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CRRT Highlights.

Selections from the 21st International

AKI and CRRT conference held in San Diego Feb 16-19, 2016
Hands-on CRRT Workshop for Physicians 1.00 7 pm
1.00 1.10 Opening Remarks (Mehta, Chakravarthi, Tolwani, Cerda)
1.10 1.30 Pre-test (Tolwani, Cerda)
Review of Principles of CRRT
1.30 2.00 AKI and patient selection for CRRT (Cerda)
2.00 2.30 CRRT. Access, Membrane, Circuit, Anticoagulation, Modality, Dose (Tolwani)
2.30 3.00 CRRT. Solutions, Fluid management, Drug Dosing (Mehta)
3.00 3.15 Break
3.15 6.30 Hands-on Workshop Rotations All Teams
The hands-on workshops will provide training on different aspects of CRRT. All participants will be allocated to teams of
8-10 physicians per team. The workshop is divided into four (4) sessions 40 minutes in length that will occur simultaneously.
Each session will be repeated 4 times so teams can rotate through each session in order to maximize the learning opportunity.
4.45 5.00 Break
Session 1:
Circuit, Anticoagulation Regimens and Monitoring (Tolwani, Chakravarthi, Stofan)
Session 2:
Dose/Fluid/Documentation (Mehta, Ostermann, Lischer)
Session 3:
CRRT Prescription/Order Sets/Documentation, Decision Making and Coordination of Care (Cerda, Macedo, Annigeri)
Session 4:
Monitoring, Alarms and Connections with other Therapies (Bagga, Wille, Marquez)
6.30 7.00 Post-test and Wrap-up (Tolwani, Cerda)


Physicians Track. AKI and CRRT Update
Session 1: Organ dysfunction and AKI in the Critically Ill patient
8.30 9.00
Pathophysiology and management of sepsis. Keith Wille
9.00 9.30
AKI and organ dysfunction Kianoush Kashani
9.30 10.00 Diagnostic assessment and management of AKI Ravindra
10.00 10.30 Protecting the kidney and targeting recovery Etienne
10.30 11.00 Break
Session 2: Challenges and Controversies in ICU Care and RRT
11.00 11.30 Whats new in RRT for AKI Ashita Tolwani
11.30 12.00 The changing face of AKI across the world. Jorge Cerda
12.00 12.30 Timing of initiation of dialysis Marlies Ostermann
12.30 1.00 Update on critical care nephrology Kianoush Kashani

Nurses Track. CRRT Techniques

Session 1: CRRT Basics
8.30 8.40
Opening remarks and overview of Course Eileen Lischer
8.40 9.00
9.00 9.30
CRRT principles Eileen Lischer
9.30 10.00 System components and set up Brenda Stofan
10.00 10.30 Orders, labs, charting and monitoring Isagani Marquez
10.30 11.00 Break
Session 2:
11.00 1.00 Hands On training on Prismaflex
Machine priming, circuit set up, programing to match orders
Implementing therapy delivery dose adjustments, fluid balance,
Therapy monitoring and troubleshooting alarms
Therapy discontinuation
Connectology with hybrid systems e.g. ECMO ECCOR

1.00 2.30

Lunch Symposium
Extracorporeal Support Techniques for Sepsis and Multiorgan failure, Apheresis. Eisei Noiri; ECMO and ECCOR and CO2 removal
Keith Wille; Hemoperfusion and HVHF. Srinivas Samavedan

2.30 4.00

Workshop Group 1 (Participants can select any one)

2.30 3.00

Workshop 1: Using Kidney Biomarkers for AKI Management.

Why, What, When and How (Kashani and Noiri)

3.00 3.30

Workshop 2: Starting and Stopping RRT for AKI. Principles and

Practice (Macedo and Ostermann)

3.30 4.00
4.00 4.30

4.30 6.00
Workshop 3:
Workshop 4:

Integrating multidisciplinary support teams for CRRT

delivery Brenda Stofan
Developing Quality measures for CRRT delivery Eileen
Post-Test and wrap-up
Novotel Hotel,
Hyderabad Airport

Workshops Group 2 (Participants can select any one)

(Rajiv Gandhi
International Airport)
Plasma Exchange. Applications, Practical Issues and combination with CRRT techniques. (Noiri and Marquez)
Peritoneal Dialysis for AKI (Ponce and Hooi)
Contact: Email: | Ph. No.: 91-77999 35500
Reception and Dinner