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Central Coast Family Display Advertising


(805) 528-0440


Ad Size


3-12 mos

Full Page



1/2 Page
1/3 Page
1/4 Page
1/6 Page
1/8 Page
1/16 Page

Full Page (~ 10 X 13)

All rates are per insertion (and commissionable) for full

color publication in print. Non-profit advertisers and
those paying in advance for three months or more are
eligible for our lowest rates (in right-hand column).

1/2 Page (~ 10 X 6.5)

Insertion orders, ad copy, and ad edits are due by the 15th
of the month prior to publication. Initial ad orders must be
accompanied by payment. All subsequent payments will
be due by the 15th. Ads will be published at your current
rate unless notice of cancellation is received by the 15th.

Submit print-ready ads in 300 dpi EPS, JPG, or PDF format
and CMYK color mode, without border and with fonts
embedded, as an email attachment. Upload huge files to a
FTP site. Advertisers bear sole responsibility for ad content.

Free basic graphic design assistance (with up to 2 rounds of
edits) is available for paid insertion orders received by the
10th of the month prior to publication.

Preferred placement may be available without charge,
if indicated with insertion order. Premium placement:

1/3 Page (~ 5 X 8)

Pg 3: rate x2 Back cover: rate x4 Front cover: rate x6


1/4 Page (~ 5 X 6.5)

Free-standing insert cost varies by area. Call us for quotes.

1/6 Page (~ 5 X 4)

1/8 Page (~ 5 X 3.25)

Rates effective 1-1-2015. Ad rates and terms are subject to change without notice.

1/16 Page (~ 2.5 X 3.25)