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gliy Brothers' Xeepe

Quarterly Newslette

Fun Fall Activity Ideas!
1. Minnesota's Largest
Candy Store. Located on
Hwy 169 south of
Shakopee. Amazing
selection of exotic candy
and other hard to find
items. Apples, beef jerky
and other homemade
yummy stuff. Also a huge
selection of gourds,
pumpkins and other fall
2. Take a drive to check out
the fall scenery. Fall colors
peak in mid-October and
are usually most intense in
hilly areas. One good place
to check out is the St. Croix
valley, just east of the
metro area.
3. Go for a bike ride! It's
good exercise, it's free and
it gives you a chance to see
the beauty of the world up
close and personal. There
are many great bike trails
around the state and early
fall is Minnesota's best
weather of the year.
4. Apple orchards! There
are lots of them around and
they offer many activities.
One that we like is
Minnesota Harvest Apple
Orchard in Jordan.

Here at My Brothers' Keeper we take pride in providing the best support to the
people we serve and are dedicated to improving lives.
After years of saving we decided to upgrade 2 of our group homes to provide the best
possible environment we can for our people. We vacated the Holmes house and
moved to a newer larger home on Van Buren street in Shakopee. We also moved
from the Atwood house to a newer larger home on Emerald street in Shakopee. We
are super proud of our new homes and look forward to serving our people in them for
many years to come!

Check out our website,
mybrotherskeepers. org
Here you will find job
postings, applications,
annual testing and other
information for
employees and clients.
Also, please like and
follow us on Facebook!

.%ty Brothers' Keeper

Staff Spotlight

In the


At MBK we appreciate all our employees, they are the heart and soul of MBK and are what
makes us special! In this staff spotlight we are highlighting our Executive Director,
recognizing one of our nurses and also sharing a recipe from former employee, current board
member and amazing cook, "Gramma Doreen"!

Dianna Windish is the Executive Director of My Brothers'
Keeper. Dianna found her niche in life early, starting her career
in the health and human services field at 18 and discovering
how much she loved helping those who truly needed it. She
excelled starting as a direct support staff and went on to hold
many roles in management throughout the last 13 years.
Dianna began working at MBK in 2012 and worked closely with
their founder, Arliss Anderson, to carry on her values and
beliefs. She is a strong advocate for individuals with special
needs and is involved in many groups dedicating to helping
them. She continues to educate herself and works hard to
increase quality of life for all those she serves. She has an open
door policy and is always available for you to call or stop in for
questions, concerns, or just to say hello.
Dianna Windish, Executive Director

Gramma boreen's Recipe Corner
A special shout out to one of our
employees, RN Paula Duncan. MAVA

Wow your friends and family with this homemade
apple crisp!!

(Minnesota Association for Volunteer
Administration), is Minnesota's largest
association for leaders of volunteers
and they recently named Paula their
Excellence in Volunteerism Award! We
are so proud of Paula and are lucky to
have her as part of our family!

Apple Crisp
Spice Mix topping: Y2 cup flour, 1/2 cup oats, 3/4 cup brown
sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon, 3/4tsp nutmeg, mix. add 1/3 cup
room temp butter and mix with hands until crumbly.
Peel, core and slice about 5 apples. Place in a buttered 8x8
baking dish. Add the crumbled spice mix to the top of the
apples and bake in pre-heated 375-degree oven for 1/2 hour.
Make sure the crisp is cooled before eating!
Top with whatever you like or nothing at all but Doreen
always serves her apple crisp in a bowl with Y2 and %. Enjoy!

MBK Summer Picnic 2016!
It started out rainy but we made the best of it and a blast was had by all! We played
games, gave away lots of valuable prizes and had a great meal. It was an awesome
opportunity for people to meet that had not had a chance to. Stay tuned for more fun
MBK events!

My Brothers' Keeper DUO Referral Program

Are you needing more hours or is someone you know looking for
employment in a growing healthcare field?
If you are employed by us and refer a potential PCA to our company, we
will pay both individuals $50 after their 90 days.
Please call Jill @ 952-496-0157 for more information

Insurance Open Enrollment Begins
November First!

My Brothers' Keeper contributes $220.00
per month for medical insurance and
$30.00 per month for dental insurance for
all employees that work 30 or more hours
per week and would like to participate.
Any employee costs beyond the MBK
contribution will be paid through a pretax payroll deduction. Information on
specifics and how to enroll will be
coming soon.

My Brothers' Keeper
136 South Holmes St.
Shakopee Mn 55379
952-746-5738 FAX

For Your Information

Direct deposit is available for all
employees at MBK. Please contact
Cody at the office to sign up.

Timecards are always due 3 days after
the last day of the pay period. You can
take a picture of your filled out
timecard and email it to and Sam or
Sarah will respond to you so you know
they got it!
• If you stop working with your client
for any reason, please let Jill at the
office know right away. Also let her
know if any of your contact
information changes.