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Pankaja Munde loses

Water Ministry in
Maharashtra rejig

During Modis visit,

India signs five
pacts with Tanzania

U.K.s former Deputy

PM John Prescott says
Iraq War was illegal

Lewis Hamilton drives

to victory in the British
GP at Silverstone

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Death toll mounts to
15 in M.P. floods
NEW DELHI: With heavy rains

lashing Madhya Pradesh, the

death toll in the floods has gone
up to 15, Chief Minister Shivraj
Singh Chauhan said on Sunday.
Seven persons died in the past
24 hours.

Fresh violence in J&K, 5 more dead

Rajnath calls up
Mehbooba, offers
full assistance
from Centre



Osamas son threatens

revenge on U.S.

SRINAGAR: There was no let-up

DUBAI: Hamza bin Laden, the

son of al-Qaeda leader Osama

bin Laden, has threatened
revenge against the United
States for assassinating his
father, according to an audio
message posted online.

Zakir Naiks Peace TV

banned in Bangladesh
DHAKA: The Bangladesh
government on Sunday banned
Peace TV, a channel run by the
Indian preacher Zakir Naik,
following allegations that it
inspired terrorism.

AIIMS student
found dead
NEW DELHI: A 26-year-old AIIMS

student was found dead under

mysterious circumstances at his
rented flat in South Delhi's Hauz
Khas area on Sunday morning.

4 Pages

4 Pages

Mallya refutes
USL charge of
fund diversion

19 men injured by
pellets may lose vision

Rs. 10,000-cr. infusion

likely in the first
tranche for 2016-17

SRINAGAR: Every 45 minutes,

on Sunday in Kashmir Valleys cycle of violence,

sparked by militant Burhan
Wanis killing. Fresh attacks
on security installations and
violent clashes left five more
dead, including a policeman,
taking the death toll to 20
since Saturday.
Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh reviewed the J&K
situation in New Delhi and
held a telephonic conversation with Chief Minister
Mehbooba Mufti, ofering
full assistance from the
The Home Ministry also
said all out-bound and inbound Amarnath pilgrims
were provided conveyance
to safe locations.
The yatra remained suspended for the second consecutive day.
Cabinet meeting
In Srinagar, Ms. Mufti held
a Cabinet meeting to take
stock of the situation. A fervent appeal is made to all
shades of political opinion,
including mainstream and
separatists, to help restore
calm. Violence neither

UNREST CONTINUES: Protesters clash with the police at

Batmaloo in Srinagar on Sunday. PHOTO: NISSAR AHMAD
served any purpose in the
past nor is it going to do so
now, said State Education
Minister and Government
spokesman Naeem Akhtar.
The Cabinet also directed
security forces to exercise
restraint to prevent loss of
human lives, saying any fatal retaliatory action only
leads to a vicious cycle of
death and destruction.
Pushed into river
Mr. Akhtar said the policeman was pushed into river
Jhelum near Sangam along
with his vehicle by a mob, resulting in his instantaneous
I urge the youth not to
take the protests to a level
where the forces are forced
to use their weapons in retaliation, he said.
According to a Srinagar-

based police spokesman,

three civilians were killed in
south Kashmirs Pulwama
and Shopian districts during
Militants are firing and
lobbing grenades on police
and CRPF personnel. They
lobbed two grenades on
CRPF deployed in Pulwamas Murran Chowk, injuring some personnel. In Shopian, the vehicle of the
Superintendent of Police
was fired upon and a grenade
lobbed. Militants also fired
upon the police post in Uttressu, said the spokesman.
Meanwhile, protests have
spread to other areas in
south, central and north



an ambulance with injured

persons arrives at the Sri
(SMHS) hospital. Youths
quickly slide out of the vehicles shouting Allah Hu Akbar, carrying men with
grave injuries into the
In the past 24 hours, about
87 such cases have arrived in
the hospital and most of
them have been injured by
one common weapon a
pellet gun.
From the State and Central
governments perspective, a
pellet gun is a non-lethal
weapon. But since the killing
of top Hizbul Mujahideen
militant Burhan Wani triggered unrest across Kashmir,
the police and the paramilitary forces have severely injured over 100 protesters
with pellet guns.
Of the 87 civilians brought
to the SMHS hospital alone,
40 had sufered pellet injuries in their eyes.
Speaking to The Hindu,
Dr. Kaisar Ahmed, the head
of SMHS hospital, said 19 of
them were likely to go blind
in the coming days.
Two people have had

NEW DELHI: As early as Monday,

An injured man at the SMHS

hospital in Srinagar on
their eye globes entirely
shattered and others have
sufered severe damage,
said Mr. Ahmed.
At this stage its hard to
say whether they can sustain
their vision. Once we reduce
their inflammation, we will
have to operate them.
Lying on the bed in Ward
Eight of the hospital, 17-yearold Showkat Ahmed of Kellar village of Pulwama district said he felt like his head
was on fire when pellets hit
his eyes.
I thought my head will explode and I fainted. People
say I threw up a lot, Mr.
Ahmed told The Hindu.




BENGALURU: A day after United

Spirits Limited (USL) alleged fund diversion by businessman Vijay Mallya from
the company to its associates, the former chairman
said all transactions were
Mr. Mallya said in an emailed statement that British
alcoholic beverages company Diageo had done an extensive due diligence on USL
before acquiring its shares.
Diageo had acquired controlling stake of USL in 2013
and held about 55 per cent
stake in it through its arm Relay BV.
I have absolutely no
knowledge about this purported enquiry by Ernst &
Young (E+Y) nor the suggested allegations. Surprisingly neither the USL nor the
E+Y have given me any details of the allegations or any
opportunity to respond,
said Mr. Mallya.

TIRUNELVELI: The second reactor

of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) attained
criticality at 8.56 p.m. on Sunday.
The event was greeted with
thunderous applause from the
employees, technocrats and
members of the Russian specialist group.
As the top brass of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, including its
Chairman and Managing Director S.K. Sharma, witnessed
the milestone event from the
control room, the nuclear fission started in the second reactor at the scheduled time.
On commencing the First
Approach to Criticality (FAC)

His wife died in an attack, but that did not diminish this teachers love for the animal


Impaired assets
On the rise since 2012, impaired assets in the banking
system are negatively afecting credit supply and are a
factor dampening Indias
growth outlook, global rating

agency Moodys Investors

Service recently said.
PSBs account for about 70
per cent of the total banking
system assets.
The banks requisitioned
infusions after the finalisation of their fourth quarter
results, in which, cumulatively, they had reported
losses of Rs 18,000 crore in


at 7.52 p.m. on Friday by withdrawing the control rods from

the reactor, boron dilution
started four hours later to allow neutron concentration to
go up, which eventually led to
the criticality of the reactor.
Once the reactor starts generating 400 MWe of power,
possibly within 45 days from
the date of criticality, it is likely to be connected to the grid.
Generation of power will be
raised to 500 MWe, 750 MWe,
900 MWe and 1,000 MWe in
At every stage, various tests
will be conducted and the
technical parameters verified
as mandated by the Atomic
Energy Regulatory Board
(AERB). Based on the results
of the tests at each stage and

with AERB clearance, which

will take two to three weeks,
subsequent stages will be reached to take the VVER reactor, constructed with Russian
technical assistance, to its
maximum capacity of 1,000
Loading of 163 enriched uranium fuel assemblies into the
light water coolant reactor began on May 11 and was completed on May 19.
The KKNPP submitted its
reports to the AERB and got
the nod for criticality after experts from the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate
Change inspected the second
unit and submitted their report to the Supreme Court.


IN CONTROL: Britains Andy Murray claimed his second Wimbledon title with a 6-4, 7-6(3), 7-6(2) defeat of Canadian
Milos Raonic on Sunday. The 29-year-old Scot and World No. 2, who was the champion in 2013, dominated the twohour, 48-minute contest as sixth seed Raonics power game made little impact. PHOTO: REUTERS (REPORTS ON PAGE 17)

Personal loss aside, he fights on for elephants

Sankarashan Jena bears no
hatred towards his wifes
killer an elephant in
Odishas forest-fringed
Joranda. On the contrary,
he campaigns for
protection of these giants
caught in conflict with
Mr. Jena, a 62-year old
retired college teacher,
thinks often of the violent
death of his wife in an
elephant attack. But he
doesnt feel crushed. Life
and death are in Gods
hands, and we are merely
his instruments. I cannot
hold the entire elephant
species responsible, he
Do people stop walking
on the road because they
lost a dear one in a road
accident, he asks. If I start
hating elephants, I would
be the biggest fool on

the Centre is likely to announce the first tranche of

the Rs 25,000 crore capital
infusion for public sector
banks (PSBs), planned for
this financial year (2016-17).
The first tranches could add
up to about Rs.10,000 crore,
said a source at the Finance
The recapitalisation is
aimed at shoring up the PSBs
lending capacities that are
restricted by poor asset quality and weak capitalisation.
Gross bad loans, as a proportion of the total advances
by these banks, rose to 7.6 per
cent, a 12-year high in March
2016, according to the Reserve Bank of Indias latest financial stability report released on June 28.

Kudankulam power plant

reaches another milestone

Great Scot!



Govt. to announce
recapitalisation of
public sector banks

Sankarashan Jena works towards elephant conservation at

Gondia in Denkanal district of Odisha. PHOTO: LINGARAJ PANDA
earth, says Mr. Jena.
Early on January 1, 2013, a
wild elephant that had
strayed from the nearby
forest attacked his wife, as
he watched horrified. The
couple were taking their
routine morning walk in
Joranda, in Dhenkanal
district. She succumbed to
her injuries. Mr. Jena was
devastated, but in a few
weeks, started working for
elephant conservation
His teaching duties

apart, he was running an

awareness programme on
elephant protection. His
students enrolled in the
National Service Scheme at
Joranda College would take
his message to villagers.
The elephant is a
beautiful animal, and is an
inseparable part of our
religious, traditional and
historical life. Odisha has a
sizeable population of
these animals. However, in
the past decade, they have
come into increasing

conflict with humans and

face a threat. People are
more violent than
elephants. Habitat loss and
a dwindling food base have
made the animals
vulnerable, he says.
With increased
awareness in government
and the general public,
harmonious conditions can
be created for them, he
says.I am the biggest
motivation. When a person
like me, who has lost his
wife in an attack, works for
protection, should they not
do their bit? After
retirement, Mr. Jena has
been even more vigorous,
going from village to
village with the
conservation message. In
the past five years, more
than 15 people have been
killed in Joranda. In Odisha
60 to 70 elephants and an
equal number of humans
die every year in the

Lighting strikes
plane, forces
emergency landing
NEW DELHI: Passengers of a
Kolkata-Delhi GoAir flight
had a miraculous escape
when the aircraft was hit by
lightning, causing the windshield to crack and forcing
the pilot to make an emergency landing at Delhis Indira Gandhi International
Airport (IGIA) on Saturday.
The flight, G8 102, with
180 passengers on board
apart from cabin crew, had
taken of from Kolkata and
was about half an hour away
from Delhi when it was
struck by lightning while
manoeuvring through inclement weather.
The windshield of the aircraft developed a crack and
the pilot then sought permission from the Delhi Air
Traic Control (ATC) to
None of the passengers
sufered any injury during
the emergency landing.





Rajendra Kumar gets one-day judicial custody

Statehood issue root of rocky Centre-AAP relations

A court has sent Arvind Kejriwals former Principal Secretary

Rajendra Kumar to one day's judicial custody Page 4

At the root of the escalating tussle between the AAP and the BJP
at the Centre is Delhis peculiar administrative status Page 4

DU releases third cut-of list

Cloudy weather to continue

Influence of south-west monsoon kept the temperature comfortable

No seats in BA(Hons) Political Science, BA (Hons) Sociology in general category in many colleges
NEW DELHI: Keeping alive the
hopes of seats at many of its
top colleges, Delhi University on Sunday evening released its third cut-of list for
admission to undergraduate
At Shri Ram College of
Commerce (SRCC), the cutofs for BA(Hons) Economics and B.Com (Hons) were
reduced to 97. 25 per cent in
both courses. The qualifying
marks in the second list were
97.75 per cent and 97.5 per
cent respectively. Other top
colleges too saw a drop of
0.25 per cent to one percentage point in the cut-ofs, providing some relief to student
who missed out on qualifying for admission so far by a

Admission closed
Many colleges have closed
admission to subjects like
BA(Hons) Political Science
and BA (Hons) Sociology in
the general category. At
Hans Raj College, apart from
BA(Hons) in Hindi, seats in
all courses from the arts and
commerce steam are still up
for grabs. At Kirori Mal Col-

lege, all BCom and BA (Hons)

Political Science seats got filled up after the second cutof. At 96.50 per cent, there
has been a drop of a drop of
0.50 per cent in the third cutof list for BCom (Hons) .
At Lady Shri Ram College,
admissions in the general category closed in Hindi, sociology and philosophy course.
Seats are still available for
BCom (Hons) at 97.25 per
cent; and at 97 per cent for
both BA(Hons) Economics
and BA(Hons) English. The
third list has resulted in a
drop of 0.25 per cent in
B.Com (Hons), and 0.50 per
cent in BA(Hons) Economics
and BA(Hons) English cutofs.

COOL DAY: Birds take a dip at the water fountain near Rajpath in New Delhi on Sunday.

NEW DELHI: The Capital remained overcast throughout

the day on Sunday under the
influence of the south-west
monsoon, which kept the
temperatures within comfortable levels.
The maximum temperature touched 36.7 degrees
Celsius, one notch above the
seasons average, while the
minimum settled at 28.8 degrees, also one notch higher
for this time of the year. High
levels of humidity, which oscillated between 78 per cent
and 61 per cent, made the

Fourth list
Students seeking admission under the third cut-of
list will have three days to do
so at the colleges of their
choice by getting their documents verified and paying
the fee. The fourth cut-of list
will be released after that.
DU had earlier announced
that it will only release five
cut-of lists this year unlike
previous years when 10-12
lists were released.

When art bridged the

barrier of language
NEW DELHI: Landscapes dotted

NEW DELHI: On a public

with hues of pinks and

greens, life-like portraits,
sculptures and bold-yet-delicate calligraphy.
The art show titled Silk
Road, which was inaugurated in the city at the Art
Spice Gallery, features a
unique blend of art between
the East and the West.
Much like the trade route
that it is named after, the exhibition aims at exposing
Chinese culture to the world
by featuring works of 16 artists from China. They used
their art to bridge the barrier
created by language

holiday, the huge Art

Gallery at the India
International Centre was
empty except for Italian
graphic designer and
photographer Attilio
Tripodi, who was in a
corner browsing a pizza
delivery restaurants

No boundaries
Art has no boundaries, it
is very precious, he added.
Lin Zong Yang, a senior
artist who dabbles in calligraphy, believes that destiny
played its hand again when
their president Xi Jinping encouraged them to traverse
the globe in order to spread
Chinese culture. In 7th Century A.D., Buddhist monk
and scholar Xuanzang facilitated the spread of Buddhism in China by carrying
back over 600 scrolls from

India. He had been sent by

the King to learn about
Buddhism from its country
of origin.
Meanwhile, Guo Youhe,
the vice-president of Beijing
National Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, uses
portraits to capture emotions. He said his paintings
are inspired by Indian Buddhism and very little by the
West, unlike modern Chinese artists.
Yin and yang
His artworks on display at
the exhibition in the Capital
include one that depicts the
Yao minority community in
China, while the other is a
rendition of Bodhidharma,
the founder of Chinese Zen
Traditional Chinese paintings make liberal use of black
and white, symbolic of yin
and yang. Artists Wang
Zhong He and Liu Hengjin
have mixed traditional Chinese styles of painting with
the West by instilling their
work with colours in order

(Ambience, City Walk), BIG
(Odeon), DT (Saket, Vasant Kunj,
Noida), Satyam (Patel Nagar),
Wave (Raja Garden, Noida).
(Anupam, Naraina, City Walk),
Movie Time (Raja Garden), DT
(Saket, Vasant Kunj, Shalimar
Bagh, Noida), Wave (Raja Garden,
Noida), Spice (Noida).
Promenade Mall, DT Star
Cinemas - DLF Place Mall, PVR Logix City Centre, PVR - MGF
Mall, Mehrauli Road, PVR - Pacific

SULTAN: (New release: Salman
Khan, Anushka Sharma, Randeep
Hooda): Delite, Delite Diamond,
Shiela, Amba, Eros, Golcha, Regal,
Vishal, Milan, Samrat, Aakash,
Supreme, Ritz, Gagan, Seble,
Suraj, Batra Reels, Cinemax, G3S
(Rohini), PVR (Plaza, Rivoli, Priya,
Saket, City Walk, Naraina,
Vikaspuri, Prashant Vihar, EDM,
Mahagun, Opulent, M2K (Rohini,
Pitampura), FUN (Moti Nagar,
Pitampura, Laxmi Nagar,
Karkardooma), Movie Time (Raja
Garden, Pitampura), DT (Saket,
Shalimar Bagh, Vasant Kunj),
Wave (Raja Garden, Noida,


Kaushambi), SRS (Aditya,

Jaipuriya), Movie Palace, Movie
Magic, JAM Shipra, Galaxie, Star
X (Vaishali), Chaudhary
(Ghaziabad), Movie World and
Silver City (Ghaziabad) Inox
YOGANANDA: Documentary; PVR
- Logix City Centre
UDTA PUNJAB: (Shahid Kapoor,
Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt,
Diljit Dosanjh): PVR (Saket,
Vikaspuri), M2K (Pitampura), DT
(Saket, Shalimar Bagh, Vasant
Kunj), BIG (Vaishali, Kaushambi,
PVR (Saket, Rivoli, Naraina,
Vikaspuri, Prashant Vihar, EDM),
DT (Saket, Shalimar Bagh), M2K
(Rohini, Pitampura), BIG (Vaishali,
Noida, Greater Noida), Wave
(Noida, Kaushambi), SRS
Cinemas, Galaxie.
Play House - Logix City Centre,
PVR Premiere - Ambience Mall,
Spice Cinema - Spice World Mall
51513391; Spice Gold
012043890000; Satyam
Cinemas 25797385; Delite
23272903; Wave 51832222)

Artist Yang Min, who uses

calligraphy as medium of expression, said calligraphy is
as old as the Chinese civilisation. He uses wooden implements he makes on his own
to paint.
It is very easy to write
these words. But writing
them with artistically draws
upon almost 50 years of
practice, he explained.
Stating that life is very
important in ancient Chinese culture, Fan Wen, the
only female artist in the
group, said she continues to
revere the concept through
her brass sculptures.
Discipline, evident in the
works, was reiterated when
artists couldnt keep themselves away from their craft.
Vincent Shi held the attention of visitors by replicating
the work of Li Bai, a romantic
poet who flourished during
the Tang dynasty, through
his calligraphy.
The exhibition will be on
till July 13 at Art Spice Gallery, The Metropolitan Hotel
& Spa, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
(The writer is an intern
with The Hindu)

Mondays forecast
According to the Meteorological Departments forecast
for Monday, overcast conditions will continue to prevail
with the possibility of heavy
rain in several parts of the city
in the afternoon and evening.
The maximum and minimum
temperatures are likely to
hover around 37 degree Celsius and 28 degree Celsius

Besides capturing a single person in each frame, he has also captured intricate patterns or interesting backgrounds

Wei Cheng Zong, who specialises in traditional water
paintings of landscapes, said:
India is a religious country.
It is the birthplace of Buddhism. We want to share our
culture with India through
this exhibition.
His paintings depict nature in its hierarchy, step-bystep, the lower and higher
mountains come into view.
Like many artists who joined
the bandwagon of cultural
exchange, he is inspired by
Buddhist meditation.

crowds were seen outside areas like the Delhi zoo and at
India Gate in the evening.

Attilio Tripodis monochrome solitary reapers


EAST MEETS WEST: The art show, titled Silk Road, is on till July
13 at Art Spice Gallery, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, from 11
a.m. to 7 p.m.

weather sultry and uncomfortable. The Safdarjung observatory, figures of which

are considered the oicial
reading for the city, recorded
only traces of rain.
However, there were reports of showers from across
the city. The weather station
at Faridabad, which recorded
36 mm of rain, was the only
one to record a significant
amount of rain.
Many Delhiites were seen
enjoying the intermittent
showers and devoting time to
outdoor activities. Huge

Rare moment
The photographer was
enjoying a rare moment
of solitude surrounded by
his works, all about
capturing people going
about their daily lives but
frozen in a frame in which
they are temporarily
The exhibition, titled
Temporary Solitudes,
showcases Attilios black
and white photographs
from his travels across
the world.
He has managed to
capture a single person in
each wide frame. Each
person can be seen
enjoying a temporary
moment of solitude,
captured in that split
second by Attilio, who
said: We are never
Attilio came up with
the concept since he feels
that man is essentially
social but there is always
a moment in a day when a
person is alone. I feel a
solitary moment allows
time for someone to
reflect, and think about
life and evolution, said
the photographer.
Another unique feature
of each photograph,

He feels that man is

essentially social but
there is always a
moment in a day
when he is alone
besides the minimal
presence of humans, is
intricate patterns or
interesting backgrounds.
Element of design
The patterns ensure
that although the style is
very minimal, the frame
has a lot going on when it
comes to geometry,
shadows and lines.
Being a graphic
designer by profession,
Attilio manages to bring
out an element of design
in each frame, with
human presence taking
up very little space.
Meditative feel
On why he has chosen
to go with monochrome
prints instead of colour,
Attilio said he felt the
absence of colour gave his
works a meditative feel.
He added that colour
would have acted as
distraction since he tried
to keep a number of
elements in the
photographs to an
absolute minimum.
In one of the
photographs taken in
India, the photographer
has captured a man
walking on a railway
track, something, he said,
was a rare to find in the
sea of humanity one sees
everywhere in India.
The exhibition is on at
the Art Gallery, India
International Centre, till
July 16.

MINIMAL FEEL: Italian graphic designer and photographer Attilio Tripodis exhibition titled
Temporary Solitudes is on at the Art Gallery, India International Centre, till July 16. PHOTOS:

Shelter hit by acute power, water crisis for two months

Spread over five-acre, the shelter-cum-hospital houses nearly 1,000-odd animals, mostly injured or abandoned
GURGAON: Home to nearly

1,000-odd animals, mostly

injured or abandoned, a
People For Animals (PFA)
shelter in Sadhrana, of
Gurgaon-Farukh Nagar
Road here, has been facing
an acute power and water
crisis for over two months
Though the shelter,
which also houses a
hospital for animals,
grapples with power and
water scarcity throughout
the year as it is located in a
village. However, the
problem has worsened over
the past two months,
adding to the suferings of
its inhabitants.
Since we are located in a
village, we get power on

alternate days. But even

when power is supplied, the
voltage is low. We cannot
even run fans. We have over
1,000 animals, including
400-odd dogs. Many
animals, especially
pedigreed dogs abandoned
by their owners, have taken
ill due to the heat. We also
have a few St. Bernards who
need AC. We are an NGO
and do not have enough
funds to run diesel
generators, said shelter
manager Saptarshi Roy.
The erratic power supply
has also afected hospital
services and water supply.
Many a times, we cannot
perform medical
procedures on injured
animals due to lack of

IN THE DOGHOUSE: The People For Animals shelter in Sadhrana

grapples with power and water scarcity throughout the year
as it is located in a village. PHOTO: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT
power. Also, lack of power
supply afects water supply.
We need water to clean the

hospital and shelter area

daily. There is little water
for the animals to drink and

hardly any left for

cleaning, said PFA
Gurgaon president Amit
Spread over five-acre, the
shelter-cum-hospital takes
in abandoned and injured
animals, including wild
ones. We have cows, bulls,
camels, bufaloes, sheep
and goats. The Haryana
government had once
initiated an emu farming
scheme, but failed
miserably. People
abandoned the poor birds
and left them to die. So we
have emus as well. Besides,
there are 400-odd dogs and
cats. Some of these animals
are case properties, others
were found injured. We
earlier had some wild
animals like hyena brought
in by the Wildlife

Department, said Mr.

Chaudhary. He added that
lack of power had also
made animals vulnerable to
those engaged in animal
Illegal butchering of
animals is a flourishing
trade in western Uttar
Pradesh. Animals are
illegally smuggled from
Haryana for butchering. It
has made us vulnerable to
the people involved in this
trade, especially when
there is no power at night,
he added.
The shelter authorities
have complained regarding
this to the district
administration and the
Dakshin Haryana Bijli
Vitran Nigam oicials, but
in this connection, but in






Jul 11, Mon

Jul 12, Tue

Jul 13, Wed

RISE 05 32 SET 19 22

RISE 05 33 SET 19 22

RISE 05 33 SET 19 22

RISE 11 52 SET 23 58

RISE 12 43 SET 00 00

RISE 13 35 SET 00 32

Ex-CBI oicers detective agency

busted for selling call records
These CDRs were sold to clients by two city-based private detective agencies for exorbitant prices
CDRs were brought
by business rivals,
those involved in love
affairs, civil disputes
and match- making

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police
have busted two city-based
private detective agencies
that would illegally procure
the call detail records
(CDRs) of people and sell
them to clients at exorbitant
The four arrested men include Aditya Sharma, a private detective who was earlier jailed for obtaining BJP
leader Arun Jaitleys CDR
and Jaiveer Singh Rathore,
the owner of a news channel,
Abhi Tak.
The top management of
one of the two detective
agencies caught in the net remain on the run. Sources said
that a former CBI oicer was
a top oicial of one of these
Retired CBI oicers are
known to start private detective agencies in Delhi. The
role of several other detective agencies and nodal agencies is also being investigated, said Ravindra Yadav,
Joint CP (Crime).

MAKING HAY: The accused who were arrested in New Delhi on


Leak from surveillance

Police said that the CDRs
would be supplied to these
detective agencies by a con-

stable, Narendra Kumar, who

is posted in the surveillance
cell at the oice of the Inspector General of UP Police.

tried to procure CDRs from

Delhi. But since the Delhi Police have adopted strict procedures of obtaining CDRs
after the 2013 incident (the
Arun Jaitley episode), the accused would look for sources
outside Delhi, said Mr.

Medico found dead

NEW DELHI: A 26-year-old AIIMS

student was found dead under

mysterious circumstances at
his rented flat in South Delhi's
Hauz Khas area on Sunday
There were injection marks
on the deceaseds hands and an
injection was found near his
body, prompting police to suspect that he had committed suicide. Senior oicers, however,
treaded cautiously on the
cause of the death, saying they
would await the autopsy report. A native of Tamil Nadu,
the deceased, Sarvanan Ganeshan, had joined AIIMS a
week ago as a Junior Resident
for his MD degree in Medicine
in the July batch.
The death came to light
around Sunday noon when Ganeshan did not report to duty
in the morning. His colleagues
and senior residents of the De-

partment of Medicine called

him repeatedly on his phone,
but there was no response, said
a spokesperson at AIIMS.
They then called his neighbours who checked on his flat.
When repeated knocks on his
door yielded no response from
inside, police were informed.
The room was broken into
and the victim rushed to AIIMS emergency department.
He was, however, declared
brought dead. The body has
been sent for post-mortem and
his family in Tamil Nadu
The AIIMS faculty and administration deeply mourns
the sad incident and is deeply
concerned about it. It will
cooperate with the police in its
investigations whenever necessary and asked for. The police meanwhile is conducting
and investigation into the
above mentioned case, said a
statement from the hospital.

Eforts to arrest the constable and bring him to Delhi

for interrogation are in
The accused had also

The oicer said that the investigation began when the
crime branch received a tipof that Scorpion Verification and Consultancy Pvt.
Ltd, a detective agency operating from Janakpuri, was involved in procuring and selling CDRs.
The police visited the
agency oice as decoys and
demanded that they be
shown a sample CDR before
they avail the service.
As soon as the agency
owner, Pankaj Tiwari, produced a genuine copy of a
CDR, they were arrested.
Tiwari told police he
would buy the CDRs from

Jaiveer Singh Rathore, who

owns a news channel. Rathore went on to reveal that his
role was that of a middleman
who would take demands of
CDRs from several detective
agencies in the city.
He would then pass on the
demand to the constable, Narendra, who would use his
sources in the UP Police to
procure the CDRs and sell
them to Rathore for anywhere between Rs 5,000 and
The price paid by the detective agencies clients for
these CDRs would go up to
Rs 1 lakh, depending on their
desperation, said investigators.
These clients were mostly
business rivals, those involved in love afairs, civil
disputes, legal disputes and
match- making.
All the people involved in
this fraudulent practice used
WhatsApp to keep police
If a CDR was to exchange
hands, a new email account
would be created. The CDR
would then be attached as a
draft to the email. The email
id and the password of the
account would then be sent
via WhatsApp to the receiver, said Mr. Yadav.

Candlelight vigil against ISIS

NEW DELHI: Dozens of people

took out a candlelight vigil in

Hazrat Nizamuddin area on
Sunday evening to voice
their protests against the terror attacks by ISIS and other
such groups.
Organised by Khudai
Khidmatgar, a movement
started by spiritual leader
Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan,
and Mohammadia Foundation that works for peace in
the world, the vigil was followed by a peace march from
Hazrat Nizamuddin police
station to the dargarh nearby.
The participants carried
placards and banners which
equated ISIS with terror
states and called for suicide
bombers to stop their activities. Photographs of terror
attacks and of their victims
marked the placards.

Youths assaulted by cops,

police say they were provoked
NEW DELHI: Allegedly abused
and roughed up by five youths
for flagging down their car at a
picket near Najafgarh on Friday night, a group of policemen responded by raining
punches, kicks and lathi blows
on them.
Accusing the police of
thrashing them on the road and
then again at the local Baba
Haridas Nagar police station,
the youths displayed the injuries as evidence of the
Surender Kumar, DCP
(South-West), said that the policemen were forced to respond after the youths provoked them by first hurling
verbal abuses before tearing
their uniforms and assaulting
them. The DCP, however, asserted that no force of any kind
was used against the youths at
the police station. Three of
the policemen involved in the
incident have been sent to district police lines pending further inquiry, said Mr. Kumar.

No FIR registered
He said no FIR has been registered from either side because in the initial enquiry the
police have not found any
cognizable ofence. The assault was from both sides. No
one sufered grievous injuries, the DCP said.
Dependra Pathak, Joint CP
(South-Western Range), said
that the youths were caught
drinking inside their car and
the policemen had to forcibly
stop their vehicle.
For the past few months, we
have been implementing a
drive known as area domination scheme in Najafgarh and
nearby areas. It is a part of
tough policing in which we
stop and question youths who
drink in public places, indulge
in suspicious activities, drive
rashly or travel in SUVs with
tinted glasses, Mr. Pathak told
The Hindu.

The youths claimed

that none of them
were drunk and
that their documents
were in order
The oicer, however, added
that any complaints submitted
by the youths in connection
with this incident will be thoroughly probed.
The youths involved have
been identified as Gaurav, his
cousin Anmol, and their three
friends Nishant, Raj and Deepak. Aged between 21 and 25,
the friends are natives of Bahadurgah and Jharoda Kalan villages. The five were headed to
Jaipur on Friday night in Anmols Skoda Octavia car when
they were stopped at a market
near Najafgarh. Since there
was no place to stop near the
picket, we stopped a few
metres ahead. Anmol, who was
driving the car walked out, but
was greeted with a slap by a
constable, said Gaurav.
He claimed that none of
them was drunk, they had their
documents in order and were
driving at a very slow speed.
When we asked for the reason
behind the assault, they chose
not to reply. When we protested at their behaviour, we were
all beaten up, alleged Nishant.
Within minutes, more policemen arrived and packed

The injury marks on the


the five in vehicles and drove

them to Baba Haridas Nagar
police station. The policemen
there beat us for an hour with
lathis and kicks. My friend
Deepak was restrained by two
policemen while a third
slapped him continuously for
10 minutes, alleged Gaurav.
The youths also alleged that
a local politicians grandson,
whose house was near the incident spot, had recorded the incident on his mobile phone,
but he too was thrashed. The
police have dismissed this allegation as baseless.
One of these youths uncle,
who is a Delhi Police inspector,
came to their rescue on receiving a phone call. Meanwhile,
seeking action against the policemen, the family and friends
of these youths staged a protest outside the police station
as well as in Jharoda Kalan village on Saturday.

People under the banner of Khudai Khidmatgar at a

candlelight vigil at Nizamuddin on Sunday. PHOTO: SUSHIL KUMAR

The attendees termed the

gathering a common Muslim response to the terror
attacks in the recent past.
This is a spontaneous response by all those who are
against the menace of terrorism. We are here to show sol-

idarity with the victims of

terror attacks and to isolate
the terrorists, said Shaikh Jilani, a trustee with Mohammadia Foundation.
The organisers said people across religions and
castes attended the march.

Couple shot at
NEW DELHI: A married couple was shot at and

injured in an alleged road rage incident in

Ghaziabads Vijay Nagar area on Saturday
Pravesh and his wife, Priti, were heading
towards their home on their motorcycle at 6
p.m. when their motorcycle accidentally hit
a car, a police oicer said quoting the
That led to a scule between the couple
and the occupants of the car, but both parties were pacified and separated. However,
around 10 p.m., some youth came to the couples home and opened fire on them. Pravesh was hit on his wrist while his wife suffered an injury to her spine.
Both are out of danger. Staf Reporter

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Talk: Discussion through video conference between
New Delhi and Moscow on Integration of Educational,
Scientific and Technical Activities. Speakers from India: Dr Ashok Jain - President, MOMBUSHO Scholars
Association of India; Dr Om Prakash Wali, Professor and
Head, Centre for International Trade in Technology,
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi; Ambassador B. Balakrishnan - Former Ambassador to Greece.
Speakers from Russia: Ms Alevtina Chernikova - Rector
of the National University of Science and Technology
(MISiS); Michael Filanov - Vice-Rector for National University of Science and Innovation, at Conference Hall,
Russian Information Centre, 2, Bhagwan Dass Road,
1:30 pm
Talk: "Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: Looking into the Future" by Major General Vinod Saighal, Executive Director of the Eco Monitors Society. Chair:
Shashank at Seminar Rooms II & III, Kamaladevi Complex, Main Building, India International Centre (IIC),
6:30 pm
Exhibition: "Temporary Solitudes (A meditation on
solitude)" Photography show by Attilio Tripodi from
Italy at Main Art Gallery, Kamaladevi Complex, Main
Building, India International Centre (IIC), 11 am - 7 pm
Exhibition: Hungarian Folk Tales: Award winning
paintings of the on-the-spot childrens painting competition hosted by Hungarian Information and Cultural
Centre, at HICC, 1A, Janpath, 10 am - 4 pm
Culture: 49th Jagannath Rath Yatra Mahotsav: Cultural programme. Bharatnatyam dance by Dakshina Vaidyanathan, Odissi dance by Manoranjan Nayak and his
disciples, at Shri Jagannath Mandir, Thyagraj Nagar,
7:30 pm onwards
Screening: "Mi Rifaccio Vivo (I'll Be Back)" Italian film
screening with English subtitles at Habitat World, India
Habitat Centre (IHC), 7 pm
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Statehood issue root of rocky Centre-AAP relationship

Delhis peculiar administrative status has often pitched the Kejriwal government against the Modi-led Centre
NEW DELHI: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwals equation with
the L-G, the Delhi Police and
bureaucrats sums up Delhis
political scene under his rule.
But at the root of the escalating political tussle between the AAP and the BJP at
the Centre is Delhis peculiar
administrative status.
A democratically elected
government in Delhi doesnt
have control over administrative appointments and civic agencies like the DDA and
Municipal Corporations, and
the police do not come under
their direct control.
Its power is shared between the Centre and the
Delhi government.
While the government has
been able to deliver on their
health, power and water, the
increasing public spats between the AAP government
and the L-G (read the Centre)
over control on the three subjects have left citizens in the
middle of crossfire.
And every issue boils
down to full statehood.
In May, the AAP government drafted the Full Statehood Bill and released it in
public domain to get suggestions from people.
Once the suggestions are
compiled, the Bill will be tabled and cleared in the Assembly. But with the Centre
returning Delhi governments previous 14 Bills, the
AAP plans to hold a referendum if the Centre doesnt
grant Delhi full statehood.
For Delhi to work fullstatehood is very important,
said AAP leader, Raghav
Chadha. Referendum would
be a reairmation of the demand of the people, which
has been long pending.
Not that full statehood was
AAPs original demand, the
Congress and the BJP both
had earlier demanded the
same. But AAP leaders believe that the Congress and
the BJP have come together
to term it as unconstitutional
whereas they have been in
the forefront on this demand.
They have decided to betray the people of Delhi, party state convener Dilip Pandey said.

FEBRUARY 3, 2004: Sheila Dikshit, former Delhi Chief

Minister, leads a silent march through the Capital to demand
statehood for Delhi. FILE PHOTO

Once a supporter, Cong

dials back enthusiasm
NEW DELHI: From demanding

Original proponent BJP says demand unconstitutional

NEW DELHI: Credited with having first raised the pitch for
it, the BJP has changed its
stance on its demand for
statehood for the Capital
due to what it calls the Aam
Aadmi Partys (AAP) devious stint at the helm of
the Delhi government.
The AAPs version of
statehood will transform
Delhi into a faceless entity,
or worse a state within a
state at permanent conflict
with the Central government functioning from within it, said Vijender Gupta,
Leader of the Opposition in
the Delhi Assembly.
Not just the demand for
statehood, the BJP was at the
helm of the struggle for a
Legislative Assembly in Del-

hi. But, one has to understand that decisions of a

Constitutional nature belong in higher domains, not
on the streets, said Mr.
State within a State
What the AAP is looking
to create is a state within a
state, which will have the
powers to engage the Centre
in daily skirmishes. As a result, not only will governance and development suffer but Delhi, due to the loss
of its special status, will be
unable to sustain itself, the
BJP leader added.
The AAP governments
Bill is mischievous and unacceptable because it bifurcates Delhi into two parts:
the New Delhi Municipal
Council (NDMC) will be the

AUGUST 25, 2003: Madan Lal Khurana, who was the Delhi CM
from 1993 to 1996, felicitates L. K. Advani, former Deputy PM,
for presenting the Bill on statehood in the Parliament. FILE PHOTO
Capital of India with a separate and independent entity
while the present nonNDMC area will be the Delhi State without the tag of a

DDA modifies its adopt-a-park scheme

Will now provide ways for adopting agencies to earn revenue while maintaining parks
NEW DELHI: In a bid to provide

better maintenance of its

major parks in the Capital,
the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has modified
its Adopt a Park scheme,
which will now allow voluntary organisations to maintain parks in lieu of putting
up ads, kiosks and nurseries.
The DDA had first floated
the scheme of adoption of
parks by public trusts, corporates, PSUs and RWAs, but
had put a caveat that the entire cost of maintaining these
parks, which range in size
from 1.5 acre to more than
five acres, entirely on the organisations adopting them.
The scheme, however, has
now been modified to encourage more organisations
to come forward.
The DDA has now allowed
the adopting agencies to
adopt some practices that
will enable them to earn revenue. These include putting
up eco-friendly kiosks for
selling packed healthy and
nutritious food items, newspapers, books, florist shops,
flowers and plants, setting
up of plant nursery for sale of
seedlings etc., apart from the
right to put up advertisements on park furniture.
The scheme is open to
registered societies, public
institutions, big business
houses, autonomous bodies,

GREEN PARKS: Adopting agencies can set-up kiosks and

nurseries and put up ad space on park furniture. FILE PHOTO

Earlier, scheme didnt

find many takers as
cost of maintaining
parks was put entirely
on adopting agencies
public trusts and RWAs, who
can adopt a park and take
care of its maintenance. In
lieu of the cost they will incur in maintaining the parks,
the adopting agencies have
been allowed to put up
kiosks and other facilities,
which will also serve as added attractions for park users, said a senior DDA oi-

cial, who didnt wish to be

The rules
The DDA, however, has
stipulated that the adopting
agency has no rights over the
park or to use the area for any
other purpose.
The voluntary agency
shall also prominently display that the park belongs to
the DDA and it has been permitted to maintain it.
The display board has to
be put up at a specified place
in the main portion of the
park. The agency will also
have to ensure that no en-

croachments are made in the

The parks will have to be
kept open to the general public and it cant impose any
kind of entry fee. The agency
also cant organise any concerts, shows or exhibitions at
the park without the DDAs
Holding a wedding and
other social functions will
not be allowed at these parks.
The DDA has also strictly
stipulated that the adopting
agency cant cut any trees or
remove plants from the park,
apart from any furniture already present in the parks.
Though the voluntary
agency can erect or construct eco-friendly kiosks,
plant nurseries for sale of
plants and garden products
and use park furniture for
branding and publicity purposes, it can only be done
with the prior permission of
the DDA.
While its earlier initiative
didn't find many takers, the
DDA hopes that the modified rules will attract organisations to come forward and
adopt a park.
Areas where parks are up
for adoption include East of
Kailash, Chittaranjan Park,
Rohtak Road, Vasant Kunj,
Janakpuri, Dwarka, Pitampura, Lawrence Road, Rohini,
I.P. Extension, Mayur Vihar
Phase-I, Shahdara, Todapur
and Narela.

Plea in High Court on capping airfares

NEW DELHI: A plea was filed in
the Delhi High Court for capping airfares across the
country so that customers
are not fleeced arbitrarily by
The PIL urged the court to
direct the authorities to
frame guidelines so as to
put a cap on airfares and prevent the private airlines here
from charging arbitrarily, irrationally and exorbitantly
for air flights.
Advocate Amit Sahni, in


his plea, which is likely to be

heard next week, stated that
he had filed an RTI application seeking information regarding airfares and Ministry
of Civil Aviation replied that
these are not controlled by
the government.
Citing recent Jat agitation
in Haryana, which reportedly forced some passengers to
pay over Rs. 90,000 for their
journey, the plea said if there
would have been a cap, the
airlines could not have

charged such huge amount.

The private airlines companies have fleeced people
even in emergent situation
and the government has
stood as a mute spectator regarding the same, the plea
said, adding there is urgent
need to regulate the upper
limit of airfares so that the
private airlines could not
fleece their customers as per
their own wish.
Capping of airfares in the
backdrop of the passengers

complaints of arbitrary tarif

hikes was recently ruled out
by the government which
had said competition among
airlines would take care of
the problem.
The ministry had reportedly said restricting the airfares will not make good
business sense as it could also jeopardise the governments regional connectivity
plan as such a move may discourage airlines to fly on
non-profitable routes. PTI

Capital city, the LoP said.

It will be just like any other State of India. Thus, nearly two crore Delhiites will be
deprived of the proud privi-

lege of living in the Capital,

he said.
Arguing that the AAP
couldnt be trusted with
power and that it had lost
its credibility especially as a
party entrusted with the
peoples mandate to wield
it, the LoP said that Chief
Minister Arvind Kejriwals
demand for statehood was
Constitutionally invalid.
Furthermore, the Delhi
government has no jurisdiction and power to adopt the
Delhi Statehood Bill. The
course adopted by the Government to pass the Bill in
the Delhi Assembly is unconstitutional and undemocratic and dramatic in nature. It is merely seeking to
trigger another confrontation with the Centre, Mr.
Gupta said.

the status of a full State for

Delhi in 2013, the Congress
now holds an ambiguous
opinion on the matter.
Leaders of the party, which
included the demand in its
2013 Assembly elections
manifesto, now say Delhi
cant remain the Capital if it
becomes a State.
The Delhi Pradesh Congress Committees president
Ajay Maken recently said
that Delhiites need to decide
whether the city becomes a
State or remains the Capital.
However, from its manifesto to statements by then
Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, the Congress once supported the demand that is being raised by the Aam Aadmi
Party (AAP) government
right now.
'Have to take an informed
decision on issue'
Delhi Congress spokesperson Sharmistha Mukherjee said that while the AAP
governments decision to
hold a referendum on the
matter was unconstitutional, the core question of
Statehood was complicated.
There needs to be a clear
and informed debate on the

issue. The Congress government in Delhi had raised the

issue, but the Centre did not
endorse it. There are serious
financial and legal ramifications if Delhi becomes a
State, said Ms. Mukherjee.
Referring to a statement
by Deputy Chief Minister
Manish Sisodia that Delhi
stood to gain Rs.5,000 crore
in taxes from the Centre if it
became a State, Ms. Mukherjee said there was more than
met the eye.
Being the National Capital Territory, Delhi gets a lot
of advantages that would disappear if it were to become
like any other State. For instance, the Delhi Police has a
budget of Rs.5,900 crore that
the Centre gives, said Ms.
The spokeswoman added
that the three centrally-funded universities, including
Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University, and
major hospitals like AIIMS
would require huge expenditure if transferred to the
State government.
People will have to pay
more in taxes to meet the
added expenses. Delhiites
need to be aware of this. This
cant be a popular decision, it
has to be an informed one,
said Ms.Mukherjee.


Kumar, 6 others sent to one-day judicial custody

Earlier, the police custody order for five accused was
passed by the CBI court. The
application for the extension
of their police custody and
another application for the
police custody of two accused, who were arrested
yesterday, will be considered, the court said.

NEW DELHI: A Delhi court on

Sunday sent Chief Minister
Arvind Kejriwals former
Principal Secretary Rajendra
Kumar and six others, arrested in an alleged corruption
case, to one day in judicial
custody (JC).
The order was passed by
Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Shunali
Mr. Kumar, a 1989-batch
IAS oficer from the UT
cadre, Deputy Secretary in
Kejriwals oice Tarun Sharma, Mr. Kumars close aide
Ashok Kumar and owners of
a private firm, Sandeep Kumar and Dinesh Kumar Gupta, arrested in the case, were
remanded in JC till Monday.
It also sent R.S. Kaushik
and his predecessor G.K.
Nanda, present and former
Managing Directors of a PSU
respectively, to one day in.

The court asked all the seven

accused to be produced before the special CBI court on
Monday, which will consider
the agencys plea for their
police remand.

RTOs to be now
open every day

ACB, CBI, Delhi Police

focusing only on AAP

NEW DELHI: In a relief to Delhi-


ites, who had to stand in long

queues for driving licences
and renewal of permits, the
Regional Transport Oices
(RTO) in the Capital will remain open seven days a week
starting Sunday (July 10).
Longer open hours
The Transport Department of the Delhi government has also extended the
working hours and now the
RTOs will remain open from
7 a.m. to 7 p.m., instead of 10
a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
However, the decision has
not gone down well with the
department staf.
The department is facing
huge shortage of staf due to
which there is huge backlog
of pending applications.
Working even on Sundays
will not solve the problem,
said an oicial said requesting anonymity.

Principal Secretary Rajendra

Kumar will appear in front of
a CBI court today. PHOTO: PTI

NEW DELHI: Attacking the Cen-

tre for targeting the Aam

Aadmi Party (AAP) government, Deputy Chief Minister
Manish Sisodia on Sunday
said that the CBI, the Delhi
Police and the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) have only
one task: hatching conspiracies against the AAP and arresting their MLAs.
Mr. Sisodias remark
comes two days after the
Delhi Police booked a case
against AAP MLA Prakash
Jarwal for allegedly molesting a woman.
Hatching conspiracies
Last month, the police had
also arrested AAP MLA Dinesh Mohaniya on charges of
molestation and sexual harassment.
The CBI, the ACB and the
police have only one work
these days, which is to hatch
conspiracy against AAP and

'Intimidating witnesses'
The CBI has alleged in
court that Mr. Kumar, an influential oicer, was intimidating witnesses.
According to the CBI, the
five accused arrested earlier
were showing undue favours
to Endeavour Systems Pvt
Ltd (ESPL), a private firm allegedly floated by Mr. Kumar, in award of government
contracts worth over Rs. 50
The CBI had registered a
case against Mr. Kumar and

then arrest, which is why

they invite Pakistans agencies to probe terror attack (in
India), Mr. Sisodia tweeted.
Modi obsessed with
Kejriwal: Water Minister
Meanwhile, Delhi Tourism
Minister Kapil Mishra took
potshots at Prime Minister
Narendra Modi for using the
against the AAP.
They (BJP) have realised
that they are losing Punjab,
Goa and the kind of response
Arvind Kejriwal ji has got in
Gujarat. I think this fear is
forcing them to focus on the
AAP, Mr Mishra told the
media on Sunday.
The Minister claimed that
Mr. Modi is obsessed with
Mr. Kejriwal. I think Modi is
obsessed with Arvind Kejriwal. All the investigative
agencies have been instructed to leave the job and focus
on the AAP MLAs and Ministers, he added.

others in December last year

alleging that the oicer had
abused his oicial position
by favouring a particular
firm in the last few years in
getting tenders of Delhi government departments.
Kaushik and Nanda, present and former Managing
Directors of Intelligent Communication Systems India
Ltd (ICSIL), a Delhi government undertaking which is a
joint venture of Telecommunication Consultants India
Ltd (TCIL) and Delhi State
Industrial and Infrastructure
Development Corporation,
were arrested as they were
allegedly evasive during
their questioning.
The CBI has also claimed
that the duo had been intimidating some of the oicers
whom the agency had been
calling for questioning in the
case. PTI

Express derails
NEW DELHI: Train movement on

routes going via Ghaziabad

were badly afected on Saturday night after a train got
partially derailed.
The incident happened at
around 8.30 pm on Saturday
when one engine and a coach
of the Dehradun-Bandra Terminus Express got derailed
near Ghaziabad railway station.
As a result, many trains on
the busy route got stuck for
more than one hour.
Five trains were afected
by the incident as movement
of trains had stopped but
movement was started on all
except two lines by 10.15 pm.
Some other trains remained
partially detained but movement was stopped only for
about 90 minutes, said a
Northern Railway spokesperson, adding that normal
train movement on the route
had been restored by Sunday






Select Yellow Line stations to

get platform screen doors soon

Property development woes

hit DMRCs financial health
Biggest losses have been incurred from Phase-III where shortfall has shot up to a mammoth Rs.2,205 crore
Work on Phase-III
began from 2011,
but achieving the
target has been a
herculean task for us

NEW DELHI: With its Phase-III

project expected to culminate

by the end of the year, the Delhi Metro has not been able to
achieve 88 per cent of the targeted upfront money that was
supposed to come via property development.
It was only during Phase-I
that the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) had surpassed its target revenue from
property development.
In Phase-I, it had earned
Rs.482 crore extra, whereas
under Phase-II it witnessed a
deficit of Rs.751 crore. However, the biggest losses have
been incurred from Phase-III,
where the shortfall has shot
up to a mammoth Rs.2,205
crore, including the deficit
from Phase-II.
According to DMRC director (business development)
S.D. Sharma, it is unlikely that
the amount is going to be recovered any time before three
years from now.
Work on Phase-III began
from 2011, but achieving the
target has been a herculean
task for us. This was mainly
due to various policies that restricted the DMRC from property development of plots.
The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of
100 plots was too low to attract
bidders, he added.
In a bid to make up for the
huge deficit, the DMRC has
decided to develop a bunch of
plots under the freshly-notified Transit Oriented Development (TOD) guidelines.

Eight oicials

SD Sharma,
Director (Business Development),
called the complete owner of
the land without the deeds.
agreed to sign all the lease
deeds just a few weeks ago. Its
a huge achievement. Another,
good news is that the DDA has
given us several relaxations in
rent cost and FAR, added a
metro oicial.
Project proposals for developing at least seven such plots
have already been finalised.
These include Parmeshwari
Wala Bagh near Azadpur Metro station, Jasola, Malviya Nagar, Netaji Subhash Place, Jantar Mantar and upcoming
Bhikaji Cama station under

For this, it has already identified about 20 plots that came

to its kitty under Phases I, II
and III projects in Delhi.
New norms
But now, the new TOD
norms, wherein the FAR has
been increased from 100 to
400, the likely signing of a perpetual lease deeds with L&DO


Municipal Corporation of
Gurgaon (MCG), including
six executive engineers, have
been suspended for violation
of rules in getting development works worth over Rs.23
crore executed on quotation
basis, thus giving a go-by to
the accepted e-tendering
process. The suspended oicials also include an audit and
accounts oicial of the MCG.
Ordering the suspension,
Haryana Urban Local Bodies
Minister Kavita Jain directed
that these oicers be chargesheeted under Rule 7 for not
giving reply to the explanation
sought by the Oice of Municipal Commissioner during an
inquiry. Following a tip-of
about negligence in allotment
of development works by the
MCG in 2015-16, the Minister
had recently ordered a departmental inquiry. The Municipal Commissioner and other
senior oicers examined the
tendering process adopted for
allotting of development
works. They were surprised to
see that the tendering process
had not been adopted and that
projects worth crores of rupees were simply given away.
Show-cause notices
An inquiry was ordered into
the case on April 6. Once irregularities were confirmed,
show-cause notices were
served to eight oicers. However, none of them have given
a reply so far. With a view to
extend benefits to someone,
these oicers took the quotation route and ignored the etendering process, which is a
clear violation of the rules and
Ms. Jain said Executive Engineer Bhopal Singh had carried out development works
worth Rs.711 lakh in electrical
division through quotation instead of e-tendering in 2015-16.
Similar process was adopted
by Executive Engineer Vijay
Dhaka while carrying out
works worth Rs.566 lakh in
the water service division. Executive Engineer Abhinav
Verma carried out works of
Rs.457 lakh through quotation
in division III, Executive Engineers Vikas Bansal and Bhopal
Singh carried out works worth
Rs.210 lakh in division IV, Executive Engineer Pritam
Chand carried out works
worth Rs.310 lakh in division
V and Executive Engineer Vikas Malik executed developmental works worth Rs.53
lakh in division VI.

since work on the Delhi Metro

began in 1998, the DMRC has
never got perpetual lease
deeds for any of the land given
to it by land-owning agencies.
Lack of interest
According to Delhi Metro
oicials, this is a big reason for
lack of interest from bidders,
since the DMRC cannot be

NEW DELHI: Three important
stations on Delhi Metros
yellow line (Huda City
Centre-Samaypur Badli)
now boast platform screen
doors, expected to curb
suicide attempts and also
help with better management of crowd.
By February next year,
all busy stations on the
Yellow Line will have
these platform screen
doors. At present, only
Airport Express metro
line has platform screen
These doors block passenger access to the track
and the doors, which are
aligned with the metro
when it comes to a halt at
the station, open simultaneously along with the
coach doors.
While the platform
doors on the Airport Express line start from ceiling and end at the floor, the
ones coming up on the yellow line be just half their
height at 1.7 metre.

MCGs eforts termed eyewash by activists

GURGAON: Eight oicials of the

and the DDA are going to be

major game-changers. We are
going to go big by developing
land parcels of about 3,000 sq
metres or more. Work will
first begin on the biggest
plots, explained Mr Sharma.
The properties will largely
be mixed with both residential and commercial uses.
It is pertinent to note that ever

Poor response
Of these, the Malviya Nagar
project, where 12,290 sq m
space will be developed for offices, budget guest houses and
food plazas, received absolutely no bidders despite a
tender. A second tender is set
to be floated in the next two
weeks. The one at Jantar Mantar is yet to get approval from
the New Delhi Municipal
Council (NDMC). The one located at Jasola is stuck for over
four years as the DDA is yet to
give an NOC for the project.

ON TRACK: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation insists that the screen doors are a tool for better
crowd management. FILE PHOTO

GURGAON: Almost two months

after the National Green Tribunal directed the Gurgaon
and Faridabad district administrations not to allow
dumping of any kind of
waste in the Aravallis, the
Municipal Corporation of
Gurgaon has constituted a
dozen teams for round-theclock monitoring of the forest area.
The environment activists, however, termed the
move as mere eyewash as it
comes just a week before the
next hearing.
Issuing directions in this
regard, Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon, Commissioner T.L. Satyaprakash has
created three teams in each
of the four zones of the civic
body to check that no person can dump/throw muck
or other waste including
construction and debris etc.
in the forest falling in the

As NGT readies for

the next hearing,
teams formed to
check dumping of
waste in the Aravallis


To impose penalty
As per the Tribunal orders
dated May 17, Mr. Satyaprakash has directed the teams
to impose a penalty of
Rs.5,000 on each violation in
Hearing a case pertaining
to illegal dumping of construction, industrial and
medical waste in Aravallis,
the NGT had in its May 17
order noted that every person who is found to be
throwing muck or waste in
the area, the authorities are
at liberty to seize the vehicles and impose a cost of

The Tribunal had also said
that any dumping in the Aravalli forest areas will be a
clear violation of its order
dated January 22.
The NGT had further directed the Police Commissioners of Gurgaon and Faridabad to ensure that
directions issued by the Tribunal are fully complied
Vivek Kamboj, who runs
NGO Haryali and is one of
the petitioners in the case,
said: The fact that the team
have been constituted just a
week before the next hearing on July 17 shows that it is
a mere eyewash The orders banning dumping of
waste came in January, but
the administration has done
nothing concrete so far. A
SIT was formed, but it
proved inefective. Now
they have constituted teams
just a week before the next
hearing .

NEW DELHI: Believe it or not,

but the Delhi government
does not have any record of
the number of youth
employed today because of
the two job summits it had
organised last year.
While the Delhi
government claims to have
employed about 12,000
youth through these
summits, it concealed a
vital piece of information
the number of those who
were merely shortlisted
for jobs and are yet to clear
important processes like
interviews or get ofer
According to records
with the Directorate of
Employment, the first job
fair, held from August 1-8,
ofered jobs to 2,100
people. But, there is no data
indicating how many of
them continue to be
The government was in a
better position when it
came to the massive
employment fair held from
November 16 to December
9. It claimed to have given
employment to 10,000
people (12,000, if jobs
ofered through the District
Employment Exchanges
are also counted). For this

WAKING UP: The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon has

constituted a dozen teams for round-the-clock monitoring of
the forest area. PHOTO: MANOJ KUMAR

told The Hindu that

follow-up with those who
actually took the jobs was
diicult owing to lack of
It is true that there is no
record of the number of
people who are still
employed. The only way
for us to track them is
through the mobile
numbers they provided
while filling the forms. But
many change their
numbers, he said.

event, the department had

to maintain a record. It
states that nearly 1,500
people of 10,000 finally got
ofer letters and took the
Thus, the second job fair
failed to give employment
to 85 per cent of the

shortlisted people. This,

when Delhi has 1.3 lakh
unemployed people
registered with the
Directorate of Employment
as of February 2016.
Acknowledging this,
Special Commissioner
(Employment) R.C. Meena

Crowd management
Passengers have absolutely no access to the
track since the screen
doors are aligned with the
train doors, thus incidents
of people jumping in front
of the trains will be
The Delhi Metro Rail
Corporation, however, insists that screen doors are
also a tool for better
crowd management.
The platform doors are
for better crowd management and not just to prevent suicides, a DMRC
oicial told The Hindu.

Stakeholders unpaid
Surprisingly, the
stakeholders who had
invested in the mega fair at
Thyagraj stadium last year
are yet to get their due
share of payment from the
Delhi government. This
amount accrues to about
Rs.22 lakh.
Oicials have admitted
that the previous job
summits had loopholes.
While several companies
backed out after giving
commitment of recruiting,
hundreds of people too

opted out of the job ofers.

Some failed to meet
employer expectations,
while others did not take
up the jobs as they were not
close to their home or did
not meet their expectation.
Others left their jobs as
they either paid less or the
work was not as per their
liking, explained a senior
oicial in the Directorate.
Despite the failure of the
last two events, the Delhi
government is now
planning to host a third job
It will be robust summit
this time. We are preparing
a software to enable us
keep track of each person
employed through the fair.
We will then divide all the
registered unemployed
people into categories
based on their level of skill
and education. This will
help us determine what
jobs are best suited and
available for them. This is
to prevent them from
resigning from their jobs,
informed Mr Meena.
The dates for the next
summit are yet to be
Attempts to speak to
Labour and Employment
Minister Gopal Rai failed as
he is undergoing treatment
at a city hospital.

These doors were first

installed at Chawri Bazar
metro station on the yellow line. The DMRC has
now completed the installation of screen doors at
Chandni Chowk and New
Delhi metro stations too.
With work also expected
to start at the busier Rajiv
Chowk and Kashmere
Gate stations, the entire
stretch of these five stations will have platform
screen doors.
By February or March,
we expect to install and
operationalise platform
screen doors at select
metro stations of the yellow line, the oicial said.
Revenue generation
On both side of the
screen doors, will be an
LCD display panels for
advertisements, which is
expected to generate
some revenue for the
These screen doors are
expected to display 64
panels for advertisements
on each platform.

Regional Rapid Transit

System on fast track
NEW DELHI: The much-touted
and also the much-delayed
Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) might finally see
the light of day with the organisation mandated to implement the project finally coming to shape.
The National Capital Regional Transport Corporation (NCRTC), which is supposed to implement the
RRTS project, has taken of
with the joining of its new
Managing Director Vinay
Kumar Singh, who has become the first regular Managing Director of this newly-formed Corporation, a
company under the Ministry
of Urban Development.

Govt claims 12,000

gained employment,
but figure is that of
those who were
merely shortlisted

ANOTHER ATTEMPT: Despite the failure of the last two events,

the Delhi government is now planning to hold a third job
summit. FILE PHOTO

A major benefit of these

screen doors is that they
are expected to bring
down the number of suicide attempts at metro


How numbers can lie at Delhi govts job fair


Major benefit is
that it would help
bring down the
number of suicide

Safety and comfort

The NCRTC has the mandate to design, develop, finance, operate and maintain
the RRTS with an aim to provide fast, safe and comfortable rapid transit between
Delhi and nearby NCR
towns like Meerut, Panipat,
Sonipat, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Manesar and Alwar.
Mr. Singh is an oicer of
the Indian Railway Service of
Engineers (IRSE) 1988 batch
and is a post-graduate from
the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. He is a
civil engineer and was the
deputy chief engineer incharge during Phase-I of the
Delhi Metro Rail Project. He

The project will

facilitate passengers
to commute quickly
between Delhi and
NCR towns
was also the first CEO of the
High Speed Rail Corporation
of India, besides working in
other positions in the Indian
Eight corridors
The National Capital Region Planning Board has
identified eight corridors for
rail-based high-speed commuter transit system, including Delhi-Sonipat-Panipat
(111 km), Delhi-GhaziabadMeerut (90 km), Delhi-Gurgaon-Rewari-Alwar
km), Delhi-Hapur (57 km),
Delhi-Khurja (83 km), DelhiBallabgarh-Palwal (60 km),
Delhi-Baghpat (56 km) and
Delhi-Rohtak (70 km).
Of these identified corridors, a task force set up by
then Planning Commission
prioritised three corridors
Delhi-Alwar, Delhi-Panipat
and Delhi-Meerut at an estimated cost of Rs.72,170
The RRTS project is expected to facilitate quick
commute for passengers between Delhi and NCR towns.
The RRTS trains are expected to have a design speed of
180 kmph with high acceleration and deceleration.







Free Wi-Fi hotspots in Gurgaon



GURGAON: Almost a year after it was slated to be rolled out, the Haryana Chief
Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Sunday finally launched the ambitious
project of the Municipal Corporation
of Gurgaon by inaugurating Wi-Fi services at four locations in the city.
The four locations where the Wi-Fi
services are now available are: Sadar
Bazar, Sector 29, Mehrauli-Gurgaon
Road and Sirhaul.
The Wi-Fi services for the four locations were envisaged in January last
and were expected to be launched on
September 16 last year.
The contract for establishing these
hotspots has been awarded to Airtel.
Giving a brief description of the services, Airtel, Chief Exective Oicer
(NCR), Dhruv Bhagat said the services
would be an open platform for mobile
phone users with Wi-Fi compatible
devices with a daily quota limit of 30
minutes per day per device.
Post 30 minutes while users can
continue to use the Wi-Fi services,
they will be charged a nominal
amount and can also consume data
from their data packs.
The users will also be able to buy
online vouchers with afordable deals
to continue accessing the Wi-Fi
The contract has been issued to Airtel for a period of five years, where the
company will supply, configure and
install Wi-Fi services and provide a
web-based portal for the user logins.

As of now the free

Wi-Fi services are
available at Sadar Bazar,
Sector 29, Mehrauli-Gurgaon
Road and Sirhaul
The service provider would pay
around Rs.10 lakh to the MCG for using its infrastructure to provide the
Mr. Bhagat added that the company
along with the MCG had plans to extend the free Wi-Fi services at four
more locations in the city i.e. Cyber
City, Galleria Market, Sector 14 and
Mahaveer Chowk near bus stand.
Delay in roll-out
On the delay in the roll-out, a MCG
oicial said that the service was already available at the four locations for
more than three months, but formal
launch was delayed as they wanted to
ensure that there were no glitches.
On the occasion, a number of NASSCOM companies also came together
to launch a Green Campaign in collaboration with the MCG.
The companies, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, would
maintain green belts and public parks
in their vicinity. As of now, 19 companies have agreed to be part of the campaign, but the number was expected to
go up to 50.
Mr. Khattar lauded the eforts of the
companies in making Gurgaon a smart



Digital nod
of building
plans gains
NEW DELHI: The system

of digital approval of
building plans, introduced by the South
Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) in
April this year, is gaining popularity with
over 600 applications
received in the first
three months of its
Till June end, a total of 630 building
plans were received
for approval out of
which 553 were cleared online. 284 of these
approved maps were
also issued digitally
and only nine applications were rejected
due to incomplete information, said a senior SDMC oicial.
The civic body
holds the distinction
of being the only municipal corporation in
the country to have introduced online approval of building
plans through a singlewindow system issuing the first such digitised building plan on
May 27, said the oicial. This has sped up
the process of approval, which earlier used
to take months. PTI



CHAMPION CARE Homes, Angamally,
Kerala, has 24x7 Resident Doctor,
+914842696363 to 65 +917558845528 emrafi@

09891116850 / 09891116842 /
09821104624. No. 87, Peters Road,

THE PUBLIC at large is hereby informed that Late Sh Jagat Singh
Solanki S/o Lt Sh Roshan Singh r/o
Village Nasirpur was having residential property in joint ownership along with his son Ravi Solanki & Wife Smt Pushpa Solanki, in
Vatika project "Gurgaon 21" ,Sec
83, flat no B2/106 measuring 1735
sq.ft which his/her legal heirs
Anita Dahiya, Meenu Sindhu, Ravi
Solanki & SMT Pushpa Solanki requested the Vatika Ltd to transfer
the above said property to her
Wife Smt Pushpa Solanki and his
son Ravi Solanki. Any person (s)
having any right, interest or objection may reach at below address
within 15 days of publication of
this public notice. Vatika Limited,
Sushant Lok,M Lok MG Road, Gurgaon,
Haryana,Contact : 01244177777 OR
contact Advocate V.S.Chauhan, 460/
3, Prem Nagar, Mala Road, Gurgaon,
Contact: 9810652507







Money-minting comment shows

casteist, jealous mentality: Mayawati

Monsoon revelry

BJP-led NDA government is losing its credibility as it is working for the capitalists and not for the poor
LUCKNOW: A day after BJP
president Amit Shah attacked Mayawati saying she
has turned her party into a
the BSP chief hit back saying
his remarks indicated gross
At a meeting of her party
oice-bearers and leaders,
she claimed that the BJP-led
NDA government is losing
its credibility as it is working
for the capitalists and not for
the poor, the Dalits, religious
minorities and other deprived sections.
This is the reason the party is losing by-elections in
several States, she said.
At a rally in Mau on Saturday, BJP president Amit
Shah had praised BSP founder Kanshi Ram as a man

with a clear heart while he

had attacked Mayawati saying she has turned BSP into
a money-minting machine.
During the meeting to review BSPs preparedness
and to extend its mass base
in run-up of the 2017 Assembly elections, Ms. Mayawati cautioned the party
workers to remain alert of .
hatched by BJP, SP and
She said the BSP was pursuing humanitarian movement with small contributions,
Congress and their governments, who take help from
the capitalists, have become
Ms. Mayawati said ruling
Samajwadi Partys claims of

Now, India Post

to deliver

Nitish asks fishermen to

adopt new techniques

PATNA: Now people can get

Gangajal - holy water from
the Ganga - at all post oices
across the country and if
they want, they can even get
Union Ministers Ravi
Shankar Prasad and Manoj
Sinha on Sunday launched a
new scheme here that makes
Gangajal available at all
post oices and enables India Post to deliver it to peoples doorstep.
Now holy Gangajal from
Gangotri and Rishikesh will
be available at all the post offices, Prasad said.
Mr. Sinha said that after
the Ganga water in Bihars
Sultanganj will become
clean, the postal department
will send it to the peoples
Right now only holy Ganga water from Gangotri and
Rishikesh will be delivered
to the people across the
country by India Post, he
said. - IANS

PATNA: Pledging to usher in a

rainbow revolution in Bihar,

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday identified
fisheries as a key sector for
growth and asked fishermen
to adopt new techniques to
increase output.
Addressing an event on
the occasion of Fisherman
Day, he said the State government has launched an
agriculture roadmap to usher in rainbow revolution in
Bihar in which animal husbandry, fishery and hatchery have been identified as
sectors for growth in addition to traditional farm
Fishery in particular has
tremendous potential for
growth, Mr. Kumar said and
asked fishermen to employ
new techniques to increase
Bihar used to produce
2.68 lakh metric tonne of
fish in 2004-05 which was
not adequate to meet the domestic demand and was met

COUNTER-POINT: Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati

addressing a press conference in Lucknow. - FILE PHOTO
development were hollow. new construction works was
Quality of most of the so poor, it afects their opti-

Govt has launched a

roadmap to usher in
rainbow revolution in
which animal
husbandry, fishery
and hatchery have
been identified as
sectors for growth
by supplies from Andhra
Our fishermen then did
not employ new techniques
to enhance production of
fisheries, he said adding the
State government agriculture roadmap of 2008 identified fishery as a key sector
for growth.
Fishermen were sent for
training at the expenditure
of the state government to
national institutes outside
the State, where measures
were taken for restoration of
ponds and water bodies
suited for fish farming. Fish
seed was made available to

the fishermen to boost production, Mr. Kumar said.

The fish output has now
increased to 5.7 lakh metric
tonne. As a result of the state
governments sustained efforts Bihar has broken into
the league of top four states
in terms of production of
sweet-water fish, he said.
The chief minister also
urged the fishermen to augment fish production to
meet the eight lakh metrictonne target under the
agriculture roadmap 2012-17.
He also announced a proposal to set up an animal science university in Patna
where fisheries will be a
thrust area for study and
said animal science colleges
will be set up wherever required in addition to research centres.
On the welfare of fishermen, Mr. Kumar said the
State commission for fishermen is being re-organised to
redress their problems. PTI

mum use in public interest.

Even then action is not taken
against the guilty, she said.
Ms. Mayawati said once
BSP comes to power an enquiry would be conducted
She said BSPs rival parties
talk about development and
public welfare for political
But in reality they have
been dividing the society on
caste and religious lines, and
indulging in polarisation,
misleading campaign and
character assassination, she
In contrast, BSP is a transparent party, she said.
Ms. Mayawati also said the
recent Union Cabinet reshule was an attempt to
mislead the people. - PTI

Quake in Chamoli
GOPESHWAR: A slight-intensity

tremor shook Uttarakhands

Chamoli district on Sunday
early morning. The epicenter of the quake, measuring
3.9 on the Richter scale, was
in Chamoli and it struck
around 2:12 a.m., District Disaster Management oicer
N. K. Joshi said. There were
no reports of loss of life or
property. - PTI

GALA TIME: People enjoying their weekend at a waterfall at Mahadevpani, around 30 km

from Bhopal, on Sunday. PHOTO: PTI

Nagaland may ban dog meat

KOHIMA: The Nagaland government is in the process of
banning the use of dog meat
as food in the State and directives have been issued to the
Urban Local Bodies (ULBs)
to this efect.
The State Cabinet has not
yet taken any decision on the
matter but the government
through a letter issued by
Joint Secretary Obangla Jamir, has asked the Joint Director of Directorate of Municipal Afairs to issue an
order to all the ULBs to give
wide publicity to care for animals and also to issue an or-

der to stop capture of dogs

for the purpose of slaughter
and meat, an oicial said.
The Municipal Afairs Department (MAD) have also
been requested to stop the
bazaars meant for selling
dogs and its meat, besides
giving wide publicity to treat
animals with care and love,
Mr Jamir said.
Subsequently, MAD Joint
Director and Head of Department, A Zanbemo Ngullie, in
a letter to the 23 administrators of the Municipal and
Town Councils in the State
on May 3 without issuing any

Seeking justice

direct order forwarded the

Joint Secretarys letter to
Nagaland is a high consumer of meat products, with
dog meat being one of the
One kg dog meat costs
more than Rs.300 in the State.
There are several hotels, especially in the State capital
and commercial hub Dimapur, that serve dog meat.
Dogs are even imported
from outside the State as dog
meat is considered having
high medicinal value and
high nutrition.

The oicial also said that

pressure to ban capture of
dogs for the purpose of
slaughter and meat came in
the wake of a legal notice
served to the State Government by an Advocate from
Assam, N. M. Kapadia under
instruction from his clients.
The advocate through the
legal notice had noted that
dog meat was openly sold as
food, just as chicken and mutton while all the parts of a
dogs body are used as food
under the impression that it
contains iron and is a medicine for some disease. - PTI



PROTEST MARCH: Residents of Mohali taking out a candle light march on Sunday against the killing of Rajath Menon recently in East
Delhis Mayur Vihar. - PHOTO: AKHILESH KUMAR

Rail, road connectivity restored to Tripura

AGARTALA: Tripura, which had
been cut-of from the rest of the
country for about three months
because of heavy rain and flood
in neighbouring Assam leading
to crisis of essential commodities and fuel, is now limping
back to normality, oicials said
on Sunday.
Road and rail connectivity,
which was stopped for this period, has now been restored.
Trucks carrying essential
commodities were stranded at
the Assam-Agartala National
Highway at Lowerpoa in Karimganj district of Assam for about
three months forcing the Tripura government to impose rationing on sale of petrol and
Oicials of the Transport and
Food and Civil Supply departments said 68 oil tankers and a
large number of trucks carrying
commodities entered the State
on Saturday following tempora-


68 oil tankers, a large

number of trucks
carrying commodities
entered the State, said
ry repairing of roads in Assam
There has been no rain in that
area for the last three days, oicials added.
Running goods train in the
Lumding-Silchar section in Assam started yesterday, Chief
Public Relations Oicer of N-F
Railway Pranav Jyoti Sharma
said in a statement.
The goods train passed
through the newly-diverted
portion in the Lumding-Badarpur hill section. Train movement in that section had to be
suspended due to lateral movement and uplift of railway track

near Maigrendisa station after

very heavy rainfall in the area
on May 16 and 17. Repeated attempts to resume train movements through that portion
failed due to continued uplift
and lateral movement of track,
the statement said.
After consultation with experts, it was decided to construct a 300-metre-long diverted portion by-passing the areas
which were showing lateral
The work for construction of
the diverted portion started
from June 17 and completed on
July 6. After other works which
included track linking and construction of a culvert, were
The section will be kept under close observation and passenger trains will start running
in that section in due course after stabilisation of the section,
the statement added. - PTI

Two held for

assaulting cop
KOLKATA: Two persons were ar-

rested on Sunday for allegedly

assaulting a constable when the
Ola cab they were riding was
stopped at EM Bypass in the
Phoolbagan Police Station limits, the police said.
The incident occurred at
around 7 a.m. when a constable
of Haridebpur Police Station,
Krishna Deb, a resident of the locality, tried to stop a recklessly
moving Ola cab.
At this point the two accused,
Deborshi Bhattacharyya, son of
a former councillor of Dum
Dum, and Chandrakant Singh,
stepped out of the cab and allegedly assaulted Das, who was of
duty and returning from a nearby bazar. A senior oicer of the
local police station alleged that
the duo were drunk and repeatedly abused Das before assaulting him. - PTI




Land acquisition stalls A.P. projects

Farmers remain impervious to government packages, preferring to hold on to ancestral assets

Adventure trek turns into a

nightmare for Bengaluru youth



spite the deployment of a

heavy police force and an unoicial halt to all government projects, land acquisition for several projects
across Vizianagaram and Srikakulam districts is proceeding at a snails pace. Farmers
have refused to part with
land which is not just a
source of livelihood but also
a link to ancestral roots and a
way of life.



N-power plant
The same is the case with
the Kovvada atomic power
plant where the land acquisition process is going at a
snails pace. The Nuclear
Power Corporation of India
(NPCIL) had deposited
around Rs. 389 crore with the
Srikakulam Collectors account to acquire 2000 acres.
The situation is being replicated in Polaki mandal
where the Sumitomo Power
Corporation has proposed a
4000 MW power project at
an estimated cost of Rs.
18,000 crore.
We dont want those
packages and lakhs of rupees, said M. Ramanamma,
a villager of Polaki.
The police department is
treading cautiously in handling the situation in Polaki after the resistance to thermal
power projects in Sompeta
and Kakarapalli resulted in
the death of six persons in
police firing in separate incidents.

Uneasy calm
The governments eforts
have sparked of agitations in
places like Bhogapuram of
Vizianagaram district and
Kovvada and Polaki of Srikakulam district. Initially,
the government thought the
acquisition would be a
smooth process for the Bhogapuram airport as it ofered
Rs.33 lakh per acre. However,
farmers rejected the package, much to the discomfiture of district oicials. The
State government has reportedly taken a Rs. 600

crore loan from HUDCO anticipating early completion

of land acquisition. It had
originally planned to acquire
15,000 acres but agreed to reduce it to 2000 acres. It already has 1000 acres but ac-

Ganapathy had
no visible suicidal

Eforts stepped up to repatriate

Bangladeshi girl rescued in A.P.

Teenage girl
in Telangana



HYDERABAD: A 14-year-old trib-

MANGALURU: Alleged attempts

VIJAYAWADA: Women Develop-

to blame Dy.SP M.K. Ganapathys suicide and charges

he made against Minister K.J.
George and two senior police oicers, on his depression, seem to have turned
The psychiatrist who
treated him last, P.K. Kiran
Kumar, Professor of Psychiatry at A.J. Medical College
and Hospital, Mangaluru, on
Sunday told The Hindu that
the late oicer had just mild
depression and there was no
visible suicidal tendency.
Even as Ganapathys
brother M.K. Thammaiah
had said Ganapathy was in
depression for the past three
years and on medication taking anti-depressants for the
past two years, Prof. Kumar
said that Ganapathy had first
approached him only two
months ago.

ment and Child Welfare

(WD&CW) Department officials, who busted an international sex racket and rescued a minor from Bangladesh, are trying to reunite
the victim with her family.
The 14-year-old Bangladeshi national, Sona (name
changed), was rescued from
the Vijayawada railway station about 20 months ago
and was provided shelter at
an NGO home.

Wife files complaint

Pavana, wife of M.K. Ganapathy, had lodged a complaint with the Kushalanagar
police, Mysuru, blaming
Minister K.J. George, and
two senior police oicials for
abetting the suicide of her


Illegal stay
We made several attempts to send the girl back
to Bangladesh but could not
do so and the victim was
staying illegally in India. The
incident reflects the poor relationship between the
countries and the activities
of international gangs in India, said an oicer.
Sona, a native of Coxs Bazar district in Bangladesh,
was lured by her cousin and
neighbour, Jasmine, who on
the pretext of ofering a lucrative job in Andhra Pradesh, brought her to Vijayawada in 2014. The girl gave
Jasmine the slip while she
was making a deal to sell her

quiring the remaining 1000

acres is proving impossible
for oicials.
Uneasy clam prevails in
villages such as Gudepuvalasa, Kancheru and Kavulavada of Bhogapuram mandal

to a stranger, and approached oicials.

The incident created sensation in the State then. The
girl even observed a fast protesting the delay in sending
her back home.
Staf of the Integrated
Child Protection Scheme
(ICPS) produced the girl before the Child Welfare Committee, which referred her to
a shelter home. Though the
WD&CW oicials wrote to
the Bangladesh Embassy for
her repatriation, there was
no proper response.
Oicials then identified
the parents of the girl and
contacted the Kolkata CWC
and local missionary organisations, which are making arrangements for the reunion

with the frequent visits of

revenue oicials and survey
teams. Vizianagaram Revenue Divisional Oicer R. Srinivasa Rao and other oicials
have been meeting farmers
for the last few days but the

of Sona with her family. The

ICPS staf represented the
matter to the Krishna district
administration and the Vijayawada police seeking
cooperation for shifting of
the girl with escort. The matter is under the pursuance of
top oicials, WD&CW
Krishna District Project Director K. Krishna Kumari
told The Hindu on Sunday.
We have sent the file to
the District Collector and
the Police Commissioner for
repatriation of Sona, and our
staf members are waiting for
their response, Ms. Krishna
Kumari said. Sona is eagerly
waiting to return home. We
spoke to her mother, District Child Protection Oicer
Ch. Vijay Kumar said.

al girl was allegedly gangraped by three youths, with

one of the accused filming
the act on his cellphone, in
Adilabad district of Telangana, police said on Sunday.
Three months ago, accused M. Raju, Syed Mathin
and Ranjith R, (all in the age
group of 23-27) allegedly
raped the girl.
The victim, who did not
inform about the ofence earlier to anyone out of fear of
the assailants, finally told her
parents and community elders about it and filed a complaint in this regard on Saturday, the police oicer said.
According to the police,
the incident took place while
she was travelling with a
male acquaintance in his auto-rickshaw towards Chinna
Rajura village on the outskirts of Asifabad town in
Raju and his two friends
beat up the girland allegedly
raped her, said Asifabad police station Sub-Inspector
Sateesh Kumar.
Raju also videographed
the crime and he and his two
associates later threatened to
kill the victim if the matter
was disclosed to anyone, the
SI said. PTI

MYSURU: An adventure trek in

M.M. Hills Wildlife Division
turned out to be a nightmare
for a group of young professionals from Bengaluru, after
the Forest Department oicials rounded them up for interrogation and filed cases
against the organiser for violation of law.
The incident took place in
Kuratti Hosur beat of Cowdalli Wildlife Range in M.M.
Hills Sanctuary on Saturday.

18-member group
The 18-member group had
responded to the website,, of a
private adventure company,
which had promoted the
trek. The authorities were
alerted when they learnt of
the B.R. Hills Night Camp
and Waterfall Trek advertised on the portal and kept a
tab on it.
M. Malathi Priya, Deputy
Conservator of Forests, M.M.
Hills Wildlife Division, said a
joint team of oicials from
the Forest Department,
cracked the illegal adventure
She said the team, which
included herself and S. Lingaraju, Director and Conservator, BRT Tiger Reserve,
started their operation by
following the group heading
towards the camp site.
The group was tracked
from their pick-up point in
Madiwala, Bengaluru, till
they reached the destination
point of Kuratti Hosur.
Their base camp was fixed
at a private land belonging to
Chennappa Shetty, whose
son Chennabasappa was the
local tour organiser. On Saturday night, the team illegally trekked into the wildlife

VIOLATING THE LAW: The team had trekked into the M.M. Hills
wildlife sanctuary area without securing permission from the
Forest Department.

The trekkers were

let off after they
acknowledged their
ignorance of
the forest laws
sanctuary area (Marianae
Gudda) without securing
permission from the department, said Ms. Priya. The
trekkers were intercepted inside the sanctuary, she said.
Private land
It transpired that Prashanth from Bengaluru, along
with Chennabasappa from
Kuratti Hosur, used to bring
trekking groups and house
them in camps in their private farm adjoining M.M.
Hills Wildlife Division.
They would then take

them trekking inside the

wildlife sanctuary without
obtaining permission from
the Forest Department, said
Ms. Priya.
A majority of the trekkers
were IT professionals working in Bengaluru.
They had confirmed their
participation online without
realising that it was illegal to
The authorities released
all the trekkers after they acknowledged their ignorance
of the forest laws. They were
let of with a warning.
A case has been booked
Prashanth, Pandurang and
driver Anil, who were aware
of the law and yet conducted
illegal trekking inside the
wildlife sanctuary.



Discontent over Cabinet reshule

Pankaja Munde
vents frustration
on Twitter
MUMBAI: A day after the redis-

tribution of portfolios following the induction of 10

new faces in the Maharashtra
Cabinet, discontent over
Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis decision was out in
the open on social media.
Pankaja Munde, who was
stripped of two important
Ministries, chose to vent her
frustration on Twitter. Mr
Fadnavis, in turn, used the
same medium to reprimand
Ms. Munde, daughter of
late BJP leader Gopinath
Munde, was divested of the
Water Conservation Ministry, which is now under Ram
Shinde, considered close to
Mr. Fadnavis. The ministry is
entrusted with implementing Mr. Fadnaviss pet project
the Jalyukta Shivar,
aimed at increasing water
storage and its availability
for farmers, particularly in
the drought-hit areas of the

State. Mr. Ram Shinde was

elevated from Minister of
State to Cabinet rank in Fridays Cabinet expansion.
Out of country
Currently on a foreign
tour, Ms. Munde tweeted at
12.09 a.m. (IST), Reaching
singapore tomorrow on
monday there is world water
leader summit i was invited
but now wont attend since i
m not minister incharge.
Mr. Fadnavis, who left on
Saturday night on a four-day
tour of Russia, tweeted his
reply at 2.31 a.m. (IST), Of
course you must attend WLS
2016. As a senior Minister
you would be representing
Refusing to acknowledge
the Chief Ministers response, Ms. Munde tweeted
later, Good luck Ram
Shinde n Jaykumar Rawal i m
happy u got very imp depts...
jalyukta shivar is at peak u
wil tk it as passion n mission i
m sure.
While the Twitter war between two ministers of the
same party played out, supporters of Ms. Munde hit the

Ousted Russian
bahu thanks
Swaraj for help
AGRA: Russian national Olga
Efimenkova, who has been
sitting in protest against her
mother-in-law outside the
family home in Agra, on Sunday extended her gratitude
to External Afairs Minister
Sushma Swaraj and Uttar
Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, hours after an
FIR was lodged in this
Ms. Efimenkova, who married Vikrant Singh Chandel
in 2011, has been sitting outside her in-laws house on a
hunger strike, claiming that
she, along with her husband
and daughter, has been
barred from entering the
I am from Russia and I got
married to Vikrant Singh
Chandel here in Agra in 2011.
My problem is that my mother-in-law has thrown us out
of the house and we have no
other place to go. So now I
am sitting here with my
daughter at the gate of the
house, she had earlier said.
Ms. Efimenkova said, I
want to thank Sushma Swarajji for taking prompt action. Sushma ji through her
tweet directed Uttar Pradesh
Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to help us. I want to
thank both of them. An FIR
has been lodged, finally.
Earlier in the day, Ms. Swa-

Man sends
bribe through
post to Bihar
PATNA: A man in Bihar

has sent a bribe of Rs.

500 by registered post
to an oicial of the
Bihar Information
Commission to ensure
speedy processing of
his petition, oicials
said on Saturday.
For sweets
Sanoj Mishra, a
resident of Khagaria
district, has also
attached a handwritten
letter in Hindi in which
he requested the oicial
to help him by ensuring
speedy trial of his
petition and made it
clear that Rs. 500 is for
sweets for his children,
an oicial of the
Commission said.
According to oicials,
Mr. Mishra had
addressed the letter to
Bada-babu of the
FIR filed
The Commission has
lodged an FIR in the
Sachivalya police
station in Patna in this
However, top oicials
of the commission are
tight-lipped on the
issue. IANS

Olga Efimenkova has

been protesting after
she was thrown out
of the family home
by her mother-in-law
raj urged Mr. Yadav to help
the Russian daughter-in-law.
Akhilesh ji Pl help this lady. @yadavakhilesh, she
said in a tweet.
Tortured for dowry
Ms. Efimenkova said she
would continue her protest
until she and her family were
given a place to stay in the
house. She said she had been
tortured for being a foreigner
and also accused of not
bringing a dowry.
Backing his wife, Vikrant
Chandel stated that his
mother often physically assaulted Olga and kept asking
for dowry. She has asked for
Rs. 11 lakh but I dont have
that. I have been here since
20 days and I dont have any
money left, he said.
However, Olgas motherin-law Nirmala Chandel
maintained that she herself
is living in a single room and
had gifted the house to her
daughter. She also alleged
that her son and daughter-inlaw often indulge in gambling. ANI

Water Conservation
Ministry has been
brought under Ram
Shinde, considered
close to Fadnavis

CLEAR MESSAGE: Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

with Pankaja Munde, who was divested of two important
streets in Ahmadnagars
Pathardi, where they tried to
burn an eigy of Mr. Fadnavis. Senior BJP leaders however, refused to comment on
the spat.
Opposition criticism
The Opposition was quick
to pounce on the Twitter exchange. Social media platform is important, but if it be-

comes the medium of

communication between the
CM and his senior minister,
then something is amiss. It is
a worrying fact as a citizen of
this state, said Sanjay Dutt,
Congress leader and Legislative Council member.
Apart from Ms. Munde,
Saturdays Cabinet reshule
divested two other BJP Ministers of multiple portfolios.

Education Minister Vinod

Tawde was relieved of Medical Education, which has
now gone to Water Resources Minister Girish Mahajan.
Housing Minister Prakash
Mehtas other two departments Mining and Labour
were handed over to Shiv
Senas Subhash Desai and
BJPs Sambhaji Nilangekar,
Important Ministries
Though the Sena was not
granted an extra Cabinet
berth, its ministers have either been given added responsibility or allotted important portfolios.
Senas Deepak Kesarkar
will be the new MoS Home
(rural), while Gulabrao Patil
gets the Co-operation department. Arjun Khotkar has
been given farming related

NEW DELHI: There was no letup in flood misery in Madhya

Pradesh and Assam with the
death toll climbing to 17 on
Sunday while heavy rains
lashed parts of Rajasthan as
the northern limit of monsoon crossed Jodhpur.
While monsoon continued to be active over Maharashtra, Goa, Telangana,
north interior Karnataka and
Kerala, it was a sultry day in
the national capital with
maximum temperature settling at 36.7 degrees Celsius.
Seven died due to floods in
Madhya Pradesh in the last
24 hours. On Saturday, Chief
Chouhan had confirmed
eight deaths in incidents related to heavy downpour in
the past couple of days.
India Meteorological Department Bhopal Director
Anupam Kashyapi told PTI
that heavy to very heavy
rains were likely to lash Indore, Ujjain and Hoshangabad divisions, besides some
parts of the State capital on

Punish the guilty

Sunita Digal, whose oneyear-old son was killed in the
attack, escaped with bullet
injuries on the belly. The
armed men who killed my
son and my fellow villagers
should be punished, she

MUMBAI: A week after assuming charge as the Union Human Resource Development
Minister, BJP leader Prakash
Javadekar, in his first visit to
the city, said his priority will
be to improve the quality of
education in night schools
and zilla parishad schools.
Mr. Javadekar visited the
Gopalkrishna Gokhale night
school at Dadar on Saturday
night and interacted with the
Describing night schools
as important institutions
that make education inclusive, Mr. Javadekar said the
governments top priority
would be to improve their
condition. He said that since
he studied in a zilla parishad
school, he was in a good position to understand their
problems and challenges.

All praise for students

Education is essential for
the uplift of society. I salute
the spirit of these poor students, who are pursuing education in night schools, after

FOCUS ON QUALITY: Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar

interacting with students of the Gopalkrishna Gokhale Night
School in Dadar, Mumbai, on Saturday night. PHOTO: PTI
putting in 8-10 hours of hard
work during the day, said
Mr. Javadekar. He said education should be inclusive and
no one should be left behind,
adding that his will to work
for the students had strengthened after meeting them.
PM Narendra Modiji
says, Work for the Dailts, underprivileged and backward
classes. We will study the
problems of night schools

Rajnath promises help

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh spoke to Mr.
Chouhan and assured him of
all help in rescue and relief
In Assam, Brahmaputra
waters have submerged 60
per cent of the Pobitora
Wildlife Sanctuary located
in Morigaon district and
damaged around 50 per cent
infrastructure of the worlds
densest habitat of the Great

NO RESPITE: People travel on a horse cart through a flooded road on the banks of the Ganga in Allahabad on Sunday. PHOTO: REUTERS
Two persons were washed
away in Assam on Saturday.
Over 1.35 lakh people have
been afected in the districts
of Lakhimpur, Golaghat, Morigaon, Barpeta and Jorhat.
Chief Minister Sarbananda
Grim situation in Odisha
In Odisha, heavy rainfall is
likely at some places due to a
low pressure area formed

Water from the

Brahmaputra has
submerged 60%
of Pobitora Wildlife
over Jharkhand and adjoining areas north Odisha. It
asked fishermen not to venture into sea in view of rough
weather condition.
In Rajasthan, at least three
places got rains in excess of
10 cm in the last 24 hours

Maoist in our locality till

date, but policemen fired at
us for no fault of ours, said
Premila Mallick, who managed to run away from the


Auto stuck in mud

I had stopped the autorickshaw as its wheels were
stuck in the mud ahead of a
culvert. There was no exchange of fire. Police fired at
us when the people were getting inside my vehicle after
they pushed it to come out of
the mud patch, said Jahan
Majhi, the driver.
Jahan and two others managed to escape the police bullets as they ran away as soon
as the security personnel
opened fire all of a sudden
from the left side of the road.

Javadekar promises better

facilities in night schools

17 die as rain lashes M.P., Assam

We have never seen a Maoist here

GUMUDUMAHA (ODISHA): Countering the claim of Odisha
police, villagers here said security personnel engaged in
opened fire at innocent people in this village in Odishas
Kandhamal district on Friday
night, killing five persons. .
Odisha police had claimed
that the villagers were killed
when the autorickshaw they
were travelling in was caught
in the cross fire during an exchange between policemen
and Maoists. The survivors
however, claimed that their
fellow citizens were killed in
cold blood.




SUFFERING CONTINUES: Two women injured in the Kandhamal

firing at the MKCG Medical College and Hospital in Berhampur,
said. Neither Sunita nor her
husband Loto Digal could attend their childs funeral in
their village on Sunday.
While Sunita was admitted
to the government hospital at

Baliguda in Kandhamal, her

husband was admitted to
MKCG Medical College and
Hospital at Berhampur with
serious bullet injuries.
We have never seen a

Last rites performed

A pall of gloom descended
on Gumudumaha village
when the last rites of the five
victims were performed on
Sunday. A large number of
people from nearby villages
attended the funeral. However, no oicial has visited the
village yet after the killings.
Former Congress MP from
Nabarangpur, Pradeep Majhi, demanded that killing of
innocent Adivasis and Dalits
in the name of fighting
Maoists be stopped .
Panicked villagers demanded that the anti-Maoist
operations be stopped in the
region. The Naveen Patnaik
government had ordered a
judicial probe into the killing
of innocent villagers.

Tribal groups call Bastar bandh on July 16

RAIPUR: The Sarva Adivasi
Samaj, an umbrella
organisation of tribals, has
called for a Bastar bandh on
July 16 to protest the
increasing atrocities by
security forces in the
Maoist insurgency-hit
region of Chhattisgarh.
Speaking to The Hindu,

Samaj president Prashant

Thakur, said, The tribals in
Bastar, especially tribal
women, are being subjected
to atrocities, eve teasing,
and harassment by the
security forces posted in
Bastar. What is the need of
these forces in Bastar if
they indulge in harassment
of tribals whom they are
supposed to protect?

The Samaj protest has

been triggered by the death
of a 23-year-old tribal
woman in Sukma last
month in a fake encounter.
There has been a series
of such instances in Bastar
in the past few months. In
Gumpad, Madkam Hidme
was raped, killed and
declared a Maoist
Mr.Thakur added.

and will do whatever is possible for them, he said. The

Minister assured the students and teachers that he
would ask Maharashtra Education
Tawde to improve the infrastructure in night schools and
municipal schools.
Authorities told the Minister that the school was producing 100 per cent pass for
the last four years.

firing victims
to get Rs. 5 lakh
NEW DELHI: For the first time,
civilian victims of cross-border firing along the India-Pakistan border will be given a
compensation of Rs. 5 lakh,
similar to those who die due
to terrorism or Maoist
The decision to give compensation to the victims of
cross border firing and enhancing the amount from Rs.
3 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh to the victims of terrorism or Maoist
violence was taken by Home
Minister Rajnath Singh on
Now onwards, any civilian who dies anywhere in the
country in terror attack, Naxal violence, firing from
across the border, shelling or
IED explosion will be given
Rs. 5 lakh as compensation
uniformly. The amount will
be given to next of kin of the
victim, an oicial said.
A sum of Rs. 5 lakh will also be given to those who receive 50 per cent or more disability or incapacitation due
to the same reasons.

ending 8.30 a.m. on Sunday.

Maximum rainfall was recorded at Jhalawar (23 cm)
followed by Bakani (15 cm)
and Jhalarapatan (10 cm).
Heavy rains drenched
parts of Himachal Pradesh
and more rainfall is predicted in the coming week. Jubbar Hatti received 21 mm of
rains and Dharamsala 18 mm
since Saturday.
However, in Haryana,
Punjab, and Chandigarh,
there has been no significant
rainfall, leading to a rise in

mercury level during the past

few days.
Hisar in Haryana was the
hottest place in the two
States recording a maximum
temperature of 38.6 degrees
Celsius, up two notches
against normal. Day temperatures in West Bengal remained below 35 degree Celsius on Sunday with light to
moderate rainfall in many
parts of the State. Kolkata recorded 32.6 degrees Celsius
with cloudy sky and rainfall
of 8.9 mm. PTI

Farmer cant be
evicted even after
lease expires: SC

Dhaka attacks: Eid event

in Assam cancelled

The Supreme
Court has held that a farmer,
who is in possession of
leased land even after expiry
of the lease period, cannot be
evicted if the owner either
acknowledges the tenancy or
is accepting the rent.
Referring to a provision of
the Transfer of Property Act,
a three-judge Bench, headed
by Justice Ranjan Gogoi, set
aside the verdict of the Punjab and Haryana High Court,
which ordered the eviction
of a farmer after expiry of the
lease period of the land.
The operation of Section
116 of the Transfer of Property Act would confer legitimacy to the possession of the
tenant even after the termination or expiration of the
deemed period of the lease
so as to confer on him a status akin to that of a statutory
tenant and hence protection
from eviction as envisaged
by the provisions of the Act
(Punjab Security of Land
Tenure Act) of 1953, the
Bench, also comprising Justices Arun Mishra and P.C.
Pant, said.


KOLKATA: A major conference-

cum-cultural event that was

to be held next week at Silchar in Chachar district of
Assam has been cancelled in
the wake of the Dhaka terror
The organiser of the programme, the Eid Sammilony
Udjapon Committee, announced the decision on
Annual event
In the wake of the barbaric attacks in Dhaka, we have
decided to cancel the annual
event organised on the occasion of Eid. It will not be appropriate to hold such a cul-

No employment
amount will be given subject
to the condition that no employment has been provided
to any of the family members
of the victims by State or
Central government.
A formal notification in
this regard will be issued by
the Home Ministry, the oicial said. PTI

Committee members
urged the Bangladesh
government to ensure
the safety of the
religious minority in
tural programme now, said
committee secretary Milanudin Naskar.
Apart from condemning
the attack in Dhaka, the committee members urged the
Bangladesh government to
ensure the safety of the religious minority in Bangladesh. They also expressed
concern that educated young
people were getting drawn to
terrorist activities.

No legal provision
The Bench said there was
no legal provision to evict
the farmer as the eviction
conditions laid down in the
Punjab Security of Land Tenure Act 1953 and the Punjab
Tenancy Act 1887 did not include a tenant whose lease
had expired. PTI

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Its time for an urban upgrade

A rational, full-fledged review of policing the city is long overdue. To gain the citizens confidence, it must
also focus on the local police station
patrol. From a purely preventive role that
Peel contemplated for the constable on the
beat, we have come a long way to assign to
him a set of functions that seem enormous,
complex and too forensic to discharge to the
satisfaction of society. The net result is an allround harsh assessment of the police.

M O N D AY , J U LY 1 1 , 2 0 1 6

Ending impunity
under AFSPA

ccountability is a facet of the rule of law.

This established legal principle has acquired fresh significance after the Supreme Court ruled that the armed forces cannot escape investigation for excesses in the course of the
discharge of their duty even in disturbed areas. In
such notified areas, security personnel enjoy statutory protection for their use of special powers.
While hearing petitions demanding an inquiry into
1,528 deaths in counter-insurgency operations and
related incidents in Manipur, the court has said the
provisions of the Armed Forces (Special Powers)
Act and the purported immunity it ofers to the use
of force even to the extent of causing death are
not invincible. Such legal protection, especially in a
State that has been under AFSPA for nearly 60
years, has to yield to larger principles of human
rights, and no allegation of the use of excessive or
retaliatory force can be ignored without a thorough
inquiry. This is a requirement both of democracy
and for the preservation of the rule of law. The
court has sought tabulated details on 62 specific
cases in which there is some evidence that the
deaths involved were not genuine operational casualties but extrajudicial killings or fake encounters. Even though the 85-page ruling draws its broad
principles from an earlier Constitution Bench verdict in Naga Peoples Movement of Human Rights
(1997), it has special meaning in the present context, with a growing body of opinion that AFSPA
should be repealed or amended.
The court is not unaware of the circumstances
prevailing in Manipur and its neighbouring States.
What has caused consternation is the near-total absence of any inquiry. In most cases, not even a first
information report has been registered, and in
some, the cases are against the victims. The court
has acknowledged that additional powers have
been given to the armed forces to deal with terrorism efectively. However, it also made clear that this
cannot be an excuse for extrajudicial killings
whenever such allegations surface, they have to be
investigated, regardless of whether the person concerned is a dreaded criminal, terrorist or insurgent.
The court has reminded the authorities of the circumstances in which the use of force, even to the
point of causing death, is immune from prosecution and the Armys own list of dos and donts while
operating in a disturbed area. It has rejected the notion that every person bearing arms in a disturbed
area is ipso facto an enemy. The occasion calls for
an investigation into allegations of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings, especially
those already documented or partially probed. It
must give momentum to the demand for the repeal
of AFSPA as a necessary step to end impunity.



Policing can probably be regarded as ideal

only in places that are themselves idyllic
and untroubled.
Late Prof James J. Fyfe, Temple University (U.S.)
An ideal policeman is a myth. You come
across him only in crime fiction. Equally elusive is good policing, an idea that even the
best of criminal justice thinkers have found it
diicult to define. This is why, in what is a
chaotic world, we have to reluctantly settle
for an imperfect policeman and an inadequate system.
The Indian police have been the target of
criticism from several quarters, some justified and others not. We (the two authors)
should however admit that the police in our
country has changed only marginally since
Independence, so much so the average member of the public views it as an unhelpful and
insensitive body that has to be scrupulously
avoided if possible. Several police reform
bodies have examined this intractable situation with only marginal success. What has
been critical is the undoubted absence of political will to make the system professional
and to insulate it from the caprice of the
street-level politician.
A demographic shift
With the growing size of our cities and
towns, India no longer lives in the villages.
All the action and focus are in the cities, and
the police are evaluated mainly on what they
do there or fail to do. The recent Swathi murder case in Chennai is an instance in point.
The initial public outrage was one that
blamed the police for not giving enough security to working women. This lasted only
for a few days, until the nearly blind case was
successfully cracked. Criticism slowly yielded to admiration for the police.
Another key area is traic enforcement
amidst gross indiscipline on the part of the

The Swathi murder case in

Chennai has triggered a debate
on the responsibility of
the police in preventing such
a dastardly crime
road user. Increased technology and flawless
identification of ofenders and harsh penalties on violators of traic rules alone can save
the situation. This is a challenge to which the
urban police has responded with only marginal success. The citizen expects drastic results, forgetting the fact that it is he who will
make the diference through dissemination
of the message that submitting oneself to
traic rules alone will reduce chaos on the
When he set up the worlds first urban police force in Dublin and London in the 19th
century, Sir Robert Peel, the legendary British Home Secretary (from whom was derived
the common appellation Bobby for a policeman), would hardly have dreamt that so
much would be required of a policeman on

A valid cynicism
Again, the Swathi case triggered a debate
on the responsibility and capability of the police in preventing such a dastardly crime. The
victim and her parents have been blamed by
some insensitive persons for their failure to
alert the police about the stalker, who is believed to have done away with her. There is
the other view which the two of us and many
other former colleagues in the police share
that assuming the victims family had approached the local police station, the latter
would just have ignored their complaint.
This is the cynicism that marks all appraisals
of the police, and it is this challenge that police leaders will have to cope with in their
daily work.
We believe a rational and full-fledged debate, some kind of national consultation, over
limits to policing in an urban setting is long
overdue. Otherwise we will be stuck with
what Peel thought of policing more than a
century ago. Any system that does not constantly review the manner in which it does
business is doomed to perdition. Innovation
is the key to upgrading quality. In the case of
policing, this could be in the areas of patrolling the streets, receipt and registration of
public grievances and identification of lawbreakers. Technology can help, but it is the
sensitivity and dedication of policemen at
the cutting edge that would eventually make
the diference between an admired and an
alienated police force.
Going by the rising graph of bodily crime
and traic accidents, our cities and towns appear to be fast going beyond redemption. Policing would collapse not long from now because of two factors. The first is the growing
geographic sprawl of our cities. Chennai Corporation has now a jurisdiction of more than
400, twice what it had a decade ago.
This expansion has not been accompanied by
a commensurate increase in police strength.
The second is the disappointing lack of con-


Broken windows
We are here reminded of a classic essay
Broken Windows written by two eminent
social scientists, James Q. Wilson and George
L. Kelling, that first appeared in the Atlantic
Monthly (March 1982), and which pointed
out how a citizens neglect of order around
him provides the ambience in which crime
flourishes. A broken window in a house or a
public facility that remains unattended for
months sends out the message that no one in
the locality cares, and that crime could be
committed there with impunity. Many U.S.
police departments, including the NYPD under legendary Police Commissioner William
Bratton, have benefited from this essay. Our
civic authorities and the police should draw
similar lessons for action from this remarkable formulation.

Race in

he sniper attack in Dallas, Texas, leading to

the death of five policemen, has widened a
racial wound in the United States that was
being picked at for the past few years. With his
choice of targets and venue, the sniper, Micah Johnson, changed around the message of a Black Lives
Matter march on Thursday in the city, one among
many across the country called to peacefully protest the shocking killing of two black men in police
action earlier in the week in Louisiana and Minnesota. America has been simmering these past few
years over the deaths of blacks at the hands of police personnel. These deaths are disproportionately high in number compared to the percentage of
African Americans in the population, and many of
them the 2014 encounter in Ferguson, Missouri,
for example are seen to suggest an institutionalised tolerance of racism. Each such incident has
threatened to incrementally widen the gulf between the police and black citizens, and President
Barack Obama has strived to play a mediating role
between police and community leaders to bridge
the gulf and to make progress on reforms in policing and the justice delivery system. Johnson, a former U.S. Army reserve, was black, and from all evidence deliberately targeted white police oicers.
His attack has the potential to widen the racial gulf
further, and change the focus of the debate from the
need for institutional reform to open blame-calling.
Mr. Obama, who was on a tour of Europe when
the police deaths happened, said from Warsaw that
he would travel to Dallas as soon as possible. But
before that he has wisely drawn a line separating
Johnsons action from his black identity, and the assassins agenda from the protesters grief. By definition, if you shoot people who pose no threat to
you strangers you have a troubled mind, he
said. Indeed, reports suggest that Johnson was battling his own demons ever since he returned from
Afghanistan but the particulars of Johnson, a
demented individual as Mr. Obama called him,
may become incidental to the viciously polarising
political wars that are framing the American presidential election. Mr. Obamas racial and ethnic
identity has been constantly attacked by Republicans, and the far right in America has kept an unswerving focus on his outreach to black community
leaders as well as his struggle to put checks on the
easy availability of guns in the country. The irresponsible politics of some Republicans was in evidence after Dallas, too. How Mr. Obama negotiates
this ugly aftermath in the days ahead could come to
define his term in the White House.

sensus on what the police can do, and what it

cannot or should not attempt to do.
We believe that there are implications here
for a concept such as the Smart City that Central government in New Delhi has conceived.
Any Smart City would thrive and flourish only if it is turned into a safe city first. This
possibly resonates with the stand that Prof.
David Bayley, an eminent police thinker and
genuine Indophile, took when he said that
policing was necessarily to be smart, rather
than big and flamboyant.
Ultimately, all discussion of urban policing
would lead us to the important issue: how
much money can a government invest in policing? India has approximately a little more
than two million policemen (both armed and
unarmed).There are about 12,000 police stations. In the absence of scientifically determined yardsticks, the question whether this
is adequate for a country as large as India is
The growing tentacles of terrorism have
resulted in a certain disarray in police thinking, something for which the police were untrained or insuiciently trained. An almost
whole-time attention on countering monstrous outfits such as al-Qaida, Islamic State,
Taliban, Lashkar-e-Toiba and a host of others,
including our very own Indian Mujahideen,
has robbed the common man of police services to which he is entitled as a tax-paying
Any evaluation of the police will be grievously wrong if it did not factor in this development. Also, an attempt to divest the police
station of its responsibility in this area by
raising an exclusive counter-terror outfit is
ill-advised, because thwarting the terrorist
depends on intelligence collection at the
grass-root, and this can be done only with the
help of a police station on the ground. The
latest arrest in far away West Bengal of a suspected IS organiser and propagandist, who
had made Tirupur in Tamil Nadu his home,
would indicate how growing towns in the
country could provide shelter to anti-social
elements and need more intensive policing
than before.
This is the complexity of urban policing today. Mechanical law enforcement, not
backed by an alert intelligence apparatus, can
result in disasters of the kind that happened
recently in Dhaka, Amsterdam, Brussels and
In the ultimate analysis, it is the consumer
of the police service, the average citizen, who
has the critical role of giving a continual feedback to the police on how well the latter are
performing. Without this, no community will
get the police it demands, and possibly deserves.

R.K. Raghavan is a former CBI Director, and D. Sivanandhan

is a former Commissioner of Police and a former DGP


Letters emailed to must carry the full postal address and the full name or the name with initials.

Tension in Kashmir
The deep anger and protests by
young people in the Kashmir Valley
following the encounter killing of
militant Burhan Wani is cause for
concern (Wanis death triggers fury,
11 killed, 200 hurt in Kashmir, July
10). The ground realities need to
addressed in all seriousness. It is
obvious that Kashmir is still
alienated from the mainstream.
Balasubramaniam Pavani,

The killing of the poster boy of

Kashmir militancy is a shot in the
arm for our security forces. The new
generation of militant leaders should
not be allowed to thrive in the first
place. Youngsters who have joined
militancy idolising Burhan must
realise that their future lies in
joining the mainstream. Countries
across the world must unite to fight
terror. The only real defence is
active defence.
K.V. Seetharamaiah,
Hassan, Karnataka

Right or wrong, Wani was a cult

figure for the local people. That
extreme steps such as shutting down
mobile/Internet services, stopping
traic on the Srinagar-Jammu
Highway and suspending the
Amarnath Yatra had to be taken
shows that the situation in the Valley
is serious. An independent judicial
probe needs to be ordered into the
encounter and one hopes that there
is no setback to the peace process.
D.B.N. Murthy,

The violent clashes show that the

terrorism can spread deep roots
even in the rural areas using

technologies such as the Internet

which can greatly aid the
propagation of anti-nationalism. The
country needs a tough law to curb
the misuse of information
Vikram Sundaramurthy,

Preachers foundation
It is quite odd to see how the media
has been portraying Muslim
evangelist Zakir Naik as a preacher
of terrorism. Where is the evidence?
I have been watching his
programmes on his media channel
for the past one year and have still to
come across content that is
inflammatory or against humanity. Is
the media selectively quoting parts
of his speeches? Many of his stock
phrases have a context. If his intent
was to spread hatred, why would he
be advocating peace? He has been
promoting peace through true
Islamic teachings (Zakir Naiks
UK-registered Foundation under
scanner, July 10).
Safeem A.S.,

Muivah on sovereignty
The shocking demand for the
sovereignty of Nagaland by NSCN
(I-M) general secretary Thuingaleng
Muivah, by implying that the bond
between Nagaland and India was
never strong, shows that no
substantial result has emerged from
the much talked about accord
between the Naga outfit and the
government of India (July 8). Nagas
should be freed from the clutches of
armed outfits and the secessionist
attitudes being encouraged by those
elements should be firmly dealt with

before trouble sets in elsewhere in

our country.
B. Gurumurthy,

The Enayam port

Why does there have to be another
port on the western coast of Tamil
Nadu? Its proximity to other major
ports is ill-advisable. If the intent of
the government was to fulfil its
election manifesto, there needs to be
a rethink (Editorial, July 9). The
money can be better spent
upgrading facilities in existing ports
in the area. Global trade using
shipping is low and caution is the
best way forward. Enayam should
not end up being another white
elephant like Sri Lankas extravagant
Dheeraj Panchal,

Fallacies of the faithful

The health crisis in Mallapuram,
Kerala, is shocking (Ground Zero,
July 9) . The Muslim community,
over many centuries, has always
lived on the basis of being a well-knit
community. While such living has its
benefits, chiefly camaraderie and
unity, such communities thrive on
the personalities of their leaders. If
their leaders are pragmatic and
adapt to the changing world,
everything is good. In this case,
though, the community leaders
appear to have taken a conservative
view on vaccination. This is either
due to ignorance or because vested
interests are taking over. The
challenge is to educate the Muslim
community in north Kerala that
vaccines are solely designed to
ensure ones well-being and good

health. The Kerala government must

also strengthen the logistical
network. Perhaps street plays and
theatre can help people create
awareness about the perils of nonvaccination.
Akshay Viswanathan,

development. The same thought is

clear in ones Fundamental Duties.
Education has failed in this part of
Akshy Sridhar,


Fat tax

Why should there be any intrusion

in the name of faith and religion in
sensitive matters pertaining to
health and survival ? Religion should
be confined to its intended role.
Being rational and pragmatic should
be a part and parcel of any outlook.
Religious leaders should cooperate
with the governments medical
teams in ensuring timely
R. Ramanathan,

The imposition of a fat tax,

targeting certain junk food items has
to be looked at in perspective
(Being page More a tax topping
than health initiative? July 10).
International fast food brands are
making a beeline for Kerala on
account of a fast-growing consumer
culture and expendable incomes. A
fat tax is necessary even though it
will not be happy news for the youth.
There are numerous cases of
lifestyle diseases among the young
generation which was not heard of a
few years ago.
Along with the tag of being the most
literate State in India, Kerala will
soon become known as the place
with the most obese people. I believe
it already occupies the second spot
in India in this area. One may discuss
the pros and cons of a food tax, but it
does help discourage unhealthy food
Muzarin Muzamil,


The article brought back memories

of how my brothers life was saved.
Sixty years ago, he was a sick threeyear-old and afected by diphtheria.
An experienced doctor managed to
procure doses of the medication it
was unavailable most of the time
and administered two injections.
The Muslim community should be
made aware about vaccination. If
even Pakistan and Afghanistan can
make headway in the polio
campaign, why not north Kerala?
P. Victor Selvaraj,
Palayamkottai, Tamil Nadu

It is unbelievable that in a developed

and literate State like Kerala, people
still continue to be influenced by
ideas and beliefs against science.
How can medicine be classified as a
western idea? Jawaharlal Nehru
called upon Indians to develop a
scientific temper in order to enable
inclusive social and economic

Thennampalayam, Tamil Nadu

Kannur, Kerala

The lack of awareness and the

frenzied pace of life today have all
led to a substantial increase in the
consumption of snacks, savouries
and foods high in sugar, salt and fat
content. The State is ultimately
responsible for the health and wellbeing of its citizens and any such
form of taxation is a step in the right
Chandramohan Nair,



Of written tools
and intuitive codes
In the professional sphere, one relies on two sets of classifications and categorisations to gather and process the
received information. The first set is a written code that
flows from learned experience. These are in the form of
dos and donts, the fine line that divides what is acceptable and what is not, and they set a benchmark for excelA.S.
PANNEERSELVAN lence in the chosen profession. But, often, individuals
develop a personal set of classifications, a set of private
norms as intuitive guiding tools.
Over the last three decades, I have developed a classificatory system
drawn from the Tamil poetical tradition called Aathichudi. In the tenth
century A.D., Avvaiyar, a sage poet with an extraordinary command over
the language, and an amazing sense of economy of words (just two words),
created 109 aphorisms that are universal in their import. In the last century,
nationalist poet, Subramania Bharathiyar wrote a new Aathichudi, called
Pudiya Aathichudi. One human emotion that marks the diference between the tenth century wise woman from the early 20th century prolific
poet is anger. The former is gentle, feminine and restrained. She said aaruvathu sinam, which means that anger is an emotion that subsides.
Bharathiyars lines are clearly masculine, firm and admonishing in their
tone. His call is rowthiram pazaghu, that is to cultivate anger. As a Readers Editor, I like to classify the responses we get from the readers into two
broad categories: the Avvaiyar mode and the Bharathiyar mode.
Holidays and the crossword puzzle
The Avvaiyar mode
The July 7, 2016 editions of this newspaof letters points out
per did not carry the usual crossword puzthe real errors, while
zle and Sudoku. Some readers reacted in an
angry fashion. They attributed the absence
the Bharathiyar
of the puzzles to growing encroachment of
mode reflects anger
advertisements into the content space.
How I wish they had reflected for a moment before casting aspersions. It is
the policy not to carry the crossword puzzles on days when there are holidays for some editions of this newspaper. The crossword has two components: one, the puzzle grid and two, the solutions for the previous days puzzle. In the case of a holiday, that afects a particular edition, it creates a
peculiar problem. Is it fair to carry only solutions for a puzzle which was
not published in the local edition but printed in the other editions? The editorial team considered various options including publishing the grid and
the solutions in the Internet editions alone during the holidays. But the
feedback they received from readers forced them to select a system that is
fair to all crossword solvers that is, not to publish the puzzle when one of
the editions of this newspaper is closed for holiday. In this case, July 6, 2016
was an Eid holiday for the Kerala editions of this newspaper; hence there
was no edition in that State on July 7, 2016. Consequently, there was no
crossword that day.
Which version?
According to reader Thomas Koshy, there are contradictions in the newspaper and he wanted to know which version one should believe. He cited a
July 6 news report that quoted sources close to Union Finance Minister
Arun Jaitley that he opted out of handling the Information and Broadcasting Ministry. He also referred to the editorial, At home in New Delhi
(July 7, 2016) that said: At the top, by taking away the Information and
Broadcasting portfolio from Arun Jaitley. There are absolutely no contradictions here. The first is a news report and reflected the opinion of the Finance Ministry. The second is an editorial that reflected the inference of the
newspaper. It is perfectly legitimate to arrive at an inference that is vastly
diferent from the oicially stated position.
Pramila Krishnan, a journalist who works for the BBCs Tamil section,
raised a set of questions regarding a column in the Perspective page and a
feature in the Friday Review. On July 7, 2016, this newspapers film critic, Baradwaj Rangan, wrote a piece, Back to blaming the movies? in which a
sentence read: But this real-life story took a sharp U-turn when the boy, apparently smarting from the girls insults about his looks, hacked her to
death. Ms. Krishnan felt strongly that the writer must not have said
hacked her to death as the prosecution has not yet been completed, the
trial yet to begin, and the court still to pronounce its judgment. She wondered why reporters are wary of using the prefix allegedly in crime reports till the final court verdict. I notice that the broadcast journalist has
conflated two diferent issues here. First, she failed to make the distinction
between a news report and an opinion piece. Second, the fact in this particular crime is that the victim was hacked to death and there was no ambiguity. Hence, there is no need to use the journalistic prefix allegedly.
Ms. Krishnans other objection was to the feature, The gender conundrum (July 1, 2016), which looked at young male dancers shying away from
depicting shringara rasa on stage as a generalising statement. She argued
that the views of the male dancers were not reflected in the piece. But the
writer had indeed talked to many male dancers, both seniors and younger
ones such as Raja Reddy, Pandit Jai Kishan Maharaj, Parshwanath Upadhye
and Navtej Johar. The article refrained from making any sweeping statements and sensitively looked at the gender identity on stage.
Looking back at the number of corrections, clarifications and columns
from the oice of the Readers Editor, the Avvaiyar mode of letters often
points out the real errors, while the Bharathiyar mode of letters reflects
anger more than the real lapses on the part of the newspaper. How I wish
more writers absorbed Avvaiyars notion of anger.


(dated July 11, 1966)

National Conference

also been asked to take such

advance action in this regard in
1966-67 as may be necessary.

The former Kashmir Premier,

Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed,
today [July 10] announced the
revival of the National
Conference. Addressing a
Nationalist workers convention
here [Srinagar], the Bakshi said
the National Conference was
never dissolved but only its
activities suspended for
sometime due to certain
circumstances. We decided to
revive the National Conference
which was always working tor the
well-being of the people. Bakshi
Ghulam Mohammed said the
National Conference was being
revived to create a healthy
democratic opposition in the
State politics. He criticised the
present Governments food
policy. He said it was for the first
time in Kashmir history that rice
was being sold at Rs. 75 per
maund. Where has the one and
half lakh tons of rice given by
Centre gone? he asked.

Documents found
missing from RBI

Schemes for relief

of the handicapped
State Governments have been
asked to include schemes for the
rehabilitation of the physically
handicapped in their Fourth Plan
proposals and in their plan
proposals for 1967-68. They have

| 11



Some of the valuable

documents, relating to a case of
alleged evasion of Government
dues, kept in the Reserve Bank of
India here [Nagpur] for safe
custody pending investigations,
are reported to be missing. The
oicers of the Special
Enforcement Branch had, after a
series of raids on some business
establishments and residential
premises seized a large number of
documents. These were to be
taken to Delhi for investigating
ofences of alleged violations of
import and export regulations
and evasion of Central taxes, it
was stated. The industrialists
moved the High Court, which
restrained the S.P.E. oicers from
moving the records outside
Nagpur, and directed that these
should be kept in the Reserve
Bank of India, Nagpur Branch, for
safe custody. The High Court had
also permitted the petitioners
access to these records for
periodical inspections, in the
presence of a Government oicer.
However, when some S.P.E.
oicers visited the Bank for
investigating the case, some
valuable files were found missing,

Memories of a living saint

The scale and devotion of Abdul Sattar Edhis philanthropic foundation were matched by his
personal care-giving to the needy
he was fighting against was infused with
the same sense of injustice that permeates a politics of the Left. He combined communist thought with stories of
the weak battling the powerful in Islam,
and the rich enslaving the poor in the
streets he worked on.


In a land of many saints and Sufis, notions and terms which have now been
appropriated by western academics
working on Pakistani Islam to denote
any construction of Islam which disassociates itself with either the Wahabi or
Deobandi variant, Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi, born in Bantva, Gujarat in colonial India in 1928, was considered by all
denominations within Islam, and by
non-Muslims as well, as a living saint, till
his death on Friday. His funeral and particularly his namaaz-e-janaza represented much more of what Pakistan is today, and none of the saintliness of a faqir,
which Edhi had become.
A conspicuous contrast
Edhis namaaz-e-janaza was held at
the National Stadium in Karachi, once
renowned for many a cricket match but
now an abandoned memorial to international cricket in Pakistan, and was attended by the most important individuals in the country today. The Prime
Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, after
spending seven weeks in London following a heart by-pass, was on his way back
to Lahore, and did not attend. The President of Pakistan and the three heads of
the armed forces, along with the Chief
Minister of the Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif,
Nawaz Sharif's brother, and the Chief
Minister and Governor of Sindh, along
with many other oicials, were all present. With these very, very important
people in attendance, in terrorism-inflicted Pakistan, security was at the highest level imaginable, which basically
meant that the aam awam, the common
people to whom Abdul Sattar Edhi had
devoted his life, were not able to participate as efectively as they may have
Equally important, women were not
allowed to enter the National Stadium to
pay their last respects. Not only did Edhi
do so much for women in Pakistan, helping them in so many diferent ways,
whether they were considered destitute
or had unwanted babies, his wife Bilquis
Edhi was an equal participant in the
world that he had created, that of the Edhi Foundation. The Government of Pakistan gave him a state funeral, but this
was not the first time that someone like
this peoples man, the iconic and
world famed social worker, Pakistans

HE LIVES ON: While mourning the passing of someone who stood out in such a
divided country as Pakistan, the need for a saint like a Sattar Edhi symbolises the
failure of the Pakistani state at many levels. Picture shows people in Islamabad
mourning Edhi. PHOTO: AFP

Asked why he picked up

Christians and Hindus in his
ambulances, he replied:
Because the ambulance is
more Muslim than you.
messiah, as the newspapers called him,
Pakistans most loved person, was appropriated by Pakistans civil and military elite, taken away from the people
amongst whom he worked and who
loved him in return. Just a few hours after his death, looking from above, Sattar
Edhi would have abhorred this usurpation and the creation of this divide.
A trailblazer
Sattar Edhi migrated to Karachi after
Partition, and was the son of a small-time
Gujarati Memon businessman. Edhi
helped his father in his work, but by 1951
had decided to take a very diferent path
from most Pakistanis. According to reports, he set up a small dispensary for
poor people in the old part of Karachi
where he lived, which eventually gave
rise to his life-long humanitarian mission. By 1974, the Edhi Foundation had

come into existence, and by the time he

passed away some 40 years later it had
become one of the largest philanthropic
institutions in Pakistan. It is said to have
mobile dispensaries, orphanages, shelter homes, an animal hostel, maternity
homes, morgues and graveyards. There
are estimated to be 335 Edhi centres or
similar institutions across Pakistan, with
hundreds, if not a few thousand, ambulances. The Edhi Foundation is said to
run the largest free ambulance service in
the world. The Foundation has even set
up branches internationally, wherever
Pakistanis lived and recognised Edhis
mission. All the work done by the Edhi
Foundation is based on voluntary contributions, and Edhi himself was seen in the
streets collecting chanda from anyone
who wanted to contribute. Children
were most enthusiastic about the old
man walking across the country collecting contributions, but so were businessmen and the common people.
Even Pakistans Left, otherwise so critical of social work, gave him a surkh
salam and claimed him as one of their
own, a fellow comrade. The Awami
Workers Party in its eulogy of Edhi
stated: For Edhi, the wretchedness that

Leading by example
Abdul Sattar Edhi did not run a corporate empire in the sense one usually
imagines, even though he created a large
enterprise, for he was seen in the worst
possible, most diicult and devastated
places himself, dirtying his hands wherever required. He picked up mutilated
bodies from the killings fields of Karachi
and washed and buried such victims of
political or daily violence he is said to
have given the last ghusl to as many as
58,000 people personally. He was found
traipsing over mountains after earthquakes hit Pakistan or after floods displaced people. He was seen in Bosnia, in
diferent parts of Africa; wherever he felt
a humanitarian crisis occurred, the Maulana was to be found.
In 2015, it was eventually through the
help of the Edhi Foundation that the deaf
and mute Geeta was sought to be united
with her family in India after spending 13
years involuntarily in Pakistan. The
Dawn newspaper reported that Geeta
had built a private temple in the Edhi
Foundation shelter she was housed in,
with posters of Hindu gods: Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and Sita, goddess Durga,
Shiva and Parvati and a small statue of
Lord Ganesha resting on a table, alongside with earthen lamps and incense.
Once asked why he picked up Christians
and Hindus in his ambulances, Edhi is
said to have famously replied: Because
the ambulance is more Muslim than
While we mourn the passing of someone who stood above and beyond caste,
creed, belief, gender or denomination,
especially in such a divided city such as
Karachi, or a country such as Pakistan,
the need for a saint such as a Sattar Edhi
represents the failure of the Pakistani
state at so many levels, at its inability to
even deliver basic social services to its
people. The only time the state works, is
through its pomp and force of power, as
witnessed by its exclusionary politics at
Edhis funeral.
The contrast between the mans life
and his death, could not be more stark.
S. Akbar Zaidi is a political economist based in
Karachi. He teaches at Columbia University in New
York, and at the IBA in Karachi.

Storm in the South China Sea

It is not clear whether the ruling in The Hague this week will bring resolution to the disputes

The International Court of Arbitration

is set to give its ruling on the South China Sea disputes on July 12 amid strong
opposition from China. The Chinese
Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hong Lei,
has said: I again stress that the arbitration court has no jurisdiction in the case
and on the relevant matter, and should
not hold hearings or make a ruling.
The case filed by the Philippines at
the International Tribunal for the Law of
the Sea at The Hague in 2013 seeks to
counter the Chinese claims in the South
China Sea. Beijing insists that Manilas
case is an issue of territorial sovereignty
over which the tribunal has no
China claims almost all of the South
China Sea along the nine-dash line on
the map. The Philippines argues that the
claim made by China is against international law.
The current round of tension between
the two countries began in 2008-2009
after a tense but bloodless stand-of over
the Scarborough Shoal, which led to
China gaining de facto control of it in
Chinas expansionist moves
In recent years, attention has shifted
to Chinas construction and installation
of military-capable infrastructure in the
Spratly Islands. The pace and scale of
Chinas island-building works have
dwarfed the presence of other countries
that engage in similar activities, and is
beginning to take on a more overtly strategic character, which includes the construction of runways and port facilities.
There are no easy answers to the
South China Sea disputes. At the same
time, it is well understood by the parties
concerned as well as the international
community that the disputes need to be
Because of the capital spent on islandbuilding works by individual countries
on the one hand and the seas rich natural resources and annual revenues generated from the sea routes on the other,
none of the disputing parties is likely to
sacrifice or surrender its claims easily.
The underlining problem is the claim
of overlapping areas by diferent countries, that involve Brunei, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan and
One of the fundamental principles of

A LARGE PIE: The underlining problem is the claim of overlapping areas by different countries. Picture shows the Tien Sa port in
Vietnam which the U.S. Navy makes port calls to. The U.S. carries out joint exercises with the Vietnamese Navy in the China Sea
after growing tensions. PHOTO: REUTERS
the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has been to resolve disputes by peaceful means and to reach
agreement by a consensus. But over the
years, the position of ASEAN on the
South China Sea disputes has been
weak. At times, the organisation has
been unable to formulate a consensus
policy. This is partly due to the fact that
not all 10 ASEAN members are claimants to the South China Sea. Another
reason is that members of ASEAN have
overlapping claims among themselves.
Moreover, bilateral relations between
China and some smaller ASEAN members, such as Laos and Cambodia, are also a factor. Because of its economic and
military power, China has been able to
win over some ASEAN members.
Dynamics within ASEAN
China is well aware that a united voice
of all ASEAN members would have
greater force. ASEANs inability to build
a united front on the South China Sea
disputes is a major challenge for the regional bloc. There is no single country in
ASEAN party to the South China Sea
disputes that is capable of challenging
China individually. This is an important
reason why ASEAN has welcomed the
role of the United States as a power bal-

ASEANs inability to
build a united front on the
South China Sea disputes is
a major challenge for
the regional bloc
ancer on the issue.
While China insists on talks among
the parties concerned, the claimants in
ASEAN want to pursue it through multilateralism or the Court of Arbitration.
The existence of two diametrically opposing approaches is a major challenge
for bringing a mutually acceptable solution to the South China Sea disputes.
Since China has openly refused to acknowledge or accept the ruling of the arbitration court, despite support from
several countries, as well as its lack of
enforcement power, this channel is likely to be inconclusive.
Looking forward
However, the reactions of the international community in the aftermath of
the courts ruling is bound to put pressure on the disputing parties. The ruling
may also provide a justification for coalition action.
To resolve the disputes peacefully, the

claimants should be willing to abandon

their confrontational attitude and agree
to find some common grounds even if
this requires sacrificing certain portions
of their claims.
For example, one possible peaceful
solution would be for all claimants to
limit their claim to the areas of 200 nautical miles of the Exclusive Economic
Zone in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
(UNCLOS). By agreeing to such proposal, the parties to the dispute can also reach an agreement to leave international
waters for free navigation.
Another way out is for the parties concerned to establish a common ownership of the disputed areas whereby all
the revenues from the South China Sea
are equitably shared among the littoral
Yet other possibility is for the disputing countries to specifically lay out their
claims and allow a neutral party to adjudicate on the basis of the UNCLOS or
any other relevant international laws.
But for now, all eyes are on the July 12
Nehginpao Kipgen is Assistant Professor and
Executive Director of the Center for Southeast Asian
Studies, Jindal School of International Affairs, O.P.
Jindal Global University.

12 |



Centre to kick-start
recapitalisation of PSBs
The PSBs ability to attract
external capital is limited,
since listed PSBs are trading
at significant discount to
their book value, owing to financial pressures. Earlier, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley
allocated Rs 25,000 crore in
the budget estimates for this
year, 2016-17 for recapitalising PSBs. In the budget
speech, he had promised to
find resources for further
topping up this allocation,
should the need arise.
The allocation is in line
with the recapitalisation
plan outlined in the Centres
seven-pronged plan, Indradhanush, launched in
August 2015 for reforming
PSBs. The Finance Ministry
had estimated that the PSBs
would need Rs 1.80 lakh

crore by March 2019 to meet

Basel III norms.
Of this, it proposes to provide Rs 70,000 crore as equity over four years and expects the banks to raise the
rest from the markets or
through internal profits.
The capitalisation plan
proposes infusions adding
up to Rs 25,000 crore in 201516 as well as in 2016-17, followed by Rs 10,000 crore
each in 2017-18 and 2018-19.
It disbursed a total of Rs
25,000 crore to 21 PSBs in the
last financial year, 2014-15.
SBI got the largest sum, Rs
5,393 crore, followed by Bank
of India, which received Rs
2,455 crore. Moodys has said
that the 11 PSBs it rates
would need capital of about
Rs 1.2 lakh crore until 2020.

Kudankulam plant
reaches milestone
Though it was originally
planned to complete the
construction of the first two
reactors within 60 months
from first pouring of concrete on March 31, 2002, it
took 11 years for the Nuclear
Power Corporation of India
Limited, the proponent of
the project, to take the first
reactor to the criticality
There were various reasons for this, including delay in supply of components
by the Russians and agitations. The first unit, after attaining criticality in July 13,
2013 was synchronised with
the southern grid in October the same year. It has
generated 5,777 million
units of power till May 2016.
Tamil Nadu is getting its

share of 562.50 MWe from

the first unit and neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala are getting
50 MWe, 221 MWe and 133
MWe respectively from the
first reactor while the
Union Territory of Puducherrys share stands at
33.50 MWe.
Tamil Nadu is expected to
get a minimum of 462.50
MWe from the second unit.
Having successfully accomplished the mission by
operationalising the first
two reactors, the KKNPP
will now pay more attention
for commencing the work
on the construction of the
third and fourth reactors,
each with a capacity of 1,000
MWe, at an outlay of Rs.
39,500 crore.

Mallya denies charge

Mr. Mallya, who is in
London, said: It is surprising and unfortunate that
unfounded allegations are
now being made without
any reference to me
On Saturday in a filing to
the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), USL, controlled by Diageo, said that
an internal inquiry had
found instances of fund diversion from the company
to entities associated with
the troubled business tycoon. According to the filing, the amount under consideration
Rs.1,225.3 crore.
The filing said that a separate inquiry found that
funds were diverted from
USL to UB Group companies, including Kingfisher
The USL did not name
the agency which conducted the probe. However, Mr.
Mallya in his statement said
E+Y did the enquiry. The
company also said that only
a court or a regulatory authority would be in a position to make final determinations over fault or

As per the additional inquiry, some of the overseas

beneficiaries of the diverted funds include Force India Formula One, Watson
Ltd, Continental Administrative Services, Modall Securities Ltd., Ultra Dynamics Ltd. and Lombard Wall
Corporate Service Inc. in
each of which Mr. Mallya
appears to have a material,
direct and indirect interest.
Mr. Mallya had resigned
as the non-executive chairman of USL on February 25,
Diageo had entered into a
mutual release agreement
with Mr. Mallya to pay him
$75 million over a five-year
period. As per the agreement, Mr. Mallya had also
signed a global five-year
non-compete arrangement.
However, the USL filing
said the mutual release
agreed with Mr. Mallya announced on February 25 did
not extend to matters arising out of the additional
The board also directed
the MD and CEO to take appropriate action in relation
to employees named in the

mainstream Muslim organisations in Kerala have denounced the Islamic State
(IS) even as the investigation
into the suspected defection
of at least 12 Keralites to the
proscribed organisation unfolded across the State and
beyond the countrys borders on Sunday.
Syed Ibrahim Khaleel Buhari, general secretary, Kerala Muslim Jamaat, the apex
body of Sunni Muslims in the
State, told The Hindu that
the organisation was poised
to undertake a sweeping social campaign to insulate impressionable youth from the
nihilistic and seductive lure
of the IS.
Meanwhile, Central and
State security agencies were
trying to gauge whether the
IS, which runs a slick online
propaganda campaign, had
gained any local appeal.
They were investigating
whether any ultra-conservative religious outfit had
recruited the missing persons for the embattled IS in
Iraq and Syria.
Oicials privy to the Central and State inquiries said


Government taken unawares by new pattern of violence, as people risk lives, enter security installations without fear
SRINAGAR: The Jammu and

Kashmir government says it

is grappling with a new pattern of violence in the State
in the aftermath of the killing
of the Hizbul Mujahideen
commander Burhan Wani.
A senior police oicial told
The Hindu that a contingency plan was in place to counter the fallout of Wanis killing. Hence, no death was
reported in violence-prone
areas of Anantnag, Tral and
Pulwama towns. However,
the State administration was
not prepared for trouble in
otherwise peaceful pockets
such Anantnags Seer area,
D.H. Pora in Kulgam and Pulwamas Haal area.
D.H. Pora, where both the
PDP and the National Conference hold sway, saw people torching a range oice, a
court complex and a fire tender. Mobs also took over a
police station, snatched
weapons and began firing at
three policemen.
Seer, which remained
peaceful during previous agitations, also saw the death of
a civilian.
The security challenge
has come from fringe areas
and peripheries this time.
We will be assessing its causes, said Additional Director
General of Police, CID, S.M.
Pandit houses torched
Another worrying pattern
is the attacks on minority
colonies in Pulwama, where,
the police said, two abandoned houses of Pandits
were set afire by mobs. A
Pandit colony in Haal was
stoned by protesters as were
two BJP oices and an MLAs
A senior PDP leader in
Pulwama, on the condition
of anonymity, admitted that
even at the peak of the 2008
and 2010 street agitations
no attempt was made to attack minority colonies or
their property in Valley.
Now, people risk lives
and enter security installations without fear of armed
security forces, said the
PDP leader.
These attacks come at a
time when a debate is raging
over the State governments
proposal to set up separate
Pandit colonies, opposed by
separatists and many local
Experts suggest there is
deep-seated anxiety among
the masses after the government pushed ahead with
contentious issues such as
setting up Sainik Colonies,
permanent shelters for nonlocal migrant population and
BJP-backed exploration of
new Hindu pilgrimages. The
absence of dialogue is adding
to the concerns.
There is pent-up anger
due to the issues raked up in
the recent past. Wani was a
charismatic figure, but, at the
base of it, people found expression to a political point,
unfortunately, in killing,
said Sidiq Wahid, former
Vice-Chancellor of the Islamic University of Science
and Technology.

Venkaiah rebuts Pak. criticism

NEW DELHI: Pakistan sought to
escalate tension over Kashmir on Sunday, issuing a
statement that called Hizbul
Mujahideen militant Burhan
Wani, a Kashmiri leader
and accusing Indian forces of
extrajudicial killings.
The extrajudicial killing
of Kashmiri leader Burhan
Wani and scores of other innocent Kashmiris is deplorable and condemnable. Such
acts are a violation of the
fundamental human rights of
the Kashmiris, said a statement issued by the spokesperson of the Ministry of
Foreign Afairs in Islamabad
on Sunday, highlighting the
centrality of the Kashmir issue to Pakistan.


KASARAGOD: Worried over the

possibility of their missing

relatives joining the Islamic State
(IS), seven persons from Padanna
and Thrikkarippur in the district
lodged formal complaints with
the Chandera police station on
Sunday. The number of people
suspected to have joined the
terrorist organisation from the
district is 17.
The police station had a busy
day registering the complaints a
day after two persons lodged
similar ones stating their sons
Mohammed Murshad and
the focus has also shifted to
Sri Lanka, which reports indicated was the common
transit camp for several of
the missing families suspected to have joined the IS.
Sri Lanka orders probe
They said the Sri Lankan
government was conducting
its own investigation after
reports emerged that at least
two of its citizens had joined
the IS last year.
The inquiries would also

M. Venkaiah Naidu
The Ministry of External
Afairs declined to comment
on the unusually strong
However, Union Minister
Venkaiah Naidu told reporters: Kashmir is an integral
part of India. There is no

question of any negotiation

and discussion on that. He
also criticised the protesters
in Kashmir and their supporters.
Really surprised that
some people are trying to
support those so-called protesters who are sympathising with a terrorist, the Minister said.
Pakistans concerted efort
to internationalise the Kashmir issue prompted India in
June to assert that Islamabad
is needlessly trying to internationalise the issue.
Indias comments came after Islamabad organised a
global conference on Kashmir, in which Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain declared that India was
running away from talks.

3,500 from Gujarat stranded


JNU student praises

Wani, sparks a row
NEW DELHI: JNU student Umar
Khalid, who is out on bail in a
sedition case, on Sunday
kicked of another controversy
by comparing Burhan Wani,
the Hizbul Mujahideen commander who was gunned
down earlier this week, with a
I dont care if I fall as long
as someone else picks up my
gun and keeps on shooting.
These were the words of Che
Guevara, but could have just
been Burhan Wanis too, Mr.
Khalid said in a Facebook post,
which he removed hours later.
Praising Wani for his bravery,
he said: Burhan wasnt scared
of death. He was scared of a life
lived in subjugation. He detested it. He lived a free man
and died a free man.... Mr.


engulfing Jammu and

Kashmir, more than 3,500
people from Gujarat, mostly heading for the Amarnath Yatra, have been
stranded at various places
in the State.
According to sources,
nearly a dozen buses carrying tourists from Vadodara
and Surat are stranded at
Pahalgam in Anantnag district, while other tourists
are stuck in Srinagar and
nearby places which are
under curfew.
Control room set up
The shutting down of
mobile Internet services
has led to panic, following
which the Gujarat government set up a control room
at the Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority
Gujarat BJP MLA Hira
Solanki, who sponsored
over 200 people from his
constituency Rajula for the

Amarnath pilgrims stand in a queue for food at the Geeta

Mandir base camp in Jammu on Sunday. PHOTO: AP
yatra, is stuck in a Srinagar
hotel with the group.
We could contact him
only after two days. Now
they are safe. Their buses
were pelted with stones but
the security forces rescued
them, said Rajesh Koli,
whose family members
have gone for the yatra.
We are in touch with the
J&K administration regarding the safety of the Gujarati pilgrims and tourists. All
vehicles are in the safe custody of the security forces,
said Gujarats relief commissioner Manish Bhard-

waj. Three of our family

members were also stranded and remained inaccessible for two days. They are
safe now but are having a
tough time because they
have run out of food and
water as everything is
shut, said Pradip Prajapati,
a resident of Ahmedabad.
A private tour operator
here said nearly 1,000 persons were from the city.
Mobs threw stones at our
two buses. Several pilgrims
had to trek quite a distance
before they were transported by Army vehicles.

SRINAGAR: After Kashmirs

summer unrest of 2010
which claimed the lives of 112
protesters in police firing,
the Congress-led government at the Centre deployed
pellet guns as a non-lethal
measure to avoid civilian
A senior J&K police oicer
with expertise in ballistics
told The Hindu that Israel

NEW DELHI: Mirwaiz Umar Fa-

rooq, the Chairman of the

Hurriyat Conference, has
urged the people of India
and the world to wake up to
the reality of Kashmir and
understand that the issue has
to be resolved.
In a statement on Sunday,
following the upsurge in protests in Jammu and Kashmir
over the death of Burhan Wani, the Hizbul Mujahideen
commander, the Chairman
of the Hurriyat Conference
said the issue would not
die on its own.
Fighting for a basic right
He said Burhan Wani and
his two associates repre-

Mohammed Sajid in their mid 20s

went missing last month while on
their way home from Sharjah and
Abu Dhabi, respectively.
Among the missing are four
women and three children, police
sources said. Giving details, they
said K.V.P. Ismail of
Thathanisherry at Thrikkarippur
lodged a complaint stating that
his son Mohammed Marvan had
been missing for over a month.
Others on the list with the
police in six other complaints are
Firoz Khan from Elambachi at
Thrikkarippur; Mohammed
Manzad from Thrikkarippur;
Abdul Wahad Abdulla from

Udumbumthala near Padanna and

his wife, Ayisha, and daughter
Sana; Shamsia from
Vadakkekovvil at Thrikkarippur,
her husband, Ashfak, and
daughter, Ayisha; Shafeezudeen
from Padanna; Ijaz from Padanna,
his wife, Refala, and their son,
Ajan; Shihab from Padanna and
his wife, Ajmala. A National
Investigation Agency team, led by
Deputy Commissioner of Police
Vikraman, visited the localities
under the Chandera police
station limits to speak to officials
and relatives of the missing
persons on the sensitive issue, a
senior police official said.

focus on how the missing

families were radicalised, if
they were at all.
They would centre on
whether the missing persons
were in IS territory and who
guided them to their destination.
The agencies were sifting
through hundreds of FB
groups, which claim to be affiliated to the IS to see
whether any evidence of the
missing families would
crop up.

Meanwhile, the police intelligence has warned the

State government that the
public furore over the missing persons had outsize
propaganda value for divisive forces on either end of
the religious spectrum.
For one, the issue had led
to political muckraking in
the case of controversial
preacher Zakir Naik whose
speeches were linked to rising radicalisation in Kerala
and Bangladesh.

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

sented the fifth generation
of Kashmiris who since 1931
have been fighting for a basic human right: to determine their political dispensation.
He characterised the
deaths of persons in the upsurge as having been killed

in cold blood.
He termed it ironical that
the Prime Minister should
on the one be paying tribute
to the founding father of Indias freedom struggle, Mahatma Gandhi, by taking the
same train journey in South
Africa that Gandhiji took
decades ago when he was
moved and inspired to fight
for Indias freedom and on
the other hand, that same day
his regime executes the killing of innocent teenagers in
Kashmir demanding the
same right!
The Mirwaiz further said
that for the sake of humanity, peace and progress in the
region, the people of India
need to know and understand the truth and reality of

Deoband condemns
media trial of Zakir
LUCKNOW: While prominent

Shia clerics in Uttar Pradesh

have denounced Islamic
evangelist Zakir Naik and demanded a ban on his teachings, claiming they incited
terrorism, the jury is still out
among Sunni scholars.
The Deobandi and Barelvi
sub-sects of Sunni Islam acknowledged their ideological diferences with Dr. Naik,
who is regarded as an exponent of the Wahabi-Salafi
thought. However, there was
no single response to his alleged controversial statements defending terrorism.
While the Deoband school
said Dr. Naik had nothing to
do with terrorism, the Barelvis preferred to wait for the
investigations to clear the air.
The Darul Uloom Deoband, based in Saharanpur,
said it had always opposed
Dr. Naiks perspective, and
The school, however, clarified that the fatwas issued
by it against Dr. Naik, primarily on his deviant teachings, should not be used as a
weapon and tool to target

him and link him to terrorism. We are not against him

personally We object to the
medias use of our fatwas as
a weapon against him, said
Ashraf Usmani, spokesperson of the seminary.
We strongly condemn the
way he is being targeted and
linked to terrorism, and the
media trial, he told The
Barelvi denies links
The other prominent Sunni sect, the Barelvi, also underlined its disapproval of
Dr. Naiks speeches. Raising
the point that in one of his
speeches, he had somewhere supported terrorism,
Tauqueer Raza Khan, the
most prominent face of the
Barelvi sect, said, We dont
have links with him. But to
falsely implicate somebody
in terrorism is also wrong.
Nobody who calls himself a
Muslim in India can have
anything to do with terrorism, he said.
Meanwhile the Shia National Front has written to
Home Minister Rajnath
Singh demanding a CBI
probe into Naiks activities.

was the first country to use

pellet guns as an anti-riot
cover against the Palestinian
protesters. Explaining how it
works, the oicer said, a single pellet gun cartridge carries 500 pieces of tiny metal
laced with gun powder.
On pulling the trigger, the
gun sprays the hot metal
pieces haphazardly.
If you are within the 10metre range you can get fatally injured, the oicer said.

Wani ruled hearts: MLA

SRINAGAR: Independent MLA
Engineer Rashid organised a
funeral procession in his
north Kashmir constituency
of Langate on Sunday for
Burhan Wani, saying that the
slain Hizbul Mujahideen
commander ruled hearts.
The government of India
may celebrate the death of
Burhan, but forgets that it has
lost a bigger battle in Kash-

Wake up to the reality of Kashmir: Mirwaiz


Khalid has earlier been at the

centre of controversy for being one of the organisers of a
controversial event in JNU
against hanging of Parliament
attack convict Afzal Guru, during which anti-national slogans were allegedly raised. His
remarks on Burhan did not go
down well with the ABVP. After supporting Afzal, Mr. Khalid has expressed his sympathies with Burhan. This is
indicative of his association
with terrorists and his support
for them. Such anti-nationals
are dangerous for society than
terrorists. I demand the cancellation of his bail and an investigation into his links, said
Saurabh Sharma, the lone
ABVP member in JNUSU, in a
statement. PTI

Pellet guns meant

to avoid fatalities

AHMEDABAD: With violence

Kin of missing persons file complaint



Peaceful pockets in J&K rise up in protest

Probe into IS ties extends to Sri Lanka



Kashmir and play their role

in it.
The Mirwaiz said that the
elections in Kashmir serve
limited administrative purposes, for basic infrastructural facilities and amenities. It
has no bearing on the disputed nature of the issue, and
this is where the distinction
needs to be made and
It would be wrong, the
Mirwaiz said, to call these
young idealists terrorists
and asked, At which terrorists funeral will you witness
hundreds and thousands of
men, women and children
participating, defying restrictions, risking their lives,
ready to face bullets and get

mir. Why lakhs of people attended Wanis funeral? It has

proven Burhan ruled the
hearts and the government
ruled the heads, said Mr.
Rashid after the funeral
prayers. Over 5,000 supporters of Mr. Rashid gathered at
Qalamabad to ofer funeral
prayers in absentia for Wani.
Mr. Rashid said the government of India does not
treat or believe the people of
Kashmir as its own.

Kashmir valley
under curfew
SRINAGAR: With protests over
the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan
Wani continuing on Sunday,
several security forces installations were set afire in
south, central and north
Scores of protesters sustained bullet injuries in
south and central Kashmir.
A curfew remained in
place in the entire Valley and
the Internet snapped for the
second consecutive day.
Separatist leaders, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Yasin
Malik and Syed Ali Geeani,
accused the security forces
of firing to kill.

IUML backs evangelist

KOZHIKODE: The Indian Union
Muslim League (IUML) on
Sunday backed Zakir Naik
stating that the Muslim evangelist was being hunted for
unfounded reasons.
Mr. Naik is under the scanner of investigation agencies
after Dhaka terror attacks.
IUML national secretary
E.T. Mohammed Basheer
said Mr. Naik, who proved
his capabilities in several religious discourses and spiritual writings, never stayed
indoors for any covert antinational activities.
The man who strove to
foster religious harmony and

propagate the message of Islamic peace should not be

tortured, Mr. Basheer said.
Mr. Basheer also played a
video clip in front of journalists in which Mr. Naik was
found explaining his stern
view against the Islamic
State by terming it Anti-Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
The short video also featured him declaring that no
Islamic person would try to
kill innocent people.
Mr. Basheer alleged that
India was currently witnessing a situation where a man
who fought religious extremism was purposefully labelled as an extremist for unknown reasons.


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India signs five agreements with Tanzania

During Modi's visit, New Delhi to provide a line of credit of $92 million to improve Zanzibars water supply system

Cong. yet to chart

overall poll strategy

DAR-ES-SALAAM: Seeking to en-

hance its ties with resourcerich Tanzania, India on Sunday extended its full support
to the country to meet its development needs and signed
five agreements, including
one for providing a Line of
Credit of $92 million in the
water resources sector.
Describing India as a trusted partner in meeting Tanzanias development priorities,
Mr. Modi said he along with
President John Pombe Joseph Magufuli agreed to
deepen overall defence and
security partnership, especially in the maritime domain.
Our in-depth discussions
on regional and global issues
reflected our considerable
convergence on issues of
common interest and concern, he said at a joint press
interaction after his bilateral
meeting with President
Twin threats
The two leaders agreed to
work closely, bilaterally, regionally and globally to combat the twin threats of terrorism and climate change.
In a joint statement, the
two leaders expressed their

All forces must unite

to defeat terror: PM

NEW RHYTHM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Tanzanian

President John Pombe Magufuli beat drums
at the State House in Dar-es-Salaam on Sunday. PHOTO: AP
strong condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and
manifestations and stated
that there could be no justification for terrorism whatsoever. They expressed satisfaction on the holding of
bilateral counter-terrorism
consultations in early 2016.
Indias cooperation with
Tanzania will always be as
per your needs and priorities, Mr. Modi said.
Pacts signed
The two sides signed an
agreement under which India would provide a Line of

Fly at Rajdhani fares

from Delhi to four cities
NEW DELHI: Air India has decided to lower fares to the level
of AC two-tier fares of Rajdhani trains between Delhi
and Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru four
hours before the departure
of flights.
Ashwani Lohani, Chairman and Managing Director,
Air India, said here on Sunday that passengers would
thus be spared last-minute
skyrocketing fares and the
airline would be able to fill
vacant seats.

A two-tier ticket AC ticket

on a Rajdhani train from Delhi to Mumbai costs Rs. 2,870,
Chennai Rs. 3,905, Kolkata
Rs. 2,890 and Bengaluru Rs.
Air India has an average
load factor of 74 per cent
across its domestic network,
while the seat occupancy on
these trunk routes stands at
around 80 per cent, he said.
Last month, Air India allowed waitlisted passengers
for Rajdhani trains to fly at
AC first class fares. PTI

Credit of $ 92 million for rehabilitation and improvement of Zanzibars water

supply system.
Other agreements signed
included an MoU on water
resource management and
development, an MoU for establishment of vocational
training centre at Zanzibar,
an MoU on visa waiver for
diplomatic/oicial passport
holders and an agreement
between the National Small
Industries Corporation of India and the Small Industries
Development Organisation,
Tanzania. PTI

NAIROBI: Describing
terrorism as one of the
two major challenges
facing the world, Prime
Minister Narendra Modi
on Sunday said all forces
believing in humanity
must come together to
defeat this antihumanity menace.
Addressing the Indian
diaspora here on Sunday
night, he said that India
was marching towards
economic progress
despite the global
recession and his
government was aiming
at over 8 per cent growth,
up from the current level
of 7.6 per cent.
During his hour-long
address amid repeated
chants of Modi, Modi,
he spoke on a number of
issues, including the
initiatives taken by his
two-year old government
for transforming the lives
of common people in

India and fulfil their

Significantly, Kenyan
President Uhuru
Kenyatta accompanied
Mr. Modi to the Kasarani
Stadium, where he
addressed the gathering
of estimated 20,000
Indians and people of
Indian origin, soon after
his arrival from
Talking about the
challenges facing the
world, the Prime
Minister identified
terrorism and global
warming as the two
problems. These are
challenges to the entire
humanity...The world
needs to come together
to deal with these, he
said. Those believing in
humanity must come
together. The sooner
they come together, the
sooner terrorism can be
ended, he said. PTI

Rendezvous with
Solar Mamas
DAR-ES-SALAAM Prime Minister
Narendra Modi on Sunday
interacted with Solar Mamas, a
group of nearly 30 rural women
solar engineers from six African
countries trained under Indias
development support for
harnessing solar energy.
Celebrating the Solar Mamas!
PM interacts with women trained
in vocational skills under Indias
developmental support, Ministry
of External Affairs spokesperson
Vikas Swarup tweeted.
The Solar Mamas, who come
from across Africa, are trained at
Barefoot College in Rajasthans
Tilonia village or the centre in
Mr. Modi interacted with the
women, who are trained to
fabricate and maintain solar
lanterns and lighting systems.
The Solar Mamas also
demonstrated their skills in the
presence of the Prime Minister
and presented their skills in
honey-extraction and stitching
practices and sung a song We
Shall Overcome.
The Prime Minister later posed
for photographs with the group.

SC seeks review of law on advocates

NEW DELHI: Alarmed by the increasing instances of unruliness in the legal profession,
the Supreme Court has asked
the Law Commission of India to review all relevant aspects relating to the law
governing advocates, including issues like professional

Centre to file aidavit

We hope the Government
of India will consider taking
further appropriate steps in
the light of the report of the

Law Commission within six

months thereafter. The Central government may file an
appropriate aidavit in this
regard within one month after expiry of one year, a
three-judge Bench headed
by Justice Anil R. Dave observed in a judgment
The Bench, also comprising Justices Kurian Joseph
and Adarsh Kumar Goel,
sought a review while upholding the conviction of
Mahipal Singh Rana, an Uttar Pradesh-based advocate
for criminal contempt for in-

A musical run

RIGHT NOTES: Varkaris carry the tanpura as they participate in the annual Ringan celebrations of Sant Tukaram Maharaj
Palkhi at Akluj in Solapur, Maharashtra, on Sunday. PHOTO: PTI

NEW DELHI: The Congress is

likely to make a few appointments relating to the election-going states of Uttar

Pradesh, Uttarakhand and
Goa ahead of the monsoon
session of Parliament on July
18. In Punjab, the process began earlier and was completed with AICC secretary Asha
Kumari being made in
charge of the State.
Apart from former Delhi
chief minister Sheila Dikshit,
who will probably be named
campaign committee chief
for Uttar Pradesh, AICC secretary Suraj Hegde who is
close to vice president Rahul
Gandhi may be made incharge of Goa, it is learnt.
Fits and starts
Senior party sources told
The Hindu that they found it
disconcerting that only appointments related to election-going States are being
made, instead of a fullfledged reshule.
We dont really know
what is happening: there
should be an efort to put a
full team on the ground. Instead, it is all pegged to the
elections and that, too, just
six months ahead of the
polls. It does not give the
new people a chance to get
their act together, a senior
party functionary said.
Recently on June 12, Leader of the Opposition in the
Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi
Azad was made general secretary in charge of Uttar Pradesh, and senior most Lok
Sabha MP Kamal Nath general secretary in charge of
Punjab and Haryana with
great fanfare.
But just three days later on
June 15, Mr Kamal Nath was
forced to resign with the
Aam Aadmi Party dredging
up old allegations about his
involvement in the anti-Sikh
riots of 1984, though he has
since been given a clean chit.
A party functionary said:
Clearly not enough home

Senior party members

voice concern at
appointments in
poll-bound States
work was done it just ended up embarrassing the party. Strangely, when Mr Kamal
Nath was first sounded out
for general secretaryship, he
was told he would be in
charge of U.P.! Now, for Punjab, he has been replaced by
the relatively unknown Asha
Kumari, who is an MLA from
Himachal Pradesh.
After Mr Kamal Nath was
taken of Punjab, it was made
clear that he would be given
another State apart from Haryana to handle but 25 days
later, no announcement has
yet been made. Meanwhile,
Mr Kamal Nath is confined
to flying to Haryana to investigate the Rajya Sabha imbroglio, in which 14 of the partys
17 votes were declared invalid, while a fifteenth ballot
was submitted blank.
Punjab problems
Meanwhile, there appears
to be diferences within the
party on the strategies for
Punjab and Uttar Pradesh,
with the appointment of poll
strategist Prashant Kishore
for the two states.
In Punjab, a senior Congress leader told The Hindu,
Its like Prashant Kishore is
running the Amarinder campaign, while the party organisation is running a separate
one for the party. Mr Kishore
feels party workers dont

timidating and threatening a

civil judge in Etah.
It also airmed the direction of the Allahabad High
Court that Rana should not
be permitted to appear in
courts in Etah district until
he undergoes the punishment for the contempt.
The direction assumes importance in the context of
the recent instances of alleged violence by lawyers in
Delhi and Chennai and
strikes by lawyers in diferent parts of the country, including Telangana.
The instant case of profes-

sional misconduct against

the lawyer had begun in
2003 when the Civil judge
(Senior Division), Etah,
wrote two letters to the district judge and the Registrar
General of the Allahabad
High Court alleging misconduct on the part of the lawyer in the court room on
April 16, 2003.
As per the letters, the advocate had appeared in the
court of the civil judge and
started threatening and
shouting at the judicial oicer for passing an adverse
order against his relative.

Assembly session
begins today

No helmet, no petrol rule

comes into efect in Kolkata



RAIPUR: A week-long monsoon

session of the Chhattisgarh
Assembly will begin on
This will be the first Assembly session in the State
after the formation of the
Chhattisgarh Janata Congress Party by former Chief
Minister Ajit Jogi, who quit
the Congress last month.
The main opposition, the
Congress, plans to corner the
government on many issues
including the deteriorating
law and order situation ,
cases of atrocities in Bastar
region and harassment of
Its a small session so it is
not possible to raise each and
every issue. We will have to
be selective about major
questions to be raised in this
week-long session, said the
Leader of the Opposition T.S.
Singh Deo.
The first supplementary
budget is likely to be presented during the session.
Marwahi MLA Amit Jogi
plans to bring a private member bill on employment
through State PSC.

KOLKATA: Days after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed concern over motorbike riders without helmets,
the Kolkata police issued a
notification stating that motorcyclists will not be allowed to buy fuel if they are
not wearing helmets.
In the notification issued
on Saturday City Police
Commissioner Rajeev Kumar stated that under the
No Helmet No Petrol rule,
no petrol pump within the
jurisdiction of Kolkata Police
shall henceforth sell petrol to
any such two wheeler rider
who comes to the petrol
pump riding a two wheeler
without a helmet. It also
says that those who violate
the rule shall be charged under Section 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant) with
a jail term of up to six

Road safety
Launching a road safety
initiative Safe Drive, Save
Life, the Chief Minister
voiced her concern on Friday

Diiculties in U.P.
In U.P., too, Mr Kishore
has raised a few hackles, with
CLP leader Pradeep Mathur
having lodged his protest, reportedly at having to take orders from the strategists. Of
course, the entry of Mr Azad
has smoothened things a bit,
but the strategy for the State
is yet to emerge.

SAFETY FIRST: A rider fills petrol next to a sign that reads 'No
Helmet, No Petrol' in Siliguri on Sunday, with use of helmets
being enforced across West Bengal. PHOTO: AFP
regarding the several fatal
accidents in the city due to
motorcycle racing. Pointing
out that several motorcyclists ride without helmets,
she said there should be a

new law prohibiting the sale

of new motorcycles without
helmets. Ms. Banerjee also
said the government will
consider help for riders unable to aford helmets.

Kendrapada sheep get rare status Kin demand release

Maharashtra traders to shut
of convicts in 7/11 case
markets against APMC reforms


Wholesale markets
across Maharashtra will
down shutters from Monday,
with traders and commission
agents calling a strike against
the amendments to the Agricultural Produce Market
Committee (APMC) Act.
The amendments, made
by the Devendra Fadnavis
government, are meant to
break the monopoly of
APMCs, allowing farmers to
bypass them sell their produce anywhere in the State.
As part of agriculture reforms, the government recently de-listed fruits and
vegetables from the APMC
Act, following demands from
farmers organisations. Now,
the onus of recovering the
commission rests with the
buyers rather than the farm-



ers, who were earlier

charged the commission.
The commission price is
the rate fixed by the APMCs
and is paid to the commission agents by farmers.
The suspension of trade at
the big wholesale markets in
Pune, Nashik and Mumbai,
including the Vashi APMC at
Navi Mumbai, is likely to disrupt supplies to vegetable
and fruit retailers across the
The government has acted in haste, said Nanasaheb
Patil, director of the Lasalgaon APMC in Nashik.
The vehement opposition
from big traders had stalled
changes in the APMC Act
Farmers have started exploring alternatives, including app-based delivery
mechanisms, to reach cus-

tomers directly. We have

prepared contingency plans
to reach customers directly,
especially in Mumbai and
Pune. One way is by renting
godowns that would serve as
distribution and collection
points, said Shriram Gadve,
president of the Vegetable
Growers Association of India (VGAI).
Oicials confident
Government oicials are
confident of tackling the situation. We have enlisted the
help of producer companies.
The Division Commissioners, the Collectors and the
police will ensure that backward integration is seamless.
If necessary, we will take the
help of the Transport Commissioner, Director of Marketing Kishore Toshniwal

ened breed of sheep found

only in coastal Jagatsinghpur
and Kendrapara districts of
Odisha has been conferred
rare and singular species tag
by the Central government.
The National Bureau of
Animal Genetic Resources
(NBAGR) has accorded genetic recognition to the
breed of sheep, locally called
kuji mendha, oicials said.
Its a typical breed of
sheep. These sheep are fast
breeders giving multiple
birth while those in other
parts of the State give single
birth at a time, said Susanta
Kumar Dash, a senior scientist in College of Veterinary
Science and Animal Husbandry
With NBAGR conferring it
genetically rare status, conserving these domesticated
species would receive a
boost, said Mr Dash of the

Breeding and Genetics.
Researchers of Fisheries
and Animal Resources Development (FARD) Department, Odisha Livestock Resources
Society and College of Veterinary Science and Animal
Husbandry had earlier conducted scientific study on
this rare breed and had found
the sheep to be carrying a
rare gene mutation.
Researchers from State
units had laid claim for accordance of rare genetic status on the breed.
We are glad to know that
NBAGR has registered Kendrapada sheep as a rare genetic breed. Extensive study
by us has finally paid dividends, Mr Dash added.
The sheep that are reared
in this part are delicate domestic animals. Sheep in other parts of Odisha are not
known for giving multiple

birth. This characteristic

makes them distinctive from
other species. In Sundarbans
area of West Bengal, Garol
breed sheep are found who
are multiple-breeders. Kendrapara district accounts for
about 75,000 kuji breed of
sheep. Special care is needed
to protect them, said Chief
District Veterinary Oicer
(CDVO) Chaitnya Kumar
The rare genetic traits lead
to the multiple birth syndrome in them. These animals are dwarf in built with
the body covered with coarse
The average adult sheep
weighs 18-20 kg. Kendrapada
sheep are primarily used for
production of mutton. The
other product of economic
importance is their skin.
They are well adapted to high
ambient temperature, high
humidity and heavy rain,
Sethy added. - PTI

MUMBAI: Relatives of the convicts in the 7/11 Mumbai train
blasts case have demanded
that their kin be released,
even as social organisations,
political parties and lawyers
said the police should look
for the real criminals. They
also said there was a need for
a change in the way the Muslim community was being
viewed by society.
The views were expressed
at a seminar organised by the
Innocence Network, Milli
Tahreek, Mool Niwasi Muslim Manch, Republican Panthers Maharashtra and Wahdat-e-Islami Maharashtra on
Former Bombay High
Court judge Justice B.G.
Kolse-Patil was also present.
The Anti-Terrorist Squad
of the Maharashtra police

had arrested 13 people within

days of the blast in July 2006
and claimed to have cracked
the case. The MCOCA court
convicted 12 of the 13 accused in the case, sentencing
five to death and seven to life
imprisonment. One accused
was acquitted.
Speaking at the seminar,
the father of three of those
convicted said: We demand
unconditional bail from the
court because they have not
done anything.
Dr. Ram Punyani, chairman, Centre for Study of Society and Secularism, said,
Common sense of society
and investigation is based on
the belief that all Muslims
are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim. There is
an atmosphere against minority communities in the
country. This problem is not
only political but also social.

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Iraq War was illegal, says

U.K.s former Deputy PM

200 arrested in U.S. after protests

LONDON: Britain broke interna-

DALLAS (TEXAS): More than 200

people were arrested in
chaotic scenes during a new
night of protests over U.S.
police violence towards
blacks as authorities revealed on Sunday that the
Dallas shooter had apparently been plotting a major
bomb attack.
Anger around America
over the deaths of two black
men at the hands of police
last week the state reason
for the black Dallas gunmans deadly rampage targeting white oicers
showed no signs of abating
with a prominent Black Lives
Matter activist among those
Most of the protests Saturday night into Sunday were
peaceful. People inspired by
the Black Lives Matter movement which arose in recent years in response to repeated cases of police using
lethal force against unarmed
blacks took to the streets
in New York, Los Angeles
and San Francisco. But authorities said a full-scale riot
broke out in Saint Paul, Minnesota and resulted in 102 arrests.
In Baton Rouge, where one
of the two killings occurred
last week, more than 100 protesters were also arrested, local media reported citing police, among them the activist
leader DeRay McKesson

tional law when it invaded

Iraq in 2003, its Deputy
Prime Minister at the time,
John Prescott, said on Sunday in the wake of a critical
report on the decision to go
to war.
A seven-year inquiry concluded on Wednesday that
former British Prime Minister Tony Blairs justification,
planning and handling of the
Iraq War involved a catalogue of failures, but did not
rule whether the war was legal. Eight months before the
2003 invasion, Mr. Blair told
former U.S. President George W. Bush I will be with
you, whatever, eventually
Mr. Prescott, writing in
The Sunday Mirror newspaper, said he had now changed
his view about the legality of
the war and criticised Mr.
Blair for stopping his Ministers from fully discussing in
advance whether the war

deaths of 179 British soldiers

and more than 150,000 Iraqi
civilians over the following
six years.

Ex-U.K. Deputy Prime

Minister John Prescott.
would be legal. In 2004, the
UN Secretary-General Kofi
Annan said that as regime
change was the prime aim of
the Iraq War, it was illegal.
With great sadness and anger, I now believe him to be
right, Mr. Prescott wrote.
Many Britons want Mr.
Blair to face criminal action
over his decision to take military action that led to the

Ofers apology
Mr. Prescott added that he
backed the decision by Labour Party leader Jeremy
Corbyn a veteran anti-war
campaigner and critic of
Blair to apologise for the
war on behalf of the party.
Meanwhile, a cross-party
group of lawmakers said
they would seek next week a
vote declaring Mr. Blair in
contempt of Parliament for
misleading it in the run-up to
the decision to go to war.
The possible implications
of such a vote were not immediately clear, but The
Sunday Times newspaper
said it could see Mr. Blair
barred from public oice for
life or stripped of his membership of the Privy Council,
a largely ceremonial body
that advises Queen Elizabeth. Reuters

Bangladesh slaps ban on

Zakir Naiks Peace TV
DHAKA: The government of
Bangladesh has banned
broadcast of Peace TV, a
channel run by controversial
Indian preacher Dr. Zakir
Naik on allegations that it inspired terrorism.
The Cabinet committee
on law and order took the decision at a special meeting on
Sunday, halting broadcasting
of all unauthorised TV channels, including Peace TV, Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu, who chaired the
panel, told reporters.
The Information Ministry
will take administrative measures on Monday to take
Peace TV of air, said Information Minister Hasanul

Osamas son
threatens revenge
DUBAI: The son of slain al-

Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has threatened revenge

against the United States for
assassinating his father, according to an audio message
posted online.
Hamza bin Laden promised to continue the global
militant groups fight against
the United States and its allies in the 21-minute speech
entitled We Are All Osama,
according to the SITE Intelligence Group.
[It] isnot revenge for Osama the person but it is revenge for those who defended Islam, he said
Hamza was at his fathers
side in Afghanistan before
the 9/11 attacks and spent
time with him in Pakistan,
according to the Brookings
Introduced by the organisations new chief Ayman alZawahiri in an audio message last year, Hamza provides a younger voice for the
group. Reuters

Cabinet committee
on law and order
halts broadcast of
all unauthorised
TV channels
Haq Inu. The announcement
came at his meeting with the
owners of private television
stations, hours after the oicial decision to ban the channel. The Minister also said:
Peace TV is not consistent
with Muslim society, the Koran, Sunnah, Hadith, Bangladeshs Constitution, our culture, customs and rituals.
Earlier, Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu had
told The Hindu on Friday
that the government would

take a decision soon on the

Peace TV after news came
that some of the Gulshan caf attackers had been influenced by Dr. Naik.
Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal had earlier
said that intelligence agencies were investigating Dr.
Naik as his activities appeared provocative.
Dr. Naik is the founding
president of Mumbai-based
charity, Islamic Research
Foundation (IRF), which
owns Peace TV.
Dr. Naik, in a video response after the deadly Dhaka cafe attack, had said that
he was not surprised that one
of the gunmen knew him
since he inspires millions
across the world.

Dallas gunman, who killed five officers, had been plotting a major attack beforehand, say police

New details about shooter

Chilling new details released about Dallas shooter
Micah Johnson on Sunday
fleshed out a still sketchy
portrait of the 25-year-old
war veteran who apparently
supported black militant organisations. Police said the
shooter had taunted police
negotiators and scrawled on
a wall in his own blood before he was ultimately killed
in the standof.
A search of Johnsons Dallas-area home turned up
bomb-making materials and

STRUGGLE FOR RESPECT: Protesters march from the Baton Rouge City Hall to the Louisiana Capitol to protest against the shooting
of Alton Sterling on Saturday. PHOTO: AFP
a manual in which he wrote
about military tactics.
Police now believe he had
been planning something big
long beforehand, and that
the two black deaths last
week were a trigger that
prompted him to act, Dallas
police chief David Brown
told CNN on Sunday.
based on evidence of bombmaking materials and a journal that the suspect had been
practicing explosive detonations and that the materials
were such that it was large
enough to have devastating
efects throughout our city
and our north Texas area,
Mr. Brown said. Were convinced that this suspect had
other plans, he added.
The deaths in Minnesota
and Louisiana just sparked
his delusion to fast-track his
plans and [he] saw the protest in Dallas as an opportunity to begin wreaking havoc
on our oicers, said Mr.
Also, the White House
said on Sunday President Barack Obama will travel on
Tuesday to Dallas where he
will address an interfaith service in honour of the five officers. AFP

IS territory has shrunk by 12% in 2016

BEIRUT: The Islamic State (IS)
lost 12 per cent of the territory it holds in Iraq and Syria in
the first half of 2016, according to an analysis by British
think-tank IHS.
The analysis published on
Sunday says the jihadist
group, which proclaimed its
self-styled caliphate in the
two countries in 2014, is continuing to lose ground after a
string of setbacks last year.
In 2015, the Islamic States
caliphate shrunk by 12,800
square kilometres to 78,000
square kilometres, a net loss
of 14 per cent, IHS said.

INTER-FAITH PRAYERS: Christians, Sunnis and Shias praying at the scene of last weeks attack
claimed by the Islamic State in Karrada, Iraq, that killed more than 200 people. PHOTO: AP

Group under pressure

In the first six months of
2016, that territory shrunk
again by 12 per cent. As of July 4, 2016, the Islamic State
controls roughly 68,300
square kilometres in Iraq and
In Syria, IS is under pressure from regime troops
backed by Russian forces, an
backed by a U.S.-led coali-

tion, and rebel forces.

In Iraq, coalition-backed
security forces, working
with pro-government militia
groups, have dealt the jihadists a series of defeats.
IS forces are currently under siege in the Syrian town
of Minbej, which lies on their
main supply route between
Syria and Turkey.
In March the jihadists
were routed from the ancient

Syrian city of Palmyra and in

June from the Iraqi city of
Fallujah. In May the Pentagon said that IS had lost some
45 per cent of the territory it
held in Iraq and between 16
and 20 per cent of its territory in Syria. The IHS report
did not include percentages
by country.
IHS senior analyst Columb Strack said the losses
were likely to mean IS would

redouble its attempts at

mass casualty attacks.
IS has also seen its revenues drop, from around $80
million a month in mid-2015
to $56 million a month by
March 2016, according to
IHS. This figure has probably continued to decrease
since March by at least another 35 per cent, said Ludovico Carlino, another senior analyst at IHS. AFP

Jordan promises to offer up to 50,000 work permits in exchange for assistance and EU market access
AMMAN (JORDAN): On a busy
thoroughfare in Amman a
cofee seller named
Mohammed al-Mulki no
longer shivers when he sees
a police car pull up.
Like many Syrians who
fled their countrys civil
war, he had been working
illegally in Jordan.
However, under a shrewd,
delicate experiment that
grew out of Europes desire
to contain the influx of
INTEGRATING REFUGEES: Munira Ghanem, a henna artist who came to Amman 20 years ago; and (right) Shahad Dawood, an artist
foreigners to its shores,
whose family fled Iraq during the first Gulf War in 1991. Decades of absorbing successive waves of people fleeing war has
Jordan has been persuaded made the once sleepy Jordanian capital an unlikely city of refuge. PHOTOS: NYT
to let him and other Syrians
13,000 work permits to
The Jordan deal,
make an honest living in
in this country so they do
And Jordan is close to
Syrians, and is promising to
return for potentially big
announced in February as
not cross the
clinching what it wants
financial rewards.
part of the Jordan Compact,
issue up to 50,000 by years
Mediterranean Sea in
most: tax-free exports to
is described optimistically
Jordan, which has
the European Union,
flimsy rafts in search of a
by its framers as turning
650,000 Syrian refugees
In exchange, the World
better life in Europe.
especially garments
the Syrian refugee crisis
registered with the United
It is a stark shift for both
Bank is giving Jordan a $300
stitched in its industrial
into a development
Nations inside its borders,
donor countries and
million interest-free loan.
export zones.
opportunity. Its goal is to
has long made it nearly
Jordan, which, after
Western nations, including
In short, Western leaders
draw new foreign
impossible for them to
the United States, have
are using their financial and absorbing generations of
investment and create jobs
work legally.
ofered roughly $60 million
refugees from wars across
political leverage to
But under the new
the region, had tried to keep for both Jordanians and
to build schools to
convince Jordan that it is
Syrians. New York Times
experiment, the
accommodate Syrian
Syrians from establishing a
worthwhile to help
News Service
government has given out
permanent foothold.
refugees improve their lot

understanding the burden

was on them not the police to
preserve their lives, even as
they pondered how little control
they felt in such an exchange.


Javon Grant has come up with a

plan for what to do should he
cross paths with a police
officer: Get as far away as
The impact of the constant
drumbeat of police shootings of
black men and boys at the
hands of white officers has left
many black youngsters
wondering how they can keep
from becoming the next social
media hashtag.

Remaining silent

Surviving police action

At the start of last week,

about a group of black boys met
with their mentors in
Philadelphia in an intervention
and diversion programme.
Together, they watched a video
of Alton Sterling, who was shot
several times on Tuesday.
It only reinforced Javons plan
to distance himself from law
enforcement as a way to stay
Across the room, Nahkai
Wright nodded. I gotta make
sure I dont die.

A protester in London.
Stay out of their way, thats
what I think about, said Nahkai
(15), a soft-spoken teenager.
Be ready to leave.
The boys and their mentors,
mostly black men, discussed
the shooting and those that
preceded it, without surprise
and with little expectation of
fairness or change.
Present in the room was an

Ive never got time to get

pulled over, but I always have
time to survive, said Joseph
Douglas (41), one of the
My thing is: How can I get
this cop away from me as fast
as possible? What can I do to
minimise this interaction?
Some of the mentors say
their role is to impart their
experience to save lives.
For some black men and
youth, that means swallowing
their pride to get through the
moment, a lesson that often
comes with age. They need to
know how to live today, while
we try to figure out what things
we can change in the future,
Mr. Douglas said. They need to
be able to have an encounter
with a police officer and walk
away alive. AP

Forceful presentation by North

representative on federalism

Turning Syrias refugee crisis into an opportunity


Dont want to become the

next hashtag: Black youth

COLOMBO: In an attempt by the

Northern Province to present a picture of unity on
constitutional reforms in Sri
Lanka, Chief Minister C.V.
Wigneswaran has fielded
Leader of Opposition in the
Northern Provincial Council
(NPC), S. Thavarajah, to
place his case on the importance of adopting federal system before the Steering
Committee of the Constitutional Assembly.
It was Mr Thavarajah who
did most of the talking on
Friday before the 21-member
Committee, which comprises representatives from various parties with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe
as the chairperson. Subsequently, he appeared before a
sub-committee dealing with
the subject of devolution.
Mr. Wigneswaran belongs to
the Tamil National Alliance

ahead of South
China Sea award

S. Thavarajah
reiterates demand
for a merger of
the Northern and
Eastern Provinces
(TNA) and Mr Thavarajah
the Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP).
Mr. Thavarajah explained
to members of the Standing
Committee the background
in which the federal option
was arrived at. While being
firm on to the demand for a
merger of the North and the
East, he said concerns of
Muslims in the East would
be adequately addressed under a merged Province.
The history of Sri Lankan
Tamils, experiences of the
implementation of the 13th
Constitutional Amendment
and the tendency of the majoritarianism of subordinating minorities were cited by

Thousands flee S. Sudan fighting

NEW DELHI: Diplomatic speculation is heightening, barely
hours before the Permanent
Court of Arbitration at The
Hague issues a crucial order
on the South China Sea dispute between Philippines
and China. The order, expected to be announced on
Tuesday, is likely to be a catalyst for diplomatic manoeuvres in South and Southeast
Asia, experts said.
The Chinese have more
or less reconciled to the fact
that the award will go against
their claim and that is why
they have been campaigning
over the last few weeks with
dozens of countries, said
Ranjit Kalha, former Secretary at the Ministry of External
Afairs. Diplomats believe
that China will refer to past
precedents to neglect the
verdict if it turns out to be adverse. Many also say it will
spur ASEAN members to
build a special code of conduct.

him as the factors behind the

Impressing upon the
Steering Committee the
need for full implementation
of the 13th Amendment, the
Eastern Province Chief Minister said this was the position of other Chief Ministers
as well.
While stressing the need
for empowering provinces
with land and police functions, Mr. Ahamed said there
has to be an end to the tendency of viewing suspiciously
those who demanded greater devolution.
The Provinces should be
entrusted with the responsibility of law and order
whereas the function of
prosecution could be independent.
On the issue of inviting
foreign investment, he floated the idea of establishing
bodies at the provincial level
to function as facilitators.

JUBA: Thousands fled

renewed heavy fighting in

South Sudans capital on
Sunday as former rebels and
government soldiers
exchanged fire in several
parts of the city.

The battles began on the

western outskirts of Juba
where both former rebels and
government soldiers have
bases at the foot of the Jebel
Kujur mountain. Fighting was
also heard in Gudele, where
rebel-leader Rick Machar is
headquartered. Regional
leaders, including from Kenya
and Sudan, have urged an
end to the fighting and plan
to hold a special summit in
Nairobi on Monday. AFP

Decisive win for Abe-led coalition

TOKYO: Japanese Prime

Minister Shinzo Abes ruling

coalition was on track for a
decisive victory in
parliamentary elections on
Sunday, media projections
Mr. Abes Liberal
Democratic Party (LDP) and
the Buddhist-backed Komeito
would take at least 63 of the
121 seats in Parliaments
upper house available in the
election half the
chambers total up from
59 previously, public
broadcaster NHK said.

The two parties control 77

seats from the other half of
the chamber meaning that
they are set to increase their
majority in the 242-seat
body. AFP

| 15




Lamborghini bets big on India

Centre to attract more FDI in dairy sector

Cadila eyes U.S., LatAm markets

Lamborghini is betting big on the Indian market,

expecting sales to grow in double digits with the
emergence of a new set of customers. PTI

To double farmers income in the next five years,

the Centre is chalking out a national action plan
to attract more FDI in the dairy sector. PTI

Cadila Healthcare sees big growth in U.S. and

Latin American formulation markets and plans to
enhance share in the U.S. generics market. PTI


Gross NPA numbers will start coming down from Q3

India to seek help for

services pact at UN

Integration of human resources is the biggest challenge before State Bank of

India, which has initiated
the merger of its five associate banks within itself,
Arundhati Bhattacharya,
Chairperson of the bank
told Manojit Saha in an exclusive interview. Edited

ting side by side. We can

close down the branch
which is at a less convenient
location and open them in
other parts of a city or town
where we have less of a
And it is not necessary
that only associate bank
branches will get closed. We
may also decide to shift SBI
branches if they are not well

The cabinet has approved

What is the biggest chal-

the merger of SBI and its

associates. What steps is the
bank taking to complete the

lenge that you have to



There are many steps being

taken simultaneously.
First, there are four entities, in the merger process,
that are listed, including
SBI. We need to do the valuations of the entities. We
have to come up with a
scheme of merger which
has to be notified so that the
minority shareholders can
register their grievances, if
any, which we have to
We are looking at various
products to see which
(ones) need to merge with
whom. So there is a team
working on the accounting
side, on the IT side and
teams that are looking at
other legal requirements
and compliance. There is also a team working on the
human resources side. This
is an important issue which
is at the heart of the entire
merger process.

Will some branches have to

be closed down due to the
We are looking at branch rationalisation but our intention is not to close down
branches. There is no meaning having two branches sit-

In any merger, the biggest

challenge is always integration of human resources,
because the people who are
coming in have a lot of apprehension. Even for the
people in the bank into
which the other banks are
merging, they also have a lot
of apprehension. There is
always an apprehension
that opportunities will go
There are apprehensions
of displacement. Many of
these are unfounded. For example, there may be someone from north India who is
in an associate bank in south
India. It will be diicult for
that person to get a transfer
back to the north. But it
will be possible, when the
associate is merged with
We also learn from the
media that there are
some customers who are
apprehensive as they feel
they will not get the same
kind of personalised
attention. We need
to allay their
fears. We assure them, if
they were getting personalised attention,
they will continue to get the

same. Not only that, they

will get far better reach, far
better products because we
are going to roll out state-ofthe-art products simultaneously at all of these institutions. I would like to reassure them that the level of
customer service will be
better post the merger.

You have said that the

merger will be completed by
the end of the financial year
I dont think anything can
happen before 30 September, so it will be in the second half.

The SBI associate bank

employees will have an
additional benefit post the
merger. What is the cost that
will accrue to the bank due to
the merger?
We have given a figure of
Rs.3,000 crore. The actuaries are looking into it, validation is going on. At the
same time, all these associate banks have quite a lot of

fixed assets the valuations

of which are also going on.
So, if you consider net- net, I
do not think there will be
any outgoes so to speak.
So far as capital adequacy
is concerned, I think it will
remain where it is. Regarding the profitability parameters, they could be some impact in the short-term but
the impact will not stretch
beyond 2017.

Will SBI enter into the top

50 banks globally following the
Not immediately because
the value of the rupee is also
a factor which determines
that. But we will aim to be
there in the medium-term,
that is, in three to five years.

Will SBI be adding more

circles and more managing
directors post the merger?
We have 14 circles now.
More or less, two more circles will be created because
in some states the number
of branches is too many.
But the business numbers
should also justify the
creation of a circle. If
the numbers do not
justify then it is diicult to create a circle because there is
an administrative
cost to it.
So far as new
MDs are concerned, we

may not need them immediately. Going ahead, we may

need two more managing
directors, not more than
that. The national banking
group is the point of concern since the numbers will
go up. We are adding on a
bank which is equivalent to
the next biggest bank in the
country or slightly less
than thatit you put all of
them together (total business of all the associate
The request for two more
managing directors is with
the government for the last
two years. This will require
amendment of the SBI Act.
We wanted MD position for
CEO and for the international banking group
which is a large part of the
balance sheet, around 17 per

competitive. Unless you offer a competitive rate, it is

diicult to get new business.

There was a slowdown in

credit growth in the banking
sector in the previous financial
year, but public sector banks
loans grew at a much slower
pace than the private sector
a point that was raised by the
Reserve Bank of India also.

Do you expect gross NPA, in

absolute terms, to increase

Credit growth will pick up

in the second half, not in the
first half. The reason why
private sector grew, which is
also applicable for us, is due
to refinancing of completed
This is happening by cannibalising (businesses) of
the smaller banks. We are
able to ofer a rate which is
lower than what the smaller
banks charge. Loan growth
was not because of new investment or new demand.Everyone is focussing on retail these days, even the
public sector banks are getting into the act. But their
rates are sometimes an
obstacle because the
rates have to be very

Tap social media to identify creditworthiness


other sources.

NEW DELHI: Credit bureaus in

India use only some sources
of data to identify the creditworthiness of an individual,
while those in countries like
the U.S. use a plethora of information, including social
media data, according to a
top oicial of a non-banking
financial company operating
in India.
In India, the big risk is to
identify fraudsters, Arun
Credit Sudhaar said.
The bureau uses only
some of the data in the market. In the U.S., the bureau
uses credit data, telephone
bills, social data and a host of

Six per cent of the people
who sign up for our advisory
services are intentional defaulters and fraudsters, Mr.
Ramamurthy added.
It is only through the use
of psychometric tests, social
media data and other unconventional sources of information can companies and
banks identify the intention
of a potential borrower, he
We started of with an advisory programme, a credit
health improvement plan,
Mr. Ramamurthy said. We
administer various tests to
figure out potential borrow-

ric tests and behavioural

tests, we diferentiate intentional defaulters and situational defaulters who just did
not know, he said.

ers intentions. You can fool

some of the people all of the
time, all of the people some
of the time, but not all of the
people all of the time.
Using concepts like big
data, social data like LinkedIn, Facebook, psychomet-

Social networks
Networks like LinkedIn
and Facebook are useful in
identifying discrepancies in
the information provided by
a person.
If an individual tells us
that he works for, say, the Tatas, but his Facebook profile
names some other company,
then that is a red flag, Mr.
Ramamurthy said.
People often do not know
little things like getting a
credit card and using it only
rarely does not provide the

credit bureau with enough

Another mistake they often make, according to Mr
Ramamurthy, is to settle
pending amounts with bankspaying the bulk of it, after
which the bank closes the issue. While this clears the issue with respect to the bank,
it still leads to a poorer credit
score with the bureaus.
The best way to have a
good credit score, Mr. Ramamurthy said, is to use a credit
card regularly and clear its
dues on time.
That gives the credit bureaus enough information to
work with, and shows your

What business do growth

you see in the current financial
We are projecting a credit
and deposit growth of 12 -13
per cent each for the current
financial year.

Deposit accretion has

slowed down due to softening
of interest rates. Is that an
area of concern?
For the first time, deposit
growth has fallen below 10
per cent in the banking system in the last two months. I
hope the 7th pay commission will reverse the trend.
We hope to see lot of deposits coming in.

It will go up because when

you make a classification,
non-fund based exposure is
not there. Subsequent to the
classification, many of the
bank guarantees get called,
line of credit starts devolving so the non-fund based
exposures turn NPA.
We have given a guidance
of Rs 40,000 crore slippages
for the entire fiscal. So, the
absolute numbers will go
up. However, I believe that,
come the second half of the
year, you will see the gross
non-performing asset numbers starting to reduce.
The first two quarters
will still have some amount
of pain.
I am confident that from
the third quarter, the numbers will come down the
cycle will turn.
(Read full interview at

NEW DELHI: India will press for

endorsement by more nations for its proposal on a

global pact to expedite the
services trade flow, during
the forthcoming Nairobi
meet of the United Nations
(UN) body for development
issues including on trade.
The proposed pact, among
other things, is aimed at making it easier for services professionals and skilled workers to move across borders
for short-term projects.
It will oicially be known
as the Trade Facilitation
Agreement (TFA) for Services at the World Trade Organisation (WTO)-level. Its objectives include streamlining
procedures for global services trade, besides ensuring
recognition at the WTO-level for services as a tradable
item by establishing a framework -- for clarity on definitions and for settlement of
Every 4 years
The July 17-22 Nairobi (Kenya) meet will be the UN
Conference on Trade and
Developments (UNCTAD)
14th quadrennial Ministerial
Conference. The Ministerial Conference is the Geneva-headquartered
decision-making body, and is
held every four years ever
since UNCTAD was set up in
1964. UNCTAD has 194
member States and is the UN
subsidiary looking at measures to boost trade and investment in developing
On July 4, the WTO had
stated that during an informal meeting of its Services
Council in Special Session
that day, India had announced an upcoming proposal to work on developing
a TFA for Services. The
global trade body said sev-

Rita Teaotia
eral (WTO) members welcomed Indias announcement.
The idea of a TFA for Services similar to the WTOs
TFA for Goods -- was mooted by India soon after the
WTOs tenth Ministerial
Conference in Nairobi in December 2015. India had on
April 22 ratified the TFA for
Goods, which is aimed at
easing customs norms and
boosting global merchandise
China, Jordan
Significantly, the UNCTAD Ministerial Conference
at Nairobi will on July 21 have
special session on Global
Services Forum, where there
will be discussions on trade
facilitation in services with
panellists including Indian
commerce secretary Rita
Teaotia and others from
countries such as China and
According to UNCTAD,
the Global Services Forum,
will discuss various topics
including facilitating trade
in services with a focus on
reducing transaction costs
and explore if the lessons resulting from the WTO TFA
(for Goods) could be applied
to trade in services. Questions to be addressed will include steps to be taken in the
WTO and regional trade
agreements to facilitate
trade in services.

Airtel-Aircel 4G deal cleared

NEW DELHI: The telecom ministry is learnt to have cleared
the Rs.3,500-crore 4G spectrum trading deal between
service providers Bharti Airtel and Aircel.
The spectrum trading
deal between Bharti Airtel
and Aircel was cleared by the
telecom minister on July 4,
an oicial source told PTI.
As on July 4, Law and IT
Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad was in-charge of the
Telecom Ministry as well.

Acquire rights
Airtel has entered into an
agreement with Aircel to acquire rights to use 4G spec-

trum of Aircel in eight telecom circles for Rs 3,500

These circles are Tamil
Nadu, including Chennai, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir,
West Bengal, Assam, the
NorthEast, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.
Airtel was asked to surrender 1.2 Mhz spectrum in
Odisha circle for approval as
it breached the spectrum cap
limit (after taking into account Aircels spectrum).
The company has surrendered 1.2 Mhz spectrum in
1800 Mhz before the deal was
cleared, the source said.
In a circle, no player can
hold more than 25 per cent of
the total spectrum allocated

in that particular service

Activist lawyer Prashant
Bhushan, in a letter on July 8,
had demanded that CBI and
ED immediately freeze spectrum held by Aircel, alleging
that its Malaysian parent
Maxis will abscond if the
proposed deals with Airtel
and RCom are allowed to go
The CBI has filed a detailed chargesheet against
Aircel/Maxis and its Malaysian owner T Ananda Krishnan. Even ED has filed cases
against them and attached
properties of former telecom
minister Dayanidhi Maran,
but not that of Maxis, the letter said.

Russia ofers firms

stake in Yamal project
NEW DELHI: Russia has
ofered Indian oil
companies a stake in the
second phase of Yamal
LNG, the biggest
project to produce
liquefied natural gas in
the Arctic.
The ofer of stake in
JSC Yamal LNG was
made when Oil Minister
Dharmendra Pradhan
visited St. Petersburg
last month, sources
privy to the
development said.
Petronet LNG, Indias
biggest natural gas
importer, is studying
the ofer, they said
adding other stateowned firms like Indian
Oil Corp (IOC) may join
in later.
Novatek OJSC,
Russias second-biggest
natural gas producer,
had in 2013 ofered a 9
per cent stake in the $27
billion Phase-I of Yamal
LNG project to a
consortium of Petronet,
IOC and ONGC Videsh
But later, OVL, the
overseas arm of stateowned Oil and Natural
Gas Corp (ONGC), did
not find the ofer
attractive and the
Indian consortium


backed of.
Novatek stitched a
consortium with CNPC
of China (20 per cent),
Total of France (20 per
cent) and Chinas Silk
Road Fund (9.9 per
The Russian firm
holds 50.1 per cent stake
in the project that
comprises development
of the SouthTambeyskoye field with
proven deposits of 1.3
trillion cubic meters of
natural gas and the
construction of natural
gas liquefaction plant
(LNG) for producing
16.5 million tonnes of
LNG a year by 2017.
Second phase
Now the company is
planning a second phase
and is ofering a stake to
Indian firms, sources
said. Sources said OVL
was previously
interested in getting
into the upstream part
of the project, i.e gas
field development.
Petronet was keen to
oftake LNG.
OVL, they said, may
envisage interest if the
stake is accompanied by
some say in upstream
part. PTI

16 |




Quiet, smaller U.S. cities lure Indian techies

Indias IT professionals are moving to non-traditional destinations in droves in search of the right work-life balance

t was not a hot destination for an

IT start-up when Kevin Eichelberger left Atlanta and moved to
Charleston to set up Blue Acorn,
a company that ofers data-driven
optimisation techniques to midlevel e-commerce platforms. The
limited space it had for its seven
employees seven years ago required someone to leave before it
could receive a visitor.
The companys sprawling office today has abundant space not
only for its 130 employees, but also their pet dogs that snif around
Mac machines and pizza boxes.
Our primary competitors and
peers are all in primary cities like
New York, LA and Chicago. Charleston is not known for tech. But
things are changing fast, Mr. Eichelberger said, sipping beer. In
the last seven years
things have changed. We
have an advantage of being in a smaller city.
Quality of life, afordable spaces for
companies and
homes, lower
cost of living
in general,
One of
the techies at Blue
Acorn, Bangaloreborn
Ananth was based
in Houston, Texas
which itself is a fast growing
tech centre until one year ago.
I am home in 15-20 minutes after
work, and my husband has a job
that allows him to work from
home too, she explains her decision to move to a smaller city.
Work-life balance
While ambitious techies impatient to make the next big thing
may still be flocking to Silicon
Valley, New York and Seattle, Mr.
Eichelberger identifies a parallel
trend search for the right
work-life balance leading techies
to quieter places. He himself decided to leave Atlanta partly because he wanted to reduce the
hours spent in oice and on road.
In Raleigh in North Carolina,
29-year-old Uma Shankar who
works with Cognizant had ofers
from companies in Silicon Valley
several times, but he prefers to
stay on. I miss the night life, and
the glitter of a big city that many
of my friends enjoy. For a single
man like me, it is a dilemma still,
but once you cross 30 and plan a
family, a smaller city is a clear
choice, Mr. Shankar said.
Akash Kumar Kochar, 31 had an
option to choose his location
when he moved three years ago
from Gurgaon, Chicago or Charleston. Apart from planning for a
family his wife is due next
month Mr. Kochar also wanted


to experience an outright American environment. Traditional

software centres in the U.S are
more or less like Gurgaon, he
said. He now works for Blackbaud, a trailblazing software
company in Charleston.
This attraction for smaller cities among techies comes after a
phase when many big companies
that are headquartered in tier two
cities in the U.S. opened oices in
metropolis in the last decade or
so, to hire millennials now aged
between 21 to 30 who apparently did not want to own cars or big
homes, but wanted to be amid a
crowd of similar minds.
The curve in the trend is coming as the millennials come of
age. U.S population trends indicate that more than four million
millennials turn 30 every year
now, and that trend will continue
for some years now.
By 2020, the U.S will have the
largest number of people in their
early thirties in the countrys history. It is not only people who do
not want to enter the high race of
high tech, but also those who
have won that race that want to
move to quieter places.
Jef Hammerbacher, who pioneered data science at Facebook
moved to Charleston when he decided to start a family, recently.

Millennials do not
want to own cars or
big homes and want
to be amid a crowd
of similar minds
Nashville, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Cincinnati, Ohio; Manchester,
Eugene, Oregon the list is long,
of cities that are growing fast as
mini tech-hubs in the U.S and
consequently attracting Indian
There is also a movement of Indian software companies to nontraditional locations. Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL and Cognizant
all have expanded their footprint
into newer and smaller cities
across the country in recent
Given the political sensitivity
about Indian IT companies in an
election season, representatives
of several companies declined to
give specific details, but confirmed the trend.
Industry insiders say this pull
to smaller cities is driven by at
least two factors. More and more
buyers of the services sold by Indian companies for instance,
the big banks or insurance companies, want an onsite development unit. Indian software com-

panies service one third of the

Fortune 500 companies and many
of them have headquarters in
smaller cities.
Earlier they did not mind
where the development team was
located. But increasingly, the (clients) who hire us want us to be located where they are, said an executive of an Indian IT major. It
would have made more sense for
us to concentrate all our operation in one location wherever it
is and service a multitude of clients from there.
TCS now has 900 employees in
Cincinnati. In fact, we just
opened up two new, smaller oices in Cincinnati due to the growing need in the area. The primary
reason we've focused on Cincinnati, for example, is the fact that

We have an advantage
of being in a smaller
city. Quality of life,
affordable spaces, for
companies and homes,
lower cost of living in
general, weather
Kevin Eichelberger,
Founder of Blue Acorn

many of our customers (such as

retailers CPG companies and
manufacturers) are within a 100mile radius of the area, a company spokesperson said. The company has plans to open more offices in tier two cities this year.
These companies take Indian
techies to these cities of course,
but they are also using this opportunity to hire more and more
American employees, who are
less mobile than immigrants.
Localisation of work forces is a
major focus for all of us, one executive said.
Political campaign
This also is an efort to push
back on the political campaign
that Indian companies are destroying jobs for Americans.
Indian IT companies support
more than 411,000 direct and indirect jobs for Americans, said
Shivendra Singh, VP Global
Trade Development, NASSCOM.
Mr. Singh pointed out HCL
alone will create 1,237 additional
jobs in Cary in North Carolina by
the end of 2018.
It already has a big centre in
Cary. Counties and small cities
across the country are on an overdrive to brand themselves as the
right investment destination.
The American dream appears
geographically more dispersed
than ever.

Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust adjusts sails to stay on course

In a year, it has undertaken several steps to streamline processes and make it easier for port users to do business

ance among other parameters to

Indias ranking.
India which was ranked 142nd in
the ease of doing business list in
2014, has improved its performance
to 130 in 2016 due to various initiatives undertaken by the Union
India is seeking to be among the
top 50 countries by 2019 and JNPT
has taken up this task seriously. Besides, it has to contend with intense
completion from other ports in the
western region.
Complete change
JNPT, which has three other terminals operated by APM Terminal
and DP World besides its own terminal, is changing the way it functions.
Old barriers that hindered businesses are breaking down, archaic
practices are being junked and efforts are on to simplify procedures.

global round-up
U.S. economy posts largest job
gains in eight months in June
U.S. job growth surged in
June as manufacturers
and other employers
boosted hiring,
confirming the economy
has regained speed after
a first-quarter lull, but
tepid wages suggested
the Federal Reserve will
probably not raise
interest rates soon.
Nonfarm payrolls
increased by 287,000 jobs last month, the largest gain since
last October, the Labor Department said on Friday. May
payrolls were revised sharply down to show them rising
11,000 rather than the previously reported 38,000. The sign of
strength in the economy, however, precedes Britain's
stunning vote last month to leave the EU. The so-called Brexit
referendum on June 23 roiled financial markets, raising fears
that sustained volatility might hit companies' hiring and
investment decisions. For the Fed, this report is likely to offer
some encouragement on the underlying labor market
backdrop, though it is unlikely to change the current 'wait and
see' policy stance as they assess the fallout from the Brexit
vote, said Millan Mulraine, deputy chief economist at TD
Securities in New York. Reuters

Kimberly-Clark halts Venezuela

operations on declining economy


Once known for its ineiciency in

the maritime world, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) is on a roll.
Vessels no longer have to wait for
seven days, as they did 15 years ago,
before being tugged in for berthing,
nor are containers waiting for a fortnight to get dispatched.
What started as a mini step to help
improve Indias ease of doing business World Bank ranking, has turned out to be a transformational journey for JNPT, Indias biggest
container port that handles about 55
per cent of the countrys container
rates countries
for the level of
they provide to
businesses, has
pegged JNPTs
overall performMISHRA

MONDAY, JULY 11, 2016

plans, it will maintain its pre-eminence in the country for long.

However, JNPT has been pegged
with problems of connectivity as
well as draft and has taken up a number of projects to obviate the same,
he adds.

It is removing bottlenecks and reducing human interfaces to achieve

global benchmarks and provide
seamless services to users.
Best practices
It is also adopting best business
practices to stay relevant in changing times.
The wind of change is evident. In
the last one year it has undertaken
several initiatives to streamline the
processes and make it easier for port
users to do business.
The various measures implemented are focused towards reduction of documentation process, time
and cost for faster and economical
operations at the port, said Neeraj
Bansal (IRS), Deputy Chairman,
JNPT. As a result of these initiatives, the average import dwell time
at JN Port has reduced to 1.5 days
which is comparable to the international benchmark of 1.2 days.
Similarly, the average export
dwell time has reduced to 65 hours
from 88 hours earlier following reduction in the gate-opening duration from average 5.5 days to 4 days,
he said.
Mr. Bansal said his objective was

to achieve an export dwell time of 36

hours compared to the global average of 55 hours. Singapore is the best
with a dwell time of 12 hours.
Our import cycle is comparable
to any international port. But the
main challenge is the exports side,
said Mr. Bansal, adding that due to
various eforts the port had achieved
a quick turnaround time of 1.27 days
per ship.
We are reducing human interface. We dont want people to hang
around to get approvals. Everything
is moving to online and automatic
approvals, he said.
JNPT, which started with single
terminal with 1.35 million twentyfoot equivalent units (TEUs), has
over the years increased the port capacity to 5.15 million TEUs. This includes the capacity of three terminals operated by APM Terminal (1.8
million TEUs) and DP World (1.2
million TEUs and 0.8 million TEUs).
Besides this, oil companies operate a
6.6 million-tonliquid cargo terminal.
In 2014, the port signed an agreement with Singapore Authority
(PSA) for a new terminal with a capacity of 4.8 million TEUs. The first
phase of this Rs.8,000-crore project

is slated for commissioning in 2017.

By 2022, we will almost double
our capacity and will be handling
over 10 million TEUs. Recently, we
deepened the channel from 11 to 14
metres allowing bigger ships to
come and now we are investing
Rs.2,000 crore to deepen the channel to 15 metres and widening the
navigational channel, said Mr.
At Nhava Sheva, where JNPT is
located, massive road infrastructure
expansion work is underway for faster movement of cargo.
Dedicated freight corridor
A sum of Rs.200 crore is being invested in a dedicated freight corridor for quick transportation of containers. A port-based SEZ is being
set up.
JNPTs quest is to figure among
the top 10 container ports globally.
Today, it ranks 31st globally.
Sabyasachi Hajara, Chief Advisor
of shipping line Elektrans Global,
who earlier worked as Chairman
and Managing Director of Shipping
Corporation of India (SCI) said:
JNPT is the most important port in
India. With ambitious expansion

Road connectivity
The better road connectivity has
already improved vessels preberthing and turn round time
though we still lag behind worlds
most eicient terminals like Singapore, Hong Kong and Colombo in
terms of these parameters, said Mr.
Hajara. In view of the projects already taken, the pre-berthing period
for container vessels has come
down from nearly 3 days to just
about 1 day.
The present turnaround time has
also improved substantially and
presently stands at around 1.5 days,
he added.
Mumbai And Nhava-Sheva Ship
Agents Associations (MANSA)
President Captain Vivek Singh
Anand said: Congestion in terms of
container movement to hinterland,
as also in terms of documentation
for vessel operations and clearance,
are still areas of concern.
These can be overcome through
implementation of cargo community systems. This is a global practice
and if implemented, could reduce
the transaction time from days to a
few hours, he added.
To deal with frequent worker unrest, the government could bring
ports and terminal related services
under the ambit of Essential Services Maintenance Act, he said.
There has been lot of efort by
the port authorities to reduce the
waiting time. They are working with
lot of interest with trade bodies to
improve situation. It is easy to criticise. But when something good is
happening, we must appreciate,
said Captain Anand.

Personal care products

maker Kimberly-Clark Corp.
said it was halting its
Venezuela operations due
to the deteriorating
economic situation that
includes soaring consumer
prices and shortages of
basic goods. Irving, Texasbased Kimberly-Clark, the
maker of Huggies diapers
and Kleenex tissues, said that over the last two months it had
already halted most of its production lines. It said it had been
unable to obtain raw materials or hard currency and had been
adversely affected by high inflation. The OPEC nations
economy is in free fall due to low oil prices and a collapsing
socialist economic model. Venezuelans routinely spend hours
in line to find basic products ranging from food and medicine
to personal care items such as diapers, sanitary napkins and
toilet paper. Many of those items are subject to price controls
set below the cost of production, which has left companies
with few incentives to produce them and fueled a smuggling
trade by those who buy them and resell them at a hefty
markup. Reuters

Jack Ma says lawsuits, probes help

Alibaba to be understood
Lawsuits and investigations are an opportunity for Alibaba
Group Holding Ltd to be
better understood, founder
and executive chairman
Jack Ma said in an interview
last week.
The U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission
(SEC) launched a probe
earlier this year into the
Chinese e-commerce firm's
accounting practices to
determine whether they violated federal laws. Questions
about Alibaba's growth rate and its relations with affiliated
companies have dogged the firm for years. If you want to
sue us, sue us, Ma said. It's an opportunity for us to let
them understand what we're doing, he told Reuters, saying
he had complied with SEC requests but did not know when
the U.S. agency would respond with a finding. Ma was
speaking after the first day of a two-day philanthropy
conference hosted by the Alibaba Foundation, a charitable
organization established by the group.
He said Alibaba had been transparent and provided the SEC
with everything it had asked for. Reuters

A start-up shies away

from gig economy
SEATTLE: When Glenn Kelman became the chief executive of his online real
estate start-up, he defied
the tech industrys conventional wisdom about
how to grow.
Instead of hiring independent contractors, he
brought in full-time employees and put them on
the payroll with benefits. That decision over a
decade ago made Kelman
and his company, Redfin,
iconoclasts in the technology world. Many tech
start-ups lean on the idea
of the gig economy. They
staf up rapidly with freelancers, who are both
cheaper to hire and more
flexible (they can work as
much or as little as needed). That model is also
fuelling a debate in the U.S.
over worker protections.
Uber, with 1.1 million active drivers globally, recently agreed to settle
brought by drivers in Massachusetts and California
who argued that they
should be classified as
In a fairy-tale version of
the Redfin story, the companys bet on employees
would have resulted in industry-rattling
The truth is more complicated. What weve done
with employees has pressured the business, Kelman said.
In Redfins early days,
prospective venture fund
investors walked away,
saying that betting on fulltime employees was a deal
killer for them. Its hiring
strategy has slowed the
companys growth and
contributed to what Kel-

Full-time workers,
though costlier,
have allowed Redfin
to offer better
customer service
man calls a near-death experience after the 2008
economic crisis. I think
Silicon Valley is still a pioneer of workforce models
but the model we pioneered is the 1099 model,
Kelman said, referring to
the tax form that independent contractors file.
This huge workforce of
labourers doesnt get to
participate in the wealth
that was created.
Kelman argues that fulltime employees allow him
to ofer better customer
service. Redfin gives its
more than 1,000 agents salaries, health benefits,
401(k) contributions and,
for the most productive
ones, Redfin stock, none of
which is standard for
Now with his company
on a stronger footing, Kelman says he believes his
approach has been vindicated. He has even become
an informal counsellor to
other tech entrepreneurs
exploring a shift.But they
are still the exception. The
idea of building a large
workforce of full-time employees is not part of the
ethos of most companies
in todays tech industry,
observers who have studied the industry say.
Redfin has raised about
$166 million, and Kelman
hints that the next round
could be an initial public
ofering. New York
Times News Service

| 17




Klishina gets go-ahead

Merritt loses out

Nuptial time

Novaks appreciation

US-based long jumper Darya Klishina on Sunday

became the only Russian athlete to be cleared to
compete, as a neutral athlete, at the Rio Olympics.
The fate of pole vault star Yelena Isinbayeva is still
up in the air.

Olympic champion and World record-holder Aries

Merritts bid to qualify for Rio less than a year
after undergoing a kidney transplant ended on
Saturday after he was squeezed out of the top
three in the 110m hurdles final at the US trials.

Brazil football legend Pele is getting married on

Tuesday for the third time at the age of 75, tying
the knot with his girlfriend of six years Marcia
Cibele Aoki (50). They met in New York in the
1980s but only started seeing each other in 2010.

@serenawilliams loves being 22.

So young and successful. Well
done Rena!

Novak Djokovic tweeting after

Serenas record-equalling win

Murray gives Britain something to cheer about

Wins his second Wimbledon and third Grand Slam title

shed copious tears of joy.

It was Murrays third Grand
Slam victory. The first had
come at the 2012 US Open and
he followed that up with a triumph here in 2013.
For all his brilliance and accomplishments, there was a
question over Murrays confidence in Grand Slam finals.
Not including this match, he
had lost eight out of 10, and all
the defeats had come at the
hands of Roger Federer and
Novak Djokovic.
And once they were out of
the way, Murrays confidence
soared. Today, his game was
tidily aggressive and he played
an array of criss-crossing winners of both sides when Raonic approached the net.
Raonic was born in Montenegro and his parents migrated to Canada (Ontario) when
he was just three. He took to
tennis, aged eight, and first
gained world attention for the
quality of his serves, which
sometimes hit the ground like
rocks thrown down from a
At 6 feet and five inches,
with an army crew cut and an
unsmiling demeanour, he
could very well audition for
the lead role in any Terminator-like series of films. But he
is actually a well-schooled
man who wants to study for a

Murray did not lose a

of adversity this he especially did in his own service

Raonic came into this match
holding 98 per cent of his service games in six matches and
saving 22 of 27 breakpoints.
All this meant little today as
he failed to reprise what he did
against Federer. What is more,
only three weeks ago, in the final at the Queens Club tournament, Raonic had lost to
Murray after leading by a set
and a break.
Carefully checking on notes
taken during his sessions with
Ivan Lendl who sat unsmiling in the players box Murray showed that he has learnt
his lessons from all those
Grand Slam final losses, although Raonic is no Federer or
It was as straightforward a
victory as he would have
wanted. He broke the Canadians serve in the seventh
game of the first set and then
raced away, dominating Raonic in successive tiebreaks.
Murray did not lose a single
service game in the entire
match and saved the two that
he faced in the fifth game of
the third set.
If only Federer had not let
go of the semifinal that was
well within his grasp on

THE PRIZE: Andy Murray holds aloft the Wimbledon trophy after beating Milos Raonic. PHOTO: AFP

LONDON: The nations politics is

in an unholy mess. Nobody is
sure what the nature of the
countrys future relationship
with the European Union is
going to be.
One leading Conservative
Member of Parliament has almost berated her rival for not
having children, infuriating
civilised sections of the
Their currency, the pound,
is taking a beating. And their
football team did worse than
tiny Wales in the European
Cup, coming back home in a
tearing hurry and once again
ofering the beleaguered nation cause for mourning.
And to say that a nation that
once ruled the waves, building
an Empire, is desperately short
on pride and has so far had little reason for some kind of
summer celebration is to state
the obvious.
Little wonder
brands of royalty were present
in the Royal
Box. From the
Duke (Prince William) and
Duchess of Cambridge to David Cameron, from Bjorn Borg
to Boris Becker and Stefan
Edberg, it was filled with
heavyweight celebrities and
All this was in anticipation
of one event something to
toast, something to glorify in.
And they knew that the only
man who could deliver the
summer solace was Andy
Murray, no matter that he is a
Beg, borrow or steal, the English needed somebody to relieve them of the gloom. And
Murray did this in style on
Sunday in the mens singles final of the 130th Wimbledon
tennis championships as he
outplayed a strangely wilted
Milos Raonic 6-4, 7-6(3),
Then he sat down and cried.
Even as a nation rejoiced, the
one man who delivered something for Britain to be proud of

Boring? No, it doesnt get boring: Serena

Williams sisters sew up 14th Grand Slam title

Next on the shopping list is Margaret Courts all-time record of 24 Slams

LONDON: Serena Williams followed up her seventh Wimbledon singles title and recordequalling 22nd Grand Slam
crown with victory in the
womens doubles alongside
sister Venus here on Saturday.
The unseeded Americans
defeated fifth seeds Timea Babos of Hungary and Yaroslava
Shvedova of Kazakhstan 6-3,
6-4 to claim their sixth Wimbledon doubles title.
It was also their 14th doubles triumph as a team at the
Majors and their 22nd in 23 finals overall. The sisters last
lost a doubles final in 1999 in
San Diego.
Its awesome to win another doubles at Wimbledon,
said Serena.
Venus said: I never want to
make a mistake. I dont want to
let Serena down. She brought
the energy from the singles onto the doubles court.

LONDON: With a record-equalling 22nd Grand Slam title

wrapped up, Serena Williams
insists she will never get bored
of winning and that is bad
news for her flagging rivals.
Next on the shopping list is
Margaret Courts all-time record of 24 Slams.
Serena is someone who
beats records and not just
equals them, said her French
coach Patrick Mouratoglou.
We will keep going. I think
she will go far because she
wants to do it.
Graf set her record of 22
Slams with the tenacious Monica Seles constantly on her
shoulders. Between 1988 and
1993, the pair won 21 of 24

Ruthless against opposition

Fast forward two decades
and Serena, despite the occasional blip, is ruthlessly seeing
of all-comers.
Of active players, Maria
Sharapova is the only other
woman to have won more than
two Majors.
The Russian has five but is
currently sitting out a potentially career-ending doping
Despite their high profiles,
the pair can hardly be said to

saddened by
US shootings
LONDON: Serena Williams said she

was saddened by the gun violence

and deteriorating race relations in
the US, admitting she fears for the
safety of her own family in the current volatile climate.
I have nephews that Im thinking, Do I have to call them and tell
them, dont go outside. If you get in
your car, it might be the last time I
see you, said Serena.
That is something that I think is
of great concern because it will be
devastating. Theyre very good kids.
She added: I dont think that the
answer is to continue to shoot our
young black people.
Violence is not the answer. The
shootings in Dallas were very sad.
No one deserves to lose their life,
doesnt matter what colour they are,
where theyre from. Were all human. AFP

have a rivalry Serena has

won 19 of their 21 meetings.
Sharapovas only wins over
the American came in 2004.
Kerber may have beaten Serena at the Australian Open final but the German trails 6-2
Garbine Muguruza, who
shocked her at the French
Open, is 3-2 down in career
Serena is 5-1 against twotime Wimbledon champion

Petra Kvitova, 17-4 facing double Australian Open winner

Victoria Azarenka and 10-3 in
her rivalry with former US and
French Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova.
I would obviously like to
keep it up for as long as Im still
out here playing professional
tennis, said Serena.
Boring? No. It doesnt get
boring. As long as Im winning,
it doesnt get boring.
Even when Im not winning,

it doesnt, because it makes me

want to work harder so I can
come out and hold up titles.
This years Wimbledon
showcased Serenas enduring
durability as well as her rivals
And despite her 35th birthday coming in September, Serena insists she is not feeling
the pace. Who said our age is
old? Who put that stipulation
on it? Cause its working for
us. AFP


Serena has an impressive record against her peers, where even Maria
Sharapova who has multiple Grand Slams to her name has
managed just two wins against her.

single service game in the

match and saved the two he
faced in the fifth game of the
third set
degree once he is done with
But for all the talk about his
potential to climb to the very
top, Raonic is still a player
with lots of limitations. Having Carlos Moya in your corner and listening to John
McEnroes words of wisdom
may not turn you into a world
beater overnight.
What Raonic lacks is consistency from the back of the
court, a solid net game lets
not get carried away by the
odd commendable volley
and most of all, on-court intelligence and flexibility.
He has one game, the one he
plays, riding on the back of his
huge serve his fastest today
touched 147 mph and fails to
improvise or put into motion a
Plan B.
Curiously, for a player who
had beaten the greatest of
them all Roger Federer
two days ago, Raonic seemed
short on confidence today.
What he did very well
against the Swiss legend was
to bring out his best in the face

Feel even more motivated: Murray

LONDON: After winning his second

Wimbledon championship on Sunday,

Andy Murray said that he would be
able to enjoy this one much better.
Compared to 2013 this is
different. I was content. This was for
myself, said the man who broke
Englands long wait for a mens
champion in 2013.
Last time it was pure relief, he
said. I didnt enjoy it this much. This
time I am going to enjoy it with my
close friends and family over the next
two days.
He said the key to his victory was
that he stuck to his plans. I stuck to
my game plan very well, playing from

the front [when leading in the

match]. I also served very well
today, he said.
To do it twice here, I am very
proud, said Murray. I feel like I am
motivated even more, said the
AFP reports
Extra special
This the most important
tournament for me every year. Ive
had some great moments here but
also some tough losses the wins feels
extra special because of the tough
losses, Murray said.
Milos has had a great few weeks
on the grass and had some
unbelievable wins.

Murray has won all 12 of his

matches since recently reuniting with
coach Ivan Lendl, who was also in
charge of the Scots backroom team
when he last won Wimbledon.
But Murray aimed a cheeky dig at
the notoriously taciturn Czech, who
barely flashed a smile despite his
players victory.
Hes just lucky, Murray smiled.
Raonic admitted the bitter taste of
defeat in his first Grand Slam final
would linger for a while after he failed
to become the first Canadian to win a
major title.
Its a difficult challenge. Andy has
been playing great and he deserved
to win, congratulations to him, said
the Canadian.

Serena and Venus hadnt

played together for two years
before this year but reunited
as part of their build-up for the
Olympic Games next month.
Nicolas Mahut and PierreHughes Herbert won the
mens title after a straight-set
win over fellow French duo
Julien Benneteau and Edouard
Roger-Vasselin. The topseeded pair won 6-4, 7-6(1),
6-3 to add the title to the U.S.
Open crown they claimed last
The results:
Womens doubles: Serena &
Venus Williams (USA) bt 5-Timea
Babos (Hun) & Yaroslava Shvedova
(Kaz) 6-3, 6-4.
Mixed doubles: Henri Kontinen
(Fin) & Heather Watson (GBr) bt 15Robert Farah (Col) & Anna-Lena
Groenefeld (Ger) 7-6(5), 6-4.
Boys singles: 5-Denis Shapovalov (Can) bt 7-Alex De Minaur (Aus)
4-6, 6-1, 6-3. AFP

Graf hails incredible Serena

LONDON: Steffi Graf hailed Serena Williams for an incredible performance in

Maria Sharapova

Angelique Kerber

Garbine Muguruza

Victoria Azarenka

Tom Dumoulin takes ninth stage


Tom Dumoulin braved Dantesque conditions in Andorra

to win the ninth stage of the
Tour de France on Sunday after a solo attack up the final
Defending champion Chris
Froome crossed the line more
than six minutes later alongside his main
rivals to keep
his grip on
the race leaders yellow
Rui Costa was second at 38
seconds with Rafal Majka of
Poland third at the end of the
184.5km Pyrenean stage that
started in Spain, where temperatures reached 41 Celsius
before the weather changed
abruptly into driving rain and
hail in Andorra.
But the Tour lost two-time
former champion Alberto

Contador who pulled out just

over 80km into the stage as he
succumbed to injury and illness.
The Spaniard Contador had
injured his entire right side after crashing on the first two
stages while he also had a virus

on Sunday morning.
Briton Adam Yates, Nairo
Quintana of Colombia and
Australian Richie Porte crossed the line with Froome, suggesting they may prove to be
his main rivals this year.

DUTCH DELIGHT: The Netherlands Tom Dumoulin celebrates his

win on Sunday. PHOTO: AP

matching her long-standing Open Era record of 22 Grand Slam wins.

Williams won her seventh Wimbledon title with a 7-5, 6-3 win over Grafs
German compatriot Angelique Kerber at the All England Club on Saturday.
What an incredible performance by Serena at Wimbledon, Graf wrote on her
Facebook page. Such a gift to all sport fans who get to continue to watch her add
to an already amazing career #22!!!
Also, well done to Angelique making Germany so proud with her talent and
fighting spirit! AFP

Titans beat
PATNA: Telugu Titans produced
a formidable all-round performance to defeat Dabang
Delhi 28-23 in a STAR Sports
ProKabaddi League match here
on Sunday.
Dabang came into the game
on a high after beating Patna Pirates, but was brought crashing
down by Titans. Nilesh Salunke
and Sandeep Dhull were the
stand-out performers for Titans, in both attack and defence.
Titans remained in the sixth
spot, with 19 points from seven
games, just a point behind Bengaluru Bulls and Jaipur Pink
Panthers. Dabang was sixth
with 14 points from seven
Rahul Chaudhry opened Titans account with a raid in the
17th minute, while Dabang
scored its first point when Sachin Shingade tackled Rahul in
the 15th minute. PTI

CROWD FAVOURITES: Siblings Serena and Venus Williams

sounded a warning to rivals at the Olympics by cruising to
victory on Saturday. PHOTO: AP


Ghosh upstages Srinath;

Vantika holds Laxman
In a Sicilian game, Ghosh
NOIDA: Unheralded Pradeep
Ghosh stunned N. Srinath, the
Master in the field to pull of
the biggest second-round surprise in the Amity National
Challengers chess championship here on Sunday.
Ghosh, rated a whopping
356 rating points below Srinath, became part of the 29member leaders group at two
In this Sicilian game, Ghosh
played aggressively and kept
Srinath under constant pressure. Finally, Srinath cracked
on the 31st move when he was
forced to sacrifice a knight and
gave up six moves later.
Delhi girl Vantika Agarwal,

played aggressively and kept

Srinath under constant
Vantika, rated 1974 415

points below Laxmans 2389

forced a draw after 84
one of the consistent performers at the age-group level, also
posted an incredible result by
holding Grandmaster R.R.
Vantika, rated 1974 415
points below Laxmans 2389
forced a draw after 84 moves,
with both players failing to
find a way forward with a rook
and two pawns each.
For the leading names, it

was smooth sailing. Top seed

Aravindh Chithambaram led
seven of the top-10 seeds into
the lead.
The results (second round):
Aravindh Chithambaram (2) bt G.B.
Joshi (1); Abid Ali (1) lost to S.L. Narayanan (2); Vishnu Prasanna (2) bt
Sudhir Kumar Sinha (1); V. Varshini
(1) lost to Abhijit Kunte (2); Shardul
Gagare (2) bt Milind Gawade (1); Pradip Ghosh (1) bt N. Srinath (2); Tejas
Bakre (2) bt V.S. Negi (1); Santu Mondal (1.5) drew with Himal Gusain
(1.5); Sriram Jha (2) bt Brajesh Agarwal (2); Baivab Mishra (1.5) drew
with Surya Praneeth (1.5); Indranil
Das (1) lost to S. Nitin (2); R. R. Laxman (1.5) drew with Vantika Agarwal
(1.5); Sumit Grover (1) lost to Ravi Teja (2); Abhishek Kelkar (1.5) drew
with Arun Rathi (1.5); Rajesh Nayak
(1) lost to Mehar Chinna Reddy (2).

18 |




Mens 4x400 team turns in a near-flawless act

ATHLETICS / Breaks National record for the second time in a month; Monday last chance for hopefuls to confirm Rio berths
The team of P. Kunhumohammed, Mohammed Anas, A.
Dharun and Arokia Rajiv
clocked an impressive 3:00.91s
to better its own time of
3:02.17s set in Erzurum, Turkey in June. With an average
time of 3:01.54s, India is now
13th at the time of going to
press in the list of 16 elite nations eligible to compete.
Its position may still change

BENGALURU: The Indian mens

4x400m relay team turned in

its second record-breaking
performance in a month to
place itself on the cusp of qualifying for the Rio Olympics at
the Shriram Properties third
Indian Grand Prix at the Sree

RECORD-BREAKERS: The 4X400m Indian men's team Arokia

Rajiv (108), A. Dharun (112), Mohammed Anas and
P. Kunhumohammed celebrates victory with coach
Mohammed Kunhi.

based on the results at the ongoing European athletics

championships in Amsterdam.
However, it will get another
chance on Monday, if need be,
to ensure a top-16 spot.
After the efort in Turkey,
the team was expected to put
up a good show at the recent
inter-State meet in Hyderabad. But, a slow final changeover put paid to those hopes.
In Bengaluru, though, there
was to be no such trouble as
the team came up with a nearflawless act.
We have practised very
hard for the last one-and-ahalf years, said an ecstatic Rajiv. We kept trying and it finally clicked. We have to
thank AFI (Athletics Federation of India) for all the help.
We were confident about
the womens team. But didnt
expect such a timing from the
mens team, said AFI secretary C.K. Valson. Its a very, very good performance.
The womens 4x400m relay
teams position was unchanged, at 12th. But the group
of Nirmala Sheoran, Tintu Luka, M.R. Poovamma and Anilda Thomas clocked 3:27.88s,
its fastest in the qualification
period thus far. A similar performance on Monday, if warranted, can confirm a Rio

Indian batsmen
come good

Poonias Rio hopes end



thrower Krishna Poonias efforts to qualify for the Rio
Olympics ended with a disappointing 57.10m throw in the
JAC Twilight Total Eclipse of
the Heart athletics meet in
Florida on Saturday.
The 2010 Commonwealth
Games champion, who finished sixth in the 2012 London
Olympics, won the event but
her best was far from the Rio
Olympics qualifying standard
of 61m.
No more events for us, this
is our last one, Virender Poonia, her husband and coach,

Indies Cricket Board Presidents XI had made 93 for one

after 40 overs in the second
session on the second and final
day of the opening fixture of
the Indian teams tour here on
Sunday. Earlier, India had declared its innings closed at the
overnight score of 258 for six.
The scores:
Indian XI 258 for six in 93 overs
(K.L. Rahul 50 retd. out, S. Dhawan 51
retd. out, C. Pujara 34 retd. out, Rohit
54 n.o.) vs WICB Presidents XI 93 for
one in 40 overs (S. Hope 41 n.o., R.
Chandrika 46 n.o.).

Shweta loses
doubles final


told The Hindu from Florida.

No more Olympics for us. She
will only be working for the
Asian Games and Commonwealth Games after this.
The deadline to qualify for
the Rio Olympics ends on
Krishna Poonia, whose personal best of 64.76m came four
years ago in the US, and mens
discus thrower Vikas Gowda
were the only two Indians to
enter the final of an individual
athletics event at the 2012 London Olympics. Sports

Gavaskar is Sholay


and Mirabelle Njoze of Britain

lost 6-2, 7-5 to Eleni Kordalaimi of Greece and Kateryna Sliusar of Ukraine in the doubles
final of the $10,000 ITF womens tennis tournament on
here on Saturday.

Facile win for

Indian juniors

WAY TO GO! V. Neena raised hopes of making the cut while winning the women's long jump. PHOTOS: K. MURALI KUMAR
berth. However, the womens
4x100m team, comprising Dutee Chand, ran a disappointing
44.34s (against its top two
times of 43.42s and 44.03s) primarily owing to a slow
changeover from H.M. Jyothi
to Srabani Nanda. It will require a massive efort on the final day of the Grand Prix series to make the cut.
Elsewhere, the only one

who raised hopes of qualification was V. Neena in the womens long jump. Against a required mark of 6.70m, she
recorded a wind-assisted leap
of 6.57m on her second attempt. But there on she recorded 6.50m, 6.33m and
However, the AFI decided
to add long jump to the list of
events on Monday to give

Harika keeps lead



maintained her sole lead at the
end of the eighth round of the
FIDE Womens Grand Prix
chess on here Sunday.
The fifth seed from Hyderabad has 5.5 points after drawing with former World champion Antoaneta Stefanova of
Half-a-point behind her is
top seed Koneru Humpy, who
was held to a draw by Swedens Pia Cramling. The Vijayawada player is sharing the
second slot with Stefanova
and Ju Wenjun of China, the
second seed.
All the six games were
drawn on Sunday. Three
rounds remain in the 12-player
round-robin tournament.
Monday is a rest day.
The results (eighth round): Mariya Muzychuk (Ukr) 4 drew with Anna Muzychuk (Ukr) 3.5; Koneru Humpy (Ind) 5 drew with Pia Cramling
(Swe) 3; Antoaneta Stefanova (Bul) 5
drew with Dronavalli Harika (Ind) 5.5;
Bela Khotenashvili (Geo) 4 drew with
Ju Wenjun (Chn) 5; Zhao Xue (Chn) 3
drew with Lela Javakhishvili (Geo) 3;
Olga Girya (Rus) 4 drew with Tan
Zhongyi (Chn) 3. Sports

Neena one final opportunity.

Womens 800m has also been
added to the list, possibly to
give M. Gomathi a chance.
The results (Indians unless
Men: 100m: 1. Hassan Saaid
(Maldives) 10.37s (wind speed +1.2);
2. Krishna Kumar Rane, 10.46s; 3.
Amiya Kumar Mallick, 10.49s.
14:28.70s; 2. T. Gopi, 14:31.46s; 3. Yo-

nus Khan, 14:33.66s.

110m hurdles: 1. Siddanth Thigalaya, 13.75s (+1.3); 2. Rajul Dev Gautam, 20.37s.
Long jump: 1. Anees, 7.80m
(+1.7); 2. Yugant Shekhar, 7.80m
(+1.2); 3. S.E. Samsheer, 7.50m
Shot put: 1. Inderjeet Singh,
19.85m; 2. Tajinderpal Toor, 18.66m;
3. Om Prakash, 18.64m.
Javelin: 1. Amit Kumar, 76.25m; 2.

Last-minute entries: UWW has to act fast

KOLKATA: The reinstatement of

five wrestlers for the Rio

Olympics following the latest
meldonium guidelines by the
World Anti-Doping Agency
(WADA) may not have impacted any Indian but it has
triggered speculation as to
how the United World Wrestling (UWW) would accommodate the additional lastminute entries.
The UWW had stripped
Olympic quota places from six
athletes, who returned meldonium positive results in dope
tests conducted in various
qualifying events, in May.
These vacant places were
handed to the next best wrestlers in the respective weight
categories and India got two,
Babita Kumari (womens 53kg)
and Ravinder Khatri (Greco
Roman 85kg).
The recent WADA guidance confirms that from
March 1 (and up until September 30) 2016, cases with a low
concentration of meldonium

Five wrestlers, previously

suspended, have been

reinstated following the
latest meldonium guidelines

Speculation now as to how

UWW will accommodate the

additional last-minute entries

found in an athletes sample

(less than one g/mL) are compatible with a no fault finding.
Also, athletes who gave
samples that returned positive
results between January 1 and
February 29 will be treated under no fault if their samples
contained less than five g/mL
of meldonium.
This allowed UWW to reinstate Magomedmurat Gadzhiev (Poland, Freestyle 65kg),
Yanarbek Kenzheev (Kyrgyzstan, Greco Roman 85kg), Sumiya Erdenchimeg (Mongolia,
women 53kg), Andriy Kziatkovsky (Ukraine, FS 65kg) and
Oksana Herhel (Ukraine,
women 58kg), while leaving
out another wrestler Alen Za-

sieiev as his country Ukraine

qualified in 125kg in the World
qualifying event.
The UWW made it clear
that all National Olympic
Committees previously granted Olympic qualification spots
would not be afected by this
The move, however, initiated speculation as to how the
UWW would accommodate
the reinstated athletes.
Bigger draws?
There is an argument that
the UWW may have to make
the draws bigger. The step,
nevertheless, is not easy.
According to by-law 11 to
rule 44 of Chapter 5 of the
Olympic Charter, The number of entries for each sport is
established by the International Olympic Committee Executive Board following consultation with the relevant
three years before the Olympic Games concerned.
Any alteration to the number of entries will have to be



junior mens hockey team

started its EurAsia Cup campaign with an emphatic 3-1 victory over Dinamo Stroitel
The result: India 3 (Varun Kumar
44, Simranjeet Singh 45, Vikramjit
53) bt Dinamo Stroitel 1 (L. Alexander
59). PTI

RESPECT: Virender Sehwag, while wishing Sunil Gavaskar

on his 66th birthday, was very effusive in his praise of
the legendary opener. FILE PHOTO

Gavaskar turned 66 on
Sunday, former India
cricket star Virender
Sehwag paid a glowing
tribute, saying what the
batting legend did without
wearing a helmet the best
of batsmen today would
not be able to do with all
their equipment on.
What Gavaskar did
without helmet, it is
diicult for ppl these days
to do with all equipments.
If cricket were a film, Sunil

Jayaram exits
EL MONTE (USA): Indias Ajay
Jayaram crashed out of the US
Open after sufering a straightgame loss to Japans Kanta
Tsuneyama in the mens singles semifinals of the Grand
Prix Gold badminton tournament here on Saturday.
The World No. 22 lost 10-21,
14-21 at the Los Angeles Badminton Club. AFP

Gavaskar is Sholay,
Sehwag wrote on his
Twitter handle.
To start with, Sehwag
said, Happy Birthday to
one of the greatest
batsmen of all time, Sunny
Paaji! Wish you a long and
healthy life.
The BCCI called him the
Rock of Gibraltar.
Heres wishing the
legend, Indias Rock of
Gibraltar, Sunil Gavaskar a
very happy birthday! said
the Board. PTI

The pain and the glory the tattoo champions

LONDON: Ricardo Quaresmas

eyecatching teardrop tattoo

may be coated with real tears
come the final whistle of the
Euro 2016 final on Sunday but
it could do wonders for the
burgeoning body art business.
The Portuguese star has
never explained why he has
two drops under his right eye
a tattoo which in gangland
culture can mean someone has
been killed. But he is not alone
at Euro 2016 in covering himself in art, often very personal
Playing against Quaresma,
France striker Olivier Giroud
has a biblical quote, The Lord
is My Shepherd I Shall Not

Rajinder Singh, 75.40m; 3. Vipin Kasana, 73.85m.

4x400m: 1. India-A (Kunhumuhammed, Mohammed Anas, A. Dharun, Arokia Rajiv), 3:00:91s, NR (OR:
3.02.17s, India-A, Turkey, 2016); 2. India-B (Sumit Kumar, Mohan Kumar,
Jithin Paul, Lalit Mathur), 3:04.28s; 3.
India-C (Pankaj Mallik, Amoj Jacob,
Kiran Murugan, Harsh Kumar),
Women: 5000m: 1. L. Surya,
16:38.79s; 2. Swathi Gadve,
16:40.80s; 3. Kavitha Raut,
Long jump: 1. V. Neena, 6.57m
(+2.3); 2. M.A. Prajusha, 6.04m
Triple jump: 1. Shilpa Chacko,
13.41m (+0.8); 2. N.V. Neena, 13.29m
Shot put: 1. Manpreet Kaur Jr,
15.96m; 2. Navajeeth Kaur, 14.91m.
4x100m: 1. India-A (Merlin Joseph, H.M. Jyothi, Srabani Nanda, Dutee Chand), 44.34s; 2. India-B (Himashree Roy, Sini Sahadevan, V.
Santhini, Reena George), 45.70s; 3.
Maldives (Shareef Areen Ali, Aishath
Zara Athif, Ahamed Khadeeja, Jueez
Aminath Jaaisha), 56.29s.
4x400m: 1. India-A (Nirmala Sheoran, Tintu Luka, M.R. Poovamma,
Anilda Thomas), 3:27.88s; 2. India-B
(Debashree Majumdar, Ashwini Akkunji, Priyanka Panwar, Jisna Mathew), 3:32.61s; 3. India-C (Anu Raghavan, Sini Jose, Jauna Murmu,
Soundarya), 3:33.97s.

Want, written in Latin on his

left shoulder.
Hotshot goalscorer Antoine
Griezmann has an etching of
Jesus Christ on his right shoulder. He also has the letters
FAME inscribed, but no one
knows whether Griezmann
means this as initials or as a
Other Euro 2016 stars prefer
more tribal, especially Maori
designs, while some tattoos indicate a players personality.
Swedish ace Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a red dragon next to
some playing cards and the
slogan: Only God can judge
When English icon David

Ricardo Quaresma.

Beckham started getting tattoos it helped set of a global

football trend.
England striker Jamie Vardy

celebrated winning the Premier League title this year by

spending seven hours at a tattoo parlour.
Scott MacLaren, proprietor
of the Fulham Tattoo and
Body Piercing centre in London, said the tattoo has become ever more high prominent because of famous
MacLaren, who took over
the business from his father
and uncle eight years ago,
numbers England international Nathaniel Clyne among his
star clients. Nathaniel was in
the week before the Euro started and spent 4-5 hours with
us, MacLaren said. AFP

sanctioned by the IOC Executive Board. Since the next IOC

Executive Board meeting is
scheduled on July 30 and 31, it
will be beyond the entries submission deadline (July 18) and
too close to the Olympics,
starting from August 5.
The other method is to find
ways to accommodate these
last-minute entries within the
total allocated quota places of
344. The UWW has already
published names of 336 qualified wrestlers. That leaves
four places each belonging to
the host country quota and tripartite commission places.
Since five Brazilians have already booked their places
through qualifying events, the
UWW may use the host country quota places (which would
also be reallocated by the tripartite commission) to give
Olympic tickets to the reinstated wrestlers.
As July 18 is also the deadline for the UWW to reallocate
all unused quota places, the
world body has to act fast to
settle the issue.

Coach Dutta
passes away
KOLKATA: Celebrated football

coach Amal Dutta breathed

his last at his residence here
on Sunday evening. He was
86. Dutta, who was sufering
from Alzheimers disease,
had been ill for the last few
Dutta was the first professional coach in the country.
He, along with P.K. Banerjee,
Syed Nayeemuddin and Subhas Bhowmick, is credited
with giving a new dimension
to coaching when Indian
football was turning professional in the 1990s. Special





















flashing this jaundiced

character (6,4)
1 Faraday converts slide rule
12 Cabinet Secretary's devices
into decorative design (6for catching creatures (4)
top-class city (5)
9 From the sands, a knight
15 Rod Italy made skilfully (8)
pushed out a seat (5)
17 Half define aim of King's guard
10 Minutes in each half or
degrees in each half of a right
angle? (5-4)
19 Ails badly in front of Karat's
surgery (5)
11 Penalties may result from

22 State learner's aim (4)

23 Change submarine institute
(not Indian) (10)
26 Mad men leave confused
numerologist for a doctor,
perhaps (9)
27 Faithful GI Lee travels (5)
28 Drunken seer crosses witches

14 Plants behind naked animals

16 Where one may expect Wells
to build silo around farming
area (9)
17 Cavity resulting from some
French disease (6)
18 Difficult to find European veil
around US (7)
20 Concubine and queen's
retainer (6)
21 Fly Lawrence around movie
scenery arrangements (6)
24 Addicts have American
money to get ecstasy (5)
25 Kung Fu Panda has got gold
he can't be this ... (4)

1 Last fish appendage held by

criminal (5)
2 Horny African, I phone at 1,
excitedly (9)
3 Repair outer surface of
engineer's cafe building (6)
4 Maroon, for instance, Doctor
Solution to puzzle 11747
Edward outside the boat
5 Puts down some licorice, say, P GL E AR S GE BE A NT D NI T OR
confusedly (4)
6 Scrambling test pilots leaving B RI N NG E S A TT O NE E RC P
first post make deadly killers T
7 Followed instructions of
Turkish chieftain and editor
8 Old language spoken in July in A G E R A T U M G R O O V
a Channel Island (6)




SU | DO | KU

Krama mukti
In His Kapila avatara, Lord Narayana tells Devahuthi about
how people sin and how souls get liberated, said P.T.
Seshadri, in a discourse.
A man gets attached to his body, his wife, his children, his
relatives and his house. In order to protect these, he resorts
to sinful acts. He does things that go against dharma; he
earns through wrongful means to support his family. He is
happy with his ill gotten gains and spends his days in
pleasure. In the early stages he tries to earn just enough to
make both ends meet.
Soon the desire to earn just enough yields place to greed,
and he begins to covet what belongs to others. His greed
leads him to commit more and more sins. When he becomes
old, those who lived on his earnings treat him disrespectfully
and ignore him. Because of this neglect, he falls ill, and
eventually he dies. Yamas messengers drag him to Yama
Loka, where he is punished for every sin of his. After he has
paid for all his sins, he is born again.
Devahuthi wants to know how the dead are reborn, and
Kapila explains. A person who has sinned would also have
done some good deeds and earned some merit. His rebirth
depends on these punyas.
Krishna paksa, Dakshinayana, Pitru loka, Akasa and
Chandraloka these together constitute Dhumati marga. Dead
souls come back in one of these, according to their punyas.
Dead souls will come back to earth through the sky, the wind
or the rains. Jnanis perform karmas with detachment and
they reach the Lords feet, after death, during the day, in
Sukla paksa, Uttarayana, through Vayu, Surya, Chandra,
lightning, Varuna, Indra, Prajapati and 12 Adi vahikas. This is
called krama mukti. Such jnanis never return to the earth.

A mind game and a

puzzle that you solve
with reasoning and
logic. Fill in the grid with
digits in such a manner
that every row, every
column and every 3x3
box accommodates the
digits 1 to 9, without
repeating any. The
solution to yesterdays
puzzle is at left.


Indian grapplers
finish with
26 medals

| 19



Hamiltons love afair at home continues

FORMULA ONE / Nico Rosberg finishes second but under investigation for breaking the rules on radio advice

TAICHUNG (TAIPEI): India ended

its campaign at the 2016 Asian

cadet wrestling championship
with a rich haul of 26 medals,
after five more on the final day
of competition, here on Sunday. While Suraj Awale won
bronze in the 46kg freestyle,
Tina did the same in the 65kg
among women.
In Greco-Roman, Sunil Kumar got silver in the 85kg,
while Deepanshu got one in
100kg and Aawesh got bronze
in the same weight category.
India finished overall runner-up. Sports Buerau

Bangladesh rules
out playing England
at neutral venue
DHAKA: Bangladesh has ruled
out playing Englands cricket
team in a third country in September, an idea floated after a
deadly terror attack in the capital killed 18 foreigners last
week. England is scheduled to
arrive in Bangladesh on September 30 to play two Tests
and three ODIs.
Englands limited-over captain Eion Morgan voiced big
concern after last Saturdays
attack saying a neutral venue
could be an option for the series. And an England and
Wales Cricket Board spokesman hinted at a possible cancellation of the Bangladesh
tour saying that if the environment is not acceptably safe
or the right measures not in
place, we would take the appropriate steps.
Cricket Board chief executive
oicer Nizamuddin Chowdhury told reporters here on
Sunday that Bangladesh wanted the matches to go ahead on
home turf.
We always believe suspending cricket in a particular
country will not bring any solution, Chowdhury said. Our
all-out efort will be fulfilling
our commitment of hosting
the series here, he added.
He also noted that a security
delegation from England
would be coming to inspect
the security measures in place
ahead of the games. England
security delegate was supposed to visit last month. But
they are taking time, he said.
They will also tour India after Bangladesh series. Perhaps, they will do the security
inspection both in India and
Bangladesh together. AFP

SILVERSTONE: Lewis Hamilton

won his home British Grand

Prix for the third year in a row
on Sunday with Mercedes
teammate and title rival Nico
Rosberg finishing second but
The triple Formula One
world champions fourth
home win, from pole position
in tricky conditions, was the
47th victory of his career and
cut Rosbergs overall lead to
four points after 10 of 21 races.
Rosberg was slowed by a
gearbox problem five laps
from the end and crossed the
line 6.9 seconds behind, with a
question mark over his result
after Mercedes seemingly
broke the rules on radio advice
by telling him to avoid seventh
gear. Red Bulls Dutch teenager Max Verstappen was third,
1.3 seconds behind Rosberg, in
a race that began behind the
safety car after heavy rain before starting properly at the
end of the fifth lap.
I dont know if you can be
as happy as me but Im really
happy, Hamilton told the
130,000-strong crowd that
stood and cheered him all the
way round the final lap with
the sun shining brightly at last.
The Briton got even closer
to the fans, who flooded onto
the track, after parking up at
the finish, and then enjoyed
some celebratory crowd-surf-

MANCHESTER: England wicketkeeper-batsman Jos Buttler is

set for a stint on the sidelines
after sufering a fractured
thumb, his county side Lancashire said on Sunday.
It is not known how long
Buttler will be out of action,
but having been overlooked by
England for the first Test of a
four-match series against Pakistan, he will be hoping to return for the limited-over
games in August.
The 25-year-old was struck
by the bat of Worcestershire
opponent Ben Cox while keeping during Lancashires T20
Blast win on Friday.
X-rays later revealed he
sustained a small stable fracture which will be managed
conservatively, Lancashire
said in a statement. AFP

Moncho Ferrer was
unanimously elected the vicepresident of the All-India Softball Association at general
body meeting at Chandigarh
on Sunday.


Syed Asif Ali won the 27th

Sportscraft Gulf Monsoon
Scooter Rally here on Sunday.
Ali thus prevented Shamim
Khan from winning the competition for the fifth time.
The Bengaluru-based Ali,
astride a TVS Wego, won the
Gulf Oil Lubricants India Limited-sponsored event with a
penalty of 32.43 seconds. The
second place went to Team
Mahindras Shamim astride a
Mahindra Gusto while Navi
Mumbais Erimal Shekharan,
riding a Yamaha Alpha, took
third place.
The competition Sportscrafts 351st turned out to be
very tough and the likes of former champions Rustom Patel,
Manjeet Singh Bassan and Avtar Singh did not finish among
the top five. In all, 53 riders entered the event.
This time the course was
really tough. In addition to the

race, I was the first one who

had to attack it, he said.
Its never plain, smooth sailing thats why the British GP
is the best.

Collisions between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have made Mercedes more popular than its
wins, Formula Ones commercial boss Bernie Ecclestone
said on Sunday.
Right now people think:
they will win anyway. Thats it.
There are no emotions about
something that is so obvious,
he said. The two Mercedes
guys crashing gives them more
popularity than winning. Just
look at what is going on since
Austria; more positive publicity in my opinion. Its shown
that they let their guys race.
Triple world champion Hamilton and Rosberg collided

on the last lap in Austria a week

ago while fighting for victory.
The incident, the third in five
races between the two, has
been the talk of the paddock
with Mercedes announcing on
Thursday that both would remain free to race but with stricter rules of engagement. Team
boss Toto Wolf has warned of
stif penalties for whoever is to
blame for further collisions.
Hamilton won in Austria,
with Rosberg fourth after leading into the last lap.
The collision was the most
serious since the one in Spain
in May where they came together on the first lap and retired. Reuters

Kenyan athletics in the dock again

Kenya is once again in the eye
of a doping storm just a month
out from the Olympic Games
after the latest investigation
by German television channel
ARD and The Sunday Times.
Saturdays documentary alleged doping is rife at the elite
training centre in Iten. Previous joint research by ARD and
the British newspaper led to
the banning of the Russian athletics team from the Games for
State-sponsored doping.
Over the past three years
some 40 Kenyan athletes have
failed doping tests, shredding
its reputation for probity and
laying bare the reality behind
the reputation as the most
dominant middle to long distance running nation in the
The allegations will come as
a major blow as it follows only
weeks after Kenyan lawmakers passed into law after being threatened with a similar
sanction as the Russians by the
World Anti-Doping Agency
(WADA) legislation making it a criminal act to either
dope or to supply such
The documentary, largely
filmed with a hidden camera,
says it successfully infiltrated
one of their team posing as an

athlete into the training centre

which is a favoured spot for
distance runners, both Kenyan
and European, as it is at high
altitude 2400 metres above sea
The documentary shows
images of boxes of the endurance boosting drug EPO on
the inside of the training centre and used syringes dumped
in a bin. EPO is shown to be
widely available in the pharmacies around the centre
whilst two doctors are only
too willing to propose supplying the journalist posing as an
athlete with doping products.
Very shocking
One of the two doctors
claims to have supplied more
than 50 athletes, including
three British runners, based on
his guarantee he could dramatically improve their performances in three months.
Even if the athletes are subjected to doping tests they will
find nothing, says the doctor.
That is what the top level athletes take.
The same doctor, according
to ARD, when approached
again retracted his claims and
said he had nothing to do with
doping and to have made up
supplying the products. However, both he and the other

doctor featured have since

been arrested by Kenyan police according to ARD.
A man said to be the coach
of an Olympic champion, appearing with his face hidden,
confirms the claims made in
the documentary.
The great majority of the
athletes who appear out of nowhere are doped, he says.
The chief executive of UK
Anti-Doping, Nicole Sapstead,
said the report was of grave
concern and of significant interest, adding they were
I can confirm that this evidence is being treated with the
utmost importance and urgency, and two UKAD staf are
currently in Kenya pursuing a
number of lines of enquiry,
she said in a statement.
Japhter Rugut, head of the
Kenyan anti-doping agency,
said the revelations were very shocking.
We can see that we have a
lot of problems at grassroots
level and we will work with
the police so as to weed out all
those implicated in these
criminal activities, both sports
people and doctors, who will
have to answer for their actions, he told ARD.
We want to go to Rio with a
clean team, he added. AFP

Hamilton is now the closest

he has been to Rosberg this
season and that gap could narrow even further if stewards
rule Mercedes erred in telling

the German what to do.

Red Bull principal Christian
Horner said the radio rules
were pretty clear and questioned where Rosberg, who

1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

1:34:55.831s, 2. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) +00:06.911, 3. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) 00:08.250, 4. Daniel
Ricciardo (Red Bull) 00:26.211, 5. Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) 01:09.743, 6.
Sergio Perez (Force India) 01:16.941,
7. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India)
01:17.712, 8. Carlos Sainz Jr (Toro
Rosso), 01:25.858, 9. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) 01:31.654.
10. Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso)
01:32.600, 11. Felipe Massa (Williams) 1 lap, 12. Jenson Button
(McLaren) 1 lap, 13. Fernando Alonso
(McLaren) 1 lap, 14. Valtteri Bottas
(Williams) 1 lap, 15. Felipe Nasr
(Sauber) 1 lap, 16. Esteban Gutierrez
(Haas) 1 lap.

Retired: Kevin Magnussen (Renault), Jolyon Palmer (Renault), Rio

Haryanto (Manor), Romain Grosjean
(Haas), Marcus Ericsson (Sauber)
Pascal Wehrlein (Manor).
Drivers standings: 1. Rosberg
171, 2. Hamilton 167, 3. Raikkonen
106, 4. Ricciardo 100, 5. Vettel 98, 6.
Verstappen 87, 7. Bottas 54, 8. Perez
47, 9. Massa 38, 10. Grosjean 28, 11.
Hulkenberg 26, 12. Sainz Jr 26, 13.
Kvyat 23, 14. Alonso 18, 15. Button 13,
16. Magnussen 6, 17. Wehrlein 1 and
18. Stoffel Vandoorne (McLaren) 1.
Constructors points: 1. Mercedes 338, 2. Ferrari 204, 3. Red Bull
195, 4. Williams 92, 5. Force India 73,
6. Toro Rosso 41, 7. McLaren 32, 8.
Haas 28, 9. Renault 6, 10. Manor 1.


Birendra Lakra set to miss Rio Olympics

NEW DELHI: Despite a race

against time to be fit, talented

defender Birendra Lakra is all
set to miss the bus to Rio.
Lakra, who stepped on the
turf last month for the first
time in four months since his
knee surgery, is yet to achieve
the level of match fitness desired for the Olympics.
The 25-year-old sufered an
anterior cruciate ligament
(ACL) tear in his right knee
during Ranchi Rayss Hockey
India League match against
Dabang Mumbai in February
and was operated upon in the
first week of March.
He worked his heart out
and even played all the matches at the six-nation tournament in Valencia but some elements in terms of his match
fitness are still missing. He

wont be going to the Olympics, sources in the team

management confirmed. An
ACL tear normally takes fourfive months to heal before an
athlete can start practising.
Staf members added that
though there was still a chance
of his being able to attain peak
form in the coming three
weeks before the Games kick
of, the fact that the final squad
had to be picked this week
hampered the choice.
All praise, but
The coaches and selectors
are all praise for his eforts in
doing what many thought was
clearly impossible. But they
did not want to risk either his
rehabilitation or the teams
chances. They took the decision purely on the basis of the
situation at the moment,
sources said.

Birendra Lakra. FILE PHOTO

Lakra has returned home for
the time being and team sources said though he was obviously disappointed, he had been
mentally prepared for this

In his absence, there would
be increased pressure on the
lone goalkeeper P.R. Sreejesh,
who shared a good understanding with Lakra in defence. He is likely to be replaced by Surender Kumar,
who impressed with his tackling in both the Champions
Trophy and the six-nation
Singh, named the most promising young player at the
Champions Trophy, is also
likely to make the cut as the
third drag-flicker in the team,
along with seasoned V.R.
Raghunath and Rupinder Pal
Singh, to shore up the defence.
Captain Sardar Singh is likely to be switched between
middle and forward lines to
support an inexperienced attack line.


New foreign coach to assist Bhokanal

HYDERABAD: It is oicial. Dattu
Bhokanal, the lone Indian rower to have qualified for the Rio
Olympics, will be assisted by
the US-based foreign coach
Rajpaul Singh Mokha and not
Ismail Baig who has been guiding the destiny of the rowers
for close to two decades now.
Bhokanal had clocked 7
minutes 7.49 seconds in the 2km course in single scull in the
Asia-Oceania qualifying meet
in Korea this May to make the
cut for the Rio Games.
A visibly distraught Baig is
now on long leave having
come out of the Army Rowing
Node in Pune where the Indian campers had been training.
It was pretty obvious by
the way the Army oicials
have been treating the issue
that they just didnt want me.
In fact, Bhokanal himself confessed that he was being
forced to sign that he didnt
want me but only a foreign

GOOD OLD DAYS: Dattu Bhokanal (left) with coach Ismail Baig at
Chungju after he qualified for the Rio Olympics. FILE PHOTO
coach, Baig said.
Baig was in charge of the
rowers from November 2015
to April 2016 to see the Indians
meet the qualifying mark,
though only Bhokanal made it.
Yes, I owe a lot to my coach
Ismail sir. The best part of his
job is he takes care of the nitty-

gritty of each rower in the national camp, including diet, recovery phase and improvement of skills. He makes all the
rowers very comfortable during training, Bhokanal said.
Significantly, as per the guidelines of the Union Sports
Ministry, the chief National

coach with the help of the

Rowing Federation of India
(RFI) also saw to it that Bhokanal got the Rs. 30 lakh sanctioned (which will be directly
credited into the account of all
Indian athletes who have
made it to Rio as per a new
scheme) for training and
Baig also said the RFI had
even ensured that Bhokanal
trains in Italy with the Australian Olympic team for one
month before the Games.
Now, we have nothing to
do except watch in desperation at the way things are happening, he said.
Now, I dont even know
where he is training. He (Bhokanal) is not in touch with me.
It is hinted that the row between the Army and the RFI
was one of the main reasons
for the indiferent treatment
meted out to a coach. RFI president Rajlaxmi Singh Deo said
they were not consulted while
hiring Rajpaul.


Syed Ali triumphs

MUMBAI: Team TVS Racings

ing after the podium presentation. Im glad that the good

English weather came out. It
was so tricky in those conditions. When we started the




HIP HIP HURRAY! Lewis Hamilton thoroughly enjoying the 'crowd surfing' after driving to his third straight British GP win at
Silverstone on Sunday. PHOTO: REUTERS


Bernie Ecclestone.

17.9 seconds behind his teammate, with Ferraris Kimi Raikkonen fifth.
Mexican Sergio Perez was
sixth for Force India, with
team principal Vijay Mallya
able to attend a race for the
first time this season, and German teammate Nico Hulkenberg seventh.
Spaniard Carlos Sainz was
eighth for Toro Rosso, with
Ferraris Sebastian Vettel
ninth after being handed a five
second penalty for forcing the
Williams of Brazilian Felipe
Massa of the track.
Sainzs Russian team mate
Daniil Kvyat took the final
point. Agencies


Mercedes more popular for collisions

BERLIN: Athletics powerhouse

Buttler sufers
thumb fracture

was booed by some in the

crowd as he stepped onto the
podium, would have finished
had Mercedes not given him
their advice.
But Mercedes team boss Toto Wolf said the governing
FIA would have to decide.
We know what is allowed
on the rules. The gearbox was
about to fail. We think we
should be OK, but well wait,
the Austrian told the BBC.
Rosberg, who had a stirring
battle with Verstappen that involved each overtaking the
other, said he was confident
the team had acted within the
rules. Australian Daniel Ricciardo was fourth for Red Bull,

slushy areas we had a couple

of trucks coming in our way
and forcing us to slow down. It
was challenging, said Ali.
Team CEATs Nidhi Shukla
riding a Honda Activa turned
out to be the best woman rider;
she completed the race with a
penalty of 45.20 seconds.
The results: Overall: 1. Syed Asif
Ali (TVS Wego) 32.43s penalty; 2.
Shamim Khan (Mahindra Gusto)
33.36; 3. Erimal Shekharan (Yamaha
Alpha) 34.18; 4. Sheshraj Yadav (Yamaha Alpha) 35.54;5. Muzaffar Ali
(TVS Wego) 36.05.
Class S1, 81-110cc, 2-stroke,
Group C: 1. Rohan Thakur (Kinetic
Marvel) 36:54; 2. Nilesh Thakare (Kinetic Honda) 38:34; 3. Kunal Rao (Kinetic Marvel) 39:10.
Class S2, 111-160cc, 2-stroke,
Group C: Manjit Singh Bassan (LML
Vespa) 37:14; 2. Ravindra Singh (LML
Vespa) 43:58; 3. Vikram Boparai
(LML Vespa) 47:34.
Best performance by a firsttimer in two-wheeler rally, Firdosh VajifdarTrophy: Mohsin Mehboob Faki (Yamaha A) 37:18.

Serjeant At Arms reigns supreme

BENGALURU: Serjeant At Arms (A.
Sandesh up) won the Kingfisher Ultra Derby Bangalore, the chief event
of the races held here on Sunday
(July 10).
The winner is owned by Five
Stars Shipping Co. Pvt. Limited represented by Mr. & Mrs. K.N. Dhunjibhoy and Mr. & Mrs. Z.K.
Dhunjibhoy & Mr. Vispi R. Patel and
trained by S. Attaollahi.
The results:
1. MYSORE CUP (Div. II),
(1,400m), rated 15 to 35: Legacy
Dream (A. Sandesh) 1, Emancipation (S. John) 2, Rigelray (A. Merchant) 3 and Galino (Zervan) 4. 4, 1
and 2-1/2. 1m 28.21s. Rs. 24 (w), 12, 24
and 22 (p), SHP: Rs. 60, FP: Rs. 160,
Q: Rs. 121, Trinella: Rs. 561 and Rs.
211, Exacta: Rs. 1,321 and Rs. 614. Favourite: Legacy Dream. Owners:
Mr. B.H. Krishna Murthy, Mrs. M.
Sandhya Mohan & Mr. B. Puttanna.
Trainer: B. Puttanna.
2. DELHI CUP (1,600m), rated
15 to 35, 4-y-o & over: Amazing
Skill (Suraj Narredu) 1, Shivalik
Girl (Arshad Alam) 2, Pull The Plug
(T.S. Jodha) 3 and Granada (S.J. Sunil) 4. Not run: Love Is Life. 1/2, Nk
and 4-3/4. 1m 40.33s. Rs. 20 (w), 14
and 69 (p), SHP: Rs. 137, FP: Rs. 535,
Q: Rs. 312, Trinella: Rs. 1,485 and Rs.
142, Exacta: Rs. 5,294 and Rs. 1,906.
Favourite: Amazing Skill. Owner:

Mrs. Radhika Narredu. Trainer: S.

3. CHENNAI CUP (1,200m),
maiden 3-y-o only, (Terms): Tzar
(P.S. Chouhan) 1, Running Hand (A.
Sandesh) 2, Carinosa (S. John) 3 and
Romantic Helen (A. Merchant) 4.
Not run: A Hearttoremember. 2-3/4,
1 and 1-3/4. 1m 13.22s. Rs. 25 (w), 13, 13
and 18 (p), SHP: Rs. 36, FP: Rs. 31, Q:
Rs. 14, Trinella: Rs. 80 and Rs. 57,
Exacta: Rs. 234 and Rs. 132. Favourite: Tzar. Owner: Mr. Aditya P.
Thackersey. Trainer: S. Dominic.
4. KOLKATA CUP (1,800m),
rated 60 & above: Quaker Ridge
(A. Sandesh) 1, Gabino (Suraj Narredu) 2, Dazzling Bay (A. Ramu) 3 and
Zucchero (Zervan) 4. 2, 3/4, and 21/4. 1m 53.67s. Rs. 26 (w), 15 and 16
(p), SHP: Rs. 34, FP: Rs. 52, Q: Rs. 21,
Trinella: Rs. 115 and Rs. 86, Exacta:
Rs. 274 and Rs. 175. Favourite: Quaker Ridge. Owners: Rajagiri Rubber
& Produce Co. Ltd. rep. by Mr. Dilip
Thomas & Ms. Ameeta Mehra.
Trainer: Arjun Mangalorkar.
5. HYDERBAD CUP (1,400m),
maiden 3-y-o only, (Terms): Secret
Pursuit (A. Sandesh) 1, Mahathi
(Akshay Kumar) 2, Buscadero (Zervan) 3 and Raw Gold (Shobhan) 4.
Not run: Flirting Eyes. Nk, 1-1/2 and
2. 1m 27.45s. Rs. 17 (w), 11, 19 and 22
(p), SHP: Rs. 40, FP: Rs. 44, Q: Rs. 32,
Trinella: Rs. 161 and Rs. 88, Exacta:

Rs. 1,723 and Rs. 951. Favourite: Secret Pursuit. Owner: Mr. Kersi H.
Vachha. Trainer: S. Padmanabhan.
6. MUMBAI CUP (Div. I),
(1,200m), rated 30 to 50: Back In A
Flash (Arshad Alam) 1, Havelock
Princess (P.S. Chouhan) 2, Emidio
(P.P. Dhebe) 3 and Tweedle Dee
(Neeraj) 4. Not run: Saladin. 1-1/2, 2
and 2-1/2. 1m 12.87s. Rs. 50 (w), 15, 13
and 14 (p), SHP: Rs. 40, FP: Rs. 78, Q:
Rs. 24, Trinella: Rs. 155 and Rs. 76,
Exacta: Rs. 556 and Rs. 350. Favourite: Havelock Princess. Owner: Mr.
S.N. Prasad. Trainer: Hidayat Khan.
(2,000m), 3-y-o, (Terms):
SERJEANT AT ARMS (Ikhtyar Rahys Serenade) A. Sandesh
ASTER ROSE (Multidimensional
Lei) S. John 2.
ICE GLACIER (Arazan Icebreaker) Neeraj 3.
WHOMAKESTHERULES (Multidimensional Pricewise) Suraj
Narredu 4.
1-1/4, 3/4 and 3/4. 2m 05.80s. Rs. 16
(w), 12, 25 and 58 (p), SHP: Rs. 66, FP:
Rs. 77, Q: Rs. 94, Trinella: Rs. 847
and Rs. 491, Exacta: Rs. 2,797 and Rs.
940. Favourite: Serjeant At Arms.
Owners: Five Stars Shipping Co.
Pvt. Ltd. rep by Mr. & Mrs. K.N.
Dhunjibhoy and Mr. & Mrs. Z.K.

Dhunjibhoy & Mr. Vispi R. Patel.

Trainer: S. Attaollahi.
8. MYSORE CUP (Div. I),
(1,400m), rated 15 to 35: Lord Darlington (A. Sandesh) 1, Rakshitha
(S. John) 2, Love For Life (Suraj Narredu) 3 and Brave Minstrel (David
Breux) 4. Not run: Intrepid Warrior.
5-1/2, 8 and 5-1/4. 1m 26.38s. Rs. 22
(w), 13, 14 and 18 (p), SHP: Rs. 37, FP:
Rs. 60, Q: Rs. 48, Trinella: Rs. 100
and Rs. 52, Exacta: Rs. 219 and Rs.
139. Favourite: Lord Darlington.
Owner: Mr. S. Pathy. Trainer: S.
9. MUMBAI CUP (Div. II),
(1,200m), rated 30 to 50: Arabelle
(Suraj Narredu) 1, Royal Sceptre
(P.S. Chouhan) 2, Aquitania (A.
Sandesh) 3 and Kapalua (S. John) 4.
5-1/4, 3/4 and 4. 1m 12.52s. Rs. 38 (w),
14, 13 and 26 (p), SHP: Rs. 45, FP: Rs.
68, Q: Rs. 21, Trinella: Rs. 112 and Rs.
123, Exacta: Rs. 352 and Rs. 173. Favourite: Royal Sceptre. Owners: Mr.
Zavaray S. Poonawalla, Mr. Byram
N. Jeejeebhoy, Mr. Jaydev M. Mody
& Sahaan Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
rep. by Dr. Tarita Shankar. Trainer:
M. Narredu.
Jackpot: Rs. 1,227 (1,854 tkts.);
Runner-up: Rs. 139 (6,997 tkts.); Treble (i): Rs. 107 (268 tkts.); (ii): Rs. 178
(204 tkts.); (iii): Rs. 137 (399 tkts.).





Spanish matador fatally gored in ring

Hungarian film bags Czech fest top prize

Robot stingray made of rat heart cells

A bullfighter was fatally gored in Spain late on

Saturday, the first professional matador to be
killed in the ring in more than three decades.

Hungarian film Its Not The Time Of My Life won

the top prize at the Czech Republics Karlovy Vary
film festival on Saturday, the organisers said.

U.S. scientists have developed a tiny, lightcontrolled robot stingray that can swim with the
help of muscle cells taken from rat hearts.

Old bones cast new light on Philistines

Excavation in Israel is expected to reveal funeral customs of the people during Goliaths time

U.S. inmates
break out of jail
to save guard

ASHKELON, ISRAEL: With an excavation in southern Israel unearthing a Philistine cemetery for the first time, bones of
the biblical giant Goliaths
people can finally shed new
light on mysteries of their
The cemeterys discovery
achievement of some three
decades of excavations in the
area, the expeditions organisers say.
Some of the sites finds
were going on display on
Sunday at the Rockefeller
Archaeological Museum in
Almost three millennia
since the Philistines were
wiped of the face of the
earth by Babylonian armies,
a U.S. archaeologist was hard
at work crouched in one of
their funerary chambers at
the excavation in the Mediterranean city of Ashkelon.
Brush in hand, he delicately extracted from the sandy
soil the complete skeleton of
a Philistine buried with a terracotta perfume flask, fused

HOUSTON: A group of eight

handcufed inmates in the
U.S. state of Texas busted out
of their cell and saved the life
of a prison guard having a
heart attack, a media report
said on Sunday.
The eight inmates were
locked up in a holding cell at
the District Courts Building
in Fort Worth city when the
incident happened. The only
guard posted next to the cell
had been cracking jokes with
the inmates when he suddenly collapsed in his chair due
to a cardiac arrest, New York
Daily News reported.
One of the prisoners managed to break the cell door
open and the group approached the fallen guard
who had no pulse at that
time. When oicers finally
arrived, they locked up the
inmates back into the cell
and started performing CPR
on the breathless guard in a
bid to save him. Medics used
a defibrillator to shock the
guard, and his heart started
beating again as the inmates
looked on. PTI

on the site of its ancient Philistine port city, which had

13,000 inhabitants at its peak.
Today the area lies in a national park popular with Israeli families from modern
Ashkelon who come for a
stroll along the seaside lawns
and paths.

HIDDEN TREASURES: Archaeology students unearth a skeleton

and clay jars at the Philistine cemetery. PHOTO: REUTERS
to the skull with the passage
of time.
This discovery is a
crowning achievement, the
opportunity to finally see
them face to face, said archaeologist Daniel Master, in
charge of the site excavated
since 1985 under the Leon
Levy Expedition, ailiated
with Harvard Universitys
Semitic Museum, among
other institutions.
With these 145 corpses,

New FB feature helps

charities raise money
HOUSTON: Tech giant Facebook has come up with a
new feature that can help
nonprofits and charity organisations to raise money
for the causes they care
about, the company said.
Several months after the
social network launched a
new fundraiser feature
for nonprofits to collect donations, Facebook announced it has expanded
the tool to individual users.
The tool is now available
to 1 per cent of U.S. users
standard for new Facebook
products in order to gather
feedback and make sure
there are not any bugs
but it will roll out to all U.S.
users in the coming weeks.
The new fundraisers are
the latest feature from Facebooks Social Good team,
which oicially launched in
September 2015 and is the
force behind tools like Safety Check and Amber Alerts.

Crisis response
Focussing on products
aimed at crisis response and
charitable giving, the team
now hopes to break down
barriers and empower people to use the tools it is
We had Facebook fundraising for nonprofits with


The tool is currently

available to only 1%
of U.S. users but will
be rolled out to all
American users soon

we hope not only to understand their funeral customs,

but to collect clues in the
bones to understand how
they lived, to bring the Philistines to life again, he said.
Bone samples taken from
the site are currently undergoing DNA, radiocarbon and
other tests to try to shed
fresh light on the Philistines
The first graves were discovered in Ashkelon in 2013

Sea people
Who were the Philistines?
The origins of this sea people a term also used to describe their Phoenician contemporaries remain a
Their red-and-black pottery suggests they may have
come from the Mycenaean
civilisation of the Aegean.
What is certain is that
they were strangers in the
Semitic region, where their
presence between 1,200 and
around 600 BC is evident on
a thin coastal strip running
from present-day Gaza to Tel
Aviv, said Mr. Master.
Traders and seafarers
they spoke a language of Indo-European origin did
not practice circumcision

and ate pork and dog, as proven by bones and marks

found on them in the ruins of
the other four Philistine cities: Gaza, Gath, Ashdod and
Ekron. Beyond the previously scanty archaeological record, the Philistines are
known mostly from the Old
Testament account given by
their neighbours and bitter
The book of Samuel describes the capture by Philistine fighters of the Ark of the
Covenant and the duel between their giant warrior
Goliath felled by a stone
from Davids sling.
From these biblical descriptions of savage marauders comes the modern usage
of philistine to mean a person without culture or manners. A few hundred metres
from the dig, at its outdoor
laboratory, anthropologist
and pathologist Sherry Fox
told the skeletons story.
In their teeth, we can see
that they did not have an easy
life, she said. AFP

Working in films not forever: Sunny Leone

unny Leone says being a part of films is not going to be forever

for her. The former adult film star made her comeback to India
with popular reality show Bigg Boss
season five in 2011, followed by her debut film
Jism 2 the next year. Sunny feels that it is
important for anyone who is in the
entertainment industry to branch out and try
other things. For me, it cant be just about
the movies. Unfortunately, thats the world
we live in. If you want to be successful as a
business person or an entertainment person,
you have to branch out in every way
possible, Leone said.
For me, making movies is not going to be
forever, it cant be. It is not going to last. The big question always is
what is the plan then? the Mastizaade star said. PTI

I dont like to wear make-up, says Mila Kunis

ollywood actor Mila Kunis has revealed that she does not like
to wear a lot of make-up. The 32-year-old actor said she
doesnt smother her face with cosmetic
products, and doesnt wash her hair every day
because she is not that person who spends a
long time on her beauty routine, reported
Femalefirst. I dont wear make-up. I dont
wash my hair every day. Its not something that
I associate with myself. I commend women
who wake up 30, 40 minutes early to put on
eyeliner, she said. I think its beautiful. Im just
not that person. So to go to a shoot and
have my make-up artist put on face cream
and send me off to do a photo, I was like,
Well, this makes life easy. PTI

Worlds biggest orchestra

Chinese film festival in
performs in German stadium Kolkata seeks to herald peace

Corps in Nepal and then last

year... nonprofits could fundraise for themselves,
Naomi Gleit, vice-president
of product management for
social good at Facebook,
said in a statement. But the
real vision has always been
people fundraising for nonprofits.
Inspiration for the tool
The inspiration for the
tool came from the ALS Ice
Bucket Challenge, which
went viral in 2014. Facebook
saw people raising money
and awareness, but the ALS
Association told Facebook
that it couldnt handle the
volume of traic to its website, nor could it accept international
Now, users will be able to
donate directly through
Facebook or start their own
campaigns. Any U.S.-based
nonprofit that holds a
501(c)3 status, has a verified
Facebook page and agrees
to the Facebook Pages
Terms can sign up for the
programme. PTI


SOUND OF MUSIC: Spectators attend an attempt to assemble the worlds biggest orchestra with
more than 7,500 participants in Frankfurt on Saturday. PHOTO: AFP
BERLIN: More than 7,500 classi-

cal musicians performed in a

German football arena at the
weekend to set the world record for the biggest-ever
Amateur groups and full
orchestras from Germany as
well as Austria and the Netherlands took part in the
mega-show Saturday evening in Frankfurts Commerzbank Arena, national

news agency DPA reported.

With 7,548 musicians involved, the event trumped
the previous biggest such
performance in the Guinness
World Records, set in Brisbane, Australia in 2013, with
7,224 musicians.
The giant orchestra in
Germany performed excerpts from symphonies by
Dvorak and Beethoven, including the Ode to Joy, as

well as a melody from the

musical Starlight Express
and a 1976 pop song by John
Miles Music (Was My First
We wanted to show how
music can connect people,
and how important it is for
Germany, said the initiator
of the project, Jens Illemann,
who is a trumpet player from
the northern city of Hamburg. AFP

KOLKATA: At a time when Delhi-Beijing relationship is

confronting rough weather,
Kolkata is all set to host its
first dedicated festival of
Chinese films.
Seven films, including a
controversial but much-admired film on China of
1990s, Not One Less, will be
screened in the government-owned film centre,
Nandan, from July 17. West
Bengal government and the
Chinese Consulate are
jointly hosting the festival.
We have shown one or
two Chinese films. But never a package of seven Chinese films, said Yadav
Mondal, Chief Executive
Oicer of Nandan.

Focus country
We are also discussing if
we can make China the focus country in Novembers
Kolkata Film Festival, Mr.
Mondal said. The Consul
General of China and Mr.
Mondal will jointly address
a press conference on July
15. We hope that this film
festival, with some of the
most well-made Chinese
films, will usher in an era of

Posters of two Chinese films that will be screened at the

festival, which commences in Kolkata on July 17.
peace between the countries, said Mr. Mondal.
China and Kolkata had a
long association, which
dates back to the Ming dynasty in early 14th century.
From the port in South
China to Kolkata it was a
viable trade route. So some
kind of oicial representation not a formal Consulate was located in Kolkata hundreds of years back,
said Chinese Consul General in Kolkata Ma Zhanwu.
The main commodities
produced and traded were
silk, spices, textiles, tea, salt
emerged as the biggest

trade, and East India Company supplied opium to

China through Kolkata.
An average cargo was
about 1,000 chests that
could be delivered from
Calcutta to the Canton estuary in as little as 25 days
with fast ship and good
weather, wrote noted historian Hunt Janin. Each
chest used to contain
about 120 pounds of semiprocessed opium, he
wrote. Following the 1962
war between China and India, the Consulate in Kolkata was shut down only to be
reopened about eight years
back, in 2008.