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Schedule of Fees – 2010

Foundation Course
Tuition Fees R50 630pa
Mandatory Activity Fee **R665 pa
Exam Fees *UK £12.70 per paper subject (Maths, Science and English only)
Tuition Fees R9 109 per subject° pa
Art Practical R525pa
Computer Practical R525pa
Bio/Science Practical R1 125pa
Mandatory Activity Fee **IGCSE 1 – R990 pa ** IGCSE 2 – R1 215 pa
Exam Fees *UK £23.70 per subject
A Level
Tuition Fees R13 575 per subject pa (e.g. Post-Matric 3 subjects R40 725pa)
IGCSE Exam Tutorial*** R5 433 per subject pa
AS level Exam Tutorial R2 515 per subject pa
Practicals : A1 & A2 Art R785 pa
A1 Biology R3 262 pa
A2 Biology R2 419pa
A1 &A2 Computers R961pa
A1 &A2 Chemistry R3 898pa
A1 Geography R1050pa
A1&A2 Physics R 2 419pa
Mandatory Activity Fee **R1 855 pa
Exam Fees *AS/AL: UK £21.10 per subject plus UK £9.70 per candidate.
*AS & AL in one session = UK £36.45 per subject plus UK £9.70
per candidate

1. The non refundable minimum initial payment of R25 000 confirms registration and is deducted from the
tuition fees payable.As is the norm in international schools, the balance of fees is due and payable in full by
the commencement of studies. The College reserves the right to withhold course and/or exam results should
any fees not be settled in full.
2. Credit may be arranged via our student finance partners. This will enable qualifying South African parents or
foreign parents associated with a qualifying South African registered company to pay by installment should
they wish to do so. (R12 500 by 31 March, R12 500 by 31 May and any balance by 31 July). To apply, please
consult the Bursar. Terms and conditions may apply.

3. All discounts apply solely to tuition fees; therefore this excludes exam fees, practical fees and mandatory
activity fees. The following discounts on tuition fees are offered:
i) 7.5% discount applies if tuition fees are settled in full by 31 December of the previous year.
ii) A family bursary of 5% of the tuition fee is awarded to siblings of registered students..
iii) 4% discount applies if no credit is applied for and tuition fees are settled in full upon commencement of
studies. This discount does not apply to the commencement of studies after 28 February.
4. Payments may be by cheque, by credit card, direct deposit or electronic transfer. For our students’ safety,
cash payments cannot be accepted on campus.
In terms of this agreement you undertake to notify British International College in writing via e-
mail, or otherwise as to all payments made by you or on your behalf. Payments to be made into account of:

British International College

Standard Bank
Fourways Crossing, Branch Code 009 953
Account number 421487364
Reference: Student name and student number

* Paid in South African rands at the prevailing exchange rate. 2010 exam fees not yet available.
** There may be additional subject specific excursion fees and transport costs.
*** Certain foreign languages (June exam in A1 year of study)
° English Foreign Language and Co-ordinated Sciences are double subjects.