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Application of SolidWorks in different labor camps

Cristian Escobar
Escuela Superior Politcnica de Chimborazo
Riobamba Ecuador

AbstractThis document describes the features that

supply us SolidWorks of general way, as well as the
different applications attached to it in different
workspace, such as medicine, industry, research, etc.
Keywords SolidWorks application areas.



The Obtaining of the shaped one, simulation of parts or

industrial systems, manufacturing drawings, and assembles of
products in an accessible way by means of the use of IT tools.
it led to the company SolidWorks to creating first CAD's
technology in 3D able to run on a platform Windows.
In this way the SolidWorks software is created, a program
designed especially to the simulation and 3D modeling that
lets its users expressing or realize their designs and
SolidWorks counts with several design tools, productivity,
management, project presentation and analysis and
simulation, the which makes it a standard mechanical design
software on the market.
Despite the aforementioned features what really makes it a
very sophisticated and used programin various areas of work,
are the applications which it counts as: Simulation and
movement it allows to add different movements to the
components to evaluate the form, the dimensions and the
geometric relations established between them, 2D to 3D it
allows to convert his former or modern two-dimensional
drawings to a piece in 3D, CosmosXpress it allows to know
the mechanical behavior (tensions and deformations) suffered
by a piece on having been loaded by forces or pressures,
SolidWorks Animator it allows to create videos in format
AVI with the animations of the designed product., these are
some of the many tools and applications that comprise the
program to design and realize our projects [1][2].

this project enables the design of an initial model and

perform simulations of the thermal behavior during heating
with the Flow Simulation tool. These simulations allow us to
observe the outlet temperatures of the oven and from there
calculate and add the model a gas exhaust chimney can
withstand such temperatures and simultaneously comply with
the regulations [3].


A. Industry sector
Within the industrial sector the SolidWorks applications
go from design and simulation of pieces, machines, robotic
arms, until complete systems of industrial plants,then an
application is described in specific. Design and installation of
an oven crematory in an industrial ship, SolidWorks within

B. Investigation
The tools that SolidWorks offers to us it allows to realize
investigacines that they help to different areas detrabajo
such is the case of the following investigation: Innovative
offers for patients' surgical interventions with microtia.
Microtia is a problem of atrial malformation. Its
reconstruction has certain aspects that can be improved
through techniques and tools of biomechanics.
The idea is create through of SolidWorks, medical guides
who could be used by the surgeons, designing and
implementing molds with the cavity of the principal parts of
the external ear with the purpose of offering to the surgeon a
tool of support for the later surgical interventions [4].
C. Commerce
Inside the commercial sector the applications that
SolidWorks has it is principally to create and to innovate
products that facilitate the production of raw material for his
subsequent marketing an example of this is the development
and implementation of a mobile platform for collect of
This project aims to facilitate and expedite the process of
collecting oranges in the agricultural sector by improving the
production and marketing of them, for it has been used
SolidWorks software to design each of the pieces that make
up the mechanical part of the mobile platform [5].
D. Society
Thanks to the multiple tools that SolidWorks possesses it
is possible to analyze, simulate and to design projects, that
contribute to society as it is the case design a swing for public
spaces for People with disabilities.
This project involves the design of a swing for public
parks, allowing the inclusion of children and youth with
disabilities in an environment of entertainment and familiar
union. To realize the offer of design there is used the
software CAD Solidworks, which, from drawings,
simulations, pieces allows to develop computational products
for his later analysis and implementation [6].

E. Medicine
The area of the medicine includes one without number of
applications that can be you develop by means of the most
out-standing SolidWorks they are the shaped ones of
prothesis, reconstruction of parts of the body for future
analyses, then there is described a project in which the tools
of simulation and SolidWorks's design are of great help. 3D
reconstruction and structural analysis of the vertebra liv,
based on a CAT. The model used for this study was a tridimensionally reconstruction from a computer axial
tomography (CAT)
A CAT is a set of files which are images of each section
axial. The computer program is an advantage because of the
link that provides the environment Computer Aided Design
(CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), y rapid
prototyping (RP). It allows the user to import patient
information, generate three-dimensional model and export
geometry for an individual analysis [7].


The creation of SolidWork software has facilitated the design,

simulation, management and production of ideas to many
professionals in different areas of work which have been able
to contribute in a positive way not only to industrial sectors
where more received it has had but also research sectors,
medical, agricultural, etc. The program allows us to capture
ideas, do analysis, correct faults with the intent that can create
quality projects with a margin of almost nonexistent minimum


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