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Personal Reflection


My personal reflection about the Matthew 26: 17-30 which depicts the
story of the Last Supper speaks of three important things. The following are;
First is the value of meal. I grew up only eating the food I want. When
the food served in our table is not my preferred meal, then I insist on not
eating. Foods like vegetables are rare for me to eat. Most of the time, what I
eat are all meat and sweets. Though, this kind of eating habits is not healthy.
Without realizing I became more and more demanding to the food that I eat.
It is alright to be demanding for a nutritious diet however my case is in
My way of living with regards to food is not only unhealthy physically
but also spiritually. The reason is, I failed to become contented to what I
have. Instead of being thankful to the grace I received, I tend to be choosy. I
know that changing this habit is quite challenging, especially that Im used to
it but whats important is that I am willing to change. Well, to make it more
clearly, why I am sharing this or should I say why I am reflecting for this kind
of realization is due to the simplicity Jesus and His apostles had shown in the
Last Supper.
Poverty that leads to starvation and malnutrition is rampant in todays
society. Many children are dying every day because they have no food to eat.
While here I am, rejecting other food and continue being picky. However,
knowing how Jesus and His apostles share meal with other, not being picky,
instead being contented, thankful and simple made me realize to change.
Though, this change will not quickly happen. I think it will take a long time
before I can achieve it, so for now I need to be patient and persistent to it.
Putting this into action will take gradually yet assuredly.

Second is the very essence of the Last Supper which calls for radical
conversion of heart and sacrifice. Just like how lamb was offered for worship
and reconciliation with God, Jesus also offered Himself as a Sacrificial Lamb
during the Last Supper. In which, through this every one including me
undergo conversion from bad to good. Its easy to say that people should be
righteous and live holy, but it will always be difficult for us humans because
of temptations.
I remember in high school, when we tackled what St. Thomas the
Aquinas had said before which talks about lack of goodness. People commit
sins not because they are evil in nature, since God created us all good, but
because of lack/insufficient of goodness. Thats why, praying is important.
Through prayer, we ask God for reconciliation and supplication. In fact,
prayer is the best means for us to achieve radical conversion of heart. It is
because in prayer that we become closer to God and build strong
relationship with God. With God, nothing is impossible, all we need to do is
talk to Him just like how St. Monica persistently pray for his son who also
eventually became saint, St. Augustine.
The implication of this for me is that I must have a vibrant prayer life in
order to achieve the change that I want, and of course not my will, but
instead Gods will be done. This is also related to the Third and Last, which I
active participation in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. If the Last
Supper commemorates the Passover, the Holy Eucharist commemorates the
Last Supper and because of that it requires active and regular participation in
Sunday masses.
Hence, when attending masses, I ought not to be late, listen
attentively, sing and respond actively and the most important thing is to
receive Christ with a clean conscience in the Holy Communion.

Again, all these three, the value of meal, conversion and sacrifice and
celebration of Holy Eucharist, are the important things I have realized from
the text of our groups biblical hermeneutics, Matthew 26:17-30.

Social Reflection
The story of the Last Supper in Matthew 26:17-30 speaks of different
social issues that are present in the modern world. These social issues
include poverty, greediness, family relationships, conversion, sacrifice and
Before, there's an artist who illustrated the painting of Last Supper in a
different way. Instead of apostles eating with Jesus, poor children are the
ones with Jesus sharing meal. This scenario only wants to show how many
people today, especially the young ones, are suffering from poverty that
leads to starvation, malnutrition and even death. And showing this, aims to
make people realize to live a simple and content life that will promote equity
in our society today.
For example, instead of having lavish celebrations, large banquets, and
expensive gatherings, why not donate food for the poor? Why not encourage
people to share meals with the homeless? Why not save money that will be

used for uplifting people living in poverty? Why not sponsors outreach
programs? Why not take care of brothers and sisters by helping the
government and non-governmental units in their projects for the poor? All of
these questions will be answered if only people will realize to live a simple
life in order to abolish the problem in poverty.
Greediness is shown in the Last Supper through Judas, wherein during
meal Jesus revealed that among His apostles will betray Him. Judas is a
personification of greed, despite of having enough food to eat, a descent
place where one can eat, people whom he can share food with, he still crave
for more instead of being contented. Judas in our society today is reflected to
the same kind of people, criminals, however with different cause and roots.
The first one is those corrupt officials who steal money from public
funds and the main reason of poverty. The second one, is the one who steal
food, because of their current situation. These people who, instead of dying
hungry, chose to steal in order to provide themselves their needs.
Technically, these people were product of the first one. However, wrong is
wrong. In order, to prevent people from becoming like Judas, everyone must
be educate themselves to endure their selfish desires, live righteously and
always think that theirs grace in obedience to God.
Meals are important in building stronger family relationships. Meals are
considered as bonding time for families, it is because eating together would
also mean sharing day-to-day activities, addressing family issues and also a
venue for planning on outings. However, the question is, is there any family
who still do this culture of eating together as whole family? The answer is
yes, but a very few. As the world revolves, cultures like this are forgotten,
everyone becomes busier every day, leaving no time to eat together with all
family members complete.
If this kind of scenario continues, the tendency for Christian families to
fall or break apart is very high, and this might affect the Church when its

basic unit become divided. As the saying goes, united we stand, divided we
fall. Of course, the kind of Church we envision is a United Church, and
because of that we must again revive the culture of eating together just like
what the apostles and Jesus did in the Last Supper. Eating together is
important, but it is not only applicable for families, it is essential for building
new relationships or an even stronger bonds like eating together with
friends, with our poor brothers and sisters through outreach programs and
many more occasions.
For conversion and sacrifice, in the Last Supper Jesus offered Himself
for the forgiveness of sins and for obtaining an everlasting life for those who
are repentant. So lets the opportunity to live our lives according to the
teachings of Christ especially that it is for our own good. Although,
conversion is not easy, still we should give our best shot to exercise our faith
and share Christs love and goodness to others daily. We should give up our
desire for material things and we should aim for the nourishment of our souls
by avoiding the call of flesh (temptations) and by helping the poor. Sacrifice
comes from abstinence of anything excessive that is not healthy for us, like
abstinence of vices, computer games and choosiness in food.
Its alright to do the conversion and sacrifice process in a gradual
manner. Whats important is that it will done, sincerely and permanently.
On the last social issue, the Last Supper is also a place for thanksgiving
to God, especially that it is equated to the celebration of the Holy Eucharist
in the present time. Nowadays, are many more people pay gratitude to God
or even to other people for the things they have received? Well, the answer
is not definite but from what I observe many of us today fail to express our
gratitude to others. In which, this kind of practice is not good. We should
always remember that without God, we are nothing and also No man is an
island. Therefore, we must always thank God for everything and also thank
those people around us who are always there to help and support us.

To exemplify everything in my social reflection, again, poverty,

greediness, family relationships, conversion, sacrifice and thanksgiving are
the main aspects I attribute to our society today based on my perspectives
and study of Mt. 26:17-30.