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In this chapter, it will be describe the method of planning the strategy of the research. It
will be explained on the entire process of the research starting from the conceptualizing a
problem in writing the research report. It will cover the research methodology and
procedure undertaken in this study


Purpose of Study

This study will be utilized using the method of descriptive method for the purpose of the
data collection. According to Burns and Grove (2003), descriptive research is
designed to provide a picture of a situation as it naturally happens. The study will
be described about the challenges and issue arise in management of Baitulmal institution.
The study aims to investigate the information on how the institutions manage their
operation. The research will be focus on the comparison between Baitulmal in Malaysia
and Baitulmal in Indonesia. The descriptive case study will describe the issues arise in
the management control of Baitulmal institution that cause problem for them. The
research investigates on what the real challenges faced by both of Baitulmal institution in
managing its institutions. The challenges faced by the institution will focus for the issues
on the year by year especially on the current year of 2016. It will explore the impact of
challenges and issues arise to the management of Baitulmal institutions.


Type of Investigation

The research was use the clarification investigations whereby Baitulmal institution
implementation in Malaysia and Indonesia are differ to each other. Baitulmal in

Indonesia focus more on fund mobilization among the poor people because it provides a
combination of social intermediation and social capital with added Islamic finance value
as cited by Permata Wulandari and Salina Kassim, (2016) In the other hand, institution
Baitulmal in Malaysia focus more in the task of planning and distributing society's wealth
in the whole socio economic and political set-up of the nation as stated by Bayu Taufiq
Possumah and Abdul Ghafar Ismail, (2012).


Extent of Research Interference

This study will be conducted by researcher on minimal interference to establish

the issues and challenges arise in the Baitulmal institutions.
3.2.3 Internal Data
Internal data refer to the data that can be obtained in the
organization. Most of the data have a connection with the company
activities. For purpose of the study, internal data will be on the report of
the operation activities that have been done. This data will be collected
and observed for assisting the study.

3.2.4 External Data

External data means that data can be obtained from outside of the
firm sources. The data can be collected from journals, thesis, web sites
and articles that might be relevant for the purpose of this study. The main
data for this research are journals and articles. Included are findings from
the articles and journals that are related with the green logistics activities
and also in third party logistics.


Data Collection Method

3.3.1 Observation
Observation is one of the primary data collection methods. During
the whole industrial training program, researcher has made an
observation at Operations Department and other related department such
as customer service department about how they manage every project
they received. In Operation Department, researcher can observe how they
manage the logistics operation procedure such as selection of
transportation mode and clear understanding on how they work hard to
fulfill the customer requirements

3.3.2 Interview
Individual interview has been conducted between the researcher
and customer service since they are the people that involve in operations
procedure. Interview also conducted with the Managing Directors, with
years of experience they help me in preparing the information and
conformation on this study.

3.3.3 Document/Content Analysis (from Standard Operating Policies and

The document or the content analysis is important to support the
findings result in way to refined the information with the used of flow
charts that gathered from the raw material internal sources. The aid of

process charts will help to illustrate into data on the understanding the
business nature of Merong Freight Sdn Bhd.
The data are getting from the standard of operating and procedure of
logistics process in Merong Freight Sdn Bhd. Its consists the overall
logistics operating process. Its used to support the first objective where it
showed about the process chart as guidance to be followed. Unfortunately
there are some barriers on the content analysis because some of the
material and information is private and confidential which cannot illegally
been disclosed without prior permission. Other barriers is the total logistics
process that can be changed due to unexpected external problems.


List of Interviewees

Years of

Puan Zarina
Managing Director
26 Years

Puan Azlina
Managing Director
13 Years



Interview protocol

Personal interview has been conducted between the

researcher and

respondents to identify the advantages and explore the readiness of the firm in
implementing green logistics in industry. The respondents are the directors of the
firm itself that manage the company operations and the accountant of the firm.
The interviewer will ask questions to get information regarding the advantages
and readiness of the firm in implementing green logistics. Interview session was

recorded to keep the information. Before the interview session started the
researcher already prepare the list of questions that need to ask.


Data Procedures for Each Objective

3.6.1 To understand the nature of business Merong Freight Sdn Bhd.

When green logistics was investigated, the business nature of Merong
Freight has been identified. Usually consumer bought services from
company that seeks for transportation services including the management
transportation services. They want to make sure that their goods had been
transfer on time and right place. The frequency will be gathered by
interviewing session with the respondents in order to obtain information
about the nature of business Merong Freight Sdn Bhd. Besides, the
frequency can be measured by their understanding about green logistics
in operational activities.

3.6.2 To explore the readiness of Merong Logistics in implementing

Green Logistics
Preparations must be done before implementing green logistics in
organization. Readiness or preparation must well prepare in order to
operate the green logistics management. Firm usually offer the service
accordingly towards the supplier request without consider any effects
especially towards the environments. The readiness in implementing
green logistic will be measure through the interviewing with the

respondents and observation from the researcher.

The findings from

interviewing session and observation will identify the readiness of Merong

Freight in implementing new program in the operation systems.