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Definition: A synonym is a word that means the same thing as another word.
Directions: Circle the word that has the same meaning as the bolded word.

1. Ducks enjoy swimming in the pond. (relax, talk, like)

2. The hare is a speedy runner. (slow, sloppy, quick)

3. Some snails have big shells. (round, large, pretty)

4. My dog likes to nap during the afternoon. (snooze, bark, chew)

5. The swan dipped its head into the water. (raised, opened, sank)

6. We caught a small fish at the lake (tiny, colorful, tasty)

7. The tortoise crawled into our yard. (hopped, wriggled, cried)

8. The frog ate the fly. (hated, touched, devoured)

9. The wolf jumped into the river. (leapt, blinked, laughed)

10. The tiger saw the zebra. (eyed, attacked, blinked)

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