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Rule Book
Unilever IT Reboot

PROCESS The contest will pan across 8 weeks and will take place in the following phases: 1. 2016. Registration and shortlisting: A live project case will be put up on the Unilever Diaries Facebook page for all teams on October by October 25. 2016 Interested individuals are required to upload their one page strategy document (outlining their proposal for the Dove including high level overview of tools and technology recommended) and their profiles on the submission tab of the IT Reboot App on Unilever Diaries Facebook page .facebook. 2016. The names of shortlisted individuals from all campuses will be put up on the same page by October 28. . 2016. Shortlisted individuals are required to register in teams of 3 or 4 on the IT Reboot Facebook tab by October 30.www.

Winning team stand to be awarded with a cash prize of ₹75.10 min presentation and 10 min Q&A) The best presentation/proposal will be selected from each campus. Teams will present the proposals (20 minute proposal . The campus rounds will be scheduled tentatively from October 31 to November 15.000.PROCESS 2. Campus Round A panel of Unilever IT managers will visit the campus to review the presentations from all shortlisted teams. .

presentation + 10 mins.for the final round (tentatively planned in the last ten days of November. Q&A) The national winners will be given a chance to interview with Unilever for the Unilever Future Leaders Program (IT Function) and the grand finale winners stand to be awarded with a cash prize of ₹1. 2016) Final presentations will be made to the Leadership team at ETSC – format will be same .PROCESS 3.50. Presentation to Unilever IT Leadership team Campus winners will be given an opportunity to be mentored by senior IT professionals from Unilever to provide an industry view and to sharpen their presentations for the grand finale.000 Select individuals from the other teams may also be awarded chances to interview for the above based on their performance in the finale . All the winning teams selected will be invited to Unilever IT center in Bangalore Enterprise and Technology Solutions Centre (ETSC) .total 20 minutes (10 mins.

RULES FOR PARTICIPATION 1. Modification of team composition post registration will not be allowed . Any deviation from the above will result in immediate disqualification of the entire team 3. Unilever reserves the right to check the validity of the registration information submitted at any point of time 2.