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“Sector 11 kidhar hai?,” the girl next door (Deepika Padukone) asks Sunny, the happy-golucky boy who believes in celebrating “choti choti khushiyaan” and sure enough he does so.
Without replying to her, Sunny races back to his home to devour a glass of coke as he
daydreams of having a lifetime of happiness with the perfect girl made for his dreams and the
ad ends with the tag line: “Choti ho ya badi, har khushi main Coca Cola”
Analysis using Hofstede Model:
Power distance index (PDI): Power distance of a culture is a measure of how comfortable you
are with a hierarchical order. Here the power distance is low. Sunny is a happy-go-lucky lad who
was dumbfounded when the beautiful girl next door asks him about Sector 11 so much so that he
doesn’t even reply to her. In his happiness he goes back to the room to celebrate the moment.
Individualism vs. collectivism: The ad is underscored by collectivism. When celebrating the
moment, Sunny talks about his dreams of them being together and charting a life together which
shows a high degree of the collectivistic thought process
Uncertainty avoidance index (UAI): UAI index is low. Although it hasn’t happened yet and
there is no way of knowing whether Sunny and Deepika will end up together; the former is pretty
certain that now that they have initiated a small conversation, they would be able to eventually
settle down together
Masculinity vs. femininity: This ad is high on feminity. It believes in cheerfully celebrating all
forms of happiness whether big or small. It displays the giddiness one feels when they get talk to
someone they feel very strongly about
Long-term orientation vs. short term orientation: Long term orientation is emphasized here
as Sunny starts thinking into the future of a happy life together with the girl he believes he is in
love with
Indulgence versus restraint : The ad displays benevolent indulgence as the ad displays the
happiness being indulged with sips of Coke!

the question remains: “Who is going to win the Coke Chase?” Analysis using Hofstede Model: Power distance index (PDI): The PDI is high. It wants to celebrate victory. Each team wants to well for itself and wants to outdo the other two vs. the go-get-it attitude is very much predominant in the same Long-term orientation (LTO).Coca Cola #OpenHappiness : . AMERICAN AD (#CokeChase) collectivism: This is highly individualistic. aggression. There is a high need for achievement at an individual level within each team driving them to outdo the other team rather than collaboratively trying to help each other out and reaching the destination Masculinity vs. The ad ends in suspense. short term orientation: Since each team wants to win and outdo the other the goal is quite in-the-moment. It is the ultimate chase. femininity: The ad is inclined towards the masculinity scale as it projects emotions such as a high need for achievement. It is therefore focused on short term orientation Indulgence versus restraint : The society is quiet indulgent.each wanting to win and each thinking that they are better than the other two. the cowboys and the dirty bikers in a race against each other to grab the coke. There are three teams all competing against each other. It ends with them arriving at the huge Coke billboard set in the far distance on the Vegas landscape where they finally find that the actual destination if 50 miles ahead. Indian This ad set against the desert landscape of Las vegas features three teams: the Las Vegas dancers. aggression and gratification via having that coke exclusively for oneself after winning COMPARISION BETWEEN INDIAN & AMERICAN AD. Thus the PDI is quiet high as there is a stark difference between perceptions of power of each group about itself vis-à-vis the other two groups Individualism (IDV) vs.

unique ads.Cola. and ethos persuades the audience to go buy a Coke.It concentrates the emotional aspect of the audience. In this ad. It urges you to be driven and motivated. This advertisement uses logos. logos. and ethos to persuade its audience to buy Coca-Cola and is an effective advertisement.where you celebrate sweet nothings. This advertisement does so by showing a penguin not normally found on a hot beach. sitting in the shade drinking a cold Coca Cola. He did not see the penguin hiding behind him that took the cold CocaCola for itself. young blooming love and a dream of a meaningful future all in that one sip of coke. Within this ad there are multiple appeals to the logic of the individual. there is a beach scene with a penguin. Coca Cola targets all types of individuals ranging from young to old. pathos.more joyous than ever American Ad. quiet aggressively so to go after what you want and do so with the single minded focus ! PICTURE ADVERTISING BY COCA-COLA The specific advertisement that is being discussed here is one in which a man on a beach is enjoying a cold Coca. The first appeal to the audience is that the advertisement is simple. This is an appeal to . and Coke. The company’s use of pathos.CocaCola #CokeChase: The campaign reflects the American values of chasing your dreams in keeping with the true spirit of the “American dream”. a man. He reaches down to grab his drink to discover that it was no longer where he left it. This particular ad was found on a search engine for Coca Cola ads. instead. Logos is the form of persuasion by the use of reasoning and the appeal to one’s intellect. Coca-Cola is trying to not only sell the product but also shows how refreshing and cold it is. Coca Cola draws its viewers in by displaying colorful. There is no text or fine print anywhere on the image.

It does not make sense that a penguin would be on a tropical beach. Dark blue. Within a first glance. they want to make the viewer feel is if drinking a Coca-Cola will end all of their problems. The reason the penguin traveled all of this distance was to get Coke. Combine the two and the result is the viewer has an ice cold coca cola on a hot summer day at the beach. This is an appeal to the logic of the individual in the sense that if one would travel all the distance from the South Pole to a tropical beach. therefore. The second appeal to logos in this advertisement deals with the penguin. There are shades of light blue. Blue is a color that is generally liked amongst people as well as it can have a calming effect on the viewer. a cold Coke will surely cool a person down. on the other hand. This makes sense to the audience and also shows them that Coke is desirable and worth purchasing. The penguin is sitting in a . it would want to cool off. if it was at a beach. A short trip to the market now seems more reasonable to the audience to get Coke. The penguin also has distinct body language that contributes to the relaxation of the ad.the audience through logos because it makes the ad easy to understand and the message is clear. The overall color of the ad is a light blue. This has a subliminal affect on the reader. The first is that. A penguin is an animal that is used to cold temperatures. which by looking at the penguin it may have done just that. and drinking it. The way that the penguin in this advertisement cools off from the hot weather is by taking the Coke that he saw with the man on the beach. First of all. The second subliminal effect this ad has on the reader is that it makes one think of the arctic. it can be inferred that he has been at the beach all day and is looking for a refreshment. the man in the ad is looking for an ice cold refreshing Coca-Cola at the beach. which can make them think in two different ways. The penguin has an extreme look of happiness on its face and also a Coca-Cola in his hand. it does make sense that a penguin would go all the way to a tropical beach to get the Coke that it wanted so badly. possibly could bring the reader feelings of sadness or the "blues. however. it must be for a good reason. there are many different colors in the ad that catch the reader's eye. Given the bronze color of the man's skin in the foreground of the image. it would appear that the setting of the ad takes place at a beach." but the light blue generates to the fun day at the beach vibe that this ad shows. The third appeal of logos to the audience looking at this advertisement is why the penguin is drinking the Coke. The Coca-Cola ad appeals to many interests of the reader. but after further examination it becomes obvious that there is not sand on the beach but ice. Light blue is a very effective color to use in advertisement. The penguin in this ad appeals to mostly a younger audience. which can have a calming effect on the person viewing it. This appeals to the logic of an individual because it shows that if it’s hot. This was not a mistake by Coca-Cola.

Suddenly. With noisy and stressful background music. This advertisement also has an appeal to ethos from the label that is on the bottle of Coke that the penguin is drinking from. maybe not. there is the logo of the Coca-Cola Company. This tells the reader "drinking coke can make you relaxed. Given the nutritional value of Coca-Cola and the high levels of sugar though.” “HATE”.” In ten seconds. scenes change rapidly. In this advertisement in the top right corner of the image. The audience recognizes that the Coca-Cola Company is one that is trustworthy. a slogan of “we got this” appears. This is a logo that has become extremely well known throughout the world in today’s society. The red Coke drops flows in the cable as if they are electrons. from a man’s crying and angry face to striking words like “you are stupid. in which a man fleetly types a series of “I hate you” on the screen. all the screens turn to the sign of “Coke Cola. Coke permeates into the circuit. Ethos is the form of persuasion through the use of authority or creditability. credible. it will probably just quickly energize the person who consumed it. the noisy sound stops. continuously. and the scene changes to an Internet server room. debaters arguing in the TV show start to show their smile. ensuring that the audience knows the logo and that they are a company that is reliable and trustworthy.” because of the Coke Internet WiFi. The reader can distinctly tell that the penguin is enjoying the Starting with a hasty keyboarding sound. and “ and the red labeled “Coca-Cola” appears. As the Coke flows into the Internet bar. The Coca-Cola Company also shows their ethos to their audiences in other advertisements though the sponsorship of Olympic athletes and various celebrities. #MAKEITHAPPY COMMERCIAL https://www. when the Coke flows through a billboard in a bus stop.very relaxed manner with its legs sprawled out and a smirk on its face. but he carelessly spills the coke into the cables. encouraging a lonely and depressed woman. the stressful atmosphere grows and finally goes to its peak when a man roughly kicks his laptop. The light and emotional music replaces the previous oppressive atmosphere." Maybe it can make one relax. the one-minute ad shows a dark and oppressive scene. and experienced. There are two of their logos on this one advertisement. A worker drinks coke in the room full of complex Internet cables. changes a message received by a poor child from “no one likes you” to . which leads to an inevitable crash. The Coca-Cola Company has been trusted and known for delivering a consistent product that satisfies the customers to their expectations. This persuades them to choose Coke over the competitors or off brands even though it may be more expensive. the Coke Internet spreads to the wireless.

stopbullying. Coca-Cola represents a guide who changes the negative part in people’s lives and the change teaches people to care for . the lonely woman and the poor kid. instead of a father or mother. as a guide. Obviously. In most cases. In most cases. which attracted a women sitting there. this method is useful for those who are brokenhearted and those who are looking for a sense of belongingness such as friendship. ads that use this technique often include a father or mother figure that could guide people. Everyone is afraid of loneliness. and there is the resonance between our experiences and those who are in same terrible circumstances. In fact. However. and the Coca-Cola’s ad follows the need for affiliation and the need for guidance. The ad successfully uses scenes of the lonely woman and the poor kid to recall people’s sympathy. and the message encourages the boy. When the Coke drop flows through the billboard of a bus stop. However. As the woman notices the the three scenes of the ad portray a modern-world problem. The ad uses this approach clearly in two scenes. is the common approach that the largest number of ads use to release a sense of belonging. tears on the woman’s face disappear.” The dark fades. (From http://www. the important figure in this ad is exactly the Coke itself. her almost-crying face turns to smiling as if she is encouraged by that slogan. crying woman watching her phone’s screen. According to Jib Fowl’s basic fifteen appeals of advertising. APPEAL #1: Need for Affiliation Need for affiliation. which is the use of information technology to repeatedly harm or harass other people in a deliberate manner. because of the coke Internet. and it emphasizes that it is the Coke that really helps people to get such affiliation. Because of the Coke. With the repeating sound of “show me love. The ad successfully shows the change of people’s expression. it is clearly that he has no friend and he even receives a message of “no one likes you. the background music is peaceful and affectionate. The ad appropriately uses the need for affiliation to tell people that the Coca-Cola will connect us better.” However. a boy receiving rude message. Those two scenes actually have the strong power to warm people’s hearts because to some extent. As for the poor kid. the first appeal used in the ad. and the sun rises. APPEAL #2: Need for guidance Need for guidance is the approach advertisers use to satisfy consumers’ desire for someone’s care. peace.” the ad comes to the end.html. the slogan “we got this” appears. In addition.” which makes the kid happy at the end. the message changes to “there is no one like you. and all of us can make our lives full of love. they remind us of our own experiences. changes those people’s lives. the cyber bullying.) Politicians debating on a web show. Coca-Cola. all of these scenes are symbols of the cyber bullying.“there is no one like you. smiling replaces debating. smoothly grabbing people’s heart of requiring belongingness. advertisements follow fifteen appeals to attract consumers. harmony and hope.

offer intimate glimpses into stories. The global push includes an anthem commercial. the family of Coca- . In the process. leading people to keep a warm heart to treat others as well as the whole society.others. Diet Coca-Cola. and a set of television commercials. Coke shows consumers a peaceful and wonderful world. Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life. contextualised for different countries. (2016) #TASTE THE FEELING AD CAMPAIGN Coca-Cola is running “Taste The Feeling”. COCA COLA ONE BRAND STRATEGY. At the close of each spot. feelings and moments people share while enjoying Coca-Cola. with or without caffeine. lifestyle and diet – with or without calories. an integrated advertising campaign bringing together Coca-Cola Light. The Coca Cola Taste The Feeling campaign underscores the company’s commitment to choice. offering consumers whichever Coca-Cola suits their taste.

a first date. “Taste the Feeling. Coca-Cola provides a moment to pause and release everyday tensions. a universal story of love and conflict.” The spot introduces an original song. The spot features the song “Made for You” with vocals by emerging artist Alexander Cardinale. https://www. Over 100 photographs have been used to create the print and outdoor elements of the Taste The Feeling campaign. The spot is set to a cover version of Queen & David Bowie’s #BROTHERLYLOVE “Brotherly Love” captures the unique relationship between brothers. Ultimately the younger brother finds himself without his #BREAKUP “Break Up” follows the journey of a young couple who romance each other.Cola products unite under the iconic red Coca-Cola disc. “Anthem” features a series of vignettes that capture life’s everyday moments – such as ice-skating and hanging out with friends. #ANTHEM The campaign’s lead “Under Pressure. a first kiss. Throughout the spot. experience a break up and ultimately reconcile with Coca-Cola playing an intimate role at each stage of the relationship. The older brother comes to his rescue and they enjoy a special moment reflecting on the notion that drinking an ice-cold Coca-Cola makes any moment more special. any “Taste the Feeling” featuring Conrad Sewell that celebrates the experience of drinking a and a first love – all linked by Coca-Cola with the new tagline.” https://www. .be #UNDERPRESSURE “Under Pressure” was created to reflect the “24/7” nature of life for a Several alternate versions of the ads were produced with locally relevant casts and culturally relevant vignettes. The spot features a new version of the hit song “Hey Brother” by Avicii.

youtube. “I just love it. we see a series of vignettes that represent why would he have a with a young man ordering a Coca-Cola at the bar. The spot concludes with a simple comment by the young man.” .youtube. the spot romances the experience of drinking a Coca-Cola. he pauses to refresh himself with an ice-cold #WHATISACOCACOLAFOR? The “What is a Coca Cola for?” commercial begins in a restaurant on a hot When a handsome male shopper catches the attention of a female cashier. https://www. While the bartender hands the Coke to him. This is brought to life in a montage of “Taste the Feeling” moments spanning activities and #SUPERMARKET Set in a supermarket.