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9. 1973
Fad. Spec. RW3-366D
June 21, 1966

Thie spacificetion
was approvedby the Commissioner,
for the use
of ~ Federa2egenciea.

Supp3y Service, General



This specification covers woven-wire-cloth sieves, and
1.1 -.
round-hole and square-hole, perforated-plete sieves intended for general
use in the classification of materials according to size (mechanical
analysis, fineness, and particle size determinations).


1.2.1 ~es
and classes. The aievea shall be of the following typee
and classee, as specified (ace 6.2).

Type I .Type II Clasa 3
Clasa 4

- Round-hole.
- Square-hole.


1.2.2 Sizes. The sieves shall be furniehed in the cloth or plate
sizea shown in American Societyfor Teeting and Materials (ASTM) Standards
E-n and E-323, as specified (see 6.2).

1.2.3 Frame style. Sieves covered by this specification ehall be
furnished in the following frame etylea, aa specified (ace 6.2).

Style A - Full height, atnndard 8-inch diameter frame
(2-inch depth to cloth or plate. )

FSC 6635


) Military Specification MIL-P-116 : . ) Style C . Federal Specification : PPP-B-636 . and Seattle. Government Printing Office. without charge. Fiberboard Federal Standard : Fed. DC. APPLICABLE DOWMENTS * 2. Denver. from established distribution points in their agencies. and Handbooks. U. at the prices indicated in the Index. Fort Worth. Washington. (Federal Government activities may obtain copies of Federal Specifications.ght. (l-inch depth to cloth or plate. Los Angeles. No. from Business Service Centers at the General Services Administration Regional Offices in Boston. is for sale on a subscription basis by the Superintendent of Documents.Preservation. DC 20402. and Handbooks as outlined under General Information in the Index of Federal Specifications and Standards.S.everyspec. New York.Quality Assurance Terms and Definitions 2 . .com .1 The following documents of the issue in effect on date of invitation for bids or request for proposal form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein.Half height.4 . San Francisco. Shipping.Sampling Procedures and Tables [or Inspection by Attributes MIL-STO-1O9 .Downloaded from http://www. Standards. Washington.Boxes. Methods of Military Standards: MIL-STD-105 . The Index.2) .Diameter and hei. 123 . Style 8-inch diameter frame standard B . which includes cumulative monthly supplements as issued. MO. specified (see 6.Atlanta. Chicago. Std. and the Index of Federal Specifications and Standards. Standards. Kansas City. Federal specifi(Single copies of this specification and other cations required by activities outside the Federal Government for bidding purposes arc available. RR-S-366E 2.Marking for Domestic Shipment (Civil Agencies) (Activities outside the Federal Government may obtain copies of Federal Specifications.

the issue in effect on date of invitation for bids or request for proposal shall apply.everyspec. Downloaded from http://www. . ) * The following documents form a part 2. ) Uniform Classification committee.Marking for Shipment and Storage MIL-STO-130 . . Washington. 1916 Race Street. N. . required by suppliers in connection with specific procurement functione. Agent Uniform Freight Classification (Application for copies should be addressed to the Uniform Classification . sieves furnished under this specification shall conform to the requirements of ASTM E-n and E-323. of this specification to the extent specified herein. ) Technical aocicty and technical association specification and standards sre generally available for referencefrom librariea.S. Unlese a specific issue is identified. PA 19>03. Inc.U. should be obtained from the procuring activity or as directed by the contracting officer. DC 20036. Riverside Plaza.2 Other publications.. Philadelphia. ) National Motor Freight Trsffic Association. RR-S-366B MIL-STD-129 . Agent. as applicable. REQUIREMENTS ● 3. Attn: Tsriff Order Section. !iilitary Property (Copies of Military Specifications and Standards. 1616 P Street. 222 S. Room 1106. IL 60606. Chicago. They are also distributed among technical groups and using Federal agencies.1 Standards compliance. 3 . Inc. Except as ocheruiae specified herein. American Society for Testing and Materials E-n E-323 (ASTM) Wire-Cloth Sieves for Testing Purposes Perforated Plate Sievea for Testing Purpoaee (Application for copies should be addressed to the American Society for Tcating and Materials. 3.Identification Marking of U. ARent National Nator Freight Classification (Application for copiee should be addreaaed to AmericanTrucking Association.

of ASTM E-n and ASTM E-323. * 3.1.3 First article. similar equipment shall be interchangeable with corresponding items or parts and shall not require hand or ❑achine fitting. b. coarser shall be designated in millimeters and inches. Frames for sieves shall conform to the requirements 3. as applicable.1 and 6. ) -d * 3. * All removable units and replacement parts of 3. c. In RS-S-366E * The sieve shall. .7. the contractor shall furnish a sieve for first article inspection and approval (ace 4.4 Material. ASTM E-n. Round-hole.7 Sieve parameters. of the manufacturer’s standard product shall be included in the si{:vc being furnished. * Type 1 Type 11 ClaSS 3 Class 4 - Sieve parameters shall conform to the follow- !Joven-wire-clot ll.1 Identification of sizes.2) . b -d . shall bear ASTM designations The approved item name specified in ASTM E-11 and E-323. ASTM E-323.ASTM E-n and ASTM E-323. Except as othervise specified. the material shall conform to the requirements of .6. Additional features which are not specifically prohibited by this specificat. ASTM E-323. marked for identification in accordance with MIL-STD-130.1 Frames. sieves.Downloaded from http://www. as a minimum. When specified (see 6.2 Standard product. Square-hole. shall be Sieve. d. Perforated-plate sieves.6 Identification markin~.. * Sieves .2) .00 mm shall be designated in microns nnd inches. Sieves finer than 1.3). as applicable.5 Interchangeability. * 3.00 nlillimeter (nun) and 3.2.ton but which are a part. be in accordance 3. ing.7. Test. including covers and pans (see 3. with the requirements of this smcification and shall be the manufacturer’s standard product. as applicable!: /3. . * Equipment assemblies and parts shall be 3.everyspec. ASTM E-323. aa applicable.

specified herein.2 Covers and pans. are classified as follows: a. 2. Except as otherwise epecified in the contract or order. In accordance with 4. unless otherwise specified (see 6. The terms snd definition of MIL-STO-1O9 shall apply. as applicable.2. The firat article may be a standard production item from the supplier’ a currenc inventory. f). Failure of the firat article to pass the examination or any of the teeta shall be cause for rejection. b.everyspec. The inspection requirements. and tested to the extent epecified. The Government reserves the right to perform any of the inspections set forth in the specification where such inspections are deemed neceesary to asaure that auppliea and services conform to prescribed requirements. and shall conform to the requirements of ASTU E-n and ASTM E-323.1. Downloaded from http://www. QUALITY ASSURANCE PROVISIONS * 4.1 First article inspection. in accordance with the requirements of referenced subaidinry apecif ications and atandarda. Unless othewise specified in the contract or purchase order. 5 .1 Reoponsibilit y for inspection.3).8 Workmanship.1).:. the supplier is reaponeible for insuring that msteriels and components used were manufactured. and manufacturing technique applicable to the remsining units to be furnished under the contract. ● * 3.2 Classification of inspections. The quality of workmanship shall be such aa co produce sieves that are in accordance with the requirements 06 this specification and are so constructed as to ensure the proper functioning of all parts of the unit. First article inspection (ace 4.5 and the teeta of 4. e- * 4. the supplier is responsible for the per fonnmnce of all inspection requirements ae specifled herein. provided the unit meets the requirement of the speciflcacion and is representative of the design.erformed on one sieve when a first article sample ia required ~see 3.1. * 4. RR-s-366E 3. 7.1 Inapeccion of materiala and components.2). examined. Firat article inspection shall be c. the supplier msy uae his ovn or any other facilities suitable for the performance of the inspection requirements specified herein unlese disapproved by the Government. Covers and pans shall be furnished. construction. Quality conformance inspection (ace 4. This inspection shall include the examination of 4. ● 4.6.2).

2 shall be tested and any unit failing to pass the tests specified in ASTM E-n and ASTM E-323. will be accepted as evidence that the unit has passed the required tests.0 defects per hundred units.1 shall 4.0 percent. packing. approved by the contracting officer. A random sample of sieves: shall be selected from each lot offered to the Government in accordance with MIL-STD-105 at inspection level S-4. type. The acceptable quality level shall be 6.3 Inspection lot.7 Inspection of preparation for delivery.verify compliance with the requirements This element of inspection shall encompass all visual examinations and dimensional requirements of ASTM E-n and ASTM E-323.1 Sampling for examination.6 Tests. of this specification. A certificate of compliance from an independent laboratory. The lot size shall be the number of shipping containers in the end item inspection lot.5 Examination. This inspection shall include the examination of 4. and class offered to the Government at one time shall be considered a lot for purposes of inspection.6.4 Ssmplin&. A random sample of sieves shall be selected from each lot offered to the Government in accordance with MILSTD-105 at inspection level II.5 and the tests of 4. * 4.4. Defects operation. as applicable. and marking comply with the requirements in section 5 of this specification. packaging.2. The acceptable quality level shall be 4. Defects shall be scored in accordance wi th Table I. be examined to . of closure listed shall be examined on shipping containers fully prepared for delivery. * 4. The sample unit shall be one complete sieve.Downloaded from http://www. An inspection shall be made to determine whether the preservation.2 Sampling for tests. * 4. 6 .4.0 percent. ● 4. * Each unit selected in accordance with 4. as applicable.4. Quality conformance inspect ion shall be performed on the sample sieves selected in accordance with 4.everyspec.4.4. Each unit sel”ected in accordance with 4. For examination of interior packaging the sample unit shall be one shipping container fully prepared for deliver y. The inspection level shall be S-2 with an AQL of 4. * 4. shall be rejected.selected at randOm just PriOr tO the clOsing Sampling shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-105.2 Quality conformance inspection. ml units of the same size. * RR-S-366E * 4.

2). * 5. incorrect. location. 7 . PREPARATION FOR DEL IVERY 5. packaged as specified in 5. and reinforced with bands of filament tape. shall be packed in a close.1. Packing shall be level A. in accordance with the appendix to PPP-B-636.1. Sieves shall be packaged to insure protection during shipment and safe delivery to destination.2 Packin&. (see 6. The supplier may use his standard practice when it meets these requirements. Sieves of the same classification. Sach box shall be closed. class weather-resistant. pachged as specified in 5. Classi icacion of preparation for delivery defects Defects F. Each shipping container shall be closed in accordance with method II of the appendix to PPP-B-636. shall be packed in a close-fitting box conforming to PPP-B-636.1.2. as specified 5. scaled with wntcrproof tape. with method lC-2. * 5. or method of npplicstion Material tinycomponent missing or damaged Workmanship Inadequate application of components. Sieves of the same classification.Downloaded from http://www. loose strapping. or distortion of container Contents Gross weight cxcecda requirements of the box specification 5. as specified Each sieve shall be packaged in accordance 5. (see 6. sequence.2. NIL-P-116. or C. Markings. ● * 5.2). clasa domestic.fitti~ box conforming to PPP-B-636.1 Level A. ● Packaging shall be level A or C.1.2 Level B. such as incomplete closure of container flaps. improper size.2 Level FR-S-366E Table I.everyspec. illegible. grade V2S.1 Level A. B.1 PacksRing.xamine omit ted. inndequatc stapling.

Style of sieve frame required and. 5. In addition to any special markinga required by the contract or order.3) . class weather-resistant. all marking shall be in accordance with 5. diameter and height (see 1.2. I ‘a . 5.2. The eieves ineure arrival at destination in satisfactory condition and will be acceptable to the carrier at lowest rates. if style C.2. Marking required (see 5.1).1. and date of this specification. Level of packaging and level of packing required (ace 5.3).2.1 Level B shipmente. and particle size determination) .everyspec. 4 should select the preferred options 6. be used for level B ehipmenta.2 Ordering data.1 Intended use.1 Civil agencies.2 STD-129. ● 5.2. 123.2.3 Level C.3 Marking. f Iberboard grade V3C.1).2.1 or 5. Type and claaa of sieves required (see 1. Military agencies.2. 6.2.3. ● * 5.Downloaded from http://www. Size of cloth or plate required (see 1.3. fineness.2. Marking shall be in accordance with Fed. and 5. When first article is required for inspection and approval (see 3. 4. Containers and packing shall comply with Uniform Freight Classification rules or National Motor Freight Classification RR-s-366E * 5. 2). If covers or pans are not required (see 3.2) . 6.2). Marking shall be in accordance vith MIL- NOTES * 6. When specified (see boxes conforming to PPP-B-636.2.2. Std.7.3.1 Procurement requirements.1. No. Sievee shall be used as a screening medium of woven-wire-cloth or perforated-plate.3. for general use in the classification of materials according to size (mechanical analysis.3. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) 8 Title.2). shall * shall be packed in a manner which will 5. Purchaser offered herein and include the following data in procurement documents. as specified (eee 6. number.3). * 6. and 6.

actir& ea an agent for the 5upertiterdent of Decumenta. Bidders and contractors are ctiucloned to evaluate the requirements of this document based on the entire content irrespective of the marginal nottttions and relationship to the last previous issue. The first article may be a standard production item from the manufacturer’s current inventory.YD Preparing activity: Navy .n extra copies and other docrrmenti referanced herein. When a first article is required. The first article should consist of one unit.ervicee Administration.9 (n) of the Armed Servicee Procurement Regulation. e‘-) 9 . in accordance with the cent race requirements. MILITARY CUSTODIANS : Army .HO. tests. The margin of this specification is marked with asterisks to indicate where changes (addition.MC. it ehall be teeted and approved under the appropriate provisions of paragraph 7-104. — Orders for this rmblication are to be Dlaced vlth the General S. The contrnctlng officer should include epcciflc instructions in all procurement inetrumeots.3 Ficst article. ~H 2/uB5 ——. See section 2 of this specification ah RR-S-366E * When this specification 1s used 6.CL Navy .4 Revision changes. ME GSA . modifications. 6.NBs Army . 9(n) are nOt ~nvOked. and approval of the first nrticle. Deliverable data required by this specification is cited in the following paragraph.everyspec. corrections. in a Procurement which Incorporates a DD Form 1423 and invokes the provisions of paragraph 7-106.55 of the Armed Services Procurement Regulation.YD civil Agency Coordinating Activities: User activities: COM .6 Dttcn Requirement Certificate of Compliance Applicable DD 1664 UDI-E-24007 (Copiee of Data Itsm Oeecriptions required by contractors in connection with specific procurement func tions should be obtained frrsn the procuring activity or as directed by the contracting officer.oobtal. Price ?0 cents each. the data specified below shall be delivered 7-104.Downloaded from http://www. Paragraph 4.FSS Navy . the data requirement identified below will be developed ae specified by an approved Data Item Description (DD Form 1666) and delivered IN accordance wfch the Contract Data Requirements Lfst (DD ForsI When the provisions of ASPR 1423) incorporated into the contract. ) * 6. SM. regarding arrnngemsncs for examinations.2. deletions) from the previous issue were mnde. This was done as a convenience only and the Covcrnment assumes no liability whatsoever for any inaccuracies in these notatfone.2 Contract data requirements.

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I.agrnc.rdlna: e. - WOBLEM AREAS L P.hN.Ootlon. . Ruwnlfimlon. Ruomm8. endWwdlnu: h RocomnwnOadW. ZIP Co&...Fhml..dMOEll DOCUMENT IMPROVEMENT . (OOFK&b(Slmf. C(ty. . . 13toImZIP Co&) o MANUFACTURER ❑ 07) STANDARDIZATION IOCWMENTN.everyspec. DATE OF SU0W1S910N(YYMMDD) EDITION 1S O@SOLETE.Downloaded from http://www.dmlmI: REMARKS NAME OF SUBMITTER l’1-est. . . .Ml) . 00 CUMENT TITLE PROPOSAL 4. TYPE OF OROANIZATION (Mwb -) vENDOR NAME OF SUBMITTINO ORQANIZATION ❑ ❑ us. Stnti. .1.qw. Clfy.OPtbanol b.fy.t MAILING AOORES9 (Sfm. . 10.00d0nti mm . mln.A - PFIEVlO~ 0.Rfwrse Side] {see [tut?ucticnw 2. .. WORK TE LEPUONE NUMBER (l”elu& And Cal ..

Downloaded from http://www. dated November 9. Cancellation cation RR-S- 366 notice dated October is hereby canceled. Administration. —.com RR-S-366 REINSTATEMENT September 6. 1973. SUPERSEDING 1978 CANCELLATION NOTICE October 19. FSC 6635 .everyspec. on Federal Specifi- *. 19. Services Thie noticeis issuedto reinstateFederal Specification RR-S -366E. 1977. TEST by the General Commissioner.. 1977 FEDERAL SPECIFICATION SIEVE This notice was approved Federal Supply Service.