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Prayer for a Good Husband or Wife

O Jesus, lover of the young, the dearest Friend I have, in all confidence I open my heart
to You to beg Your light and assistance in the important task of planning my future. Give
me the light of Your grace, that I may decide wisely concerning the person who is to be
my partner through life. Dearest Jesus, send me such a one whom in Your divine
wisdom You judge best suited to be united with me in marriage. May her/his character
reflect some of the traits of Your own Sacred Heart. May s/he be upright, loyal, pure,
sincere and noble, so that with united efforts and with pure and unselfish love we both
may strive to perfect ourselves in soul and body, as well as the children it may please
You to entrust to our care. Bless our friendship before marriage, that sin may have no
part in it. May our mutual love bind us so closely, that our future home may ever be
most like Your own at Nazareth.
O Mary Immaculate, sweet Mother of the young, to your special care I entrust the
decision I am to make as to my future wife/husband. You are my guiding Star! Direct me
to the person with whom I can best cooperate in doing God's Holy Will, with whom I can
live in peace, love and harmony in this life, and attain to eternal joys in the next.

Prayer for Purity
Jesus, Lover of chastity, Mary, Mother most pure, and Joseph, chaste guardian of the
Virgin, to you I come at this hour, begging you to plead with God for me. I earnestly wish
to be pure in thought, word and deed in imitation of your own holy purity.
Obtain for me, then, a deep sense of modesty which will be reflected in my external
conduct. Protect my eyes, the windows of my soul, from anything that might dim the
luster of a heart that must mirror only Christlike purity.
And when the "Bread of Angels becomes the Bread of me" in my heart at Holy
Communion, seal it forever against the suggestions of sinful pleasures.
Heart of Jesus, Fount of all purity, have mercy on us.

Prayer for Success in Work

with purity of intention. against tears. temptations. prudence and patience. of talents wasted. all for Mary. considering it an honor to employ and develop. all after thy example. to work. Strengthen me with Your love and Your grace. by means of labor. of vain complacency in success so fatal to the work of God. of good omitted. dear God. Console me with Your blessed Presence and grant me the courage to persevere until I am with You forever in heaven. to work with thankfulness and joy. above all. All for Jesus. against terrors and troubles. I need courage to bear unkindness. putting the call of duty above my many sins. Amen. peace. model of all those who are devoted to labor. I need Your help. I need courage to fight against the devil. having always death before my eyes and the account which I must render of time lost. give me courage. Joseph. and above all fear. obtain for me the grace to work conscientiously. attractions. to work with order. Such shall be my motto in life and death. never surrendering to weariness or difficulties. darkness and false lights. O Patriarch Joseph. I need courage before men against their threats and against their seductions. contradiction. and with detachment from self. Prayer to Love God above all Things . mockery. the gifts received from God. Prayer For Courage Dear God. for perhaps I lack it more than anything else. depression.Glorious St.

my Father. I thank You dear Jesus. You wait for. so that I might have courage to approach the throne of Your mercy. You welcome everyone who comes to visit You. Adoration Prayer My Lord Jesus Christ. Awaken in me such confidence in You that their fullness may descend ever more fruitfully upon my soul. I believe that You are really here in this Sacrament. to merit for me the fullness of heavenly favors.God. Nothing is good that is against Your Will. may I love You in all things and above all things. I thank You for hiding beneath the Eucharistic species Your infinite majesty and beauty. . and all that is good comes from Your Hand. I thank You for offering Yourself in thanksgiving to God for all His benefits. for having become the priceless Victim. Night and day You remain here compassionate and loving. I thank You. May I reach the joy which You have prepared for me in Heaven. Place in my heart a desire to please You and fill my mind with thoughts of Your Love. You call. which Your Angels delight to behold. Jesus my Divine Redeemer for coming upon the earth for our sake and for instituting the Adorable Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist in order to remain with us until the end of the world. so that I may grow in Your Wisdom and enjoy Your Peace.

Amen. Blessed are we.spiritual and temporal which He has bestowed on me. because we bear Your wounds . solicitude and worry. A Prayer of Gratitude for God's Blessings . O Lord. because we have known You! Blessed are we. You are our Standard of Victory. because we have believed in You! Blessed are we.Acts of Thomas O Lord and Vivifier. Grant us access to the place of Your peace. Help me to desire always that which is pleasing and acceptable to You so that Your will may be my will. You are our life Remedy. Your grace has achieved for us all that You had spoken and promised. A Prayer for Peace of Mind (by Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini) FORTIFY me with the grace of Your Holy Spirit and give Your peace to my soul that I may be free from all needless anxiety. You are our Consoler. For You are our Vivifier. Grant me grace and perseverance in your faithful service.

And she conceived of the Holy Spirit. Displaying complexity and multiplicity. what is true. because You are our God forever! Prayer for the Gift of Wisdom Great is the wisdom of the Lord! God Almighty.. because You are our great hope! Blessed are we. May Your wisdom flourish forever! The Angelus V. R. Your Wisdom includes An understanding of what is fair. Be it done unto me according to Your Word. R. Hail Mary. Hail Mary. V... Behold the handmaid of the Lord. That my labours may reflect Your insight. Your Wisdom is an eternity ahead of man. etc. etc. The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary. What is logical.and the sign of Your Blood on our contenances! Blessed are we.. Your Wisdom expands in Your creations. . It mirrors Your pure intellect! I entreat You to grant me such Wisdom. What is right and what is lasting.

O holy Mother of God. So I may truly reflect this spiritual fruit. And the Word was made flesh. so by His passion and cross we may be brought to the glory of His Resurrection. You are a most forgiving Lord! . To excuse their transgressions against me. And dwelt among us. Hail Mary. Through the same Christ. our Lord. R. Forgive my sins as I aspire to forgive others. R. enduring death for me.V. Your Grace into our hearts. we beseech You.. My continuing on the road of righteousness. etc. O Lord. Let us pray: Pour forth. Obliterate any persistent feelings of malice. You have consummated the debt of my sins: Your sacrifice of forgiveness was absolute! Grant me the strength to also forgive others. V. that as we have known the incarnation of Christ. your Son by the message of an angel. Pray for us. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.. You are truly archetypical of forgiveness. Amen. Let each trespass end as a closing chapter. Prayer for Strength to Forgive Faultless Lord.

my beloved Jesus. We love thee. thy happy clients. 36). St. Teach us to "watch and pray" (Luke 21. and protect us against a sudden and unprovided death. For Personal Protection St. great and omnipotent judge of the living and the dead. and may Our Lord and Master bid thee bear us speedily to the kingdom of eternal bliss. that You may renew my strength and my courage. that we may always live in the ways of Your commandments. while I rest here in Your Presence. . dear Prince of Heaven! We. Michael. carry them safely to the judgement seat of Christ. and rejoice in everlasting happiness. pray that we may have a strong and tender love for our Redeemer and. conqueror of the rebel angels! How beautiful art thou. Give us the grace to prepare for our last hour by a devout and holy life. Teach us ever to repeat the sublime cry: "Who is like unto God?" Amen. Let us remember our frailty and mortality. weighed down under the burden of my trials and sufferings. chief and champion of the heavenly hosts. guardian of the souls of men. we may go forth to meet You. Michael. Obtain for us from God a share of thy sturdy courage. we are to appear before You after this short life to render an account of our works. We ask this through Christ our Lord.Prayer for a Happy Death O God. in every danger or temptation. O standard-bearer of our salvation! Be with us in our last moments and when our souls quit this earthly exile. that when Your summons comes for our departure from this world. I cast myself at Your feet. in thy heaven-made armor. yearn to enjoy thy special protection. Amen. the Archangel! Glorious Prince. be invincible against the enemy of our souls. experience a merciful judgment. Prayer in Time of Suffering Behold me.

Amen. lay the request we now address to you at the feet of Him on whose unveiled Face you are privileged to gaze. Raphael. I wish to live in You. so that we may not be as strangers in the Province of Joy. all their movements. always serene. lead us by the hand towards those we are looking for! May all our movements. you who are strong--you whose home lies beyond the region of thunder. At the hour of my death. crushed by the separations and sorrows of earth. Prayer to St. Prayer before Study or Instructions .Permit me to lay down my cross in Your Sacred Heart. Lonely and tired. only Your love can help me bear my cross. Jesus. During my life be to me my model and my support. Amen. for only Your infinite goodness can sustain me. suffer and die in You. Angel Guide of Tobias. O Divine King. all ignorant of the concerns of our country. those who are waiting for us! Raphael. we feel the need of calling to you and of pleading for the protection of your wings. Angel of Happy Meetings. be my hope and my refuge. Remember the weak. Angel of Happy Meetings O Raphael. be guided by your Light and transfigured by your Joy. lead us towards those we are waiting for. in a land that is always peaceful. and bright with the resplendent glory of God. only Your powerful hand can lighten its weight. whose heart is so compassionate to the afflicted.

and the powerful assistance of Thy holy grace. quickness of apprehension. Amen. we beseech Thee. may my will be ever conformed to the divine will. Holy Spirit. Give us a diligent and obedient spirit. of which Thou art the infallible Guide. who makest eloquent the tongues of those who lack utterance. Prayer in Time of Anger Lord Jesus. divine Spirit of light and love. to enlighten our understanding. method and ease in learning. Grant me a penetrating mind to understand. Thou.Incomprehensible Creator. dissipate the darkness which covers me. that of sin and of ignorance. A Student's Prayer (by St. a retentive memory. Amen. true source of light and fountain of wisdom! Pour forth your brilliance upon my dense intellect. my heart and my will. Thomas Aquinas) Come. Amen. Prayer for Enlightenment O Holy Ghost. the lucidity to comprehend. Divine Creator. my whole being for time and for eternity. to whom with the Father and Thee be honor and glory for ever. direct our tongues. that what we hear or learn we may apply to Thy honor and the eternal salvation of our own souls. and pour on our lips the grace of thy blessing. there is anger in my heart and I cannot root it out. capacity of retaining. and to remove from us all darkness of sin and ignorance. I consecrate to Thee my understanding. May my understanding be always obedient to Thy heavenly inspirations and the teachings of the holy Catholic Church. and abundant grace . Let me learn from this experience and grow into a better human being. Help me to overcome this weakness and give me peace of heart as well as mind. the true Fountain of light and only Author of all knowledge: deign. and may my whole life be a faithful following of the life and virtues of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. may my heart be ever inflamed with love of God and of my neighbor. I know that I should calm down and offer the hurt and disappointment to You but my emotion is running away with me.

Anthony. can in an instant turn this loss . Making me aware of what is meant to be. Lord. Amen. Nothing is hidden from Your sight. forever and ever. In the prescience since the beginning. Your knowledge shines forth forever! A Prayer to Redeem Lost Time. All knowledge existed within You. living and reigning with You and the Father. Kindly share Your knowledge with me. true God and true man. please obtain for me the blessings God holds in reserve who serve expressing myself. by St. Performer of Miracles Dear St. To prudently apply received knowledge. Guide the beginning of my work. You still seem to move at ease in the realm of minor and major miracles. Anthony. Teresa of Avila O my God! Source of all mercy! I acknowledge Your sovereign power. Performer of Miracles. While recalling the wasted years that are past. Saint Anthony. And wisdom to agree with its outcome. your prayers obtained miracles during your lifetime. To ensure the fulfillment of Your Will.) Prayer for the Gift of Knowledge Absolute and all knowing God. direct its progress. St. and bring it to successful completion. Pray that I may be worthy of the promises my Lord Jesus attaches to confident prayer. This I ask through Jesus Christ. Permitting my soul to understand it. I believe that You. (Mention your special intentions. Provide me with the gift of discretion.

and ask pardon of all whom I have injured. Act of Love #1 O My God. grant that before I die I may regain all the graces which I have lost through my carelessness and folly. Amen." Amen. Please restore to me the time lost. I love my neighbor as myself for the love of you. Prayer for Protection by the Holy Cross Assist us. Amen. .to gain. O Lord our God. Prayer for Grace O my God and my all. that I may appear before You in "wedding garments. because you are all-good and worthy of all love. I forgive all who have injured me. with my whole heart and soul. I love you above all things. both now and in the future. giving me Your grace. and defend us evermore by the might of Thy holy Cross. in Thy goodness and mercy. Through Christ our Lord. Miserable as I am. yet I firmly believe that You can do all things. in whose honour Thou makest us to rejoice.

and which I failed by my unfaithfulness to reach. . Amen. This I humbly beg through the merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Virgin Mary.Permit me to attain the degree of merit and perfection to which Thou didst desire to lead me. Mercifully grant also that others regain the graces which they have lost through my fault.