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Report Writing; How to Write Simply and Clearly


Country Venue
6/12/2016 - 7/12/2016 9AM - 5PM Malaysia Armada PJ


Do you have to write reports on technical or business subjects?

Have you ever had difficulty in organising your thoughts?
Or in deciding how to put together all the information you have available in writing?
Worst of all, have you ever found that others bosses, colleagues, customers for some
reason do not understand the messages you are trying to put across in your report, even
though these seem clear to you?
If you have had these kinds of difficulties, this two-day workshop is for you! Gordon is a former
British Diplomat with extensive hands-on experience in both writing reports and in teaching
how to write good English. Over the two days, he will share with you and get you to practise
some highly practical tips and techniques that will help you make your reports clearer,
simpler and more convincing.

Learning Outcomes

During the workshop, you will learn and practise: The importance of tailoring a report to your audience (readers)and to your objectives
(what you want your readers to know, think, and above all do).
How to plan and structure a reportto achieve this; and to ensure that your key messages
get across.
How to simplify your writing: to make the complex simple and the complicated clear, even
to non-specialists.
Key English grammar for report writing, including errors commonly made and how to
avoid these.
How to make best use of graphics and other visuals

Who Must Attend

This course is designed for everyone who is required to write reports or similar documents on
complex or technical matters. Whatever the subject matter (from engineering, to electronics,
to IT; from chemical or physical processes, to management, finance, PR and HR processes),
the course leader will help you to make the complex simple, and the complicated clear.
Participants need to have a good level of English: at least intermediate to high-intermediate.

Course Details

Module 1: Introduction
What makes a good report (and a bad one)?
What difficulties do you have when writing reports?
Samples of good technical reports, and why they are good
Module 2: Key English language and grammar for report writing

Common English writing errors and how to avoid and correct them
Effective and clear punctuation for report writers
Singulars and plurals, and subject-verb agreement
Tenses: how and when to use them
Active versus passive verbs: what they are, and which to use when
Conditionals (if sentences)

Module 3: How to plan and structure a good report

Setting clear objectives, tailored to the audience (your readers)
The structure of a good report: What sections should you have? In what order? And
what should each section cover?
How to write key sections (such as Summary, Introduction, Conclusions and
Recommendations), and ensure that your key messages are highlighted
Module 4: Writing style
Apply the KISS principle everywhere, to fight wordiness, redundancy (unnecessary
words) and complexity
How to make the technical understandable to non-technical readers: avoiding (or if
necessary explaining) jargon
Be active, not passive!
Paragraphs: Why they are important. And how to write good ones
Linking words and phrases to make your reports easy to read and follow
Module 5: Using graphics and visuals to spice up your presentation
What makes a good visual?
When and how to use different kinds of graphics (tables, charts, pictures etc)
When and where to insert visuals for best effect


The course is highly interactive, with a wide range of exercises, discussions and other
activities. Participants must therefore come ready to take active part. Participants will also
receive full handouts with key points from the course to take away.

Course Leader

Gordon is a former British Diplomat with over 25 years of experience working in a wide range
of jobs, countries and regions of the world. He has lived and worked in Malaysia since 2003,
initially as Director of Trade and Investment at the British High Commission and, since 2007,
as an English specialist, management & soft skills trainer, and freelance
In his career, Gordon has had extensive hands-on experience in producing reports and other
business documents on a wide range of subjects. He is also a specialist in teaching how to
write effective, clear English. In addition to technical report writing, Gordon also delivers
courses on presentation and public speaking, negotiation, communication and motivation, and
both general and business English. Among the companies Gordon has trained are Ambank,
Tractors Malaysia/Sime Darby, Aker Kvaerner, Alstom, Alliance Bank, Malaysia Debt
Ventures, Nikon, Petronas, Philips, Shell, Siemens, Sunway, UOB and the KLCC Convention
Gordon is an associate trainer of the Group. He conducts courses in both
the English language (including technical report writing), leadership, management and
presentation skills.
View Gordon on Youtube:


Good training, interactive course and knowledgable instructor.CTRM Aero Composite,

Noraskihin, Engineeer
I feel more confident after the course,Abu Sabri, Material Engineer, Melaka.
A must for all technical personnel. Very useful and helped me a lot in making effective reports!Astro Broadcast
Fantastic course, well supported by in class exercises. Well worth attending!Anita,Human
Resources Director, DHL Asia Pacific Information Service, Cyberjaya
Very useful course hopefully it will teach me not to be so wordy. Course very well given considering the fairly dry
subject.Fadzil Osman, Petronas.
I was very impressed with the overall session. I have learnt new skills and I am confident what I have learnt today
can be transferred into good report writing.Mahavedran, Senior Engineer, ASTRO

I highly recommend this course to engineers. I now have a great idea of a how a
structured report should be. I definitely helps me a great deal. Thanks. Cindy, Technical Support Analyst, GfK Retail
and Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd

After attending this course, I able to use the proper technique to write my
reports. I am very happy with the outcome and will definitely recommend to my other colleagues. Goh, Business

Analyst, GfK Retail and Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd


Normal fee
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MYR 2,780.00
USD 650.00
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Group Fee
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Pay 14 days before course starts
MYR 2,080.00
USD 480.00

(Fee inclusive of GST, Buffet Lunch, Refreshment, Welcome Pack, Training Materials Certificate of Achievement)

Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.
Certificates are distributed on the final day of the program.

Payment mode:
1. ONLINE PAYMENT by Credit card: You can opt to register and pay online with our latest
payment integration system through our website.
Bank in and then scan the Bank-in slip and email to us before the course commence to confirm
your seat.
Courier your cheque payment to our Finance HQ.
*Note that we DO NOT take any payments during the event.
3. BANK IN CASH:You can also pay by cash through bank-in our company bank account.
4. Telegraphic Transfer- You can also opt to use GIRO or telegraphic transfer of payment via
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