (loss of memory). for interfacing of one system to the other system for that inference engine and last defuzzifier. Anesthesia is a temporary state with one or more characteristics like sedation. Section one explains the introduction. This system assist doctors in the operation theater while major operations are carried out. Their system is evidence based system. P ROPOSED SYSTEM Below Fig. Input is coming from various sensors which are mounted on patient body model. II. DCS gives many advantages like it can improve the quality of care. which is used in hospitals and medicines. and altering incorrect behaviors/occurrence. According to the rule base logic is executed in the system [4]. DSS is a knowledge-rule based system. Fig. In the DSS various mathematical models. 1: Block diagram of proposed system Inference machine and rule base system are working together to interpret and getting the output as per the expert’s Fig. it can perform the operations as per the specialist input. III. it can give the various alerts on the DSS screen in the form of visual codes and bip-bip messages. Their system is validated only after the validation and after the successfully implementation of Diagnostic alarm system.1 shows the proposed system of fuzzy logic. Section V reveals Results and Discussion where as Section VI concludes the work. Section III demonstrate the decision support system. The use of DSS in the suggestions. the second system is rule base system. Fuzzifier converts sensor inputs into knowledgeable information that the assumption method can with no trouble use to activate and apply rules. also operational guidelines are saved in the system according to the patient input these algorithms are worked and finally it assist the doctors in the form of audio/visio alarms [7]. it can gives the expert like suggestions. surgical algorithms. knowledge. fuzzy logic. reduces the human error and reduces the bourdon on doctors. 2: Patient’s database . where expert diagnostic systems can accurately diagnose a hypoglycemia event in anesthetized patients and can be useful in providing decision support to the anesthetists. also the audio alarm are there for critical situation.Mansoor Mirza and his team [3] explains the diagnostic alarm system. In this system the various sensor mounted on body senses the physical parameters on body. reducing the imperfect diagnoses. D ECISION S UPPORT S YSTEM Decision support system is a software and hardware system [6]. It is impossible to recall all operational guidelines and diagnostic procedure in the operation theater from humans. creation it useful to follow validated guiding principle. we collected the knowledge from experts and saved in the DSS. according to the algorithm saved in computer it can assist the doctors while something going wrong. The structure of this paper is divided in six sections. therapies. Section II shows the Proposed system.

In Lab view the cycle time for a control loop written is hence nondeterministic and has dependence on the time used by the other VIs running and to the other activities in and ASA classification needs to be entered and saved.Thus a ready made data base would be available for doctors. Out of 270 experts 3 decisions accepting given by DSS. As soon as the readings in the GUI go high. Behind the interface is rule base being used which is the knowledge base of doctors. the depth of anesthesia is being calculated and can be seen in the rightmost part of square [10]. Where all the parameter readings are stored in database of patient during the operation as shown in Table no. The GUI made is simple to understand and gives accurate readings. GUI for the decision system in Lab View can also been seen pictured in Fig. Fig.As soon as we enter into the software. The main important thing is anesthesiologists can easily see the numerical value of depth of anesthesia(DOA). test. The sensed values are being continuously stored in a tabular format. patient’s database is collected. This information can be used by the doctor to prescribe medicines [8]. is the execution of the program and is paced by data flow. and debug new functionality without the need for specialized or low-level development tools in less time. Fig. IV.3 & Fig . 4: Result on Labview display (Reading 2) V.height. 3: Result on Labview display(Reading 1) C ONCLUSION We have implemented successfully decision support system using fuzzy logic. This will ensure that the life of patient will be in safe hands. For ensuring that the system behaves correctly.1. VI. The same can be seen tabulated in Table. As mentioned earlier. Developed GUI is validated from experts for 270 different conditions.Based on the readings from the sensors. The main application is divided into Sub-VIs. each representing a different thread [9]. Also it can be seen that the output varies as per the input in the GUI. The figures (Fig. LabView is being used to interface the sensors to sense blood pressure. From this DOA anesthesiologists can easily understand and predicts patient condition during the surgery and control the operation. beeping of message on the system starts and also alarm is turned on.3 and Fig. When these events take place there are chances that control of the physical process might be lost. the system is acting as the knowledge of the doctor and it gives an indication to the attending doctor or anesthesiologist to take decision to infuse right amount of dosage in the patient.1. the user must keep chosen sampling time considerably more than the duration of these events. Virtual Instrument(VI).4. I MPLEMENTATION U SING LABVIEW The Lab view permits you to develop. Knowledge of anaesthesia practitioners has been replicated exactly using fuzzy in Lab view which would prove useful not only to experts but also to novices in the field of anaesthesia. . As already discussed. Various information related to the patient like name.weight.age. in Lab View. R ESULT AND D ISCUSSION Experts based decision support system is designed and implemented using Lab-view. Tasks for instance acquisition of measurements and modification of actuations are performed by LabVIEWTM and DAQ boards.4 ) indicates the different readings taken by patient. This can be partly achieved by using the multi-threaded functionality of Lab View and by setting priorities to the different VIs. heart rate and SpO2.

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