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Mob: +91-9421453463

Carrier Objective:
To work enthusiastically for organization for its development and enhance my
engineering knowledge and skills to achieve organizational and personal goals.

Educational Qualification:



Process Instrumentation COEP, Pune


Instrumentation &


Physics, Chemistry,



Year of CGPA/%


Government College
of Engg.Chandrapur.



Maharashtra Board



Maharashtra Board



Technical Skills:
Languages Application

: Windows
: PLC Ladder, DCS SFC
: PLC (AB Control-logics 5560, AB Micro 850,820),Panel
View 800 HMI, DCS DELTA V, OPC( Kepware 5.19),
Plant Web Historian, SCADAFactory Talk View,

: PLC, DCS, Analog circuit design.
: Developing/designing/Co-ordination


Automation of PH ratio Control System HMI design for Narmada Sugar Industries. Device Communication Using Foundation Fieldbus Protocol & Delta V DCS & its Performance Analysis It this project. 2. PLC & Delta V DCS system for application of varies control strategies. Development & Automation of Flow& Level Sensors characterization Pilot plant for Kumar Gurav College of Engineering. Gujarat. Design. This project examines calculated macrocycle timing schedules produced by the DeltaV system for six possible field control locations of the PID blocks. 3. Ankaleshwar. Communication between Schneider M340 PLC to Emerson’s Delta V DCS system using MODBUS protocol & with Control logics 5560 PLC.Industrial Projects:1.Programming for the column by using RSlogics 5000 on Control logics 5560 PLC. Hence ensures 24*7 water supply with less energy consumption for the multifloor building .This concept also reduces the load of over storage water tank on the buildings.The key consideration is the assignment of master and slave PID block locations in Fieldbus devicesfor Minimizing network traffic without negative impact on an ability to control the process. Experimental results obtained from the preferred field control location with minimum number of scheduled data transmissions over the network are also included. Automation of Batch Pan System & HMI design for Narmada Sugar Industries. Depending on the usage of water. Smart water distribution system for buildings Using PLC In this project we developed the system which uses pressure head of the water in the water main pipe line of the building to control the speed of the pump which directly pump the water from tank located at ground & not on overhead of the building. I focused on implementing cascade control in the field using Foundation Fieldbustechnology. Gujarat. Academic Projects:1. . 2. Ankaleshwar. necessary and appropriate control action will be taken to ensure that the user is never left with a shortage of water. Development and comparison of various control strategies for Binary Batch Distillation column(MTech 2ndyear) Modification of the design of existing lab based binary batch distillation column for maximum productextraction. Coimbatore. A plant model using multivendor Fieldbus devices for level-to-flow cascade control is described. 3.

4. DCS)” on Virtual Lab at Department of Instrumentation & Control. Workshops. College of engineering. IndustrialAutomation. ProcessIndustries.19 OPC: This project includes the establishment of communication between Micrologiscs 1400b to MATLAB 2014a &Implementation of three element control for lab based Boiler to control level. International (Papers Published): 1. 3. Personal Information:Date of Birth : 04th Sept 1989 . Micrologics 1400bto MATLAB communication using KEPWARE 5. 4. 3. steam flow & feed flow of the Boiler. Participated in Two day’s workshop On “Smart Communication Protocols” Organized By COEP. Conducted One Week Course On “INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION (PLC. President of National Service Scheme of Govt. Presented a (IEEE) paper entitled "Implementation of Foundation Fieldbus using DCS for flow control " at the “International Conference on Industrial Instrumentation & Control (ICIIECS 2015)” organized by College of Engineering KARPAGAM. Courses. Contribution to Extra Curricular Activities:1. 2. Research & Development(R&D). EmbeddedSystems. Founder of Student Co-operative Mess at Government College of Engineering for year 2011 to 2013.Pune. which was held at Government. College Of Engineering. Chandrapur for year 2012-2013. Achievements:Winner of National Level Paper Presentation ‘Pursuit-2010’. 2. Conducted Eight Weeks Course On “INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION (PLC. College Of Engineering.Pune. SCADA)” on AB (Control logics 5560) PLC at Department of Instrumentation & Control. Chandrapur. Area of Interest: 1. 2. Trainings: 1.Pune. college of engineering.

: Meditation. Rasta Peth. Marathi. : English. Date: 07/06/2016 Place: Pune Ganesh ShivajiraoShete .Nagar. Radhika. Hindi.NearSwayamwarMangalKaryalaya.Pune : ‘5’ ShivkrupaSoc.Badminton Declaration:I hereby declare that all the above mentioned information is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.Present Address Permanent Address Language Known Hobbies : 4/206 Kundan Apartment.Nanded.