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Center for Supportive Bureaucracy (CSB

Empowering Clerks Network (ECN)
Legal Department
Special Affairs Committee
Hudson Valley, NY. The Empowering Clerks Network (ECN) released an emergency
announcement regarding the group’s intention to take legal action against GOP Presidential
candidate Donald Trump. ECN officials concluded that the average American has spent
approximately 3 hours a week handling various issues regarding Trump in the last 12 months.
“Such precious time could have been spent gardening, investing in relationships or cooking.
Because of Trump all of these opportunities to make our lives better are now gone” they say.
According to CSB Legal Department (which is known for its conservative calculations), at
minimum wage rates, Trump would owe each American about $2,063 for wasted time following
the election cycle. Even with a moderate settlement, compensation may reach over 67 billion
dollars (LPM74). “He owes it to the American people” says M. P., one of ECN 250 Empowering
Clerks around the country and in Canada. One of the largest Empowerment Processing Facilities
(EPF-89A) in the North East is developing an official document regarding the actions CSB will
take against Trump and conducting a research regarding an optional class suit.
Empowering Clerks Network is one of the largest organizations providing Playful Paperwork
services in the US and Canada. Together with the Center for Supportive Bureaucracy it provided
about 100,000 official documents including ​Joy Permits (valid for 6 months then can be renewed
online or using white out), ​Forgiver’s License (Class A to forgive oneself and others, Class B to
forgive others only), ​Open Carry permit for musical instruments​, ​Racism Release Forms, OK
Parent Awards, Adults Special Achievement Stickers, Certified Apology Declarations, DIY
Certificates of Recognition, Pain Deed, Official signs, Village Fool Diploma ​and more.
Recently ECN Representatives offered the services at RNC and DNC. ECN’s goal is to increase
the amount of bureaucratic forms in people’s lives, claiming ​“the more paperwork - the better”​.
Through its numerous departments and divisions, it claims to increase compassion stats by 32%
and joy levels by 872 points (data provided).
It is unclear which kind of court will handle the case.
Center for Supportive Bureaucracy Empowering Clerks Network
Forgiver’s License (Class A&B) • Joy Permits (6 months renew online or use white-out) • Refurbished Report Cards •
Adults Special Achievement Stickers • Pain Deeds • Certified Apology Declarations • Loving & Liable Entity (LLE)
certifications • True Friend Diploma • OK Parent Awards • Clown Visa • Aunt/Uncle Adoption Agency • Empowering
Clerks training • Open Carry permits for musical instruments • DIY Certificates of Recognition • Village Fool Diploma •