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Reposting in cost center accounting – SAP CO
 Cost Center Accounting (http://yourññcomodule/controlling-module-co/cost-center-accounting-co/), FICO (http://yourññco-module/)  (http://yourñ Last
updated on May 9, 2014 .

(http://yourñ is used to manually repost primary expenses
from one cost object to other by retaining the original cost element.
If you have posted a ñnancial accounting transaction with a wrong
cost object then it can be rectiñed with use of reporting in controlling
module. When you repost it in controlling by changing the wrong
cost object to right one the ñnancial accounting document is also get changed.
In controlling you can repost by using two transaction codes;
KB11N – Manual Reposting
KB11N is used when you want to repost expenses from one cost center or cost object to
nother. You enter the cost center, cost element, amount, the new cost center and save it.
After its done, expenses from the old cost center will be assigned to the new cost center.
Any mistake to this reposting can be reversed through transaction KB14N and can be
displayed by using transaction code KB13N.­in­cost­center­accounting/


e. cost element. amount to be reposted and the new cost center If you want to repost from another cost object then change the screen variant ñled accordingly. You can run this transaction with transaction code KB61 or can use the following path. Document date Posting date Old cost center. In the “enter manual reposting of primary costs” screen enter followings. such change will have no impact in FI document (only the assignment in controlling will be changed). Document number Company code Fiscal year Cost element Cost center http://yourfinancebook. A new Controlling document will be generated. If you change it to another cost object then cost object will reòect in the below screen for reposting. SAP Easy Access Menu > Accounting > Controlling > CCA > Actual Posting > Repost Line Items > KB61 – Enter After reaching the “enter line item reposting document row selection” screen enter following details. KB61 – Reposting of a Line items If you have saved a document in FI with a wrong cost center and now want it to be rectiñed then you can do so by changing the cost center assignment in controlling module without touching FI­in­cost­center­accounting/ 2/4 .17/08/2016 Reposting in cost center accounting – SAP CO ­ Your Finance Book In the command ñled of sap enter transaction code KB11N and press enter.

The earlier reposted document will be displayed. SAP Easy Access Menu > Accounting > Controlling > CCA > Actual Posting > Repost Line Items > KB63 – Display SAP Easy Access Menu > Accounting > Controlling > CCA > Actual Posting > Repost Line Items > KB64 – Reverse How to reverse reposted line items – KB64 From the “reverse line item reposting document row selection” screen you need to enter the cost element and cost center and press f8 or click on execute. Share this: Share 0 1 Tweet  Leave a reply (http://yourñnancebook. Following path can be used to display and reverse the reposting. A new document with the reversal posting will be posted in controllingñeld-gl-ac-master-creation-sapñco/) Country chart of account as an alternative to group COA .com/diöerentposting-keys-sub-ledgers/) Account group ñeld in GL A/c master creation – SAP FICO (http://yourñnancebook.17/08/2016 Reposting in cost center accounting – SAP CO ­ Your Finance Book You can display the posted transaction by using transaction code KB63 and reverse it by using transaction code You May Also Like Why diöerent Posting keys for sub ledgers – Can we create our own posting key (http://yourñ­in­cost­center­accounting/ How to maintain controlling area in SAP (http://yourñnancebook. From the “reverse reposting of line items: list” screen click on “reverse indicator” and save it.

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