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Name: Satenik Fesliyan School Site: Bowling Green-McCoy

Lesson Title/Subject: Storyworks: Escape from War Synthesizing/ELA

Grade: 6
Content Standard(s):
Analyze how a particular sentence, chapter, scene, or stanza fits into the overall structure of a text and
contributes to the development of the theme, setting, or plot.

English Language Arts Anchor Standards and/or Math Practice Standards:

R9: Analyze how two or more texts address similar themes or topics in order to build knowledge or to
compare the approaches the authors take.
ELD Standard(s):
Anti-Bias Framework Anchor Standard and Domain:
Grade Level Outcome:

List Measurable Objectives in this column.

Note: The objectives will match the standards.

Describe Assessment Tool and Criteria

How will you CFU?
By asking students who are lettered off a
certain question from the worksheet.

Content Objective: BTEOTL SWBAT (A) synthesize

What and how will you assess during

the article Escape from War with the poem Hope


(B-DOK4) by completing the Finding Hope

I will assess how students are helping

worksheet (C ) with complete sentences (D) to create

one another by circulating the class.

new ideas and opinions between the two texts.

What and how will you assess during

independent learning?
I will have students synthesize of
another question about the article and
the poem as an exit ticket on their
index cards.

Social Skill Objective: Staying with the group

What and how will you assess the social

How will you teach the social skill? Will you use a

skill during collaboration?

looks like/sounds like/feels like chart, a book,

modeling, etc.?
I will ask the students why is it necessary to stay
with the group and the consequences of not
following through with it.

I will be looking for students to include

other group members in their
conversations, making sure they are on
task and on the same question by
circulating the class during

This lesson is a continuation of the article Escape from War. However, this lesson focuses on
synthesizing whereas the other lessons were about content.

Doc Cam, Finding Hope worksheet, Storyworks-Escape from War, post-it

Lesson Implementation

Focus Lesson
Show students how a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is like synthesizing. Since the peanut butter,
jelly, and the bread are separate products, but when it comes together it becomes a different kind of
product, it becomes a PBJ sandwich.

Objectives are stated in student friendly language

Students, today you will be combining your knowledge of Escape from War with the poem Hope
and creating new ideas and stating your opinions in writing on a worksheet.

Clear explanation of purpose and relevance

The purpose of this lesson is to teach students how to originate and combine prior knowledge into a
new idea or create an opinion based on the information that is presented.

Building Background
past learning: Students have learned to summarize main ideas, which is a skill that is needed to
Experiences: Students have created opinions and ideas based on information that has been given to
them, such as making a decision if they want to go see a certain movie or not due to comments from
other people.
Vocabulary: relate, tumbling, seaside, drift, wander, linger, scent, chant, chime, babble
Modeling of the new learning (think aloud and/or demonstration)
I will model for the students how to complete question 1 in the worksheet and I will use the think
aloud method.
Guided Instruction
Social Skill
Teach what synthesizing means by having a mystery story written out on the DocCam. Similar
to the Clue board game. The students will read the mystery and try to figure out who is the
murderer of the mystery. Students will first do this activity on their own and write their answers
on a post-it. Then they will talk with their partners. By having the students do this activity helps
them practice synthesizing.
Read the poem together as a class. CFU-by asking questions.
1. What is the main idea in the first stanza?
2. Why do you think the poet is using the words drift, wander, linger in the 2nd stanza?
3. Why do you think that the poet is using words that describe the senses?
4. What kind of images are you visualizing in your mind as we read the poem?
Have the worksheet passed out while students take out their Story works article
Have the class annotate the Directions and questions 1-4 (1 min)
CFU- about the annotations by circulating the room while students are annotating
Go over any vocabulary they do not know such as words in the directions and words in the
poem. (2 min)
Do Q1 with the class (modeling) (3 min)
CFU-Directions on what the students need to accomplish on the task: 1. Follow directions 2. Letter off
A, B, C, D, E, F in each group.

Have students work in pairs/triads to complete Question 2-4 (10-15 min)

Some LL students will be receiving some extra assistance in completing the worksheet with Ms.
Simes (supplemental teaching)
Go over the questions and answers as a class (5 mins)
CFU-I will call a letter out such as A, B, C, D, E, F and whomever I call out they will have to share
their answer with the class.
Exit-Ticket: Have students answer the following question: How does this poem connect to
Danias life as a refugee?

Explicit Teaching of Social Skill and Activity

I will ask the students why is it necessary to stay with the group and the consequences of not following
through with it. We will make a T chart on the DocCam. I will ask students to volunteer.

Students will be collaborating with one another throughout the lesson, but mostly they will be
collaborating while completing the worksheet together in pairs or triads. Also students will be
collaborating about solving the mystery with their partners by giving their own ideas.

Student Reflection
Social: How well did you and your group members stay on together while completing the worksheet?

Independent Learning
I will have students synthesize another question about the article and the poem as an exit ticket on
their index cards. The question will be: How does this poem connect to Danias life as a refugee?

Student Reflection
Content: What is one thing you learned about synthesizing?

Process: How helpful was the worksheet in helping you synthesize?

-Have students write the answers to this on their index cards i gave last week.

Clear expectation of behaviors for different tasks

When students are not working in groups, I expect the students to be listening to whomever is speaking

during the lesson.

Use of higher order thinking skills
How is Dania letting hope be forever?