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1. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: The liability of [YOUR COMPANY] for treatment, re-treatment, or claims
arising out of or relating to the interpretation, performance, or breach of this AGREEMENT or any claim for
damages under statute or common law injury caused by performance, and/or negligence or any other tort claim
in the inducement or performance of the AGREEMENT, shall not exceed the cumulative aggregate sum of
the annual value of this AGREEMENT. In no event shall either party be liable to the other for indirect,
special, or consequential damages including, but not limited to, diminished resale value of a home, punitive
damages, attorneys' fees, or loss of anticipated profits.
2. SERVICE: [YOUR COMPANY] will schedule one service and schedule additional treatments as deemed
necessary or requested by the Customer. A scheduled service period will be established between [YOUR
COMPANY] and the Customer for the service and customer agrees to make the premises available for
service as required.
3. TERM: Customer acknowledges that this agreement shall be for an initial term of 30 Days and shall
continue thereafter at the same frequency unless written notice is given by either party (30) days prior to
anniversary date. ). If Customer fails to cancel service prior to thirty (30) days before the next scheduled
service, one regular service charge will be assessed.
4. LATE PAYMENT: lf Customer fails to make a payment within 30 days from the service date, [YOUR
COMPANY] at its option may discontinue to service and start collection proceedings. Upon failure to make
such payments, the customer agrees to pay all cost of collection, including a reasonable attorney's fee.
Customer assumes full financial responsibility for services rendered. Customer agrees to pay interest on all
amounts 30 days past due at the rate of one and one-half percent (11/2%) per month (18% per annum
5. INTERIOR SERVICE: Customer is aware that [YOUR COMPANY] regular services will be performed on
the outside of the home only. If Customer experiences any pest problems on the inside of the home,
[YOUR COMPANY] will perform necessary interior treatments on or between regular services at no
additional charge. Service neither guarantees, nor provides any control for stored product pests, flying
insects, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, vertebrates, or any stinging, biting insect. Will strive to treat the interior of
your home with baits, gels, and other non-spray products to the extent possible. If necessary, [YOUR
COMPANY] will utilize spray products at its discretion to control the serviced pests.
6. EXTERIOR SERVICE: Exterior service is intended to treat general household pests, it is not intended to
treat lawn and ornamental pests, fire ants or any deceases.
7. LAWNS, SHRUB, PALM & TREE Treatments are for sucking, chewing insects only. Services not treat or
prevent Butt Rot, Viruses, Vascular Diseases Or MLO Diseases. In no event will [YOUR COMPANY] be
responsible for consequential damages or loss of use of property.
8. MOSQUITO REDUCTION: Mosquito Misting System and Mosquito Barrier Service Does not eliminate
mosquitoes, only reduces populations of mosquitoes and does not treat or prevent mosquito-borne
disease. Nor does it prevent mosquito bites.
9. INSPECTION AND EXISTING DAMAGE. [YOUR COMPANY] is not responsible for pre-existing lawn
and/or ornamental conditions, diseases, infestations, or other circumstances that may adversely affect the
health of the plant(s). Plant health and vitality is affected by many components, including nutrition,
irrigation, trimming/mowing, and natural conditions and, therefore, the proper care of those plants is
affected by [YOUR COMPANY], the BUYER, and Mother Nature. At times, [YOUR COMPANY] may
recommend to the BUYER that he/she alter his/her cultural practices relative to his/her lawn and/or

ornamental plants as part of the overall lawn and/or ornamental program. BUYER agrees to implement
recommendations in his/her partnership with [YOUR COMPANY].
10. ADDITIONS AND ALTERATIONS. If the BUYER elects to alter and/or add grass plants, ornamentals, or
palms to his/her property, then [YOUR COMPANY] may, at its discretion, increase the monthly charges in
order to accommodate additional labor and materials required to care for those alterations/additions.
11. PLANT REPLACEMENT. [YOUR COMPANY]’s mission is to assist BUYER in keeping his/her greenscape
in a healthy condition. But, nature and external conditions, as well as life factors, can affect the longevity of
BUYER'S greenscape. [YOUR COMPANY] is not responsible for any sod, tree, or ornamental replacement.
Control of grassy weeds, nematodes, vertebrate pests, crab grass, and weed treatment in Bahia grass are
not included. Due to the nature of the whitefly, [YOUR COMPANY] does not guarantee existing leaf drop
due to pre-existing whitefly activity.
12. NOTICE REGARDING NITROGEN BLACKOUT PERIODS. Some municipalities have mandated a
blackout period for the use of nitrogen on turf grass, shrubs, and trees. Please be advised that [YOUR
COMPANY] honors all city, county, and state fertilizer ordinances with the use of supplemental products to
help keep Buyer's landscape healthy.
13. CUSTOMER OBLIGATIONS: Customer understands that results of service are relative to and dependent
upon the cooperation of the Customer as to housekeeping, sanitation, maintenance, and accessibility of
areas to be serviced. Customer agrees to cooperate with as reasonably necessary to facilitate treatment
and control. Customer agrees to assist in correcting existing and potential conditions, such as sanitation
and corrective construction measures, in order to prevent pest infestation. This includes, but is not limited
to, keeping gutters and drains clean, cleaning debris from trash areas, repairing plumbing leaks, etc...
Failure of Customer to take necessary steps to correct such conditions will relieve [YOUR COMPANY] of its
obligations under this Agreement.
COMPANY] applies EPA registered chemicals. [YOUR COMPANY] will, upon request, provide detailed
Material Safety Data Sheets on materials to be used. BUYER AGREES TO ADVISE ALL POTENTIAL
15. SERVICE EXCLUSION: Customer understands that this Agreement does not include the control or
prevention of wood infesting organisms such as termites, powder post beetles, wood corers, ants, bees,
wasps, wood decay fungus, or bedbugs. Customer understands that it does not include treatment for any
mold or mold-like conditions, which is outside the scope of the intended treatment. [YOUR COMPANY]
cannot guarantee against re-infestation of pests from neighboring areas nor does [YOUR COMPANY]
guarantee complete elimination of pests and does not guarantee against re-infestation between service
16. WAVIER: Customer expressly releases and waives all liability claims against for compensation, retreatments or repairs for past, present, or future insect or rodent damage to the structure or its contents,
personal injury or damages arising from biting or stinging pests, or contact with any product used by [YOUR
COMPANY] at the service address.Customer waives any claim for damage or Injury unless made in writing
within one (1) year of treatment or incident.
17. ACTS OF GOD AND OTHER EVENTS. Certain events beyond [YOUR COMPANY]’s control may affect

[YOUR COMPANY]’s ability to perform obligations provided for under this AGREEMENT. These events
include, but are not limited to heavy rain, strong winds, hurricanes, extreme temperatures, acts of
governmental authorities, or any other acts of God, or circumstances or causes beyond the control of
[YOUR COMPANY]. [YOUR COMPANY] shall have no liability if, at its discretion, it becomes necessary to
postpone, cancel, or terminate treatment as a result of such events.
18. MEDIATION/ARBITRATION: BUYER and [YOUR COMPANY] mutually agree that any dispute or
controversy arising out of or relating to: (1) this AGREEMENT, (2) any treatment or service rendered by
[YOUR COMPANY], or (3) any damage or injury to person or to property, whether direct, incidental, or
consequential, allegedly caused by [YOUR COMPANY] shall be settled and resolved exclusively by
arbitration. It is further agreed there shall be no class actions or joinder brought through the arbitration or
any other proceedings. As a condition precedent to any action, the parties shall engage in a mediation and
each party shall bear their own costs. The mediation shall be non-binding. It is further agreed there shall be
a single neutral arbitrator, and the National Arbitration Forum ("NAF") shall conduct the arbitration under its
rules. If the NAF is not available, the American Arbitration Association may conduct the arbitration under its
own rules. Discovery shall be permitted as provided under the State Rules of Civil Procedure, except
discovery shall not be permitted as to transactions with other customers. The arbitrators must apply all legal
and equitable defenses. The arbitrator shall not have the authority to award indirect, special, or
consequential damages including, but not limited to, diminished resale value of a house, building, or its
contents, loss of use, lost anticipated profits, punitive damages, or attorney's fees, such damages being
specifically waived. Any award of damages shall include a written decision that states reasons upon which
the award is based, including all elements involved in the calculation of any award of damages. Either party
may appeal the arbitrator's award to any court of competent jurisdiction. The court having jurisdiction over
the appeal may adjudicate any issues as if the matter had been an appeal from a court of law or equity.
19. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This AGREEMENT, including any attached graphs, specifications, and checklists,
constitutes the entire AGREEMENT between the parties, and may not be varied, altered, or modified in any
way except by written agreement between the parties and approved in writing by a [YOUR COMPANY]
corporate officer. No verbal changes in the terms of the AGREEMENT or verbal approval of deviations from
performance of this AGREEMENT shall be permitted. Any provision deemed unlawful shall be considered
severed. The parties agree this is an arms-length transaction and neither intends to create a fiduciary
20. NOTICE TO [YOUR COMPANY]. Any disputes or claims under this AGREEMENT must be made promptly
in writing to [YOUR COMPANY] Address, City, State Zip, during this AGREEMENT term or any approved
extension. The BUYER agrees not to file any action against [YOUR COMPANY] without allowing [YOUR
COMPANY] to first enter and re-inspect the property. The BUYER also agrees not to file any action unless
the BUYER files it within one (1) year after sending a written claim.
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