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Strategic Business Plan

Kinetic Konnect

Table of Contents
SWOT Page 2
Vision Statement- Page 2
Mission Statement Page 3
Corporate Values- Page 3
Business Objectives- Page 3
Key Strategies-Page 3
Major Goals-Page 4
Strategic Action Programs-Page 4

Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats & Opportunities



Our innovative , emission-free,

environmentally-friendly power

Strong internal communications

system within the Kinetic
Konnect company

Our location of Tempe, Arizona ,

ranked behind California in
utility-scale solar energy projects

Current partnership in research

with Arizona Solar

We hold a strong patents


Undeveloped online presence

and undeveloped marketing plan

Limited number of employees

within the company

Too few retail locations, Lack of

East Coast presence



Competitors creating new

products in a nearby location

Slowing growth rate of the solar

charging market , Consumers
uncertainty regarding adopting a
new charging method

Government regulations on solar


Growing demand for reliable

chargers that last

Competition has done little with

online marketing. Can use online
search websites, YouTube, print
ads, social media networks to
gain exposure

Can acquire other companies,

products, technologies, or enter
into joint ventures with
companies such as Apple or

Obtaining patents through


Focusing on the travel and

leisure market

Trends toward green and

energy efficient products today

Located in Tempe, Arizona. Our vision is to combine the technology

and environmentally beneficial solar energy of today with wireless

charging to create immortal electronic devices that can benefit
society, and build shareholder value by making Kinetic Konnect a
truly sustainable company.
Mission Statement
To create high quality products that are advanced, innovative, and
useful and bring delight to the user. We identify, develop and
execute concepts that will benefit the world. There is always a way
to make it better. The products we make, the company we create
and the members of our research team can always be better.
Corporate Values

We strive to sell and use environmentally friendly products to benefit our

customers that value energy efficiency.

We strive to always be on the forefront of technological innovation with the

work of the community and joint ventures.
Business Objectives

To expand mobile solar charging into other areas of technology and offer
above-average returns.

The establishment of a community enabling customers to take part in the

brand development and creating synergies.
Key Strategies

1. Device design that will be both visually attractive to customers, and efficient
2. Employ the best researchers for solar energy in Tempe and locations with
strong history of solar project history.
3. Employ marketing strategies aimed to build a solid base of loyal customers.
4. Use a three-step, three-layer protection plan to protect patents.
5. Employ a group or advisory board expertise within to deal with the changing
government regulations.
6. Improve both horizontal (PEER-TO-PEER) and vertical (EMPLOYEE-TOMANAGER) communications to maintain strong internal communications. Also
implement instant messaging for seamless collaboration.
The following important strategies will also be followed:
1. Expand marketing department and take regular use of social media outlets
2. Expand across the US(primarily east coast) with acquisitions or joint ventures

3. Display products at CES expo conventions

4. Develop plans for future products in the market
5. Develop a "niche" to stand out from other competitors or those new to the
6. Locate cheaper options for solar products to lower consumer costs
Major Goals (3-4 years)

Achieve at least 35% market share in the technology accessories market

Increase at least 25% net profit growth.

Become a major player in the technology accessories market

Increase employees and work with college campuses with branding and

Educate and keep customers informed on solar energy, creating a brand

thats known nationally
Strategic Action Programs

1. CFO: Construct cash flow forecasts to establish the running costs/overheads,

the breakeven points at various stages in the business development, and the
potential need for funding.
2. CEO: Provide a detailed account for every component of Kinetics intellectual
property portfolio, whether its patents, trademarks, or trade secrets to keep
insight on current statuses to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.
3. Marketing: Use PR/publicity at conventions and major/local attractions each
year to achieve high market awareness and establish the brand on a wider
scale to set the stage for future expansion to increase market share.
4. CEO: Network with college campuses and set up research on campuses
across the U.S. Partnerships with college campuses would allow Kinetic to
educate customers on solar energy. Solar charging stations on campus will
also build the brand and become a staple.
5. Advisory Board: Expand Advisory board to include independent financial,
technical and industrial (solar) expertise.
6. All: Develop and implement accelerated expansion and development plans.