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Week 3 Assignment: Central Tendency and Variability

I use the Afrobarometer data for this assignment. The screenshot of the data is
shown in Figure 1. The two variables selected are Lived Poverty Index (LPI) and
employment status. LPI is the continuous variable while employment status is a
categorical variable.

Figure 1: Afrobarometer data

Lived Poverty Index
The descriptive statistics in Table 1 show a number of central tendency and
variability measures for LPI. There are 50,923 valid cases for this variable and 664
cases are missing. The mean (or the average LPI) is 1.245, the median LPI is 1.2 and
the mode (most frequently occurring index) is 0.0. The index is positively skewed as
shown by the skewness value of 0.419. The LPI is also peaked as shown by the
kurtosis of -0.642. The LPI has a range of 4 and starts from a low of 0 to a high of 4.
The histogram (see Figure 2) is a graphical representation of LPI showing the
distribution of LPI across the scale.
Employment status
Table 2 shows the descriptive statistics for employment status. This is a frequency
table that shows that 66.8% of the respondents were unemployed and only 33.2%
were employed. Since no other measures of central tendency or dispersion can be

about 34.000 respondents were unemployed while 17. the chart in Figure 3 shows the bar chart for the data.200 .418 .0 . Table 1: Summary descriptive statistics for LPI Lived Poverty Index (average index of 5 poverty items) N Valid Missing Mean Median Mode Std.0 .9456 .245 1.used to describe this data.0 . This means that the unemployed were double the number of employed respondents in the survey.011 -. Error of Skewness Kurtosis Std. Deviation Skewness Std.022 4.000 were employed. As shown.642 .0 4. Error of Kurtosis Range Minimum Maximum Figure 2: Histogram of LPI 50923 664 1.

8 33.0 Figure 3: Employment status bar chart Valid Percent 66.0 .6 209 .2 100.1 51378 99.5 17052 33.4 51587 100.8 100.0 Cumulative Percent 66.Table 2: Employment status frequency table Valid Missing Total Unemployed Employed Total System Frequency Percent 34326 66.